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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Zeeworld: Wednesday July 10th 2019 update on "The Heir"


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Mannu packs some fruits. He recalls Raman’s plan to make Simran elope, my friend will pick her from chowk, I will do all arrangements, we both don’t want Chandar to take her, do you trust me. Mannu holds his hand. Mannu packs the bag. Amba asks some people about Chandar. The man says he is from other village, I don’t remember if there was any girl with her.

Chandar’s GF asks for hot water bag. Amba thinks how to find that girl, I have to save Simran from that devil, if Bheeru was here, it would be help. Simran’s sangeet starts. Bebe asks Gunjan to dance. Raavi says Simran will get mehendi with Chandar’s name. She scolds Simran. Gunjan and Sukhi dance. Amba comes home. Simran goes to kitchen and burns her hands. Amba stops Simran and tells everyone that Simran’s hand burnt by mistake.

Bebe wards off bad sight from Simran. Raavi thinks Simran will get married tomorrow. The lady says mehendi can’t be applied in Simran’s hands now. Raavi says mehendi gives relief, its shagun mehendi. Bebe says apply some for shagun.

Raavi writes Chandar’s name and tells Simran that her plan was good, but could not work. Suraiyya and other kinners come there. Raman also comes dressed as kinner. Suraiyya sees Raman and gets a doubt. Simran gets shocked seeing Raman.

Suraiyya, Raman and others dancing in Simran’s sangeet. Raman goes to Simran and gives her sign to see Mannu. Simran gets shocked. Mannu takes Simran upstairs. Raman leaves and changes his clothes.

Mannu shows Simran to Raman and says Raman will take you from here, you go from here, this is your last chance, just go, hurry up. Raman’s friend says we will leave, else we will be caught. Simran sees Raman and turns away.

Mannu throws the bag and asks you feel Raman is our enemy, he is our friend and wants to help us, everything will get fine if you go, what will we do now. Simran says yes, you are right, I would have gone very far, but how did you think I will run away, I can’t leave everyone, if I go, will Bebe leave you all, how can I leave mummy, she did a lot for me, will Chandar be quiet if I run away, Bebe will get angry on mummy, I can’t lose you all, I will marry Chandar, when I come back to meet you all, I will see you all happy, that’s my life.

He hugs her and asks why are you like this, you are like mummy, you are very good. Amba comes and looks on. She says even I want to know why are my children so happy. She picks the money fallen. Suraiyya stops Raman. Raman asks whats the matter. Suraiyya says Simran’s marriage is in two days. Raman says what shall I do.

Suraiyya says you think I will not recognize you, you wanted to run away with Simran, you are Bajwa’s son and Simran is Pavaniya’s daughter, if you both unite, there will be peace, but this is just a dream, stop this madness and forget Simran. Raman leaves. Mannu says forgive me, I was just thinking of Simran, my way was wrong, but I won’t send Simran with Chandar, this is my promise.

Amba says I don’t want this marriage to happen, if we get to know about Chandar’s GF, we can tell Bebe, this is the only way now. Raman comes home and is worried. Swaroop asks from where are you coming. He says I did to make a try, but no use. She asks did you go to meet her. He says yes, I went to make Simran elope.

She asks she run away with you, she cheated you. She says she did not cheat me, she did not say she loves me. She scolds him and says she will cheat you, Jagan’s house has no one loyal, he can’t love anyone. He says her name is Simran, not Jagan, I don’t know what happened with you, I love Simran a lot. She tells him that she loves him a lot, this is not easy, there is much pain, you will be hurt, try to understand.

He says I can’t sit worried thinking of what will happen, I m hurt even now, Simran is forced to marry, I m not able to do anything, I feel sad. They hear Harjeet shouting on servants. Swaroop leaves. Raman thinks I will keep trying.
Mannu thinks how to stop Simran’s marriage and prays. Raman worries for Simran, how to stop her marriage.


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