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Zeeworld: Wednesday November 21st update on Iron Lady

Zeeworld: Wednesday November 21st update on Iron Lady

Everyone lectures Indira for treating Indu like that. Rishi tells her, you betrayed yourself and Indu, you said I'm wrong, then why is your family is on my side? I love my Indu and I will give this chip to Rajrani and bring Indu back. He starts leaving. Indira keeps screaming that even after giving chip Rajrani won’t give Indu back. She says that they only have this 1 thing that can bring Indu back and it shouldn’t be wasted. Rishi doesn’t listen and leaves. Indira on her knees and crying.

Rajrani is watching news on TV which is showing Indira beating him with her sandals. Rajrani is angry and says he won’t leave anyone. Rajrani’s man comes and tells him that Rishi is here. Rajrani asks him to send him in. Indu screams Rishi Kumar and Rajrani laughs. Other side, Indira is putting knife and other weapons in a bag. She tells her family that they will regret for what they did today. She planned to force police through media and her family spoiled everything. She asks them if you all are that smart, then why am I running this house today?

Rishi asks Rajrani to let Indu go first and then he will give the chip. Rajrani’s men leave Indu and she is running toward Rishi. Rishi’s attention go towards her and he’s very happy. In the mean time, Rajrani snatches the chip from Rishi’s hand and kidnaps Indu once again. Rishi gets angry at Rajrani and everyone laughs at him.

At home, Indira says, I know he won’t let Indu go. Indira’s family is feeling they shouldn’t have supported Rishi. Indira says, you all were giving me lecture, but I know that I am a good mother, it’s just my style is different. She tells them, I care a lot for my child, and I don’t need your certificate to prove that. I will go alone to save Indu. Right then police commissioner comes and says they will also go with her. Commissioner says we already had doubt on Rajrani but didn’t have any proof. If we catch him red-handed, then our work will get easier.

Right then Indira receives call from Rajrani. Commissioner tells her to put phone on the speaker. Rajrani tells Indira, you planned to destroy me, but your plan went wrong. Now don’t try to be smart, your husband and daughter are in my control. You beat me with sandal in front of everyone, right? Now you will be my slave your entire life. Rajrani asks her to come to his place otherwise Rishi and Indira won’t stay alive.

Police ask Indira not to go there. Indira says, I don’t have any respect in front of my family and it’s question of my husband and daughter, I will go alone. Indira’s family says that they are fools.. they will go with her and like always they will win. Indira is happy and says neither Rajrani nor his father can stop them from bringing Rishi and Indu back.

Whole family is at Rajrani’s place. He asks what is this? I only called Indira. Munna introduces entire family to Rajrani. They talk nonsense and fight in front of Rajrani on Mehak’s topic. Rajrani asks them to shut. Indira’s family tells Rajrani that Indira has made their lives hell and asks him to keep her and let Indu and Rishi Kumar go. Rajrani tells Indira even your dumb family knows not to mess with me. He asks his men to bring Indu out and take Indira to him. Ishant comes in between, but Rajrani slaps him and pushes him away. Indira says, why are you beating a kid? If you have guts then talk with me.

Rajrani says, you hit me on face with sandal right? He also hits her same way. Rishi gets angry but can’t do anything as he is tied with rope. Rajrani says, she messed with me and insulted me in front of everyone, now I will have to teach her lesson. He again slaps her with sandal. Indira asks him to return Indu. He slaps her again as because of Indu other girls ran away. Meanwhile, Indu bites Rajrani’s man hand and escapes from the room where Rajrani kept her. Rajrani confesses that he does human trafficking business and he has contacts with police. Indira is recording all this and it’s being telecasted live on TV. Police and Public are watching it.

Rajrani continues, Rajrani was doing this business, is doing and will keep doing this business, and if anyone comes in my way, then… he takes his gun and points at Indira. begins with Rajrani confessing that he does this business and police and no one can stop him. If anyone comes in between, then same thing as Sajni wil happen with them. He points gun at Indira. Commissioner calls prime minister and says the biggest sting operation is live on TV. Everyone is watching.

Indira tells Rajrani if anyone is to die, then it will be you because of your bad karma. Rajrani laughs and says, you lost everything but still didn’t give up. Meanwhile, Munna takes all bullets out from the gun. Indira tells Rajrani many came and gone.. now it’s your time. Rajrani says seem like you’ve lost it. Your family and husband begging me.. if you had listened to me, then this wouldn’t have happened with you. Indira’s family is taking out all the bullets from Rajrani’s men’s guns and tie their legs with ropes.

They take off rope from Rishi and he attacks on Rajrani. Now the fun begins – Rajrani’s men are being beaten by Indira’s family. Rishi tells Rajrani, you made a big mistake by beating my wife and kidnapping my daughter. Always remember, no many how much a husband and a wife fight.. they never leave each other. And parents can do anything to save their child. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.com Indira takes off Rajrani’s sandal and beats him with that. She says God sent her to teach lesson to you, and from now you won’t do anything with any girl. She then presses his neck and asks him where is Indu. Indu is running from Rajrani’s men, but they catch her. Police and shoot the guy who is holding Indu. Police come with Indu where the fight is going on and ask Indira to leave Rajrani.. court will punish him. Indira gets emotional seeing Indu.

She invites her for a hug, but Indu ignores her and goes to Rishi and hugs him. Indira cannot believe it and is left shocked. Rishi kisses Indu on forehead and says mumma brought police here and now they will beat all these people. Rajrani laughs and says to Indu, you made a right decision.. this lady (Indira) doesn’t have mother’s heart. Rajrani tells Indira, you took away my business, I took away your daughter from you. I have made her hate you so much that she will hate you her entire life and you won’t be able to do anything. This is my revenge to you. Police take Rajrani.

Entire family goes and hugs Indu. Indira wants to hug her too but she looks at her from a distance. Rishi asks Indu to go and hug Indira as well. He says, your mum loves you a lot, and that’s why she came here to save us, risking her own life. Indu doesn’t move.
Indira says to her, you’re angry with your mum? She holds her ears and apologizes to her. She asks Indu for a hug. Everyone also tells Indu to go and hug her, but she doesn’t move. Rishi then carries her and puts in Indira’s hand. He tells them to sort out their stuff.. he can’t handle 2 hitlers.

Indira kisses Indu and Indu doesn’t seem to be liking that. Indira tells Indu, you’re my little doll, I won’t let you go away from me now. Indu is all quiet. Indira asks her to say something, but she is still quiet. Rishi tells her, these people might have scared her that’s why she is quiet. Rishi takes Indira’s hand and slaps himself. He says, I am not worth of your forgiveness, but if possible, then forgive me what I did. I will do everything that you say. I will become murga. I will change my name to Rishi Indira Sharma. Everyone laughs.

Munna suggests him to start putting sindhoor of Indira’s name. Rishi says, I will do that too if she forgives me. Everyone tells Indira to forgive me. Indira says, on one condition – have you forgotten promises that you made during our pheres, should I remind you again? She reminds him, a husband and a wife are like wheels of same vehicle. It only works when they are together. Family’s happiness comes by that only. Rishi promises her that he will be with her in everything now. Indira worries seeing Indu’s serious face.

In night, Indu gets a scary dream. A scary person coming and dancing and then locking her inside a cage. She wakes up all of a sudden. Indira and Rishi are sleeping. She gets up and sits alone, recalling Indira refusing to stop the car, and Indira saying yes that she will give away her daughter, Rajrani saying Indira doesn’t have mother’s heart. Indira wakes up and looks at her crying from a distance. She says to herself, I know you’re hurt a lot, but your mother will get rid off your pain with lots of love. I have to give you all the love that you missed in last 8 years, and I will show to the world that hitler may be strict for whole world, but for her daughter, she is a mother only who loves her child a lot.

Indira and Rishi both go to the market and buy a gift for Indu. Both challenge each other that Indu will like their respective gift. Indira buys birds in a cage, and Rishi buys Indu’s favorite pizza. Both arrive at home at the same time, and they have a cute romantic fight to enter the house first and to give gift first. People see them and say Indu is so lucky to have such parents.

Inside the home, everyone is watching news in which media is praising Indira. Indu is sitting quiet. Family asks her to praise her mum too, but she just leaves. Munna tells Indira and Rishi to do something about Indu. Both search for Indu and its Indira who finds her first. Both give their gifts to Indu. Seeing the cage, Indu remembers her scary dream, and she sees Indira’s face in that scary person
now. She pushes Indira back and takes a stick in her hand. Rishi tells Indu both of them are there, no need to be scared. Indira tries going closer to her, but she pushes her back harder this time. Indira recalls Rajrani’s words that he took revenge by making Indu hate her.

Entire family now comes in funny costumes and does comedy to cheer up Indu. Indu finally has smile on her face. Munna tells Indira don’t be sod. You only said she is your daughter and it will take lime to make her happy again. He asks her to join. Indira goes to Indu and Indu keeps seeing scary face in Indira. She pushes her back again and runs away. Munno’s wife gets emotional and tells Indira she knows the pain when their children are angry at them. Ishaan taunts her once again and she is sad, but controls her feelings. Indira comes to her room crying. Rishi follows her and says, I never saw you giving up like this before, what happened now? Indira says, now I am mother and people say it right that no one can win against children. Indu reiected my mother’s love.

She hasn’t talked with me properly since she returned and keeps going away like I am not her mother. Rishi says she is still scared as she stayed at Rairani’s place. And you risked your life and saved us, but tell me was your way correct? Indira says I was lust following my plan. Rishi says leave past behind which reminds Indira of last 8 years. She says when children need their mother most, I wasn’t here. You seen her growing up, but I didn’t see anything. Rishi says I understand you very well because Shweta raised Indu. Indira asks him will Indu accept me like Shweta, then?

Rishi says we have to be good parents and make Indu’s today good. Indira says we will become best parents and we will start today She asks him to promise her that he will never shout at Indu because she doesn’t want Indu to hate Rishi like her. Rishi promises her and asks Indira for promises as well – to make Indu how she was before, and to ignore her principles if they come in between Indus happiness. Indira in a thought, she promises that she will make sure Indu doesn’t miss her mother. Rishi asks what about other promise? Indira leaves saying Indu must be hungry. I will go and give her food.

Ishaan and Sehar explain Indu that you shouldn’t hate your mother. Ishaan says Indira took care of him like a mother and she seems strict from outside, but is very soft from inside. Indira comes there and hides and listens. She calls Sehar and gives her food. Sehar asks Ishaan to bring a younger brother for Indu so she will get happy when she sees him, lust like how Ishaan used to get happy seeing Sehar in childhood. This puts Indira in thought. Indu eats from Ishaan’s hand and Indira is happy seeing that. Munna’s wife comes and tells her, they are right., think about Indus brother. She will be happy with him.
Zeeworld: Tuesday November 20th update on The Promise season 3

Zeeworld: Tuesday November 20th update on The Promise season 3

When Bani feels dejected, Jigyasa tells her not to give up so easily.
Pronita gives a blank cheque to the Mittals' onthe behalf of Shonali and tells them that she was madly in love with Pratyush. She tries to
persuade them to call off the marriage and get him married to Shonali. The Mittals' demand a dowry from Jai, so he decides to call off the marriage. Ganga decides to talk to Pratyush.

But everyone is shocked to see Pratyush and Shonali in the wedding attire while Shonali brings him
blindfolded. Pronita exposes the Mittals in front of everyone. Pronita reveals Meera how she executed the entire plan. Rishi expresses his wish to marry Ganga, but leaves the decision to Ganga. Rano tries to persuade Ganga.

Ganga tells Rishi that she won't be able to accept him and asks him to leave.
Pronita encourages Rishi to express his love to Ganga. Rishi tells everyone that they have decided to get married. Ganga gives in without uttering a word. Meera tells Ganga that Rishi has
come back at Pronita's behest.

Ganga tells Rishi that their married life will be miserable. Ganga blames Pronita for ruining her life. Meera tells
Pronita that she poisoned Ganga's mind against her. Meera panics seeing a birthday message written in red on the window paneI
Zeeworld: Wednesday November 21st update on Gangaa

Zeeworld: Wednesday November 21st update on Gangaa

Ganga asks Master ji if she is ready to give entrance exam. Master ji shakes his head. not yet! Ganga retorts that she completed all the lessons. I didn't leave any of them. Tiwari tells Niru that Ganga is doing her best. Sagar’s school is the best school of the city. You know that computer literacy is important too. One must learn every key’s function. Ganga too will have to learn computers and it will take approximately a week time. Ganga is not scared of learning it. Sagar too would have learnt it.

Why can’t I learn it? Niru smiles proudly. He leaves for court. Ganga notices Sagar looking at her. In morning, Madhvi offers to bring milk for Ganga while she is studying. Ganga wants to do ganga snan first. Ganga is memorizing counting while returning home. This irks Amma ji. Ramayan paath starts at home. Sudha and Pishi Ma too come over. Omkar eyes Sudha. She sits down next to Omkar. Omkar keeps his hand over hers and acts as if it happened by coincidence. Sudha is irked nonetheless.

They start the puja. Tiwari ji reaches home with the help of the stick. Ganga is learning the table of 15. Tiwar ji smiles. Ganga points out that he was 5 minutes late. He knew that she will be waiting. I dint even sit for the puja. She excitedly shows him her homework. I couldn’t understand a few sums. I was sleepy so I left them. I will do them right away. He has something else in mind. Tiwari ji has brought his laptop. He teaches her how to use it. Ganga calls it magic box but he corrects her that it is laptop. She finds it a big difficult to handle but he explains her once again.
You will learn if you practise. She doesn’t have a laptop. He offers to bring his laptop daily. She smiles. The class gets over. She asks him if using this laptop is really important for her test. We have very less days. How will I learn it? He assures her that she will learn it in time. He leaves. Ganga gets tensed. How will I get admitted in Sagar’s school if I don’t practise what Master ji had told him! I will have to practise in Sagar’s laptop. She tries to recall but skips a point or two. I will have to practise. Master ji comes only for an hour. What all will I learn in an hour! Sagar too has a similar laptop. I will use it. It will help me.

Yash is waiting for Sagar. Ganga comes there looking for Sagar. She pronounces it wrongly but knows the spelling correctly. He gets angry that she is learning fast and pushes Ganga. Sagar comes there just then. Sagar scolds Yash for pushing Ganga. He helps Ganga. Her elbow has been hurt. Are you alright? Yash calls Ganga mad. She wants your laptop. Sagar tells him not to meddle in his affairs. He turns to Ganga. Why do you want my laptop? Ganga replies that she has to practise. Sagar cannot give his laptop to Ganga before Yash or he too will ask for it. Plus I am upset with her.

Why should I give it to her? Ganga asks Sagar for his laptop. I will take good care of it. He declines. It is very expensive. They both bicker. Why did you pick me up then? You could have let me on the floor. He agrees not to do it in future. She too doesn’t need his help. I will get up on my own. Sagar tells Yash to play. Yash gets excited thinking that Sagar will give him his laptop as he knows how to use it but Sagar tells him against it.

Yash decides to teach a lesson to Sagar. He goes inside on the pretext of drinking water. Ganga sits down with Amma ji in the puja. Yash runs upstairs. Yash does something in Sagar’s laptop. Sagar is so arrogant that his father brought this laptop for him. Ganga mentally apologizes to God. I love puja’s but I have to study too. She notices Amma ji whose eyes are closed. She begins to go up when Mehri stops her. Amma ji has said that there will be no studies today. Go give this milk to Sagar. Prabha calls out for Yash. Yash runs downstairs.

Ganga comes to Sagar’s room but he isn’t there. She notices the laptop and smiles. She is about to touch it but stops thinking of Sagar’s reaction. I will not Sagar’s things without asking him. But I can do my work without using my hands. She brings a paper and makes a photo of the keyboard. Yash returns. He is angry to see her there. She shares that she only came to keep the glass of milk. He yet again calls her thief but she tells him against it. She couldn’t complete the pic but its halfway done. Amma ji asks Ganag where she is coming from. She doesn’t mind it as Ganga was helping Mehri and not studying.

Ganga keeps the paper next to her and looks at it. She smiles looking at it as the alphabets come alive in her imagination. Amma ji gets curious but Ganga dismisses it. She hides the paper. What a great idea that was! I dint even touch Sagar’s laptop and my work finished. Yash enjoys using laptop. Something pops up and then it switches off on its own. Yash panics. Did I do something wrong? Sagar wont spare me if anything happens to his laptop / finds this. Sagar enters inside the house and heads for his room. Yash continues to try but in vain. Sagar reaches his room.

The puja comes to an end. Ganga too wants to do aarti. I will ask God to make me clear the test. Tiwari ji agrees to teach Ganga happily. I can never forget her favour. I will surely teach her. Ganga gets happy. Niru agrees to send Ganga to Tiwari ji’s house from tomorrow. Tiwari ji wants to come over every day. Niru pats Ganga’s cheek sweetly. He tells Madhvi to make tea for Master ji.

Ganga walks up to Sagar. Now you know I dint steal. Sagar has nothing to say. He goes upstairs. Next morning, Amma ji wakes up. She finds Ganga studying already. Tiwari ji comes to teach her. She starts studying well. Sagar peeks from the door. Ganga does sums correctly. Sagar feels good when Master ji applauds her. Niru passes by Amma ji’s room. He finds Ganga sleeping with the books next to her. He carefully takes it and keeps it aside. He covers her with duvet and caresses her head. He covers the curtains as the sunrays are falling on her face.

Ganga studies hard day and night. She is loudly memorising the tables. Amma ji scolds her fort studying all the time. She sends Ganga to wash clothes. Ganga is memorising an English rhyme while washing clothes. Sagar stands there with a smile while hearing her memorising it. He straightens his face when Ganga turns. She looks at him but he walks away.

Ganga completes her work without any mistake. Her hand writing has also improved. Niru asks about her progress. Tiwari ji talks all positive about her. She can write English a little better. She can solve maths sums too. Niru appreciates both of them. Ganga has been toiling hard day and night. I have been observing her. Ganga asks Master ji if she is ready to give entrance exam. Master ji denies.

Omkar does aarti after Madhvi and Pulkit. Sudha almost trips and he holds her. He gives the aarti thaal to her and Pishi Ma. Sudha is uncomfortable around him. Ganga is about to take the thaal but Prabha takes it just then. Amma ji sends Ganga upstairs to call Sagar. He is the son of the house. He should do it first.

Sagar and Yash are heading downstairs only when Ganga comes up. They leave. Ganga looks at the laptop. She takes out the paper. I couldn’t complete it back then because of Yash. Now I should do it. It’s closed. She recalls how Master ji had taught her to open the lid. I only have to note down to write everything. I can do my work by only opening the lid. She does so and begins to write. It starts making noise suddenly. Ganga gets tensed. I dint even touch it and it started on its own?
She punches the keys to stop the noise and it stops. She wonders if something went wrong because of her. She punches more keys but it’s all black now. I ruined his laptop.

Sagar will get angry. She keeps on punching more keys but in vain. She remembers Sagar telling her off. Sagar had told me and Yash not to touch it. babu brought it with so much love. Sagar keeps it so carefully but I ruined it. She hears Sagar’s voice. He is coming upstairs with Yash. Sagar tells Yash to come. I will show you games in my laptop. Ganga is hiding behind the bed. She prays to God to set the laptop right or maybe Sagar doesn’t open it. Yash is also scared that Sagar will find out about his mischief.

He makes lame excuses. Sagar is surprised. How come you are talking so intelligently now? Yash lies. Ganga is in thoughts too. Yash never listens to anyone. Oh, maybe God gave him some sense to help me. Yash and Sagar go out of the room. Sagar tells Pulkit and Babli that Yash was against playing games on computer. They sit down to play truth and dare. It is Pulkit’s turn first. Babli asks him what he regrets doing the most in his life. Pulkit says I hurt papa by showing him that fake mark sheet. I wanted a bike but now he doesn’t even talk to me because of what I did. It is Yash’s turn next. He takes dare. He has to dance like Salman Khan.

Yash enacts likes Salman Khan. Ganga looks on. The kids enjoy. The bottle stops at Sagar. Babli notices Ganga. She invites Ganga to play. Ganga and Sagar look at each other. Ganga declines to play. I will look from here. Sagar chooses truth. Pulkit decides to play a rapid fire round. His many answers revolve around Ganga. Sagar smiles up thinking about how he had ran away from the school to play cricket with Ganga. He takes Ganga’s name when asked about his best friend. Ganga smiles broadly. Pulkit and Babli smile as well.

Sagar realises what he just said. Ganga feels guilty. He thinks of me as his best friend yet I damaged his laptop. Yash points out that Sagar will take Shruti’s name. Sagar repeats after him. I took someone’s name by mistake. Yash smirks. Sagar leaves from there. Amma ji returns to her room. She has back pain. She tells Madhvi not to get up from the paath. Amma ji tells Ganga not to make any noise. I have to sit back in the paath again. She lies down to take some rest. Ganga arranges her bedding. Sagar is really upset with me because of which he changed his statement. I know I am his best friend which is why he took my name.

I know it. I dint share with Sagar that I damaged his laptop. I should only set it right or Sagar will be troubled. I wont trouble him. Next morning, the Ramayan paath continues. Omkar and Sagar go to the market to bring something for the puja. Ganga decides to get Sagar’s laptop perfect. Amma ji sends Ganga to help Maharaj ji instead. Ganga takes a tray full of tea cups and goes to give them to the guests. Ganga requests God to do something. It is really important for me to go. Someone calls out from outside. The kid is hungry. Priest tells Amma ji not to send anyone back hungry from their door today. Madhvi gives food and blanket to the kid.

The kid wants more for his parents and siblings. Ganga gets an idea to do both the tasks in one go. She tells Amma ji about the kid’s wish. Amma ji allows her to go to the temple where the kid’s family is! Ganga makes Maharaj ji keep some food in a big basket. She runs upstairs to Sagar’s room. She keeps the laptop inside and covers it with colourful covering paper. Amma ji notices her. Where is such a small girl taking such a big basket to? She smartly replies that she must make big donations to get more blessings. Amma ji peeks at the basket and then nods.

She leaves. Amma ji smiles. The parents of the kids bless Ganga. She picks up the laptop and looks for a repairing shop. She asks a random guy and he guides her. Ganga asks shopkeeper to do her work fast. She mutters that no one else has made some excuses to Amma ji. What if he finishes my work first! The guy checks the laptop. The hardware has crashed. The repairs will cost around 70k. Ganga is shocked.
Zeeworld: Wednesday November 21st update on The Promise season 3

Zeeworld: Wednesday November 21st update on The Promise season 3

Shonali opening Pritush’s eyes… everyone is shocked, including his parents. Pronita asks Pritush what he is looking at, she says Sorry that I had to get to like that in front of everyone, but then what can I do, I had to bring out your truth in front of everyone. She says to the family that you must be wondering what is happening

She says its a long story..he says that the London ke business tycoons Mittals are actually bankrupt… she says this is the truth of the Mittals.. sso to save their reputation and themselves, they made a plan. they trapped a lot of locals in UK and then ran away here and they did their homework. They were looking for the one rich businessman in Mumbai who has a unmarried daughter. They found Jai and Ganga.

Then Pritush started to impress Ganga. I tried time and again to get their truth in front of you guys, but you never believed me, and their good fortune saved them.. but I could not sit quitely and let them destroy Ganga’s life..so I made a plan… they were in look out for money, so I got someone who was supposed to be even richer than the Walias’. So, in comes Shonali, who BTW is nither my niece nor multi-billionaire.. but she helped me more than any relative.. thank you Shonali.. and to support her was Rishi, Ganga’s friend and he proved to be a true one.

He has not only done a favour towards Ganga but the whole of Walias’. then what happened ??? the Mittals thought that lets trap Shonali..so she played along and made them believe that she really loved Pritush..Pritush felt where that $200 billion girl and where Ganga.. he felt trapped so then today he ran away from the barat and married Shonali .. (Oh no.. did he really ?? )

Pritush tells Shonali that she cheated him … but Pronita tells Mr. Pritush Mittal.. that was a fake wedding..she says everything was fake.. I cannot let you destroy Ganga’s or Shonali’s life.. Rishi takes out his shoes .. Varun tries to go somewhere but Adi stops him and tells the Mittals to leave from there before they do something. but the police come there and arrest them and take them away..Meera hopes that they dont involve her name in all this..

Ganga is so sad… Pronita asks Meera if she is scared. She says all this could have happened to you too, but I wont let you off so easily.. I have a special plan for you. .. but aren’t you curious to know how I did all this.. I learnt it from you.. you picked up Pritush from the mandap I picked him up from
Zeeworld: Wednesday November 21st update on "Twist of Fate season 2"

Zeeworld: Wednesday November 21st update on "Twist of Fate season 2"

Dadi Praying to God for Abhi and Pragya. Pragya asks Dadi if what they are doing is right. She says I want to marry him, but he refused. She fears if he will accept her or not. She says she should have taken Sarla’s approval. Dadi says I can’t let you do work, and says your way might be wrong, but your intention is not wrong. She asks her not to worry and says if anything goes wrong then she will handle the situation and support her.

Dasi asks Mitali where you are going? Mitali says Aaliya asked her to bring Tanu. Dasi asks her to keep sweets in boxes which they will give in shagun. Mitali tells that she will do later after marriage. Dasi scolds her and asks her to do. Mitali goes. Purab pretends to search the box in Tanu’s room. Tanu doubts on him and asks what is the
color of the box. Purab says blue. He asks what is under your eye. Tanu checks in the mirror and says there is nothing. Purab puts chloroform on the tissue and tries to make her smell. She pushes him and hits him. She says I will tell Abhi and then see what he will do. She says you are planning to stop my marriage.

She is about to go out of room, but feels drowsy. She says you did bad, you made me unconscious. Purab holds her and thinks she is dangerous, thinks to hide her in bathroom. Tanu opens her eyes and holds his sherwani. Purab makes her smell chloroform again and hides her in bathroom. Tai ji comes to Mitali and asks what you are doing? Mitali tells that she is doing packing of the sweets, thinking groom’s Tai ji shall do this and thought how she will climb the stairs. Tai ji says you are good. Mitali asks her to pack the sweets and goes.

Purab comes to Dadi and asks her to let him have water. He drinks water and tells that Tanu caught him when he was about to make her smell chloroform, but he made her unconscious finally and locked her in room. Dasi tells that she have diverted Mitali. Purab tells that Tanu hit him with chappal. They give credit to themselves. Dadi says you both have done bravery work and says she will get them prize from govt. Pragya asks them to shake hands. Dadi says we have to take Pragya downstairs now. She says who will take her. Purab says you. Dasi says if she takes Pragya then Aaliya will doubt on her. Purab says we shall make Mitali take Pragya down.

Mitali comes to Tanu’s room and knocks on the door asking her to come as her marriage mahurat came. Tanu is unconscious in the bathroom. Mitali says Pragya is here, and says if you don’t come, then Pragya might sit with Abhi and marry him. She laughs and thinks why Tanu is not responding with Pragya’s name. She tries to open the door and thinks Aaliya will scold her. She then sees master key in her hand. Aaliya calls her and asks her to bring Tanu. Mitali opens the door and comes inside. She asks her to come and thinks to check in the washroom.

Tai ji tells Dasi that Mitali gave her work to pack sweets. Dadi asks where is she? Tai ji says she went to bring Tanu and says she will not leave her. Purab tells Dadi that they have to go there. Mitali knocks on the washroom and laughs saying Abhi might marry someone else. Tanu is still unconscious. Mitali thinks she is not saying anything and thinks to inform Aaliya. Mitali is going downstairs. Dadi asks where is she going? Mitali tells that Tanu is not in her room and may be got unconscious in her bathroom. She says she is going to inform Aaliya. Dadi asks if she wants to get scolded by Aaliya and says Tanu is in my room and not in her room. Mitali thanks them. Dasi says we shall take Tanu from Dadi’s room. Pragya looks at the sindoor and thinks of Sarla’s words.

Pragya calling Sarla and asking for her blessing. Sarla asks why? Pragya says for what I am going to do. She needs her blessings. Sarla says my blessing is with you always. She asks her to tell if there is any problem. Pragya hears sound and ends the call. Sarla tells Janki that she is worried for Pragya and plan to go from back door. Pandit ji asks Aaliya to call the bride. Aaliya says she will be coming. Abhi thinks to check if Pragya is fine and thinks until Aaliya is here, she will not let me go. Mrs. Mehta asks Aaliya to go and bring Tanu. Aaliya tells her that Mitali will bring her and asks her to relax. Aaliya says I would have gone if Dadi was here. Mrs. Mehta tells that’s why she is tensed and says they might harm Tanu. Aaliya says nothing will happen.

Mrs. Mehta tells that they shall not take any chance and start the marriage function. Mitali thanks Dadi for saving her. Dadi comes near the door and calls Tanu to pragya and says Mitali came to take you. Mitali laughs seeing her in ghunghat and says it seems Dadi gave her sanskar also. Mitali stops them and says she has work with Tanu. She thinks Tanu promising to give her diamond if she brings Pragya to kitchen. Mitali tells that she wants to see Tanu’s diamond necklace and insists to see. Dadi asks her to see. Pragya gets tensed. Dasi calls Mitali just as she lifts the ghunghat, and tells that Aaliya called you. Mitali holds Pragya’s ghunghat and is about to see Pragya. Purab asks Dadi to keep the ghunghat down else we have to make her unconscious.

Aaliya goes inside Tanu’s room and asks her to come. She is about to check in the washroom, but just then she hears Mitali’s voice asking Pragya to come fast. Pragya gets tensed and thinks if Aaliya will lift my veil. Aaliya scolds Mitali for wasting time. Mitali laughs seeing Abhi. Abhi comes to Dadi and asks her to come as he wants to talk to her about something. Aaliya asks why did you come here and says marriage will start now. Abhi says he wants to talk to Dadi alone. Aaliya blames Mitali and thinks what he might be talking to Dadi. Aaliya scolds Pragya thinking her to be Tanu and says I asked you to come fast, but you have wasted time in make up.

Pragya thinks thank god she went. Goons come inside Mehra house indisguise of caterer. They meet Nikhil and asks what is the work? Nikhil says when there will be any work, I will tell you. Goon says I will not leave Pragya this time. Nikhil asks Damru goon to be quiet for sometime. Dadi asks what happened? Abhi asks what did Pragya tell you. Dadi says I sent her home. Abhi asks when and why? Dadi says she was looking sad and worried, so I sent her home. Abhi asks if she was much sad. Dadi says yes.

Abhi says you would have asked her to meet me once. Dadi asks him to talk to her in the morning when she comes and asks him to marry for now. Abhi tells her that he don’t think that Pragya will come here. Dadi asks him to think about the marriage and says bride is sitting in the mandap. Abhi says he is really confused, his heart is asking him not to marry, while his mind is asking him to marry. Dadi says you have told everyone and now you have to marry. Abhi insists to talk to Pragya first. Dadi thinks how? Abhi says if I talk to her then I will feel light hearted. He says I want to know if she is fine and supporting my decision. Dadi thinks what to do now.

Aaliya comes to Mrs. Mehta and asks what is your problem? She says you was giving me big lecture and let Abhi go upstairs. Mrs. Mehta says he is here? Aaliya says Abhi is in Dadi’s room and don’t know what he was talking. Mrs. Mehta says you would have stopped Abhi. Aaliya says she tried to stop Abhi, but he scolded her. Mrs. Mehta accuses Aaliya for sending foolish Mitali to bring Tanu and her inability to stop Abhi and calls her careless. Aaliya says this is happening because of your carelessness. Mrs. Mehta goes on blaming Aaliya. Aaliya says you could do this also, and says you were busy in show off. Mrs. Mehta asks her to have some manners. Aaliya says she is not Tanu, but Aaliya Mehra. Mrs. Mehta says if marriage had happened in Delhi then this wouldn’t have happened?

Aaliya asks her to do marriage in Delhi and chosen Delhi guy. She says this marriage is happening because of me, and says if I get against it then Tanu and Abi’s marriage will never happen, and asks her not to show attitude.
Pragya thinking what Abhi might be taking to Dadi. She looks at her mehendi and thinks mehendi and kumkum have strange relation with each other. She thinks whoever is having kumkum in their destiny, mehendi gets applied to her hand, and thinks mangalsutra is of equivalent importance.

Mahi Bolna song plays. She recalls how Abhi saved her. Mitali comes and asks what she is thinking? She says what is happening here, if marriage is going to happen or not. She says Abhi is talking to Dadi, while Aaliya is talking to your Mum. Mitali asks her to say. Pragya thinks what to say. Mitali says you are confused like me and asks her to stand there, and asks her to keep eye on Abhi, and says if Pragya comes then your marriage can’t happen. Pragya nods.

Abhi asks Dadi to call Pragya.
Dadi says how? Abhi says I will call her. Purab and Dasi come there. Dadi tells that Abhi wants to talk to Pragya. Purab asks what do you want to speak? Dadi says we have sent her home, but he wants to talk to her and satisfy himself. Purab asks him to think about Tanu and asks do you want her to cry. Abhi whispers in his ears that he needs to talk to Pragya and tells you knows everything about us. Purab tells him that he told everything to Dadi and Dasi, and they have explained her. Abhi says I shall talk to her. Purab says she will not cry infront of her mum and dadi. Dadi asks Purab to tell Abhi to make Abhi understand. Dasi asks him to marry fast. Purab asks him to marry Tanu. Dadi says we all will be happy then. Abhi asks are you all happy? Purab says our happiness lies in your happiness and that’s why we agreed. Abhi thanks them.

Purab hugs him. Dadi says how to tell you why we are forcing you. Purab feels sorry and thinks we are getting you married against your wish. He sees Pragya’s watch kept there and recalls Pragya making romantic arrangements for him. A flashback is shown. He asks Pragya to come. Pragya comes infront of him and hugs him. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Song Plays….Abhi tells her that he was searching her. Pragya says I was here and playing hide N seek with you. Abhi asks her to promise and asks her never to go far from him. Pragya promises him that she will never go far.

Popular OAP Tosyn Bucknor found dead in Lagos

Popular OAP Tosyn Bucknor found dead in Lagos

A popular Nigerian On Air Personality (OAP) Tosyn Bucknor, has died aged 37.

She was reportedly found dead Monday night by her German husband, Aurelien Boyer when he arrived at home from work.

Tosyn and Boyer have been married since 3 years.
The cause of death isn’t known for now, but the University of Lagos graduate was born with sickle cell anaemia.

May her soul rest in peace.
Press Statement: Illegal And Unconstitutional Sealing of Anambra State House of Assembly Complex by the Nigeria Police Force, Anambra State Command

Press Statement: Illegal And Unconstitutional Sealing of Anambra State House of Assembly Complex by the Nigeria Police Force, Anambra State Command

Our attention has been drawn to “Press Release” trending on the social media purported to have emanated from Nigeria Police Force, Anambra State Command and signed by one SP Haruna Mohammed, PPRO, Anambra State Police Command.

May we use this medium to commend the Nigerian Police Force for living up to their responsibility of maintenance of peace, order and security in Anambra State and in the country at large.

Having said that, we are surprised to read in the said “Press release” that Anambra State Command were requested by the leadership of the Assembly to take over, seal off and secure the entire premises of the Assembly”.

For the records we state as follows:

1. The leadership of Anambra State House of Assembly ably led the Speaker Rt. Hon. Ikem Uzoezie, followed by the Deputy Speaker, Rt. Hon. Barr. Harford Oseke, the Majority Leader, Rt. Hon. Victor Jideofor Okoye and the Minority Leader, Hon. Onyebuchi Offor and others, did not at any time requested Anambra Police Command to take over, seal off and secure the entire premises of the House of Assembly as well as order the civil servants to Report to Head of Service.

2. It is on record that there was no incident or resemblance of any crises that occurred among the Honourable members or within the premises of the Anambra State House of Assembly to warrant the leadership of the House to request you to takeover, seal off and secure premises of the Assembly.

3. It is therefore illegal and unconstitutional for Nigeria Police Force, Anambra State command to purportedly take over; seal off and secure the entire premises of the Anambra state House of Assembly under any guise of all except as provided under the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

4. Assuming without conceding that there was crises among the Honorable members or within the premises of the Assembly, it is only the National Assembly that is constitutional empowered to make such an order for the seal off by inline of section 11(4) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended. Even when there seems to be any issue to warrant the making of such order, by the provision of section 11(5), the National Assembly cannot make such an order unless and until the situation is such that House of Assembly can no longer hold meetings and transact business.

5. Interestingly, you are very much aware the Honorable members held their normal meetings at the Assembly on 15th November, 2018 with over 25 Honorable members in attendance, including the former speaker Hon. Rita Maduagwu (who for obvious reasons refuse to join us), and thereafter the Honourable Members in company of the New Speaker addressed the press. There was no crisis or any semblance of breach of public peace among the Honorable Members or within the premises of the House of Assembly.

6. It is important to note that the minor change in the House Leadership by the removal of the former Speaker Rt Hon. Rita Madugwu on Tuesday 13th November, 2018 by over 2/3 majority of members( 25 Hon Members in attendance) was within the constitutional powers of the House and there was no crises whatsoever following as a result of that. Following her removal, the House unanimously elected Rt. Hon. Ikem Uzoezie as their new Speaker.  Thus having been so removed, she seizes to be Speaker of the House. Such matters remains the internal affairs of the House of Assembly, if anybody has any reservation whatsoever with her removal, the person should go to court for the determination of such issue.  This is in line of the principles of separation of powers as enshrined in the 1999 constitution as amended. The Executives or Police has no powers at all to interfere in the proceedings or functions of the House using the apparatus of the State.

7. It may also interest you to know, and of course it is public knowledge that the House had resolved on several occasions to remove the Rt. Hon. Rita Maduagwu as the Speaker for sundry acts of malfeasance, gross incompetence, financial impropriety, rumour mongering selfishly orchestrated by her to cause disaffection between His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano and House of Assembly to say the least. In all those occasions, it was His Excellency himself that brokered truce and prevailed on the members to suspend action while it is expected that the former Speaker would change and desist from those conducts that gave rise to the quest to remove her. On the last occasion when the members were bend on her removal, it was His Excellency, Chief Willie Obiano that pleaded with the members to suspend action because as he reasoned that it was close to his second tenure election. In order to convince the Members to suspend action he guaranteed the members that the former speaker shall resign that immediately after his second tenure election, so as to enable the House move forward.

8. Anambra State House of Assembly remains the most peaceful State Assembly in Nigeria and that position has not changed. There is therefore no existing or likelihood of any possible breakdown of law and order in the Assembly to warrant your illegal action to take over, seal off and secure the entire premises of the Assembly or to order the civil servants working in the Assemble complex to vacate and report to the Head of service.

9. In the light of the above stated facts, we are therefore compelled to state that, it is therefore wrong, illegal, and unconstitutional for the Nigeria Police Force Anambra State command of any other security agency to purportedly takeover, seal off the entire House of Assembly Complex as well as to direct civil servants working at the Assembly Complex” to report to the office of the head of such purported actions and directions.        This act of the command amounts to abuse of office and executive lawless because they have no such powers or rights to meddle with the business of the State Assembly.

10.  We want to make clear that the new Leadership of House of Assembly will continue to work together to further deepen the existing cordial relationship between the House, Nigerian Police Force/ security agencies and the Executive ably led by our ever working Governor, His Excellency Chief Willie Obiano to enable him to continue to deliver the dividends of democracy to Ndi Anambra.

11. We want to make it clear that Mr. Pius Udoh, the Clerk of the House is in no way a member of Anambra State House of Assembly and as such is not mandated to make press statements concerning the proceedings of the House. This remains the core duties of the Chairman, House Committee on Information. 

We therefore, condemn in STRONG TERMS the illegal and unconstitutional actions of Nigerian Police Force towards Anambra State House of Assembly and urge the public to condemn the attack on the symbol of DEMOCRACY in Anambra State.

Rt. Hon. Ikem Uzoezie
Hon Speaker,
Anambra State House of Assembly.
Mon Nov 19, 2018

Monday, 19 November 2018

Zeeworld: Tuesday November 20th November update on Iron Lady

Zeeworld: Tuesday November 20th November update on Iron Lady

Rajrani comes to Indu whose hands are tied. Rajrani tries to threaten Indu, but Indu bites her finger. On the other hand, Rishi and Indira come to the court to file case against Rajrani. Rishi signs the papers and then gets call from someone. Rishi gives papers to Indira and asks her to submit them.
Indu doesn’t get scared at all and tells Rajrani, open my hands and then I will show you what I can do. I am a “choti” Hitler.

Rajrani says, same attitude as your mother.. now let’s see if she comes to save you or not. Indu says, whether anyone comes or no, but I know my Rishi Kumar will definitely come. Rajrani calls Rishi and makes him hear Indu’s voice. Rishi asks Rajrani not to touch Indu else it won’t be good. Rajrani asks him not to file any case and return him all the proofs if they want Indu to be safe. Rishi runs inside the court and Indira is about to submit the papers. On last moment, he snatches it away and says we don’t want to file any complain. Indira asks him, what are you doing?

Rishi takes her outside and tells her about Rajrani kidnapping Indu. Indira is shocked and regrets for what she said to Indu and for locking her inside the room. Rajrani’s men put Indu with other girls. Other girls are crying, and telling each other that they can’t escape from here now. Right then sunlight falls on Indu’s hand and she tells everyone not to lose hope. Rishi Kumar was saying if sunlight can reach to you, then nothing can happen to you.

On the other hand, Indira tells Rishi that she understands that Indu is not safe, but for Indu they can’t forget about other innocent girls who are in Rajrani’s control. They argue, and in end Rishi tells Indira, I am not going to stop you, but you have time until the evening.. we have to give him proofs by evening. Indira tells him not to worry about Indu.. she is not the one who will give up and get scared that easily. She assures him that by evening Indu and other girls will be with them.

Indu breaks the bricks and they are able to go out from place where they were locked. But as soon they go out, Rajrani and his men come there. Rajrani tells Indu, I have handled so many and you’re nothing. Rajrani takes a knife in his hand. Indira comes to the police station and she sees many ladies searching for their daughter or grand daughter. Indira goes to talk with the police officer and sees him talking on the phone with Rajrani. Indira understands that he will be of no help and leaves from there. Outside, she tells everyone that they will go to commissioner, and even prime minister to save their girls and to stop this girl selling business.

All ladies say they will support Indira and do whatever she says. Rishi comes there with a package in his hand. He seems sad. Indira goes to him and it’s Indu’s clothes with blood on it. She gets shocked, and episode ends right there. Indira and Rishi get a note from Rajrani in which rajrani asked them to return chip to him by the evening.
Indira and Rishi come to Rajrani. Rishi tells Indira not to do anything and give chip to Rajrani.

Indira doesn’t listen to him and she kicks Rajrani on his private part. Indu also does same with Rajrani’s bodyguard and Indira asks Indu to get on the van and drives the van in which there are other girls too. Indira takes van to all the parents who are waiting for their daughter. Everyone is happy to get their daughters back, but Indu is missing.

One girl tells Indira that Rajrani pulled Indu out on the last moment. indira breaks down. Rishi begs Rajrani to let Indu go and keep him instead. Rajrani doesn’t listen and leave from there with Indu. Media praise Indira’s bravery, but Rishi comes and says that Indira cares about whole society but doesn’t care about her own daughter. Indira explains him that she thought Indu was in the van when she drove, but Rishi is angry at her. He asks her to give chip to her.

Before he gets the chip, Indira receives call from Rajrani which make her angry and she decides to give the chip to the media and show the world what business Rajrani does. Rajrani shocked and worried. Indira tells media that she will show video proof against Rajrani in a press conference. She thanks Rajrani for making her do this. Rajrani gets very angry and breaks glass table. Rajrani asks his men to bring Indu out.

They bring Indu and news is still going on TV there. Media ask Indira whether she will sacrifice her own daughter in order to send Rajrani behind the bars. Indira answers yes. Indira says Rajrani ruin thousands of girls lives and she can’t let that happen. Indu gets angry at her and breaks the TV. Rajrani gets surprised seeing that.

At the press conference, Rishi again tries to stop Indira, but she doesn’t stop. Rishi says, I know now why your family never really loved you like their own. Indira tells him, you can doubt on me, but at least be with me and support me in this matter, I promise you that nothing will happen to Indu. Rishi turns away his face and leaves from there.

Outside, he asks Munna to help him in saving Indu as Indira won’t listen to him. Munna agrees. Press conference starts and Indira plays the video clip. Right then, Rajrani comes there with ACP and police and all media give attention to Rajrani and video pauses.
Rajrani slowly goes to Indira and warns her that if she shows clip to everyone, then there he will make Indu dance with gungroo. Indira gets very mad. She takes off her sandal and starts beating Rajrani. Police and Rishi stop her. This time Rishi tells her that he is with her and tells her do whatever she wants to. Rajrani gets scared and reminds Rishi that Indu is still under his control. Rishi doesn’t listen.

Indira plays the video and now someone has changed the chip. In the new video, everyone welcoming Rajrani on his arrival with songs and dance. Rajrani has a relief and tells Indira that he will file case against her for doing this. Rajrani asks Rishi to give him the chip. Indira sees it and tries to stop Rishi, but her family members don’t let her go. Rishi doesn’t give and says, Indu first. Rishi asks Rajrani to leave from there and he will see him later. Rajrani leaves.

Rishi then asks media to leave as all the drama is over. Media ask Indira, was that your proof? If you just wanted to come on TV and newspaper, then you could have said us. Why you had to do such big drama? Indira tells them that someone changed the chip, but media don’t listen to her and leave.

Indira gets angry at her family and slaps Munna’s son asking him who changed the chip. Rishi tells her, I have original chip. What will you do? Munna, her mother, and everyone give her lecture on how she doesn’t care about her own daughter and how bad mother she is who insulted and made joke her own daughter in front of everyone. Indira breaks down.

Zeeworld: Tuesday November 20th update on Gangaa:

Zeeworld: Tuesday November 20th update on Gangaa:

Pulkit Bhaiya talks so sweetly to me. He helps me a lot. Maharaj ji too helps me a lot. He gives me food, wipes my tears when I cry. There is only one wrong thing about him. He gargles so loud in the morning and runs straight to the washroom. He cannot control it. Everyone smiles. I like Mehri Didi too. She talks fun. She likes to look good. She does her work and talks nonstop. She only has taught me how to wash clothes nicely. My Babu is very straight and honest. I had met Bappa on the ghaat the day my my Bappa died.

I too would have plunged into Ganga ji if it wasn’t for him. He saved me. He brought me to his home. I got a new family. Bappa used to say that he will always be with me. I was angry when he left me. I thought he lied to me. he was nothing with me. But later I realised, my Bappa came in the form of Babu. Everyone has tears in their eyes. He takes very good care of me. he teaches me good things, just the way Bappa used to teach me. I too will become like him when I grow up. I will be famous. I will help everyone. I will never let Babu get angry because I feel bad when that happens. I feel like crying.

Niru wipes his tears and so does everyone else. Niru reads, Yash says this family isn’t mine. But I know that this is indeed my family. Babu is there in palce of Bappa. There is Bahu ji in place of Maiyya. Now this is my home. I will always live here with all of them. Ganga asks Babu if it’s true. Will anyone will ask her to leave this house. He opens his arms and she happily rushes to give him a warm hug. Even Prabha is all emotional.

Amma ji is surprised that such a small girl wrote such a big essay. Prabha thinks that Ganga might have seen some film of tv. Yash is also irked that she added his name in it. Ganga repeats that she never lies. Niru gives her result. You speak well but your writing style is wrong. Grammar sense is really bad. The work is not neat. Kids get marks for god handwriting too. You have written everything nicely. You can express yourself pretty good. She gets glad that she has passed her exam. She smiles.

Amma ji goes to sleep. Babli congratulates Ganga. She wishes everyone goodnight and leaves. Niru says you will have to study really hard now. Ratan leaves with his family. Sagar looks away when Ganga looks at him. Madhvi compliments Ganga for the essay. Niru tells Ganga to sleep. Get ready early tomorrow morning. We have to go somewhere. You will really like it there. It is a prize for you from my side. You deserve it. Sagar looks down. Niru notices this. You deserve a gift as you got good marks. Sagar gets a laptop for studies purpose. Pulkit stands there all sad. Madhvi notices this.

Sagar rushes to his room. Ganga too goes to her room. Pulkit too heads upstairs. Amma ji calls out for Madhvi so she heads to her room. At night, Madhvi is all lost in thoughts. She thinks of Babli’s and Ganga’s words. Niru calls out for her but she isn’t listening. He brings her out of her reverie. She wonders if she should tell him everything or not. He has brought a gift for her too. I am feeling peaceful after so long. Finally everything is settling down for good. Tomorrow is Drishti’s engagement. Ganga too has decided to study. People are right, time passes. We all were really tensed since past some days. Finally all the problems are over. He notices her tensed.

She decides not to give him any tension. Plus I don’t have any proof against Omkar Bhaisahab. I am happy to see you happy. Next morning, Amma ji wakes up Ganga. Ganga is happy that she will take her with her. It’s been days. Aren’t you angry with me anymore? Amma ji reminds her of her essay anymore. I am not your enemy. I want you to follow the rules. Ganga gets up immediately. Widows should do Ganga snan in the morning. Let’s go. Amma ji gives Ganga her potli.

Niru is doing yoga. Amma ji is surprised to see him up so early. he says yoga keeps one fit. You only say that. She nods. Your father used to do it. Teach it to Sagar and Pulkit too. She begins to go but Niru stops Ganga from going to Ganga ghaat with Amma ji. Amma ji leaves. Niru doesn’t share it with Ganga as well as to where they are going. He resumes his Yoga.

Niru brings Ganga to school. Ganga looks at the Principal room. She recalls how the kids had mocked her. I came here till now as Sagar’s friend yet they mocked me. Now I will be a student here. Niru has submitted her admission form. She is amazed that he will get her admitted in Sagar’s school only. Babu is going so much for me. She mentally promises him that she will study hard. Principal enters the room. He looks at Ganga from top to toe. Niru stands up and makes Ganga follow suit. Principal says I don’t think I will be able to help you in any way.

It’s been 2 years since this girl left school. Plus it was Hindi medium. She will have to start afresh if you want her to start studying. Niru doesn’t mind it. Principal suggests him to try somewhere else. The standard of this school is really high. Kids from rich / good houses come here to study. I don’t think this girl will be able to fit in here. Her confidence will be broken. I will advise you to get her admitted in a government school. Niru thanks him for his advice. I don’t think Ganga’s confidence will break or she will not fit in here. Ganga nods.

Babu is right. A school is a school. I will try hard. Principal talks about the entrance exam which she will have to clear to get admission here. Writing such essays is easy. She doesn’t know anything, English or Computers.Kids here are proficient in both. How will she match up with this? Ganga says you cannot judge me without testing me. I will pass the exam however hard it is. Niru adds that she will have to prove it. Think and tell. You have time. Are you ready to try? Ganga affirms. I will do it. Niru gives the form back to Principal. I hope you don’t have any problem now. Principal takes it. I will call you in a few days for the exam. He goes to submit the form. Niru says it is all in your hands. Will you be able to do it? Ganga nods. I will do it. Niru decides to rope in Tiwari ji for the help for the exam. Don’t tell anything to Amma ji till the time the exam is done.

Niru speaks to Tiwari ji. Ganga has changed. Tiwari ji refuses to teach Ganga. I know I am poor but I cannot get myself insulted. Ganga folds her hands before him. Please listen to Babu. I promise I will study hard. I will not trouble you I promise. Please help me. Come one day. You can stop coming from the next day onwards if I trouble you. Babu or no one will ask you to come then. Tiwari ji agrees to give her a chance. I will first check if she has changed or not. Niru requests him to come in the evening itself. Tiwari ji goes to bring tea for him. Niru turns to Ganga. Everything is in your hands. You will have to impress him. Behave so nicely that he agrees to teach you. I tried my best. Now it is your turn. It all depends on you.

Haldi ceremony is happening at Chaturvedi House. Some ladies are singing songs. Omkar tells everyone not to do anything. I just had a word with our in-laws. Someone in his family died. He has asked us to postpone this engagement. I dint ask in details. Dubey Ji only said that this engagement will not happen. Niru and Amma ji nod. We cannot push anyone for it. It’s not a good time. We will get a little more time for preps. Prabha is concerned about the sweets or they will rot otherwise. Babli is sad.

Ganga wonders what she should do to make Master ji happy. She recalls something. I will write A to Z 100 times. But it will take lots of time. I will learn Mary and Little Lamb. He always used to teach it to me. She starts reading it. Yash is watching her from far. Sagar comes there. Master ji is coming again so she is studying. Yash wants to play games on laptop. Sagar stops him. Papa has given it to me for studies. He takes the laptop and goes out. Yash decides to teach a lesson to Ganga.

Yash plays loud music. Ganga cannot concentrate. Sagar too tells Yash to switch off the music as Ganga is studying. Yash doesn’t care. Ganga requests Yash to lower the volume but Yash wants Sagar’s laptop in return. Ganga asks Sagar to lower the volume Yash but Sagar declines. I am not your friend. Why should I listen to you? Why should I take your side then? Ganga looks at both of them and then goes out. Sagar feels bad.

Sudha and Pishi Ma are sitting with Amma ji. They discuss about the engagement. Omkar is eyeing Sudha. Amma ji thinks that some evil eye has fallen on them. Ganga holds her ears. Sagar goes out to check. Ganga picks up her books and walks away. Maharaj ji brings tea for the ladies. Omkar asks him to bring some snacks too. Sudha ji looks so frail. He adds Pishi Ma’s name hastily. Sudha is taken aback. Amma ji doesn’t find anything odd about it. He is so concerned about everyone all the time. Pishi Ma suggests Amma ji to keep a Ramayan Paath at home. It will benefit the house and its people. Sudha nods. She notices Omkar staring at her. Amma ji wants to consult a priest first. You both will have to come every day.

Pishi Ma is not keeping so well but she agrees from Sudha’s side. Sudha is not comfortable. Omkar understands Pishi Ma’s point. Pishi Ma is getting old but Sudha is not. She will come. Sudha is getting irritated. I will do what all I can do. Amma ji, Pishi Ma, Prabha and Sudha get up to go to temple. Amma ji shares it with Madhvi. We are going to temple to speak to priest. Madhvi doesn’t want to leave the kids alone at home. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to take care of the house in their absence. They also take Drishti with them. Omkar too offers to join them. Ganga cannot study anywhere. It is already 4:15. Maharaj ji is going to market to bring fruits and milk. He updates the maid (Mehri) but she is not paying heed while washing clothes. Her phone rings. Mrs. Mishra asks her to come over.

Mehri decides to leave right away. I will come back to do the rest of the cleaning. Tiwari ji parks his scooter outside Chaturvedi House. Ganga gets tensed as she hasn’t memorised the poem yet. How will I impress him? Yash shouldn’t have played the song so loud. Master ji will get upset. He will refuse to teach me! Tiwar ji is still upset with Ganga when he enters. Let’s go to study. He begins to go upstairs when his feet stumble. He slips from the stairs. Ganga looks at him wide eyed.
Zeeworld: Tuesday November 20th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"

Zeeworld: Tuesday November 20th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"

Dasi makes Abhi sit infront of mirror and tries to make Safa. He asks what are you doing. He imagines Pragya there. She ties the turban. Mahi Bolna plays……Abhi looks at her. She says it is done and asks shall I sit. Abhi pulls her closer and makes her sit on his lap. Dasi scolds him for teasing her. She says she will go and check Tanu, thinks if Purab got successful to steal the wedding dress.

Pragya tells Dadi that she doesn’t know where is Purab and Dasi. Dadi teases her and says she is eager for marriage. She asks how did she agree? Pragya says when I see the mandap, I thought I shall sit there and not Tanu. Purab coming to Tanu’s room and steals her extra wedding dress. He thinks how to take it out and keeps it in the box. Nikhil comes and asks what’s up. What you are doing here? Purab says even you are alone here, did I ask what you are doing here. He says I brought gifts for Tanu and thinking where to keep it. Nikhil asks Purab to give gift to him. Purab refuses and says he will give gift to Tanu. Nikhil asks him to tell if she liked the gift else he will ask her. Purab sees Aaliya coming and hides. Nikhl thinks why did Purab come here and what he was taking from here. He thinks they were planning something against Tanu. Purab comes to Dadi’s room.

Dadi asks where were you? She says we have been waiting for you. She asks where is the wedding dress. Purab makes a sad face
and tells that he couldn’t bring dress as Nikhil came. He apologizes to Pragya. Dasi comes and scolds Purab. She says shall I try. Dadi says Nikhil must have informed Aaliya. Purab shows the dress. Pragya says you were fooling us. Purab says he was joking. Dadi tells that she will punish him. She gives wedding dress to Pragya and asks her to become Abhi’s bride so that she can bring her home. Aaliya asks Tanu to come. Tanu asks her to give her sometime to look best. Aaliya gives her 30 mins, and says half hour means half hour. Tanu says I will come.

Abhi waits for Pragya. Sonali takes selfie with him. Abhi thinks he shall talk to Pragya and send her back to her house, and thinks he can’t see her sad. Aaliya stops Abhi and tells him that Dadi will come. She tells that Mehta family will bring their Guru ji soon. Tanu’s parents bring their Guru ji. Guru ji asks who is the groom? Mitali laughs and says you are famous Guru ji, and did wonder not knowing celebrity’s name. Pandit ji asks who is elder in this house. