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Bianca: MASSOB gives APGA 7 Days Ultimatum to remove Ojukwu’s pictures from campaign materials

Bianca: MASSOB gives APGA 7 Days Ultimatum to remove Ojukwu’s pictures from campaign materials

Following the denial of the Anambra South senatorial ticket to Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu’s wife, Bianca by the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA); the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign States of Biafra (MASSOB) has given a 7 day ultimatum to the leadership of the party to remove all images of the late Biafran leader from its billboards and other campaign materials or face its wrath.

MASSOB zonal leaders from Abia South, Abia Central and Abia North, Mazi Fred Onyenaucheya, Chief Obi Anyaogu and Pastor Evans Okoronkwo, respectively, as well as Iron Lady of Biafra, Mrs Comfort Ogbuokiri, said the denial of the senatorial ticket to Bianca amounts to humiliation and insult to the late Biafran leader.

MASSOB insisted that as Ojukwu’s wife, Bianca deserves an automatic senatorial ticket from APGA as a result of her husband’s selfless contributions to the party and Ndigbo.

“It is an insult on Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu for APGA to deny his wife a senatorial ticket. APGA has humiliated Ojukwu. Therefore, we are giving a 7 day ultimatum to the party to remove Ojukwu’s images from their billboards and other campaign materials or face our wrath. They have been using Ojukwu’s images to campaign and win elections, but denied his widow a senatorial ticket. Ojukwu’s name is good for them to pass election while his widow is not good to fly the APGA senatorial ticket. Now, they have denied his widow a senatorial ticket, they should detach his images from their party and allow him to rest in peace. Senator Victor Umeh was given automatic ticket as the APGA senatorial candidate for Anambra Central, what’s wrong in giving the Anambra South senatorial ticket to Bianca Ojukwu as a mark of respect for Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu who lived his life for Ndigbo?

“Ojukwu is the same with his wife, there is no difference between them. Bianca represents Ojukwu. You cannot pretend to respect Ojukwu while disrespecting his widow, Bianca. BIM is saddened with the ill treatment meted out to Bianca by APGA. This is why we have given them 7 days to detach Ojukwu’s images from their party. We will conduct such humiliation on the family of our revered leader.”

MASSOB warned APGA should to stop parading itself as an Igbo party, stressing that no Igbo party would disrespect Ojukwu as APGA had done.

“What APGA did in denying Bianca the Anambra South senatorial ticket amounts to spitting on Ojukwu’s grave. No sensible Igbo man or party would show such disrespect to Ojukwu as APGA has done. This shows that that APGA is not an Igbo party as it claims. APGA should stop parading itself as an Igbo party.”
Police re-arrest robber 5 days after regaining freedom

Police re-arrest robber 5 days after regaining freedom

The operatives of the Rapid Response Squad of the Lagos State Police Command have re-arrested a robbery suspect five days after he was released from Ikoyi Prison.

The suspect, Tunde Okunola, 26, was re-arrested in Marwa Roundabout, Lekki with an accomplice, Segun Adigun, 27, while trying to rob one Gift Omini at around 4;45 a.m on Wednesday.

While the gang, Okunola and Adigun were arrested in the morning, another robbery gang operating on okada, Raimi fatai, 16 years and Yusuph Balogun, 22 years, was arrested Wednesday night at the National Stadium, Surulere after snatching a handbag from a lady.

Okunola, who was released from Ikoyi Prison on Friday October 5, 2018, was re-arrested early Wednesday morning after robbing Gift Omini of her mobile phone while riding okada.

Okunola, in his statement to the police disclosed that he had spent six months and two weeks in Ikoyi prison before being released five days before he was re-arrested.

The suspect, while pleading with the police, stated that he is a trained barber and was looking for funds to do his freedom in Lagos. He added that if released, “I will never step into Lagos again”.

The victim, Gift Omini had told the police that the suspects who were riding okada used a short axe to dispossess her of a mobile phone. “My shout for help attracted the attention of RRS officers at the Roundabout and they chased and arrested them”.

Fatai and Balogun were arrested by RRS officers after a chase. They disclosed that they live in Boundary, Ajegunle, Lagos and that they were trying to raise money for freedom after undergoing training as barbers.

