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OPINION: The Desperate Agenda of an Evil Tyrant, By Femi Fani-Kayode

OPINION: The Desperate Agenda of an Evil Tyrant, By Femi Fani-Kayode

Much has been brewing in the circles of power of our nation in recent weeks. Permit me to share just some of my findings with my readers today. The rest wll come later.

Key players and leaders in the international community have warned President Muhammadu Buhari not to run for a second term but he has refused to listen. That is why he was in the United Kingdom for 16 days.

He was not ill and he was not getting treatment for any ailment but he was consulting with and trying to convince the representatives of various foreign governnents, including the American, British and French, that he can still run in 2019 and win.

My sources have confirmed ro me that those he interacted with are not convinced but he has resolved to run regardless of their skepticism.

They have asked him to probe and jail Godswill Akpabio, Tunde Fashola, Rotimi Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha and Bola Tinubu and they claim that these five, together with a number of others in his own party and government, are very corrupt. He has promised to do that after getting a second mandate.

It is at that time that he will also move against President Olusegun Obasanjo, General Ibrahim Babangida, President Goodluck Jonathan, General Aliyu Gusau, General T.Y. Danjuma, Vice President Atiku Abubakar and many others who have dared to oppose his second term bid.

As regards Governor Ayo Fayose his plan is to arrest him immediately after he steps down as Governor in October, literally during the handover ceremony, and lock him up until after the 2019 election. He intends to give him the Sambo Dasuki treatment.

Senate President Bukola Saraki,  Senator Dino Melaye, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso and all the others that decamped and left the APC with them to return to the PDP will not be spared.

His plans for them are equally reprehensible. He has resolved to break them, humiliate them and teach them the lesson of their lives.

And those of us that have been on the receiving end of their cruelty for the last three years will not be left out.
He has more plans for this writer as well as others like Olisa Metuh, Sambo Dasuki, El Zak Zaky, Nnamdi Kanu and all his other traducers and critics.

I gather that even Church leaders and clerics like Bishop David Oyedepo, Apostle Suleman, Bishop El Buba and others have been marked down for persecution and destruction whilst visible and loud players, commentators, writers, politicians and activists like Senator Ben Murray-Bruce,
Pastor Reno Omokri, Prince Deji Adeyanju, Hon. Boma Goodhead, Mr. Charly Boy Oputa, Mr. Yemi Adebowale,  Mr. Shaka Momodu and others have also been added.

I have been reliably informed that they intend to rig the Osun, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Kwara, Plateau, Benue and Kogi state governorship elections through a perfected method and ensure that the APC wins those states regardless of the choice and preferences of the people.

After Buhari has finished with all these individuals and effecting this agenda and there is no-one left to challenge him he will turn on the Nigerian people themselves with all his vindictiveness, bitterness and venom.

He will reduce them into servitude and turn them into slaves and zombies. He will impose his Fulanisation and Islamisation agenda, bury the idea of restructuring and destroy its proponents, enthrone and empower the Fulani herdsmen and Miyetti Allah, enter a peace accord with Boko Haram and accomodate some of their demands.

He will also reduce CAN and Christians to nothing, bring the Church to its knees, wipe out Shiite Muslims and decimate IPOB members, silence all dissent, establish cattle ranches in every state of the Federation, change the constitution to make himself life President and turn Nigeria into a North Korean-style totalitarian state where his word is law and where he must literally be worshipped as Nigeria's third and final Muslim Mahdi.

Those that applaud Buhari as he violates the rights of others and inflicts pain and injury on them are naive and shortsighted.

They forget that those of us that are his critics, that oppose him, that are in the opposition and that he seeks to destroy are the only ones standing between them, the establishment of a police state and total destruction.

By the time he has finished with us he will strip the Nigerian people of all their dignity and all that is dear to them and turn them into broken souls, street urchins, filthy almajiris and the biggest beggars in Africa.

Poverty, tyranny, evil, ethnic cleansing, genocide and mass murder will stalk the land whilst the judiciary, the legislature and the fourth estate of the realm (the media) will simply do his bidding.

He will bring the entire nation to heel and Nigeria will end up being a worse place to live than Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union.

In all this there is only one consellation and that is the fact that Buhari is not God.  As they say, "man proposes and God disposes".

Buhari's plans will fail, his evil agenda will be thwarted and by the time this is all over he will know that we serve a mighty God who rules in the affairs of men.

His word says "who is he that sayeth a thing and it cometh to pass when the Lord of Hosts has commanded it not?"

