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Over 20,000 APC members join PDP in Akwa Ibom

Over 20,000 APC members join PDP in Akwa Ibom

As the season of "political cross-carpeting" continues in the country, mass defection has, again, hit the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State as over 20,000 of its members defected to the People’s Democratic Party, PDP,  yesterday led by the chapter and ward chairmen from 16 local government areas of the state.
According to Vanguard, majority of them are however, supporters and loyalist of Senator John Akpanudoedehe since the time of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, who kicked against his (Akpanudoedehe) decision to join forces with Nsima Ekere.

It will be recalled that Akpanudoedehe had penultimate weekend, decided to hand over his supporters to Ekere after the party’s reconciliation.
Joseph Ama and other former APC chapter Chairmen who spoke separately during the event at the Ibom hall ground, Uyo, said they decided to dump the APC because they were threatened by the memories of the insecurity,  kidnapping, politically motivated killings and other social vices which characterised the political land space of Akwa-Ibom State during a former state governor’s reign.

Handing over the decampees to Governor Udom Emmanuel, Ama who noted that the number of decampees were the APC support base built up since 2008 and inherited from the days of the ACN, said the people of Uyo senatorial district would not allow themselves to be fooled by anyone who may desire to pocket the entire state.

The Female Vulcanizer Who Works With her Husband Daily in Nsukka

The Female Vulcanizer Who Works With her Husband Daily in Nsukka

By, Jeff Unaegbu

Mrs Chinelo Ogbonna comes to work at number 40 New Parts Section Shop, Mechanic Village in Nsukka. First thing in the morning, she joins her husband in arranging and setting out the many different sizes of vehicle tyres. Each, on top of the other in front of her husband’s vulcanizing workshop.
She sometimes with Wheel Spanner in hand begins to loosen deflated tyres for repairs. She and her husband works synergistically.

He does not assume the pride of a man whose wife is at work with him. No, Mr. Ifeanyi Ogbonna is busy already working on a flat tyre, determined to patch it by fire, not with a cold sealant. He makes as if it is a common virtue in women, to behave like his wife. Don’t be fooled. He knows he has a unique wife, and he asks me to soften my wonder at this rare form of feminism, and to make-belief she were an ordinary apprentice, else it will get into her gait and slow the turn of work!
But not me. I step out of my SUV, looking to quietly observe the whole drama, scratching my eyebrows in measured curiosity. I buy a fairly-used tyre and sit like other clients to await my turn for service, if only to catch this out-of-the-box situation.

A big tyre rolls at her command of hand. She stops it beside the press. And I think the man of the shop will take over to excavate the wheel from the tyre. My eyes almost bulge to see her sit the large ring on the tyre flange and jump upon the big handle of the press to free the wheel. I want to remonstrate by reflex. But something stops me. It is her deftness, like one just tearing apart a paper. She does not care that men are watching. The reflexive but pretentious effeminacy that shows up in some ladies whenever they are in the presence of men, knows no place in her life.

It is not that she is not well-endowed as to mesmerize the world if she wants. But she has packaged all the voluptuousness of her body into that work wear. The matter at hand is money. The money to feed her family of a hardworking husband and four children must be fought for. Yes, she has four children and she is still in the side of youth. But here she is, vulcanizing, for the good of the society.
Her way of life is a decision she made herself. She is not forced by her husband. There are moments of disagreements between the two. But the quickness with which they settle their differences is beyond public comprehension. 

I go on in my mind about the standing values we peddle around and which of them affects us negatively or positively, until she calls my attention to tell me she is through…

I reveal to them that they are news. I educate them how this is so. They consent to a public view such as this you see. It may bring more clients, who knows. Welcome, again, to Nigeria….

NB: This is a true story. The address and all names are real. Patronize them if you are in Nsukka.
Why the man in Aso Rock is not Buhari – Ex-APC spokesperson, Bolaji Abdullahi

Why the man in Aso Rock is not Buhari – Ex-APC spokesperson, Bolaji Abdullahi

The immediate past National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bolaji Abdullahi, has shared his reasons the Muhammadu Buhari Nigerians voted into power in 2015 is not the same President at Aso Rock today.
Abdullahi, who was part of the mass defection from the ruling party, called on Nigerians to jump out of Buhari’s train, adding that the man presiding over the affairs of the nation today was not the leader Nigerians trooped out enmasse to elect in 2015.

He said this Monday in a chat with Vanguard in reaction to the vote of no confidence passed on President Buhari on Sunday by leaders of the Northern Elders’ Forum.
The Director, Communications and Strategies of the PDP, Presidential Campaign Organisation insisted that Buhari had dumped the principles for which he was widely adored.

He said, “Some of us risked our political careers to rally round Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 and today we have realised that we are in a one-chance vehicle. But I say that having realized where we are, it is time to get down from that one-chance vehicle.

“The Northern Elders Forum was one of the strongest supporters of Buhari in 2015 but they have now realised that the Buhari we have today is the not the Buhari they voted for in 2015.
“The Buhari most of us risked our political careers for was the Buhari whose memory we carried with us since 1983. That Buhari had zero tolerance for corruption and was a strong -willed leader.

“But the Buhari of today has been receiving corrupt people into his party who are hoping he will give them cover. Today, the position of the Northern Elders Forum has vindicated some of us who saw the wisdom in leaving the party (APC) to join the crusade to rescue Nigeria.”

Monday, 10 December 2018

Nigerian asylum seeker stabs her baby to death in Germany

Nigerian asylum seeker stabs her baby to death in Germany

A 30-year-old Nigerian asylum seeker has been arrested for allegedly stabbing her 2-year-old baby to death at a refugee camp in Cologne, Germany.
According the police, the baby was discovered in the room with massive injuries. Autopsy is said to be carried out to determine the exact cause of her death.