Speaking on the development, the Command's Public Relations Officer, CSP Chike Oti stated that the police is not unaware of criminal elements who would want to seize the opportunity of the coming festive period to engage in crime. He added that the Command is leaving no stone unturned to make Lagos unconducive for criminals.
Politics of Envy: Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah’s Tale of Loss and Pitiable Hate, By Tobenna Obiano

Politics of Envy: Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah’s Tale of Loss and Pitiable Hate, By Tobenna Obiano

“It’s only a reckless confidence in a source greater than ourselves that can empower us to forgive the injurious wound inflicted upon us by others” - Anonymous.

No one should suffer what Ubah has suffered in politics. No one deserves to be so unfairly and unjustly treated as Ubah has been treated in politics. No one deserves the untold neglect, unkind, undemocratic and unwarranted treatment that has been meted upon Ubah, even from and by those who have gained the most form
His large heartedness.

In the last five days, many of my readers and friends have continued to write me personal messages, and others calling in, asking what went wrong. They’ve been expecting to read me speak up for my friend and brother - Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

They were worried for it has turned out more like I had lost my voice and ink. Well, often time, writers might be passionate about a cause, but once they have any injurious outcome in what they pursue, they get easily broken down. This was exactly the plutonic scenario in which I found myself. Even whenever I think up of something to write, I get broken down on why the so unjust, unfair and unkind treatment could even come on Ubah in the first place.

In the wake of the disclosure foretold, that Ubah might be stopped from contesting for the primaries through disqualification by his political party, many persons almost immediately wished it away. And would you blame them? Ofcourse not!

Many believed that for the level of dedication, sincere input and unequalled role this young man played at the build-up to the 21/21 Miracle, that no one would push him aside in the scheme of things in Anambra State politics again, but no, we were wrong. The worse was in the offing.

In Anambra State politics, even within the Igbo nation and indeed in Nigeria, Ifeanyi Ubah is a household name. This young man has contributed immensely right from his immediate locality, the State, Nigeria and even beyond. From sinking boreholes, to connecting street lights, tarring roads to donating electricity transformers, building schools to building churches, building homes for the under privileged and many more.

Ifeanyi has immensely contributed to the growth, progress and betterment of young people in Nigeria. In what has become the very first of its kind, he has habitually flown young people on international football, business and scholarly expository excursions - from Egypt to South Africa, Ghana to London, Russia to Dubai and very soon, another team would be leaving for China.

Ifeanyi Ubah’s entrant into politics brought high hopes for the people. It was more like the hope of the common man that a truly progressive mind and an unmatched philanthropist would surely do wonders and better true lives of the people. Ifeanyi has done so much for humanity, and this is speaking or writing with all honesty.

In the last Anambra State Gubernatorial elections, if there was any man who pushed the most, if there was anyone who sacrificed even in the eleventh hour, yet pushed with full force and charging that success be attained for the Willie Obiano reelection victory, - this one person is none other but, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah!

Ubah was approached, begged to come in and bring forth his energetic push and use his unmatched outreach and capacity to help the Governor win the election. There were negotiations and agreements. He came all out and wonders began to happen. Like a fighter who he was, he brought in this liveliness that was lacking, Ubah had that drive, determination, dedication and kept aside any possible deterring distraction to be able to achieve this goal and it worked perfectly well.

Politicians must quit playing bad politics. They must stop bringing forth foolishness, ignorance, arrogance and stupidity into the polity and politics of our time. This is why many refer to politics as a dirty game. There’s no way you would collect money from serious-minded contenders to purchase forms for contesting an election, yet allow them to campaign vigorously only to disqualify them without any cogent, sane or serious reason. This is the most insane and stupid thing anyone can say or do.

APGA is only but a baby political party. This one is only growing. It’s not even a National party, it’s more like the Igbos thing, for even their anthem is composed in Igbo language. It also claims to be the only hope of the Igboman, whilst in truth, it’s the hope of a select privileged maybe also “selfish and self-centered” few.

What has played out in APGA in the last three weeks is nothing but an outshow of incompetence and maybe also foolishness of the highest order. It has turned wholly to money politics.

In Ifeanyi’s case, it wasn’t money per say, but a making of a possible clash of the titans and interests. There was the case of a seemingly tussle for power and control, and sadly too, there was envy, dislike and hate by some desperate few. Ubah would be what God wants him to be, nothing and no one would stop this.

APGA may still be lost in the euphoria that it shall still get to be well. They may be carried away in the thinking that in the end, tempers would be cooled and things would be settled amicably, well, they’re getting in for its worst times.

There were infact no primaries, and where it was held, there were series of complaints of disenfranchisements. A lot of the process were marred by irregularities. They’re numerous and so glaring. Ifeanyi Ubah even applied for waiver, yet he was disqualified without clarity and so many others as well. The manner and style with which the disqualification came showed the fear or worry for his nearly clear victory, had he contested in the primaries.

In Imo State, even those who joined the party barely two weeks to the primaries got cleared and even their tickets to contest. Ifeanyi Ararume who was amongst the last to join, has today been gifted the Governorship ticket. If care isn’t taken, with the outcome from the various primaries conducted, the party may be heading for the rocks and may soon go extinct.

Ifeanyi Ubah is a good man. Ifeanyi doesn’t deserve to be treated so unjustly. Ifeanyi is a great guy. Ifeanyi has suffered in politics, but then, those would form the bedrock of his story tomorrow of the torturous and crucible paths he has gone through to wherever and whatever height he finds himself.

As at this time, Ubah has been left at the middle of a crossroad by a political party he toiled with and for. Ubah had series of sleepless nights, visiting radio stations, featuring in television programs, been interviewed by newspapers and online media outfits all in quest for the Obiano victory. Ifeanyi had a powerful army on social media who stood and fought with him too.

The Ifeanyi Ubah Games village was reduced to a Mecca of sort and tourist center where many including actors and activists were coming to preach the “Afa Igbo efuna” goodnews in a quest to drive home a strong message that APGA should be voted. It complimented the “Nkea bu nke anyi” that was earlier initiated and so, it struck rightly and many followed suit.

It’s only sad to see Ifeanyi suffer this disrespect and unkind gesture, but like America’s Abraham Lincoln, Ubah only comes out stronger. However he does that is still surprising to many of us.

I’m aware that he distributed a total of 119 motorcycles freely to APGA ward secretaries in his constituency. He has also donated shuttle mini buses as well as SUV vehicles to some party chairmen from his constituency, this is even after the unfair treatment meted on him.

Ifeanyi was the August mentor for young Anambrarians. At that mentoring moment, he promised to impact positively on the lives of young Anambrarians, and he’s doing it already. Ten lucky winners were selected to head for China on business and expository training. Even against the unfair treatment, I reliably gathered that travel documents of the winners and select few are been processed. What manner of man is this?

As it stands now, as against the myopism of desperation or so, Ifeanyi Ubah as it’s been alleged might be moving to another political party to dare. It’s not about desperation, but about the quest to stop the mischievous, selfish and arrogant few who wouldn’t want true-progress for the people.

It’s possible that Dr. Ubah leaked the audio conversation where the Governor and some other political giants were at his home pleading that he helps them. The Governor was particularly beggarly at that point. The voice can’t be mistaken. If Ubah stays back in APGA that has failed him and many others woefully, there’s no assurance that the Governor and his foot soldiers would forgive him for leaking that very audio that went viral. The best therefore is to move on, afterall, Mmaduaburochukwu!

Political parties should only be a transporter or vehicle, used in driving a person to a destination. If you’re headed for Lagos on a GUO bus and it breaks-down at Benin, the only way to reach your destination is to enter another bus, maybe God Is Good. APGA has broken down on the way, and if Ubah wishes to join unto another hanger to reach his destination, this is doable. We should think more of the actual contender and person, not his political party.

If Ubah in a quest to achieving his dream finally decides to leave APGA for another political party, many would pridefully follow him because they believe in him.

It’s okay to ask of Dr. Ubah to show them maturity by forgiving them for they do not know what they’ve done. However, I enjoin him also not to forget. Forgiving doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting also. It’s one step at a time. Forgive, but don’t forget, only a fool does both at thesame time. Lessons should be learnt.

Therefore, even in my self-imposed exile off discussing this some sometime, with my long silence, I’m still strongly for Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah.

That young man means well, and we should keep supporting him.
APGA’s primary election was a monumental embarrassment – Bianca Ojukwu cries out, says party's existence under threat

APGA’s primary election was a monumental embarrassment – Bianca Ojukwu cries out, says party's existence under threat

A Board of Trustees' member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Amb Bianca Ojukwu has frowned at the recent happenings in the party as regards the just concluded primary elections.

In a statement released on Sunday through her official Facebook handle, the wife of late Biafran warlord described the primary elections conducted by APGA as "monumental embarrassment". She therefore warned that the party is currently facing "existential threat."

Read Below:

"The recent primary elections conducted by political parties across the nation were nothing short of a monumental embarrassment for our beloved party APGA (All Progressives Grand Alliance) for its failure to organise and superintend over a credible process, an indictment which has inflicted on it heavy injuries, the nature of which many keen observers are beginning to doubt are survivable. Judging by the alarming turn of events in Imo State, it is clear that the centre can no longer hold.  Our party is imperiled. This is without doubt APGA’s darkest hour.

"​At no other time in the sixteen years that I have been a member of this great political movement have we, in the course of routine primary exercises witnessed such despicable levels of violence, vote rigging and other unwholesome practices, not to mention the wholesale importation of terror by political desperados intent on hijacking the electoral process at all costs. As an aspirant vying to represent Anambra South Senatorial zone, I was both a witness to, and a victim of the gross irregularities,  intimidation of delegates, excess voting  and the state of siege and violence which held sway at many voting arenas. The venue of my zonal primary election, Ekwulobia Stadium was literally turned into a theatre of war with several busloads of armed hoodlums invading the venue, firing sporadic gun shots, terrorising delegates with police firing teargas cannisters in order to repel their assault. As might be expected, there were several casualties.

​"I experienced through each stage of this process the living hell that the ordinary members of this party go through in a quest to fulfil their political aspirations. This process turned out to be, for most of us, nothing other than a series of transactional arrangements with the prize going to the highest bidder. At every stage there was a concerted subversion of the democratic process with the active connivance of party officials.

"In many instances, most especially in Imo and Anambra states, no primaries actually took place, but candidates were simply hand picked and issued certificates of return. In my own case, I petitioned the Party’s National Assembly Electoral Appeal Panel pointing out the gross irregularities inherent in my primary election and demanding a cancellation of the exercise in line with the provisions of the Electoral Act 2010 and the APGA electoral guidelines for the Primary Elections  based on the fact that the total number of votes cast at the voting arena, were more than the total number of accredited delegates, a situation which ordinarily should nullify the process but I received no response. I later discovered that a brand-new result sheet was created for my opponent ostensibly to eradicate the discrepancies and irregularities I had highlighted in my petition.

"There is a huge public outcry about the impunity taking place in the party today with serious threats of an imminent mass exodus of outraged members to other political parties if these issues are not addressed. As a foundation member of this great party and wife of Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu who gave his all to ensure that this party remains a credible and ideologically focused platform for our people to achieve their political aspirations, I am dismayed at this turn of events. This is NOT the APGA we used to know.  As a member of this party’s Board of Trustees, I am deeply concerned that mercenaries would appear to have hijacked the operations of our party machinery. APGA is today facing an existential threat and the overall image of our party is in tatters. This will certainly have serious repercussions going into the main elections.

"​I would like to use this opportunity to reach out to all aggrieved members and aspirants who, like myself, have suffered grave injustices under a system which had an abiding responsibility to its members to create an enabling electoral environment, and which has refused to hold to account those officials who had a cardinal duty to promote a free and fair process but who were more concerned with exacting levies and other fringe benefits. Our harrowing experiences, through this process, have exposed to all and sundry the fault lines of this party and the basic truth that APGA cannot endure unless we do something dramatically different.

"We must reclaim the soul of this party. To remain neutral in this endeavour is to take sides with the status quo. We must all refuse to abandon APGA to emergency cashiers and political adventurers who would appear to have hijacked this party, and who neither understand its essence nor subscribe to its ideology. We, the real members of APGA who fought so valiantly will prevail in the end.

"​I wish to express my immense gratitude to the army of tireless and dedicated individuals who worked on my campaign, to the relentless foot soldiers who trumped with me across the various communities in Anambra South Senatorial Zone, to my indefatigable media team and to my supporters and sympathizers for their commitment to a greater cause. We fought hard but were stopped by forces within this party that were not comfortable with the prospects of my emergence, but God will vindicate the just. Most of all, I am immensely grateful to our Almighty God who saw us through this process and I urge you all not to lose hope. Our task has just begun."

Friday, 12 October 2018

OPINION: How Atiku Abubakar can Defeat Buhari, By Farooq Kperogi

OPINION: How Atiku Abubakar can Defeat Buhari, By Farooq Kperogi

I’m frankly not excited about an Atiku presidency. In a previous widely shared Facebook status update, which I developed into a full-length column (see link in comment section), I dismissed Atiku as a cancerous old stager. I also advocated for a third force that is neither Atiku nor Buhari, which Obasanjo quoted in his last public letter to Buhari. Nevertheless, if I have to choose between Atiku and Buhari, I’d choose Atiku with a lot of hesitation. There is no question that Buhari is the absolute worst president Nigeria has ever had the misfortune to be burdened with. He is thoroughly and irredeemably incompetent, not to mention unapologetically bigoted and lazy. Only a sick country would reward such a person with a second term.

Atiku does have visibly thick, ugly ethical stains on him, which is why I'm not excited about him, but he is, without a doubt, cosmopolitan, passionate about learning, and infinitely better versed in knowledge of governance than Buhari would ever be in a million lifetimes. Here’s why I think he has a chance against Buhari.

There are broadly 5 voting blocs in Nigeria: the Northern Muslim bloc (which isn’t based on contiguous geography), the northern Christian bloc (which is also not based on contiguous geography), the southwest bloc (which is impervious to religious differences), the southeast (which is entirely Igbo) and the southern minority bloc.

To win a presidential election, you need to win at least four of these blocs. Because of his history of comparatively genuine pan-Nigerianism, particularly in contradistinction to Buhari’s nakedly unremorseful ethno-regional chauvinism, Atiku will handily win the northern Christian, southeast, and southern minority blocs. He will lose the northern Muslim bloc, and the southwest bloc would be tricky, especially if his running mate is chosen, as is rumored, from the southeast. So it won’t be a cake walk.

But here is what he needs to do if he must unseat Buhari. The South expects power to return to it in 2023. The Buhari campaign says only a Buhari second term can guarantee that.  Atiku can neutralize that by signing a legally binding, publicly available affidavit that emphatically states that he will not, under any circumstance, seek a second term in 2023. It’s not enough to just say it since Buhari, who made bigger pretenses to “integrity,” has violated this pledge. His advanced age, in addition to signing an affidavit that can be used against him in court should he violate his pledge, will redound to his acceptability in the South.

Finally, he should actively reach out to people in the southwest, particularly those who are reeling under the hegemonic strangulation of Tinubu, and strike a deal with them. A Buhari second term will end Nigeria as we know it. Of that, I am sure. Anyone, at this time, is better than Buhari.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

BREAKING: Senate approves N234.5 billion for INEC, ignores Buhari’s security budget request

BREAKING: Senate approves N234.5 billion for INEC, ignores Buhari’s security budget request

The Senate has approved N234.5 billion for the Independent National Electoral Commission ahead of the 2019 general election.

The Senate, however, refused to approve the budget for security agencies as requested by President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday.

It added N45.5 billion to the the initial N189 billion approved by the Senate Committee on INEC.

This brings the total amount approved for the electoral commission to N234,507,272,393.

The approval was made after the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriation, Danjuma Goje, presented a report following his committee’s consideration of Mr Buhari’s letter.

The president had written the Senate on Wednesday, requesting that the National Assembly approve N242 billion (242,445,322,600) as requested by INEC and security agencies for the 2019 elections.

He said the entire sum of N242 billion be taken from other subheads in the 2018 Appropriation Act.

His recent letter differed from the letter he wrote to the Senate in July where he asked that of the total sum, N164 billion (N164,104,792,065) will be drawn from the 2018 budget while N78 billion (N78,314,530,535) will form part of the 2019 budget of these agencies.

Premium Times.
BREAKING: Atiku, Secondus in closed-door meeting with Obasanjo

BREAKING: Atiku, Secondus in closed-door meeting with Obasanjo

The Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar and the National Chairman of the party, Uche Secondus are currently meeting the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo behind closed doors.

The meeting is holding at Obasanjo’s residence inside his Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL), Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta.

Atiku, arrived the sprawling library for the meeting, alongside his entourage at 1.07am on Thursday, and went straight into the meeting.

Also part of the meeting are, former Governors of Ogun and Cross River States, Gbenga Daniel and Liyel Imoke, Senator Ben Bruce among others.

Recall that Obasanjo was once quoted by Premium Times saying that "God would never forgive him if he ever supports Atiku".

More details later
OPINION: Marriage Mathematics – Why You Must Marry Early if You Can

OPINION: Marriage Mathematics – Why You Must Marry Early if You Can

By Anayo M. Nwosu

When I came to the knowledge of this truth way back in the secondary school, I made up my mind to marry before the age of 30 against all odds.

My had dad died at a retirement age of 64 when I was 7 and my younger brother was 4. The dead man left no plans or economic arrangements to train both the younger and far older children in school or in trade.

This mistake is being repeated today by even far more educated and exposed people. We do this and claim a non-existent covenant with God when we should have applied the common sense He gave us.

Don't say u didn't read this wise counsel from here.

I decided that I would not repeat the same mistake my father made hence my determination to marry at 30 which I later found out was even late.


Assuming u get married at 30 and your wife conceives and delivers your first child when you are 31.

Because the average age of graduation in the universities these days is 26 then, you shall be 57 at the graduation ceremony of your first child.

Also assume that  you have 3 kids with an average spacing age of 2 years then your last child would be 5 years younger than the first. Therefore, you shall be 62 at the graduation ceremony of ur last child.

ISSUES: Look around you and u shall notice the increasing rate of delayed conception and child mortality which is 1/400 (i.e one new born baby out of 400 to Nigerian parents dies in the hospitals) and if you factor in the possibility that there might be delays and assign a number of years e.g 4years to that, then a man may be 66years at the graduation of his last child.

1. All civil servants must retire at 60 or 70 for professors and judges.

2. Average life expectancy in Nigeria is now 47 years for men and 48 for women meaning that most Nigerian men die before the age of 48.

The above implies that you would be retired and may not be able to earn enough money to pay the school fees of your last child starting from his/her third year in the university.

It's worse for bankers because the CBN has capped the age of retirement of bankers at 60.

Most banks now find reasons to retrench their staff once they clock 55.


Hardships in the extended families and need to work to augment income, pursuits of professionalism, feminism, long stay in school, sheer greed, materialism, choosiness and other factors have singularly or combined to make women delay in committing to marriage much earlier.


1. Science says that the best age for a woman to have less complications during child birth is between 18 and 25.

2. Most professional ladies now marry at over 30 years of age and have difficulties either in conception or post delivery sicknesses. This has posed a great gynecological challenge for non-circumspective couples. They spend so much to get pregnant and sometimes the women die in so doing.

3. In most cases, fibroids occur when the womb lays fallow for so long without conception. There are other causes.

ISSUES: Imagine both parents being retired and cannot provide for their undergraduate children.

This has helped fuel student prostitution in civil service states of Enugu, Owerri, Abeokuta, Akure, and around university campuses.


If you are an only son or if your desire in marriage is to beget children, ensure that you marry a lady in her early twenties and never beyond 26 so that even if you have fertility challenges and it takes up to 10 years to be resolved, you still have a fertile wife.

Please note that IVF, Artificial Insemination and Surrogacy techniques are expensive with no assurance of success after huge expenditure. 


If you intend to have children in marriage, please marry early enough to avoid birth complications and be capable of shouldering your responsibility before you port to the netherworld .

You can still achieve all you want with careful planning. Many women who married early are MD of coys and are doing well.

I know that some readers would start pointing at Abraham and Sarah, Hannah, the mother of Samuel and other isolated cases.

However, a visit to fertility clinics and gynecological section of a teaching hospital shall speak common sense to a young girl and boy.

If you have problems with the facts I adduced, please consult a medical personnel for clarifications.


1. There is a disturbing likelihood that a child conceived at a later age would be born with Down Syndrome or Mongolia Disease.

2. Some women now approach menopause as early as 35. Why opt for treatment when it could be avoided?

3. Men's sexual libido reduces with age. You are at your best when you are below 40. There is an extent Viagra and other performance-enhancing drugs can go.

4. There is every likelihood that if you marry late to a sexually active woman and fail to satisfy her you may lose her to sex toys or gigolos.

5. Reminiscence of old couple of their early life great sex is sometimes enough for them to reach orgasm. You have great sex when your engines are new or fairly new.

NB: Medicine records that females' sexual libido increases with age while the males' reduces with age.

But age does not affect a man's ability to impregnate a woman but the act would be a mere inoculation for old men.

My first Degree is in medicine related course, so I know what I am saying.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Aviation unions shut down MMA2, flights grounded, passengers stranded

Aviation unions shut down MMA2, flights grounded, passengers stranded

Hundreds of passengers are reportedly stranded at the domestic terminal of the Murtala Muhammed Airport 2 (MMA2) on Wednesday, as aviation unions carried out their shutdown threat over the sack of workers by Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited.

The unions involved in the shutdown are Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ATSSSAN), the National Union of Air Transport Employees (NUATE) and the National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE).

They disregarded a Federal High Court order granted Tuesday restraining them from disrupting the operations of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2).

The court granted the order in the suit filed by Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operators of MMA2.

The unions had given notice that they would disrupt operations at MMA2 from today over the disengagement of some workers of BASL who they said were disengaged for their alleged attempt to join them, but who the company said had attained retirement age or were found not to be diligent in their duties.


Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Nnewi South Constituency 2 APGA Primary was the Best, Free and Fair – Hon. Chieloka

Nnewi South Constituency 2 APGA Primary was the Best, Free and Fair – Hon. Chieloka

By Izunna Okafor

As it is said that facts clear the air while evidence settles the doubt, the primary election of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) recently conducted in the Nnewi South Constituency 2 of Anambra State has been described as the most credible, peaceful, free and fair.

This was contained in a statement issued by Hon. Chieloka Henry Okoye who happens to be the  rightful winner of the apparently 'best' primary election, defeating her two opponents -- Hon. Ify Onyebumuo and the incumbent speaker of the Anambra State House of Assembly, Hon. Rita Maduagwu.

Reacting to the purported inconsequential bunkums being auctioned around by some tattle mongers who allege that the free and fair election has been canceled as a result of alleged doctored Ad-hoc Delegate List; Hon.

Chieloka, who is also a former Chairman of the Nnewi South Local Government simply described the rumour as a 'Beer Palour Gossip', even as he called on his supporters and the public to disregard such claims.

He went further to narrate in detail, how the election was done and dusted, starting from escorting the electoral materials and APGA officials (by Hon. Rita's P.A.) from Awka down to the Local Government secretariat (Ukpor) where the election was finally held, the votes counted, and the winner announced, all in the presence of the three aspirants, electoral officers, party officials, DSS officers, men of the Nigerian Police Force, delegates, agents of the three aspirants, and the Returning Officer, without any forms of secrecy.

He thus wondered why some people would just tap their anus and flatulate some unjustifiable tarradiddles, claiming that the a free and fair primary election adjudged to be the best, has been canceled or is inconclusive.

This, he simply tagged "Beer Parlour Gossip"

He said: "Having polled the highest vote, the Returning Officer announced that I won the election, hence returned me as the candidate of the party. I was congratulated by Hon. Ify (who was one of the aspirants).

"The delegate list was not published anywhere, the result was duly signed and submitted, and INEC officials witnessed the entire process. The result is available.
The media published the same result.
"There was no protest from any aspirant, before, during or after the election, by words or actions.

"There was however, wild jubilation across the length and breath of the entire Nnewi South. In 2014, I had contested for the same election, with Hon.Rita Maduagwu and Hon. Ikenna Mbazulike Amaechi. Hon. Rita emerged winner of that Election, and myself and Hon. Ikenna Congratulated her.

"We must learn to eschew bitterness in politics, as a winner must emerge from every election

"The leadership of our great party (APGA) did not notify me, or any other aspirant of the alleged cancellation of the free and fair election, and no other election has been held either"

"Elections are NOT cancelled on Social Media" he concluded.

Hon. Chieloka finally called on his supporters to disregard the puerile gossip of the alleged election cancelation; showered panegyrics on the leadership of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) for the quintessential maturity they have shown so far in handling/conducting the affairs of the party, even as he went further to pledge his faithfulness and consummate support to the party.

Monday, 8 October 2018

Again, Ubah empowers APGA party leaders, gives out mini buses, SUVs [PHOTOS]

Again, Ubah empowers APGA party leaders, gives out mini buses, SUVs [PHOTOS]

Days after empowering 119 party secretaries from the 119 wards of Anambra South, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah, the Chief Promoter of Afaigboefuna and Senator hopeful of Anambra South 2019, on Sunday, empowered officials of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) with 21 minibuses and 4 SUV jeeps.

Dr. Ubah handed the 21 mini buses to the party’s local government  seven women leaders, seven secretaries and seven youth leaders, and four SUV Jeeps to the four local government Chairmen in the Senatorial District at his Umuanuka Residence in Otolo Nnewi, said the donation was borne out of his desire to assist the beneficiaries in the discharge of their duties.

The four local government party Chairmen that benefited are; Orumba North, Orumba South, Aguata and Ihiala.

May God keep blessing Dr. Ubah, a man with a heart of gold.

More photos:

Saturday, 6 October 2018

My Russia Memoirs; My Thoughts, Impressions and Experiences, By Amb Adichie Izuchukwu

My Russia Memoirs; My Thoughts, Impressions and Experiences, By Amb Adichie Izuchukwu

Part 2.

By Amb Adichie Izuchukwu

EXPECTATIONS: I was really expecting a picture-perfect-city, since Peter the Great, lived and died there. He was the founder of Saint Petersburg. I wanted a city that would make me feel the impulse to reach to my camera always, a city of quality. What more could I have asked for? Was I struck by the incredible beauty of what I saw?

I was really intimidated with the captivating looks of the city. It is a city built on a river with different Islands, a pleasingly striking city, with an incredible architectural finishing, classic artworks, picturesque churches, alluring watercourse, fascinating bridges and subways which keeps blowing me away. The subways were highly decorated with incredible sculptures, well fitted-tiles and beautified with expensive lights and surveillance cameras even in restrooms.
I tried to forget the unfriendly and hard time at the immigration stand at Domodedovoa, which made me feel skeptical towards the Russians this was further heightened by the language barrier. Generally, the locals were unfriendly as they neither spoke nor smiled at visitors at the airport, metro or on the street. The friendly ones were the English speaking Russians who were a bit humorous. This was surprising  because I didn't expect to find wide-spread English speakers in the land of PUTIN, and for those worried about communicating in cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg and Volgograd, I actually encountered more English speaking Russians than I anticipated, especially within the FIFA Fan Zone, FAN ID Centres, Stadia, Streets, Markets, Tourist sites and Malls. I never bothered learning the Cyrillic alphabet, I only learnt the few key Russian phrases.
FLASHBACK: On arrival at the Pulkovo Airport, a desk officer in charge of the taxi stand helped us book an uber which drove us to Hilton Saint Petersburg Hotels. The Expo Forum is situated at Peterburgskoye Highway, 62 Building 1, Saint Petersburg. There, I met and had eight hours meeting with my principal, Dr. Ubah, the man with the magic wand, after which I had a meal. My principal had arrived Russia a day before my arrival, on board British Airways with his family.

Hilton is anchored in St. Petersburg ExpoForum – one of the five largest exposition centers in the world, offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor functional services. It has proximity to major business clusters and other iconic St. Petersburg attractions. There are site restaurants, bars and recreational amenities, including a spa, sauna, pool and fitness center created to help their guests unwind after a busy day.

Although I arrived the Russian Federation in a mood of pleasant anticipation. The trip was something else for me. Night was fast approaching. I was totally blown away by the weather conditions because I hadn't experienced such before. I was exposed to something different, from what I'm used to in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. It was a strangely beautiful exposure.

WHITE NIGHT: St. Petersburg is home to The White Night which makes the beauty of St. Petersburg glow at night. It never gets completely dark at high latitudes outside the Arctic and Antarctic circles.

In the midst of all these, I felt totally at home, having the over fifty-three contingents of Football Made in Anambra project around me, strategizing, shopping and stocking the  refrigerator and kitchen cabinets with all sorts of Africa dishes.

It was an unimaginable and exciting moment to feel at home. They was so much to see and do in Russia, walking down the wide streets, seeing the baroque buildings and trolleybuses, walking under tunnels, taking selfies with other visitors, making live videos of enchantments, seeing my favorite footballers like ex-football legend; Ronaldinho of Brazil, Samuel Eto, etc., FIFA President; Gianni Infantino, CAF President; Ahmad Ahmad and other top football Administrators including, Isreali Prime Minister, Binyamin (Benjamin) Netanyehu. I also took note of the organized traffic management system and air tight security. No officer carried live ammunitions throughout my stay in Russia.

SECURITY: All fortresses are equipped with safe doors. There are video surveillance systems at the entrance of most apartment buildings and inside the vestibule which helps to prevent crime. All apartment building entrances are equipped with either a code lock or a key fob lock. If you do not know the code or do not have a key fob to open the door, you call the apartment and your host ushers you in.

Part 3 to be cont'd....