As long as God has not commanded it or permitted it Buhari's purpose will not stand and his evil intentions will melt like an iceburg approaching the tropics. That is why the righteous and those of us that are the children of light and the sons and daughters of the Most High God need harbour no fear.

Those  that need to fear are those that have shed innocent blood, betrayed the counsel of the Living God, tormented and robbed the Nigerian people, bowed before the tyrant and dined at the beasts table.

Those that need to fear are the useful idiots and accursed slaves that have sold their heritage for a mess of pottage and that have opted to assist the tyrant in his ungodly and unholy mission of slaughter, decimation and destruction.

As long as Jesus sits on the throne Buhari's evil plans for all those that have taken a leap of faith and have  courageously opposed him shall not stand.

Those of us that have been the voice of the voiceless and stood for truth must not relent. We must continue to stand firm and strong because we have a divine obligation to resist the tyrants evil.

And no matter the price that has to be paid, that is precisely what yours truly intends to do. I urge you to join me. Together we shall bite the bullet, take the pain and endure in the knowledge that, though our oppressors may have today, we shall have tomorrow.

Dark may be the night but joy comes in the morning. Our joy will surely come, God shall prove Himself mighty and, in the end, He will make all things beautiful.
[PHOTOS] Son Attempts Killing Mother For 'Yahoo Plus'

[PHOTOS] Son Attempts Killing Mother For 'Yahoo Plus'

The sleepy town of Ayobo, on the outskirts of Lagos was on Sunday, greeted with the gory sight of a helpless mother whose face and skull was badly battered by her son in his morbid attempt to advance his cyber fraud business popularly known as "Yahoo-Yahoo" to the bloody or ritual level  (Yahoo Plus).

The incident took place on the aforementioned date, at about 0830hrs, at No.2 Raji Ajanaku street, Alaja Road, Ayobo, Lagos, inside the flat the suspect, Taiwo Akinola, age 29 years lives with his mother, Mrs Alice Iyabo Akinola and her grandchild Master Faruk, age 14 years.

In a carefully thought out plans to kill his mother, Taiwo, said to be staunch member of the notorious Aiye confraternity,  went to the victim's  provision store in front of their apartment and told his mother to meet him inside the house for an important discussion and at same time sent his nephew, Faruk to go buy him a white handkerchief and a stick of cigarette.
The suspect, Taiwo Akinola, age 29
As soon as the victim entered the house, the suspect attacked her, smashing her head with a plank, pressing iron and a UPS charger to ensure she didn't survive the ferocious attack.

When Faruk returned from the errand, he didn't see his grandmother in the shop so he went into the house only to see the poor woman lying in a pool of blood. Shocked by what he saw, the small boy raised the alarm which attracted neighbours to the scene.
The suspect smashed her head with a plank, pressing iron and a UPS charger to ensure she didn't survive the ferocious attack.
They called the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Ayobo Division who arrived the scene with his team and promptly arrested the suspect and secured the scene for further investigation by the police forensic experts attached to the Homicide section SCIID Panti, Yaba .

The victim was rushed to an undisclosed hospital for treatment and was found to be hanging onto life. Right now, the doctors are battling to revive Mrs Alice Akinola presently unconscious . Meanwhile the CP has paid the initial hospital cost which  enabled the doctors to commence treatment.

During a brief interrogation, the suspect disclosed that he was asked to kill his mother in order to have more money. When his room was searched, the following exhibits were recovered in it, viz:
1. Two calabashes with one containing human skull and the other, a mixture of dark concoction;
2. A plank perforated with  nails and  stained with blood;
3. A pressing iron stained with blood;
4. A white handkerchief with which he wanted to scoop the victim's blood;
5. A bottle containing oil and  labelled Back To Sender;

The Commissioner of Police calls on Lagosians to rise against all forms of crime and criminality. He added that the Command defeated the Badoo cult group with the help of  people who provided credible and timely  information to the police . He added that the time has come to root out the street cult groups. He notes that complacency is not an option in the face of threat to peace and security  posed by these nefarious associations.

CSP Chike Oti
Police Public Relations Officer,
Lagos State.
[Photos] APGA Party Leaders in Orumba North Endorse Ikenna Amechi for Anambra South Senatorial Election

[Photos] APGA Party Leaders in Orumba North Endorse Ikenna Amechi for Anambra South Senatorial Election

By Ejiofo Umegbogu & Okey Maduforo           
Amaokpala community in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State came alive when the Senatorial Aspirant of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) Chief Barr. Ikenna Mbazulike-Amechi visited the community civic Centre, in continuation of his interactive session with party stakeholders in  Anambra South Senatorial Zone.

The civic center which played host to Hon. Amechi and his FRESH IDEAS SUPPORT GROUP, had in attendance ward, Local Government Executives as well as other major Stakeholders of APGA, as Hon Amechi took time to lecture them on the internal workings of legislature and how a Senator is expected to represent his people to attract good dividends of democracy.

Amechi, a lawyer with twenty-eight years experience in legal practice in Nigeria, UK and New York; took time to paint a vivid pictorial of the duties and expectations of a senator.

“In Nigeria today, most people and in fact electorates loose sight of the fact that the act of legislation is a different kittle of fish from the duties of the executive arm of government”.

“Most aspirants and candidates go about making promises to the electorate on what they would do for the people which is at variance from the job of a law maker. They talk about projects and duties of the executive arm of government”.

Amechi contends that “in the National Assembly, what counts and what is demanded of you is your mental and intellectual capacity not the amount of ill-gotten wealth one has amassed".

He decried the attitude of most lawmakers who according to him will not make contributions during the process of budget drafting at the level of MDA's, only to begin to add projects in the budget at the stage of passing the budget.

“Before the budget gets to the National Assembly, the lawmaker has to interface with the different ministries that would include projects of his constituency or senatorial zone in the budget… Anything “done after that is called padding and it is unacceptable.”

Amechi, who is a former member of Anambra State House of Assembly also took time to make graphic rundown of some of his activities while in the house.

“It was during our tenure in the Assembly that constituency projects was introduced in Anambra State and this helped in carrying out development in our communities and we did not make noise about it."

“While in the State Assembly, I sponsored the Awka Capital Territory Development Authority Bill and the effect is the execution of massive capital projects in Awka by Governor Willie Obiano”.

Amechi however posited that what Anambra South Senatorial Zone needs at the moment is a legislator with fresh ideas and different approach to the business of lawmaking, that are in line with global best practices.

“If you support me, it then means that I am indebted to you all and after four years, the nineteen wards in Orumba North Local Governmentt will surely know that I went to the senate."

“The seven council areas of the zone would have liaison officers who must be an APGA member nominated by you the members. I will appoint Special Assistants on Party Affairs. I will hold quarterly face-to-face meetings with party members and constituents, in order to look out for areas of need and possible interventions."

Amechi decried the impoverished nature of the party at the ward and local government levels which according to him has led to the imposition of wrong aspirants and delegates on the party with money. “If we fund and empower the party at community levels, by allowing them to collect dues and use it for their local needs, then money bags cannot influence the party members any more”.

His colleague while in the Assembly who represented Orumba North Hon. Uchenna Ogbonna took the listeners back memory lane, how Amechi became the de-facto Speaker of the Assembly; because of his proactiveness, intelligence and principled nature.

“Amechi was Chairman House Committee on finance and appropriation which has to do with the budget of Anambra State and he and his committee ensured prudence in the management of public funds, even the then governor Mr. Peter Obi appreciated the importance of that committee, because the committee meticulously scrutinized the budget proposals of all the ministries and agencies; and made sure that heads of all government offices appear for budget defense”. In essence, I can authoritatively tell you that it was Hon Ikenna Amechi that institutionalized the system of budget defense in Anambra."

Hon Uche Ogbonna concluded that, “All we need is Ikenna Amechi who has the legislative capacity and wealth of experience, to represent Anambra South in the Senate and I can assure you that he will not fail us"; and called for the open endorsement of Hon Ikenna Amechi as the preferred candidate of Orumba North delegates and stakeholders.

The local government party chairman, Barr Obinna Ikwueto, a Senior Special Assistant to Governor Willie Obiano on Agriculture who hails from the area, Chief Cyril Nwobu and many other stalwarts supported the call for the endorsement. While countless speakers after speakers made comments and contributions on the need for better representation of the people at the Senate.
The shouts of "Ikenna bu Nkeanyi" filled the atmosphere as the jubilant crowd agreed with one voice and confirmed the open endorsement of Ikenna Amechi as the choice of APGA members in the area.

More Photos:

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Ubah Felicitates with his Media aide, Amb Adichie Izuchukwu on his birthday

Ubah Felicitates with his Media aide, Amb Adichie Izuchukwu on his birthday

The Anambra South Senatorial aspirant and CEO of Capital Oil and Gas Ltd, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, today, praised his Senior Special Adviser on Media, Izuchukwu Adichie as he celebrates his birthday.

In his birthday message, Ubah extolled the media strategist for his perseverance, doggedness and loyalty in which he carries out his duties.

Read his birthday message below:

“Loyalty and hardwork are two values I hold dear and in you, Adichie i have found a great dose  of those tenets. You have been staunch in your commitment and unwavering in your allegiance.

“A major turning point was when you went on a tour of the cathedral in St. Petersburg to understudy some technical aspects of what we intend to implement in ours; an action which oozed a lotnof dedication to our cause.

“On this special day, I wish to thank you for the time, sincere advices as well as the efforts you have put in till date.

“As you walk gallantly into yet another promising phase of your life, it is my earnest prayers that almighty God continues to imbue you with wisdom, good health and sound mind required to leave a lasting impression in your generation."
Economic Recovery of Ndị-Igbo remains my mission in the Nigeria's Senate – Ifeanyi Ubah

Economic Recovery of Ndị-Igbo remains my mission in the Nigeria's Senate – Ifeanyi Ubah

The Founder and chief Promoter of Afa Igbo Efuna Movement, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has said that effective and people-oriented representation that will carry the people along and solve the problems of Anambra South Senatorial zone will be his priority if elected.

The Anambra South Senator hopeful, Dr. Ubah made these known while addressing the press. According to him, "we have Ihiala Local Lovernment Area in Anambra South with rich mineral resources that must be tapped for development, we have Nnewi South Local Government Area with lots of solid mineral and green vegetation. Ekwusigo and Nnewi North share the commercial hub of auto spare parts in the country and have small medium and large scale industries and the problem is lack of stable power supply.

"No business or commercial venture can succeed without power and as a matter of necessity, I will present the urgent need to have a dry port in Nnewi on the floor of the Senate in order to move the ultra modern Nnewi Main Market to the next level. When you visit Orumba North, Orumba South and Aguata local government areas you will see palm plantations and oil palm produce that can be accessed and assembled for export.

Dr. Ubah, who is also the Chairman of Anambra State FA went further to maintain that the problem in Nigeria is that of monolithic economy hinged on petroleum alone, "It was palm oil that the late Michael Ọkpara used in developing the old Eastern region during the First Republic and today, where are those oil palm plantations? We can form irrigation cutting across the Uranshi River in Ihiala and link other tributaries in Orumba North and South council areas, as well as Aguata.

The President Africa Football Revolution Initiative further said that the problems facing his Senatorial District were catalysed by the fact that previous and present representations did not look inward inside the Senatorial District to understand what the people need, which would have impacted positively on the man in Amaesi, Osumuoghu, Owerezukala, Ihembosi or Okija.

"I will take part in making laws that will benefit our people, sponsor bills and motions for the betterment of the country and Anambra South in particular. It is my vision that after four years of my representation in the Senate, Anambra South will be better off in terms of infrastructural development, youth empowerment, educational foundation and above all, socio-economic growth of my people," Dr. Ubah concluded.

Source: The Sun

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

BREAKING: Victor Moses retires from International football

BREAKING: Victor Moses retires from International football

Super Eagles winger, Victor Moses has officially retired from playing all international football events.

The 27-year-old joined the national team in 2012 after switching allegiance from England to Nigeria.

In a statement released through his official social media handles, the Chelsea star said he took the decision to focus on his club career and family

The skillful midfielder thanked those who have supported him in his career and was grateful to Nigerians for believing in him over the years.

He played 37 matches and scored 12 goals for Nigeria.

The statement reads: “I would like to announce that after much thought I have made the decision to retire from playing international football. I have experienced some of the best moments of my life wearing the Super Eagles shirt and have memories with me that will last a lifetime. Nothing will ever compete to what it felt like to represent Nigeria on behalf of our country.

“However I feel that now is the right time to step away in order to be able to focus fully on club career and my young family as well as to allow the next generation of Super Eagle stars the opportunity to step up and to flourish. We are blessed as a nation to have so many exciting young players coming through and now is their time.

“There are so many highlights that stand out for me over the years; from making my debut, to playing in two World Cups and being a part of the team to win the African Nations Cup for first time for our nation since 1994 being just a few of them.

“I have already spoken to the manager by telephone and would like to say thank you to him and his staff, the NFF and all of my teammates for all of their support over the years. Most importantly I would like to say thank you to the Nigerian people for believing in me and supporting me over the years. It’s meant the world to me and my family and I will always be a proud Nigerian supporting the team. Thank you for the memories and good luck to the team for the future.”
Highlights of the Senate Committee Meeting with the INEC Chairman

Highlights of the Senate Committee Meeting with the INEC Chairman

On Wednesday, the Senate Committee on INEC Chaired by Senator Suleiman Nazif held a meeting with the INEC Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu, and other INEC Commissioners.

Senators present were Senators: Atai Aidoko, James Manager, Mohammed Hassan, Sabi Abdullahi, Ovie Omo Agege, Olusola Adeyeye, Abdullahi Gumel, Gilbert Nnaji, Isah Misau and Senator Suleiman Nazif (Chairman Senate Committee on INEC).

“This budget defense will assure Nigerians that this Senate is committed to the Nigerian people.”- Senator Suleiman Nazif.

“This budget defense will put to an end all the political brouhaha... we will ensure that INEC receives all the necessary funding that it needs for the 2019 elections.”- Senator Suleiman Nazif.

“Distinguished Senators only received the budget details from INEC last night/this morning from INEC.”- Senator Suleiman Nazif.

“I thank members of this Committee for suspending your recess to attend to this very important national issue.”- INEC Chairman.

“Mr. Chairman, this is the first time that the budget of the National Assembly is presented in this manner.”- INEC Chairman.

“For the first time, this budget is subjected to scrutiny by the National Assembly and the Nigerian people. I am happy to be a part of this process.”- INEC Chairman.

“As at Saturday, we have registered 12.1 new voters. Adding this to the 70million voter register, we have over 80million registered voters...The general elections are just around the corner.”- INEC Chairman.

“Mr. Chairman, I wish to draw the attention of this Committee to the fact that there is a difference of N69billion in the budgets of 2015 and 2019.”- INEC Chairman.

“In 2015, we had 70million registered voters. As of last week Saturday, we now have over 80million registered voters.”- INEC Chairman.

“All major activities are pegged against the total number of voters. In 2015, we had only 42 political parties. We now have 91 registered political parties eligible to take part in the 2019 general elections.”- INEC Chairman.

“We are hoping that all the political parties will have seamless congresses and primaries. Another issue that we have accounted for, is the processing costs of nominations.”- INEC Chairman.

“The cost of logistics is also different in 2019 as opposed to 2015, because the pump price of petrol in 2015, is different from that of 2019. This will also have an impact.”- INEC Chairman.

“With the increase of voters, we will have to increase the number of voting points. And with the increase of voting points, we will also have an increase in Ad-Hoc Staff.”- INEC Chairman.

“We have provided a line-by-line explanation and account of this budget to the Distinguished Senators.”- INEC Chairman.

“Thank you very much Distinguished Senators, and we will be very happy to interact with the Committee.”- INEC Chairman.

“Thank you Mr. Chairman for your clear explanation about the details of the 2019 General Election budget.”- Senator Suleiman Nazif.

“I will now give an opportunity for all members of the Senate Committee to ask questions.”- Senator Suleiman Nazif.

“Continuous voter registration is of great importance to Nigerians. Without which you cannot excercise your right to vote. Mr. Chairman, in the 2018 budget, we made provision for this process and I believe that this funds are supposed to run till the end of the year.”- Senator Suleiman Nazif.

“Mr. Chairman, in item 39, you have budget N5bn+ for this continuous voter registration. Mr. Chairman, if you were provided with funds in the 2018 budget, why is this provision repeated?”- Senator Suleiman Nazif.

“The electoral act demands that we continue voter registration. Based on the budgetary provision in 2017, we could only do PVC registration at the LGA level.”- INEC Chairman.

“By the end of the Second Quarter of 2017, we had over 1400 registration centers across the country.”- INEC Chairman.

“The funds we had were not adequate. This is why in 2018, we approached the National Assembly for additional funding.”- INEC Chairman.

“The Electoral Act Amendment has been going back and forth between the National Assembly and the President. What would happen to the provisions of the Act that have been budgeted for if it is not signed by the President?”- Senator James Manager.

“Your contingency budget provisions have been cut down. I am surprised that you have decided to cut this down to only 2.5% of the budget. What informed this thinking?”- Senator James Manager.

“If the Electoral Act is not signed into law, we will continue to operate within the ambits of the law as it exists.”- INEC Chairman.

“Even if the Electoral Act is not signed into law, we need to continue to improve our electoral process to promote transparency.”- INEC Chairman.

“Why is our contingency low? If it had been 10%, it would have been considered too high. Now it is 2.5%, it is too low. However, there are some contingencies that we need to expect.”- INEC Chairman.

“There is a conflict of request here: from the letter presented by Mr. President and the budget presented by INEC. You are asking for N189billion, meanwhile Mr. President is asking for N140billion.”- Senator Mohammed Hassan.

“The President is saying that the additional N45billion will be requested for in the 2019 budget. You are asking for N189billion. Which of these requests should we focus on?”- Senator Mohammed Hassan.

“There is no conflict in the letters. If you add up the requests by the President and INEC, they add up. The sequence of disbursement is up for the legislature and the executive to decide.”- INEC Chairman.

New Media Department,
Office of the President of the Senate,
Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Anambra Speaker hails Governor Obiano at 63rd birthday

Anambra Speaker hails Governor Obiano at 63rd birthday

The Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Rita Maduagwu has joined thousands of others in praising the Governor of the State, Chief Willie Obiano as he celebrates his 63rd birthday.

In a statement released through his Chief Press Secretary, Emma Mmadu, the Speaker hailed the Governor for his doggedness and perseverance towards ensuring that Anambra State remains number one in the country.

The statement reads: "May I use this opportunity on behalf of the state House of Assembly to heartily congratulate His Excellency, Chief Willie Maduabuchukwu Obiano (Akpokuodike Global) on his 63rd birthday.

"The People's governor has remained resolute  and committed to the overall development of the State as well as wellbeing of the people. He has repositioned the State to the extent that Ndi Anambra take first position in their various endeavours. Under Governor Obiano, the entire peace and pride of the State has been restored through his purposeful administration.

"Governor Obiano's accomplishments in the State cut across all sectors of the state's economy. Civil servants in the State are the prime beneficiaries of the good governance of Governor Obiano as they consistently and promptly receive their monthly salaries in addition to other democracy dividends in the State. His N20 million community chose your project is talk of the nation. Above all, he's a purposeful administrator.

"So, as the alert Governor, His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano marks his 63rd birthday, once more, on behalf of the state legislature, I wish him long life and more eventful years."

Friday, 10 August 2018

Anambra Assembly Speaker, Barrister Maduagwu Extols Legislative Institutions in the Country.

Anambra Assembly Speaker, Barrister Maduagwu Extols Legislative Institutions in the Country.

The Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Barrister Rita Maduagwu says Nigeria’s Legislative institutions have remained resolute in shaping the country’s democracy and promoting good governance across the country.

Speaking to newsmen in Lagos shortly after the 2018 Quarter Conference of state legislatures in Nigeria, Barrister Maduagwu noted that the legislature has through the process of law making facilitated enormous development in various parts of the country and enhanced the collective wellbeing of the masses.

The speaker whose position as the South-East Chairman of the conference of speakers in Nigeria was reconfirmed during the conference, expressed satisfaction that the Houses of Assembly in the South-East Zone have continued to work harmoniously in advocating the needs of the zone especially on rehabilitation of federal roads and other infrastructural projects in the area, federal appointments to Ndigbo and internal security of the zone.

She said that the conference among other resolutions called on the federal government to direct relevant government agencies to ensure prompt implementation of the new constitutional provision granting financial autonomy to state legislatures.
Shooting in Ukpor: Anambra Speaker calls on Commissioner of Police to fish out the perpetrators

Shooting in Ukpor: Anambra Speaker calls on Commissioner of Police to fish out the perpetrators

Following an alleged shooting of a welder, Mr. Okechukwu Ifechigha, a native of Ukpor, in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State by a police officer, the honourable Speaker of Anambra State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Barr. (Mrs.) Rita Madaugwu, has beckoned on the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Garba Umar to wade into what she described as police brutality in her home community.

In a statement signed by her Chief Press Secretary, Emma Mmadu and made available to, the speaker said that her kinsman, Mr. Okechukwu Ifechigha, was shot in both feet in his shop at Ukpor around 8: 30pm by a police officer while arguing with him on why he should be at his workplace by 8:30pm, emphasizing that there was no curfew in Ukpor or anywhere in Anambra State.

Barr. Madaugwu said that the youths of the community had taken to the streets to protest what she described as man's inhumanity to man, saying that the welder was in his shop working and had no criminal tendency.

She urged the people of Ukpor to remain calm and law abiding, noting that the police command in the state was expected to hasten action in addressing the ugly incident.

According to the speaker, an indigene of Ukpor, Miss Igwetu Linda Nkechi, a Corps member who was serving at Abuja was shot dead by a police officer at the eve of her passing out.

"My people have been suffering in the hands of police officers ranging from humiliations to capital punishment. How can a police officer shoot someone like that? If it was in one leg, people would have said, maybe it was a mistake, but, this one, he shot him in both feet. If not that the guy jumped up the officer would have kill him instantly. He is there in the hospital lying critically ill. He can't even move his legs.

 'Let me use this opportunity to call on the state commissioner of Police, Garba Umar  to take necessary action. The officer involved should be punished severely for his reckless act to serve as deterrent to other police officers. As far as I'm concerned, it was a clear reckless action by the officer and he must be punished accordingly by the state police command,' the statement read.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP Haruna Mohammed, said the case was under investigation, assuring that the command was working round the clock to ascertain the actual cause of the incident.

 He noted that the Inspector in involved had been arrested and detained, saying command would unravel the mystery behind the incident, even as he appealed to Ukpor youths not to take laws into their hands.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

BREAKING: EFCC Arrests Former DSS DG, Ita Ekpeyong

BREAKING: EFCC Arrests Former DSS DG, Ita Ekpeyong

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested Ita Ekpeyong, the former Director-General of the Department of State Services (DSS).

Ekpeyong was arrested at his Asokoro, Abuja home, on Thursday afternoon, after a thorugh search of his house by the EFCC operatives.

In November 2017, EFCC secured a court order to arrest Ekpeyong, but its officials were prevented from effecting the arrest by the DSS under the leadership of Lawal Daura.

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo ordered Ekpeyong’s arrest following his sacking of Lawal, and after his meeting with Ibrahim Magu, Acting EFCC Chairman, and Matthew Seyifa, the new DSS DG.

~Premium Times
OPINION: When a Powerful Leader Becomes a Demon an Remained Alive in The Grave

OPINION: When a Powerful Leader Becomes a Demon an Remained Alive in The Grave

By Anayo M. Nwosu

The Catholic community in my town is still grateful to Rev. Fr Kettle, one of the catholic missionaries to Nnewi in the first quarter of the twentieth century.

My people can never forget how he walked the streets of Nnewi with Blessed Sacrament hosted in a Monstrance to scare away evil spirits, the very way police would do a "show of force" to tell the criminals that "there is a new sheriff in town".

But the spiritual warfare of the revered Irish priest was not enough to banish the ghost of Chief Ojenamuo (the real names withheld) or to stop him from tormenting his victims in and around Umuanuka Otolo Nnewi.

Ojenamuo was a great warrior in his prime, who enamored himself with all manner of charms he used to deal with his war and peace time enemies.

People that challenged him in meetings or in the market places never got home and remained normal. He was that bad.

People who loved their lives would forsake their lands once Ojenamuo indicated interest in the lands. It was the wise thing to do otherwise, the owner would die mysteriously.

Ojenamuo was not a native doctor but native doctors feared and would rather avoid him.

He was referred to as "ndi muo na aga ije" or a walking dead characterizing the name I have just given him.

It was a great relief when news filtered around that Ojenamuo had died. He was aged over 90 years.

"Finally!", his people exclaimed.

But their joy was cut short few days after Ojenamuo's burial.

The supposedly dead Ojenamuo would beat up men and women passing particularly along Anuka-Awka Etiti road to the Eke Ogwugwu or Afor Nnobi markets and spoil their wares.

To some, he merely slapped while he afflicted others with some deadly diseases like "otolu  okala" i.e. Paralysis, "ono n'ana ahu egbe" i.e. Stroke/Parkinson's or complete blindness.

All those he attacked saw him and could recognize Ojenamuo as their tormentor.

He even announced to his victims who his next target would be.

Many native doctors engaged by the fear stricken community to chain the spirit of the troublesome Ojenamuo would initially agree to come but would fail to appear on the D-day.

Upon enquiry, the community would learn that either that the dibia died over night, was warned by Ojenamuo not turn up or that the dibia was forced to go back home halfway.

Ojenamuo could be a ghost but his relations' desire to live energized them to keep searching for the best dibia or native doctor that could help.

Until when the solution was found, members of the community had to  fortify themselves with "egbo" or insulator they wore on their waists and those they placed on the major entrances into their compounds.

The "egbo" or insulator worked like a thunder protector that earthed a spiritual dart or simply attenuated or reduced the impact of spiritual attacks.

Egbo was made of two long poles cut from long stems of  "ogiri" or "ofor" trees.

The poles are joined at the top with long and weaved palm fronds or "igu nkwu".

At the midpoint of the final structure resembling a football goal post-like , a live "abuke" (i.e. a variant of a cock) was tied with a rope of about 12inches long.

The live cock without blemish, tied to the egbo, is left dangling until it died and became  food to the grateful vultures.

To complete the insulation, the residents lined whole length and breadth of their compounds with the "mmanu akwu ojukwu" i.e. oil from "ojukwu" species of palm tree.

It was widely believed in Igbo land that no evil spirit could pass beyond an egbo or across a line drawn with akwu ojukwu.

The demonic spirit of Ojenamuo also knew about these precautionary measures by his people and was not perturbed.

He would studiously wait for that time his targets mistakenly stepped out of the protected zones or forgot to wear their insulators. Then he would strike.

Before a delegation of elders from Umuanuka arrived, Nwokonkwo, a great native doctor that lived on the fringes of the evil forest of the Uzukpe deity, had been told  by the source of his power the reason why his august visitors came.

Nwokonkwo was instructed to accede to the request of his visitors and that he had been empowered to bind the troublesome ghost of Ojenamuo.

The great dibia also was told that chaining Ojenamuo would be his last function as a native doctor and the "ije ahu ga-ata isi ya" meaning that "that mission he would undertake, would claim his head".

Great Nnewi native doctors or dibias had always had the grace or privilege to know when they would die but the powerful ones would be further informed of the circumstances that would lead to their deaths.

Nwokonkwo was one of those powerful dibias.

There has never been a principled and ethical native doctor or dibia in Nnewi  "onwu dala n'mbelede" or who died unprepared.

Having carefully downloaded clear instructions from his eternal power base, Nwokonkwo prescribed to his visitors, what needed to be provided for the rites.

He also demanded and collected his charges in advance, which he handed over to his first son, because he knew that he wouldn't be alive to collect his fees after the rites.

Nwokonkwo arrived Umuanuka as early as appointed.

It was an Eke day.

He proceeded straight to the grave housing the supposed remains of Ojenamuo.

He stabbed his "oji" or sharp-edged staff on the ground, halfway on the grave.

He  then formed a fence around the grave with fresh palm fronds or "omu" hoisted on four sticks pinned into the ground at the four corners of the 6-foot deep grave.

By so doing, the wicked ghost of the great Ojenamuo had been pinned down in the grave.

Nwokonkwo ordered four strong young men (he had initially fortified with "nzu" or chalk and sprinkled on their heads, the blood of a cock he killed by hitting it on their chests) to commence excavating the grave.

The body of Ojenamuo buried several months ago had to be exhumed.

Nwokonkwo instructed his assistants to kill any animal that tried to escape from any openings or holes from the grave.

The strong-hearted crowd, with eye on history, was amazed as they watched a possible rare occurrence in their lifetime.

The first to emerge from the grave was a lizard, then ewi or rodent, followed by a fiery cobra. They were all killed instantly.

And the digging continued as the snipper hunter aimed and felled an owl that emerged from nowhere and perched on the nearby "ngwu" tree.

"Wait", commanded Nwokonkwo as he poured a reddish concoction onto the grave being  excavated.

The exhumed body of Chief Ojenamuo was as if it had just been buried. It didn't and had not decomposed.

Very obvious was the gaping eyes of a supposedly dead man; so wide as that of an owl.

Also striking was an "omu" or a strip of florescent palm frond found in his mouth.

That the exhumed Ojenamuo could not talk didn't detract from him, the life he had shown in tormenting the living.

The demonic corpse of Ojenamuo was set on fire and the residue was mixed with "mmanu akwu ojukwu" or palm oil and was later re-interred in a new grave.

Despite his after life misbehaviour, the ashes of Ojenamuo was re-buried with respect.

He was in his lifetime, the head of his Umunna or a clan head and a great warrior.

His spirit was finally transported to his ancestors with seven gun shots.

And his village has known peace since then.

But the courageous native doctor Nwokonkwo still had to keep a date with fate.

He was found dead, lying beside a bush path by passers-by near his Okpuno Umuenem village.

Even his own departing spirit wouldn't have protested his end which was long foretold.

It takes a great sacrifice to perform a great feat.

Interestingly, parishioners of St. Peter Clever Church, located at the confluence of three communities of Umuanuka, Umuenem and Eziogwugwu, who were seeking for spiritual validation for their new christian religion believed that their prayers solved the problem.

They attributed the quietening of the menacing spirit of Chief Ojenamuo to the cleansing actions of Rev. Fr Kettle.

The other members of the community and the strangers alike were free to believe whichever side of the story that strengthened their religious inclinations.

But the reality is that the citizens of Umuanuka Otolo Nnewi now walk around their streets without harassment by "ajo muo" or the "evil spirit" of Chief Ojenamuo.