According to residents, the lady, from Edo State had always taken care of the baby, but yesterday, she started displaying signs of insanity amidst singing African songs.
Zeeworld: Tuesday December 11th update on Gangaa

Zeeworld: Tuesday December 11th update on Gangaa

Kaveri calls Vasundhara a person without character, I lost trust from all  other relations, I approached Chandrakant. I told him everything about her. He left her but she made up her mind to kill him if he couldn’t be hers. She killed him! Pavitra is the end result of her illicit affairs with her Brother in law. She left Pavitra too then. This is her reality. Ansh refuses to believe any of it. We didn't see Badi Ma doing anything wrong in the past 25 years. Vasundhara sits there all quiet. Ansh keeps requesting her to speak up. Vasundhara admits that she only killed Chandrakant. I would have killed him today as well if he was here. The reason to kill him was something else! Her brother doesn’t let her complete
her sentence. Both the brothers believe Kaveri’s words. Kaveri continues to act. From today onwards, either this woman or I will stay in this house! Her brothers blindly fall for her words. Pavitra holds Vasundhara’s hand. She will have to leave in that case.
Ansh tries to stop her but his mother interrupts him. Bhoomi keeps trying to request Badi ma to talk but Pavitra pushes her out of the house. Badi Ma looks at the faces of her family members. Pavitra closes the door on her face. Kaveri signals to Pavitra. Outside, Badi Ma is in tears. Kaveri makes her brothers swear that no one from the house will have anything to do with that woman (Vasundhara). Everyone leaves for their rooms. Bhoomi begins to walk towards the door but her MIL calls out her name. I never stopped you for anything till date but today I am asking you to let the people who are outside, outside only. She leaves.

Bhoomi stands helpless. She is very much concerned for Badi Ma who is alone and out of the house. Ansh tells her to go and be with Badi Ma. I will wait for you here. Bhoomi runs out and holds Badi Ma’s hand. You don’t have to go anywhere. Badi Ma tells her to go back but Bhoomi knows that there must be a very big reason if she took such a big step in the past. You cannot do anything wrong. You only had taught us that truth should never be hidden. Why were you quiet today?
Flashback is shown where a lady begs a man to leave her. Badi Ma refuses to tell anything to anyone. My truth is worse than Kaveri’s lie. A woman can live without anything but her dignity. When someone you know forces himself on you then that woman is left with no wish to live. Chandrakant forced himself on me. Flashback is shown where Chandrakant has already raped Badi ma. He tells her to go far from there. I will handle your property and home. Flashback ends. Bhoomi hugs her. Vasundhara says Chandrakant tried to kill me even after raping me.

I attacked him and he died. I had thought of confessing before the police but then I decided against it for my BILs. What would have happened to them if I would have gone to jail? They were kids. I decided to keep it a secret. It will be the best thing for me and my family. I had never thought that the people, for whom I had taken this decision, will go against me and wont even give me a chance to even let me talk. Bhoomi asks her if there is someone who knows about that unfateful night. Vasundhara recalls a woman who had seen her killing Chandrakant. She kept telling me to approach police but I dint. I don’t remember her name but she lives in Banaras. She had come over to attend some wedding.
She lived near Mrityunjay Mahamandir. Bhoomi wants to go to Banaras asap but Vasundhara wants her to be here. Pavitra and Kaveri will destroy everything. I will find that woman. Promise me that you and Maan wont go anywhere in my absence. Bhoomi promises her. They share a hug.
Vasundhara reaches Banaras. She recalls that lady’s words, telling her about where she lives. A lady opens the gate. She shares that she stays here since last 5 years. Who do you want to meet? Vasundhara doesn’t remember her name. That lady gave me this very address 25 years ago. The lady explains that this house has been given to them as her husband is a judge. So many people would have shifted in and out of the house in last 25 years.

Ansh and Bhoomi are worried for Badi Ma. They hope that Badi Ma finds that lady asap. Pavitra overhears their convo. What new drama is this? Which proof or witness are they talking about!
Vasundhara comes to a temple. She tells Kanha ji that she cannot take it anymore. My life has fallen apart today. You are my only support now. Please help me. Ganga comes to temple. Ganga tells Kanha ji that she wont accept defeat so easily. Bappa used to say that you test everyone. You have been testing me since I have been born. I have passed all your tests and have never complained to you. Bappa used to say that weak people complain. I am not weak. It was very difficult to make everyone agree for the dance competition especially Sudha Bua. I don’t have clothes for the competition but I will arrange for them somehow too.
Bappa used to say that you love playing games. I will play all your games and win too. I will get the new clothes before the competition. You will be really proud of me when I win. Badi Ma keeps looking at her from a distance with amazement. A lady collides with Ganga. She is about to fall when Badi Ma holds her. Badi Ma likes the way she talks and what she talks. What did God do to you so you were fighting with him? Ganga finds her a good person so tells her about the competition. Badi Ma advices her to seek help from her parents but Ganga replies that God took them away but gave me a very good house in return. They take very good care of me. They have already done a lot for me.

I cannot depend on them for everything. I wont seek God’s help for every small thing. I will have to think of someone. I will do anything but wont give up. Bappa says that nothing comes to those who depend on fate. Any test can be cleared by hard work. I will do everything and anything to get what I want. Badi Ma is sad that she doesn’t have as much strength as Ganga. Your God tests everyone differently. I am in search of someone whose name or address I don’t know. I have to find her though I don’t know if I will be successful or not. Ganga gives her hope that it will happen. Come with me. Bappa says that it is a good thing to help elder people. I don’t want to lose this chance. You stopped me from falling. It is my turn to help you now. My Babu is a very big man of the city. He will certainly help you. Badi Ma does not want to trouble anyone but Ganga insists.
Badi Ma has come to meet Amma ji in Banaras as per the photo that Kaveri Bua shows to Pavitra. Bhoomi, Ansh, Pavitra and Bua reach Banaras too. Bhoomi and Ansh hope to reach Badi Ma before Pavitra and Bua can find her. Bua notices Shankar in a lane. She goes aside to talk to him. She signals him not to react. Maybe Pavitra is someone from his relation. Bua calls him Chandar but he corrects that he isn’t her Chandar but Shankar. Shankar asks her what story has she told to Pavitra. She shares that I told her that Vasundhara has come here to meet one of her old friends who can help her prove it that she is innocent. Shankar is angry as he couldn’t make her agree that that night.

I crossed my limits but I couldn’t make her sign the property papers. I will finish it off tonight. The work will be done by tonight. Vasundhara (Badi Ma) has come to meet Kanta aka Amma ji. I will take care of that Amma ji. Her story will end tonight! Kaveri looks happy. No one should find out that you only are Chandrakant and that woman (Amma ji) saw you misbehaving with Vasundhara. He assures Bua (Kaveri) that he will handle everything. He leaves. Pavitra asks her about the man but Kaveri Bua dismisses her questions.
On their way, Ganga keeps talking to Vasundhara about the competition and all the problems that are surfacing in the process. Pavitra notices them while crossing a road. They begin to follow Ganga and Vasundhara. Badi Ma also notices them. She asks Ganga to hurry up. Maybe they have reaslied that I have come here to look for proof of my innocent. Ganga asks her if she is running away from someone. Vasundhara does not want to put Ganga’s life in risk. Ganga points out at a corner. I can help you. I know of a place. I know those women are following you. You will have to change your appearance if you want to save yourself.

Ganga brings Vasundhara (in an orange saree) to Chaturvedi Sadan. Shankar wonders how she got to know where Kanta lives. Kaveri calls him. He tells her that Vasundhara is inside Kanta’s house. There is no one else inside the house. Kaveri suggests him to kill her both of them. Send me the address. We will reach there directly. Bhoomi and Ansh notice them. They decide to follow them so they can reach Badi Ma.
Shankar sends a few goons inside the house to execute the task.
Ganga tells Vasundhara that no one is at home at the moment as they have gone to a nearby temple for puja. Vasundhara notices Amma ji’s photo kept there on a table. She recalls what had happened in the past. She calls out for Ganga. Who is this lady in the photo? Ganga says this is my Amma ji. Vasundhara asks for an old photo of her. Ganga points out at the wall on which all the photos are hung. Vasundhara looks relieved. Kaveri hires some goons. She asks them to kill Vasundhara and the lady whom she has come here to meet. The man says that lady is addressed as Amma ji here. Ansh and Bhoomi see them. They decide to follow Kaveri and Pavitra in an auto.

At Chaturvedi Sadan, Badi Ma sees Amma ji’s photo. She asks Ganga if there are some old pics of Amma ji in the house. Ganga points out at the wall where all the photos of the family are hung. There is one old photo of Amma ji there. Badi Ma recognizes her. She is the same lady! The goons knock at the door. Badi Ma understands that some goons have come to kill her. Ganga spills marbles on the floor. Don’t worry Mai I will handle them. Goons enter and slip on the floor due to marbles. They notice Ganga. Ganga starts running. She drops a plant pot on one of
the goons because of which he falls down. The goons finally surround both of them.
Ganga pours kerosene over them while Badi Ma holds the matchbox. She warns them to let them go or she will set them on fire. The goons give them way. Shankar notices them coming out of the house. He thinks of following them when he finds Amma ji and Sagar returning home. He orders his goons to bring the car and kidnaps them.
Pavitra and Kaveri join Shankar in the car on the way. Badi Ma and Ganga meet Madhvi. Ganga tells her everything. Madhvi gets concerned for Amma ji and Sagar as they left for home a little while ago. All three of them run back towards Chaturvedi Sadan. Amma ji and Sagar are not at home. Kaveri calls on the landline number. Madhvi picks it. Kaveri asks her to give the phone to Vasundhara. Kaveri tells Badi Ma that she has kidnapped Amma ji and Sagar.
Come to one of the old factories alone. Don’t inform police or anyone else. The call ends. Badi Ma announces that she will go alone. Ganga wants to accompany her but Badi Ma does not want to put her life in risk. She leaves on her own. Ganga starts following her as soon as she is outside the house.
The van stops at a secluded spot. Amma ji gets down from the van. She is shocked to see Shankar. You are still alive? He smirks saying he is. Now I will kill you and Vasundhara both. He tells his goons to take them both inside. She curses him that he will be punished soon. Pavitra once again asks Kaveri about Shankar. Kaveri only replies that he is an old enemy of Vasundhara.

Ansh and Bhoomi also reach the place while following the van. They begin to look for them when Shankar kidnaps Bhoomi too when Ansh is looking in the opposite direction. Ganga reaches there. They both introduce themselves to each other. She tells him that she came here looking for her Mai. She takes him with her to show him where she has gone, Badi Ma reaches factory. Amma ji and Sagar are tied to a pillar. Badi Ma requests Kaveri to free them. Shankar brings Bhoomi but Kaveri signals her to keep her away for a while. She next tells Badi Ma about the same. Badi Ma gets worried for Bhoomi. Ansh comes there as well. Ansh beats the goons. He asks for Bhoomi. Shankar comes there along with Bhoomi.
Shankar holds Bhoomi on gunpoint. Ansh and Vasundhara get worried for her. Vasundhara recalls how he had threatened her in the past. Ansh tries to walk forward but Shankar tells him to stop. I will kill Bhoomi. Kaveri too warns Vasundhara that if she does anything then she will see Bhoomi dead. Amma ji hugs Ganga and Sagar close. Shankar’s goons tie all of them. Ansh questions his Bua how can she so bad to his own family members. She advises him not to talk in between elders. You will have to bear the punishment if you have meddled in my affairs. She tells Shankar to kill everyone. Shankar thinks of killing Bhoomi first. A gunshot is heard. Vasundhara shouts Bhoomi. Shankar falls. Police comes there. Kaveri suggests Pavitra to flee from there. If we will be alive then we can try one more time.

Madhvi rushes to where Amma ji and both the kids are. Ansh, Bhoomi and Badi Ma share a hug. They turn to look at Kaveri and Pavitra but they are nowhere to be seen. Shankar is injured. Ansh looks everywhere but cannot find them. Amma ji is glad that they left. The real culprit (Shankar) is finally caught! Years ago, this man has misbehaved with your Badi Ma. Your Badi Ma too attacked him to save herself but unfortunately, he is still alive. I had gone to Raigarh in a wedding a lot many years ago. My son was quite small. We were coming to Dharamshala when I heard loud noises coming from a room. I went there. I saw Chandrakant trying to kill your Badi Ma.
I told her to run from there. She stood for a while but then left. This man was still alive. I ran for cover. I saw him now after so many years. I got scared. I couldn’t inform you as I dint know where you live. Police takes Shankar away. Ansh asks Badi Ma if she will come with them now. Your innocence has been proved. She nods. She also thanks Amma ji for her help. I wouldn’t have been alive that day if you weren’t there. Today is the same. Amma ji stops her from folding hands before her. Ganga says I told you Mai that everything will be fine and we will win. Badi Ma nods. She is very intelligent. If I try to give her something then her self respect will not let her accept it. I would like to donate some money to her school instead. It should be rewarded for teaching kids like you. I will provide whatever monetary help is needed to your school for the competition. Ganga smiles broadly.

Amma ji tells Badi Ma to be careful as the ladies are still roaming freely. Ansh assures her that they will do their best to save Badi Ma. Both the families head separate ways. Kaveri reminds Pavitra that she has 5 reasons of getting inside Prajapati mansion. I will tell you the most important mission today. I want you to finish the task which Shankar has left incomplete. You will kill your mother with your very hands. Pavitra looks shocked. Ansh, Bhoomi and Badi Ma are heading towards the airport. There is no network in their phones. Ansh is very anxious to tell everyone that his BAdi Ma is innocent. You dint kill anyone. They did wrong to you. Badi Ma says they are not at fault. Pavitra and Kaveri had filled their ears.
Plus I had no proof. I am glad that you both helped me. Nothing can go wrong till the time you both are together. The driver talks about a very old Devi Ma’s temple where all the wishes get fulfilled. Ansh does not want to miss the flight but Badi Ma wants to thank God. Bhoomi too seconds her. The driver shares that the idol is 200 years old but very beautiful. They reach the temple. Bhoomi and Badi Ma go inside to do darhsan while Ansh moves to another corner to talk to his father. Two men are already praying in the temple. Priest welcomes them. The taxi driver excuses himself for a second.

Ansh is talking to his father. We had come to Banaras to help Badi Ma. His father is angry. Bhabhi Ma had herself accepted her crime. Why help her then? Ansh denies. What we know is half of the truth. I will tell you everything when I return home. The signal drops. The call disconnects. Ansh decides to tell the rest of the story when he is home. Ansh turns. Someone hits him on the head. Goons (the priest, the people already praying in the temple) kidnap Badi Ma and Bhoomi. Ansh faints as he tries to go after them as someone hits him on the head one more time.
Chandan keeps pestering his sir to let him go on stage to get the trophy. Raghubir yet again says that this isn’t the right time to talk about this. Mr. Chauhan tells Principal Madam that they came in time to register for the new song.
She goes inside as she has to talk to Mr Chauhan about something. Raghubir asks Ganga if they will be able to practise on the song in this much time. Ganga nods. Principal Madam comes and takes Ganga with her. The girls leave with Ganga. Bulbul is curious. I don’t know where all these girls are heading to since last 2-3 days. I will find out about it today. Chandan comes there in his car. She looks hesitant but Chandan asks her to sit inside. He knows that she has never sat in such a big car before today. I thought to give you lift today. He makes the driver (Bulbul’s father) bring ice cream for both of them. He leaves. Chandan talks about Ganga. You are a better dancer but she has overtaken everyone. She has got hold of everyone. Your school is anyways not going to win. That girl will become the leader of the girls. You will lose everything. Bulbul finds sense in his words. I have to take my revenge from Ganga.

Madhvi informs Amma ji that Vasundhara ji has reached home safely. Ganga comes gives the puja thaal to Amma ji. She also touches her feet. She asks Amma ji to bless her. Amma ji blesses her. Ganga is sure God will listen to her as she prays so much and so diligently every day. Sagar comes downstairs. Amma ji gives him Prasad. Yash too wants Prasad. Amma ji gives him Prasad too. Sagar asks Amma ji not to bless Ganga. Today is the inter school competition. I only should win. Amma ji agrees. Ganga smiles. I already took her blessings. She blessed me to be happy. I will be happy only when I win the competition. Amma ji has blessed me already. Sagar looks at her through gritted teeth. She leaves. Prabha talks negatively about Ganga. She is too smart. Be very careful of her. Prabha and Yash head to the dining table. Amma ji suggests Sagar not to give heed to Ganga’s words. You only will win. He says the same thing.
The dresses and everything have been arranged for with the money that Vasundhara ji gave. The ashram ladies wish good luck to the girls. She doesn’t want to go where normal people talk ill of widows. Ganga requests her but Pishi Ma seconds Sudha. What’s the point of going in front of people who hurt you with their words? Sudha has taught you everything. Principal Madam agrees too. You helped us in the time of need. The ladies are glad that they are representing their story in front of the world. The girls thank Sudha Bua. She is teary eyed. Ganga waves sweetly at the ladies. Pishi Ma waves back at her and all the ladies join in. Sudha too does so but doesn’t show it that she is happy. Ganga suddenly stops. She gives an invitation card to Sudha Bua. I know you will come. You want to see us dancing. I know you want us to win and congratulate us. I will still ask you to come. It will make me happy. Sudha keeps a straight face. The kids leave.
The girls are in Lawrence School in a green room. Principal Madam tells the girls to get ready. She goes to see Mrs. Chautala. The girls are a little sad as their clothes, shoes and everything isn’t as good as of the other kids. What if we lose? People will joke on us. Ganga tells them to only focus on their dance. Sagar goes to see where his sir is.
Ganga motivates the rest of the girls. It is a test. We focus only on studies at times. Sudha Bua has tried so hard. My Bappa used to say that one shouldn’t lose just by thinking about things and not doing anything. We must try out things and never accept defeat. They might have good clothes, shoes but we should prove ourselves through our performance.

Raghubir is with Chandan and Bulbul. I accept that I stole the song. I thought that now the girls will have no option but to give up on the thought of competition but they are too stubborn. They got another song also and are ready to participate?! Sagar overhears their convo. It means Ganga was right. Sir did steal her song! Ganga says we had nothing at all in the beginning but slowly slowly we got everything. We will prove everyone that we might be from a small school but we know a lot. We are strong. We will have to dance. No one should think that we poor girls have tried so hard so they we should be declared the winner. We will have to do hard work in order to win. We will do the best dance.
Bappa used to say that one should put their hearts into everything. We have to do that only. We will show Sudha Bua’s story to everyone in the best possible way. Forget everything for 5 minutes. It will all be fine. The girls slowly join hands with her. Even Chandan is worried. What if they defeat us? Raghubir has a plan. He points out at the stage. Think how this design is joined to the stage. The rope gets cut and the design will fall. Who can perform when in fear? I and my team will be far from the stage. Bulbul can do it. She is from the same school so no one will stop her from going to the stage. Sagar thinks that this is wrong. This is not what happens in a competition. Bulbul is concerned about the girls. Will they get hurt? Ragubir replies that they might get hurt a little in the process but wont die. It is fair in a war. Raghubir only wants him team to win.

He also knows that Bulbul wants her school team to fail. This will serve both purposes. Sagar finds it wrong. You are going against the rules of competition. This is wrong. People can also get hurt. You are doing it wrong. He thinks of telling everything to Ganga but all the participating teams are called on stage right then. There is no time to tell Ganga now.
Zeeworld: Wednesday December 12th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"

Zeeworld: Wednesday December 12th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"

Aaliya and Tanu are standing outside Mehra's house. Tanu tells Aaliya that she couldn't get taxi. Aaliya blames Tanu for giving order to kill pragya and now they have been sent out of Abhi's house. Tanu argues with her. They get angry and separate.

After 1 month and 2 days later………….

Abhi is sleeping and Pragya tries to wake him up using pigeon feather. Abhi asks her to let him sleep. He teases her and it turns to be his imagination. He realizes Pragya is not there. Dadi brings coffee for Abhi. Abhi drinks coffee. Dadi asks about his dream. Abhi says coffee is good. Dadi asks why he dreams same thing. Abhi says she shall be happy that he is dreaming about his bahu. He says Purab promised us that he will bring Pragya and asks her to trust him. He asks how can she forget the day. Dadi asks what? Abhi says today is 7th July, pragya’s birthday and says he will celebrate her birthday today, and after her return, he will celebrate his birthday with her birthday, as it will be new birth for him when she returns.

Dadi tells Dasi that Abhi wants to celebrate Pragya’s birthday and kept party at home. Dasi says we shall be sure that Pragya is no more. Dadi says we shall not make him believe this, we have to be hopeful. May be Pragya is alive and will return home. Dasi says she will do. Dadi says they will celebrate Pragya’s birthday like never before. Mitali hears them and calls Aaliya. Aaliya asks her how they can let him keep Pragya’s birthday. Mitali says what we would have done. Aaliya says you forgot that I am in this city and threatens her. Mitali says I will end the call, if I am kicked out of house, then I have to stay in Nikhil’s house. Tanu gives tea to Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to open the door.

Tanu says we have to do our work, there is no servant here. Police comes there. Inspector asks won’t you welcome us. Aaliya asks with whom you want to meet. Inspector asks whose house is this? Aaliya says they are Nikhil’s friends and came to stay in his house. Tanu and Aaliya introduce themselves. Inspector says all three suspects at one place. Tanu telling Inspector that Nikhil is their friend. Inspector says three suspects under one roof. Aaliya asks what do you mean and says Nikhil let us stay here. Tanu says for free. Inspector says it sees he is your partner in crime, I mean your old friend and asks where is he? He says you all are prime suspects in Pragya’s murder case and says dushyant is dead else Nikhil would had been undergone third degree torture.

He says he is going to Nasik to get the proofs and goes. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will go to Nasik and ruins the proofs. Aaliya says she will call Nikhil and asks him to be underground for some days. Purab talks to someone and tells that he is not in Mumbai and don’t know where is Abhi. Mitali hears him and thinks why is he lying. Dasi scolds her and asks if she is planning this to tell aaliya. Purab tells Rishabh that he will come after 2 days and asks him to understand. Rishabh comes to Mehra house and says I can see you also. Purab feels bad. Rishab says I thought you are a professional. Purab says Abhi is in problem and have no mood to work. Rishabh says he has signed this contract 2 months ago.

Purab says he is not meeting his family also. Rishabh says but he can organize party. Purab says he is throwing party for his missing wife. Rishabh says if this concert don’t happen then sponsors will file case against me. Purab says he will return his money and also for the loss. Rishabh says Abhi is my good friend and will sing for me. Abhi says I would be happy if my fan had told this. Rishabh says he didn’t mean that. Abhi recalls Pragya saying the same thing. He says you made this day special and says this concert will happen and I will sing. Rishabh thanks him with a hug. Abhi says he has become professional because of his wife and says he will work hard and hopes she returns seeing his hard work. Rishabh wishes him best and says he will send the show details. Purab says I have everything.

Tanu goes to Nasik and thinks to ruins the proofs. Pragya’s lookalike stops her car and asks for help. Tanu refuses, and is shocked to see her face. Pragya’s lookalike asks Tanu to help her take chutki to hospital else she will kill her and keeps knife on her neck. Tanu agrees. Pragya’s lookalike sits in her car. Tanu thinks Pragya is alive.
Abhi asks Purab to tell which guitar he shall use today. Purab asks him to understand and tells that Pragya is dead as Police stopped the search. Abhi says she is alive and will come. Purab says truth don’t change. Abhi says she will come today or will give any sign. Purab says if others listen to you then will think you are mad. Abhi says he has faith that she will come if God wishes.

Purab says you don’t believe on God. Abhi says Pragya believes on God. Purab asks if he will break his hopes if God gives no sign. Abhi says we shall talk good on anyone’s birthday. He says he will dedicate his concert to Pragya and will bring Pragya towards him. He says his hope will show its effects. Pragya’s lookalike asks Tanu to stop the car and takes the boy to hospital. Dr. comes and calls her Munni. She asks when did the accident happened? Munni says half an hour ago. Doctor takes the girl. Tanu thinks to call Aaliya.

Dasi tells Dadi that Abhi called Sarla and acted as if Pragya is coming. Purab tells that today he will accept that Pragya will not come. Aaliya catches the water drops coming from roof top. Tanu calls Aaliya and tells her that Pragya is alive and tells everything. Aaliya asks if she is drunk. Tanu says may be she was not dead. Aaliya asks why she is talking like Abhi and saying Pragya is alive. Tanu says I have seen with my eyes and asks her to come and see. Aaliya says ok, I will come to make you realize that it is a lie. She thinks to slap her.

Abhi practices to perform in the concert. He imagines pragya there and dances with her. He sees her gone and thinks this is not a dream, and thinks she will return. He asks her to give him sign that she is fine. Aaliya comes to the hospital and asks Tanu where is she? Tanu says she has changed her attire and talking in UP-Bihar language and kept knife on my neck to bring me here. Aaliya asks her to make her see her. Tanu takes Aaliya inside and asks Doctor about Pragya. Doctor says she doesn’t know any Pragya. She asks Aaliya to show her pic. Aaliya says I am not Abhi to keep her pic.

Tanu asks her to check in her mobile and gets her pic. They show to Doctor. Doctor refuses to see her. Tanu asks Aaliya to believe her. Aaliya slaps her and tells Doctor that she lost her friend and is in trauma. She asks her to come. Doctor thinks these girls are not looking good and thinks God please save her. Munni cries and tells that from where she will get money for the boy’s treatment. She says your mum brought me up with so much love and I couldn’t you that much love. Girl asks her not to cry and says she has an idea to earn money. Munni says it is a good idea and goes.

Sarla and Beeji come to Abhi’s house as Abhi invited him. Dasi tells her that Abhi is doing a big concert for Pragya. Sarla says she is good. Aaliya scolds Tanu. Tanu says she saw Pragya there. Aaliya asks why did Doctor lie then? Tanu asks her to agree and says Pragya wanted to kill me. Aaliya says you have lost it and asks her to see a psychiatrist. She says you both see Pragya. The car is stopped due to traffic jam. Aaliya gets down the car to check. She sees people seeing a woman walking on rope and asks her to get down the rope. She turns and Aaliya sees Pragya walking on rope. She gets shocked. Munni gets the money from the people seeing her stunt.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she is alive and asks her to go with Abhi to psychiatrist and says they will get good discounts. Aaliya says she knows where she will be? They come to hospital and see Pragya asking Doctor to operate on the boy. Doctor asks her to go as she knows that she handles kids and shop also. Abhi imagines Pragya asking him to wear best clothes. Abhi says he is not in a mood to go. Pragya says you have signed the contract. Abhi says his throat is bad. Pragya asks him to go and take work seriously. Abhi says he can’t concentrate when she is not with him. Pragya says I am with you in your song words. Fb ends. Abhi thinks this jacket have a feeling of you.

Dadi comes there. Abhi asks how is this jacket looking. Dadi says this is Pragya’s favorite. Abhi says everything will be her favorite today. He says he has so much work and is hopeful that she will come. Dadi says she will come. Abhi asks her to stop crying else Pragya will fly and come here. Munni scolds the girl for getting drenched in water and asks her to drink kada. Someone (maybe Tanu or Aaliya) comes there

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Zeeworld: Tuesday December 11th update on Iron Lady

Zeeworld: Tuesday December 11th update on Iron Lady

Munna sees Indira’s room on a fire. He calls out everyone. Indira wakes up and sees fire in her room. She puts shawl around her and tries to leave, but door is locked from outside. Jamna notices someone opened the door of that room and she tells this to Ammu. Everyone rushes to her room and when they reach there, they see Indu standing outside and doing something with lock. They open the door, and the hero, Rishi, goes in and saves Indira. Everyone throws water to get rid off fire while Munna throws kerosene thinking it’s water. Everyone gathers after they save Indira. Rishi is hugging in front of entire family as he’s too worried.

Indira tells him, nothing can happen to me as you’re with me. Taoji coughs so they realize that they are not alone there. They finally leave each other.
According to Jamna fire was done by a ghost, who came out from that room. She says, this is just a beginning and she will especially be behind Indira as she is pregnant. Indira disagrees and asks how did door got locked then? Everyone looks at Indu as she was standing outside her room, doing something with the lock. Indu says, I was opening it, not locking it. Indira says everyone, have you all gone crazy? She is my daughter. Why would she do that? Jamna says, the ghost is inside Indu and is making her do all this. Indira and Rishi disagree saying there is no such thing and Indira asks Jamna not to scare Indu by all this crap. Rishi says, it could be just coincidence.

As light went off, Indu went to room with candle and candle would have fallen down due to wind and it caught fire. Ammu decides to do the hawan and asks everyone go back to their room. Munna doubts on Ammu. After everyone leaves, Ammu tells Jamna, we don’t have much time left. Jamna says to herself, she missed today, if she hadn’t, then my revenge would be complete with Indira. Late night, Maher returns from the police station. She sees Inder sleeping peacefully with Kutumb and gets angry. She throws all of them out despite them saying that house is on Indira’s name. In Rishi’s room, they are discussing who could have done this. Munna tells everyone, Ammu could do this because she didn’t get any dowry from Indira. Indira asks him to stop with his crap. Indira feels Jamna is hiding something from them.

A servant comes and tells Indira that Ammu is calling her and Indu for the hawan. Indira asks Indu to stay in the room with Rishi and she will see how they make her sit in the hawan. Munna decides to go and catch the ghost or whatever it is. Munna is searching for the ghost while Jamna is searching for that lady. Suddenly a ghost like person comes in front of Munna and he gets scared. In end it turns out to be Sugantha who says that she was just trying to scare Munna. She tells him she likes his company and her heartbeat goes high whenever she is with him. She winks him and Munna is too scared to say anything. Jamna comes to the hawan and gestures Ammu about not finding that lady/ghost. Indira comes and says there is nothing like a ghost and they won’t do this hawan. Woman’s hand is shown who pushes a pot down on Indira. Rishi comes and saves Indira on the last moment.

When everyone looks up, it’s Indu standing there. Rishi and Indira are confused now. Jamna finally finds the woman. Munna comes to the hawan with a sack bag and tells everyone he caught the ghost who is inside that bag. Munna carrying a sack on his shoulder and comes into the hall where ammo, Indira , Rishi and Indu are all present. Indira is adamant on her decisions as she wants Munna to open the sack to see who’s in. Ammo does not want Munna to open the sack there’s a sort of small tiff between both ladies, finally Rishi also gives his consent to open the sack. A priest is there and Indira asks if ever he’s only able to find out about who’s the culprit or he can also control the evils. He agrees and asks to open the sack.
Ammo says there’s a witch in it as Indira does not believe in supernatural powers as well as Rishi Munna opens the sack and Jamuna comes out.
Munna gets irritated to have carried such a heavy weight and Jamuna
also is very angry as she was suffocating.

Jamuna tells Ammo to do something of these family Ammo tells Jamuna to calm down. A shadow is shown…
Ammo is happy and asks the priest to continue with the prayer. The priest calls for Indu but Indira refuses saying that there’s something fishy going on as initially Ammo was not ready to let Munna open the sack but when Jamuna came out she was relieved.
She promises to find out what is going on and what is the secret in 24 hrs.
She leaves and Rishi follow her asking what she promised to find out… Indu makes an excuse and Indira just leave from there. The shadow is shown again with a curved dagger… Ammo slaps Jamuna for being incautious of not being able to handle the situation… Jamuna says that it is the fault of Munna who caught her. Ammo says that Indira should not find out anything.

Ammo tells Jamuna nothing should happen to Indira and her child otherwise she will kill her. Ammo gets irritated and leaves she’s cursing Munna for catching her and asks two bodyguards to come with her.
The shadow is roaming in the dark with the curved dagger and on the other side Indira approaches the locked room. RIshi who was searching for her spots her near the room and tries to stop her from entering he’s trying his level best but a stubborn Indira wants to find out what is the secret…
Jamuna fights with curved dagger lady and finally her face is shown she’s none other than Zara.

Indira finds a watch showing the time and date her room was caught on fire.Rishi can’t understand what Indira wants to say with the watch… Indira finds a pair of earrings lying over there and asks Rishi who could the person while Zara with her dagger is near the door watching at Indira in rage.
She smirks… When Indira asks Rishi what is the aim of the person who wants to kill her? Seeing Rishi and Indira getting closer, Zara is about to throw the knife at Indira, but Ammu comes on the last moment and hits her with the gun. Hearing noise, Indira and Rishi go outside and find Ammu with a gun. Ammu says that she took that gun in her hand after Rishi’s daddu left her and she took responsibility of the family. She decided to protect the family. She then gives that gun to Indira and tells her to take this house responsibility from today, but Indira doesn’t take it.

She puts her hand on Rishi’s head and swears that she is not doing anything against Indira and her child, and if anything happens to them, then she will shoot herself with all the bullets inside that gun. She just wants them to be safe. Indira apologizes to Ammu for doubting her. Ammu tells Indira to be happy and gives her blessings. Ammu leaves. Indira is still lost in some thoughts. Rishi thinks she still has doubt on Ammu and gets upset with her. He says, I accepted your family the way it was, then why can’t you accept my family? He walks away. Indira says to herself, I am trying, but there is something or someone in this house for sure who is not happy with my happiness and is behind me.

Until I don’t figure out what that is, I can’t be relaxed. Indira wonders what to do to make Rishi happy.  She looks around and follows him in the rain and pulls him to her. They are then having a good time in the rain. Zara is locked in a room and she watches them from that room. She gets angry seeing Indira that close to Rishi.

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Zeeworld: Tuesday December 11th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"(Continuation)

Zeeworld: Tuesday December 11th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"(Continuation)

Purab tells Abhi that Pragya is dead now and will not return. Abhi is furious and slaps him and tells him that Pragya is alive and she can't die. He says she's alive. Purab says I wish this could happen. Abhi asks what you are saying and says she can't leave me. Abhi cries badly. Purab asks him to let tears flow and then only he will accept that she is dead. Abhi says she promised me that she will never leave me and cries.
Abhi asks Purab, how can Pragya leave him and break the promise. He recalls Pragya telling him she want to die suhaagan.

He tells Purab that Pragya is alive as he is alive and breathing. He says Pragya will return, and think nothing has happen to you, you will return as you know that I cannot live without you. He saysci will never fight with you, and do whatever you say. Purab thinks to bring her dead body soon. Tanu calls Nikhil if he knows that Pragya is dead. Nikhil says he knows but Abhi kill commando Dushyant in self defense. Tanu says OK and ask him not to get scare of Aaliya. Nikhil asks her to give her call. Tanu says later and smirk.

Sarla comes to Abhi's house and tells Dadi that she fold her hands and asks her not to take Pragya, but you rammed my daughter under your grandson's happiness. She asks where is Tanu and Aaliya and says they must be happy right now. Dadi says I can understand your pain and cries. Sarla says you can't understand. Mitali hears them and goes to inform Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya and Tanu are celebrating and drinking wine. Mitali says Sarla came to make you parade. Tanu says we shall go and kick her out now. Aaliya says you are right, let's go and meet her. Abhi looks at the pics and recalls his moment with Pragya. He thinks when we got married first, we had separated then married again and separated. He says I married you twice and then fell in love with you twice. He says you have to return and if you don't return then I will search for you and bring you back.

Tanu and Aaliya comes downstairs. Sarla says both of you have kill my daughter, she says Aaliya is a naagin and wanted to kill Pragya since she came here. She says Tanu is more worse than a naagin and God is repenting to send her on earth. She tells Dadi not to take Pragya home, and says this time both of you have snatched my daughter. She says I will not leave you. Tanu says you can't blame me, we haven't done anything. Sarla tries to slap her, Tanu holds her hand and says Pragya was her enemy and don't want to see her with Abhi. She says I am someone's daughter and ask if my mum came to your house when Abhi left me at the mandap, and asks why did you come here. Dadi says to Tanu to have shame, and says her daughter is dead.

Tanu says she's accusing us and asks her to accuse God for giving bad destiny for Pragya. Sarla says why should I complain to God, and says both of you have kill Pragya. She says your parents would have died seeing your sins. Aaliya says to Sarla to leave from her house. Sarla says I will open your deed in front of Abhi. Aaliya stops her and says I will do whatever I can. Dadi asks her to stop it. Aaliya feels sorry for Dadi and Sarla and says she can do anything as Abhi lost her memory and they can't do anything against her, but she can do so much. She threaten to send Dadi to old age home. Dadi cries. Aaliya asks Sarla to  go before she get angry.

Sarla says no, I will not go until I expose your crimes. She says Pragya stops me from saying the truth. She says now Pragya and her fear is not here. Now I will expose you both. Aaliya threaten her and ask her to leave silently. She says your daughter is dead and your relation with this house is over, and ask her to leave silently. Tanu smirks and tries to kick Sarla out. Sarla shouts and calls Abhi. Abhi comes and sees Tanu trying to kick Sarla out. He warn Tanu not to dare tell anything to Sarla. Dadi tells him that they were kicking Sarla out. Tanu says she was accusing us and we ask her to go. Aaliya says she was accusing you and everyone and we ask her to go. Abhi ask her to shut up. Tanu says why should we shut up, Pragya was your secretary and she is her mum. Aaliya asks Abhi to tell Sarla to go else kick her out.

Abhi slaps Aaliya hard on her face. Aaliya is shocked. Dadi and Dasi smiles while crying. Abhi then turns to Tanu and says you both shall be kicked out from here, as the lies curtains is moved from you both. He says I got my memory back, I have recalled everything and the more you lie, the more I will get angry. He says I remember Pragya's pain and remember your crimes. He ask Aaliya if she's not happy. He says he recalled everything. Dadi hugs him. Abhi says nothing wrong will happen with anyone in the house. He says when Pragya tries to get closer to me, you both triedto kill her. He says you both tried to kill Pragya, and I sat in that car and lost memory in that accident. Aaliya says we haven't done anything with Pragya.

Abhi asks them to stop it and says he will not hear any more lies, and if they lie again, he will forget that they are women. He says he understand Tanu's enmity towards Pragya as she want to get me. He asks Aaliya why she became Pragya's enemy and break his relation with her. Aaliya tells that she loves him. Abhi doesn't believe her. He says we will start with Tanu. Abhi turns to Tanu and says what you said that you loves me. He says you can't stand in front of me carrying someone else child and says you are not in my life. He asks them to leave from his house. Aaliya says I can be bad, but you can't be bad.

Abhi says, I have done so much for you and you have snatched my only happiness from me. He says I am more angry on you than on Tanu. He asks them to leave. Tanu asks him not to do this with her atleast. Abhi says if you really do loves me then you will understood my love for Pragya. He says I brought you into this house, but now am kicking you out from here. He shouts get out. Tanu and Aaliya take their luggage and leave from the house.

Abhi turns to Sarla and tells her that nothing happens to Pragya. He will bring Pragya back, and says I am nothing without her, and promises to bring her back. Sarla says Purab says she was shot and drowned in water. Abhi says Pragya is alive, I am telling you that she is alive. Until my love is alive, my fuggy is alive and I will bring her back. Sarla hugs him and cries

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EFCC raids Atiku’s sons apartment in Abuja

EFCC raids Atiku’s sons apartment in Abuja

An apartment in a building occupied by Aliyu Abubakar and Mustapha Abubakar, sons of Atiku Abubakar, presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), was raided by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Abuja on Saturday.
According to Premium Times, the building, which is in Maitama neighbourhood, also houses an apartment occupied by Chiemeka Orji, son of Theodore Orji, former governor of Abia state.

Premium Times quoted sources as saying operatives of the anti-graft operatives also raided the residence of Orji’s son.
The raid comes a day after there were reports of restriction on the bank accounts of Peter Obi, vice-presidential candidate of the PDP.

But the EFCC and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) denied freezing the accounts.

The newspaper quoted another source as saying the home of Abubakar’s children was the primary target.
We won't make use of incidence form in 2019 despite presidential veto – INEC

We won't make use of incidence form in 2019 despite presidential veto – INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said despite the refusal of President Muhammadu Buhari to assent to the Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill 2018, which makes the use of card reader mandatory, the 2019 elections will not be conducted with incident form.

The electoral body, however, lamented that the rejected bill would have addressed the controversies that trailed the 2015 exercise especially the place of technology and others that the amendments seek to address.

President Muhammadu Buhari had last week, for the fourth time withheld his assent to the amendment bill, citing legal drafting errors.

According to THISDAY, INEC’s Director of Voter Education and Publicity, Mr. Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, said the presidential veto has created no lacuna in the electoral legal regime, explaining that the Electoral Act 2010 as amended in 2015 would be the operative law.

“While it may be better to have the necessary amendments to avoid some of the controversies that trailed the 2015 exercise, especially the place of technology and others the amendments seek to cure, we can still have good elections with the extant act as we did in 2015, which were adjudged free, fair and credible,” he said.

Reacting to a report by an online newspaper that 13.5 million voters voted for Buhari without full biometric accreditation in 2015, Osaze-Uzzi said, “How was this determined? Biometric accreditation does not determine who a person votes for. Put another way, the card reader is used for biometric accreditation. It doesn’t determine how such persons vote.

“Incident forms will not be used in 2019.”

Culled from Thisday
Senator Akpabio blasts Archbishop for scolding wife who solicited for votes during church service

Senator Akpabio blasts Archbishop for scolding wife who solicited for votes during church service

Senator Godswill Akpabio yesterday took the Archbishop of the Methodist Church, Ikot Ekpene, His Grace, Most Rev. Sunday Uko, to the cleaners for stopping his wife, Unoma, from making political comments during church service.
Unoma Akpabio spoke at the Methodist Church, Ukana in Essien Udim Local Government Area during a service marking the presentation of the immediate past Secretary to the Akwa Ibom State Government, Sir Etekamba Umoren, as lay president of the church. She reportedly asked the congregation to vote for all candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC), specifically President Muhammadu Buhari and the APC governorship candidate in the state, Obong (Dr.) Nsima Ekere in 2019.

But the Archbishop of Ikot Ekpene, His Grace, Most Rev. Sunday Uko, who presided over the church service, got up from where he was sitting and approached Senator Akpabio to express his displeasure over his wife’s political comments.
The clergy scolded Akpabio’s wife for using the church service to do political campaign and made attempts to seize the microphone from her.

A visibly angry Akpabio, who got hold of the microphone after his wife apologised to the clergy for her action, scolded the Archbishop for embarrassing his wife.

He said it was wrong for the Archbishop to stop the wife from talking politics in church, saying that the reason why the clergy embarrassed his wife was because he was supporting Governor Udom Emmanuel.

“You can’t embarrass my wife for talking politics in church because of your support for Governor Udom Emmanuel. I brought Udom and made him governor so nobody can claim to love the son more than the father."

Source: New Telegraph.
Boko Haram kills two soldiers in another Borno attack

Boko Haram kills two soldiers in another Borno attack

Two soldiers were killed when suspected Boko Haram fighters loyal to factional leader Abubakar Shekau attacked a military base in northeast Nigeria, security sources told AFP on Sunday.
The twin gun and suicide attacks happened early Saturday evening at Gulumba village, in the Bama district of Borno state.

The use of human bombs is a hallmark of the Shekau faction, which is known to operate in the area.

Last month, Shekau released a video claiming attacks against troops in Gulumba.

“We lost two soldiers and two more were injured in the attack by the Shekau faction,” said one military source.
“The terrorists came in nine gun trucks with a suicide bomber at about 5:50 pm (1650 GMT) and attacked the base.”

A second source said the suicide bomber tried to infiltrate the base but was “neutralised” by troops. He also said two soldiers were killed and two others were injured.

“The terrorists faced stiff resistance and were forced to withdraw,” he added.

Neither source wanted to be identified as they were not authorised to speak to the media.

Source: AFP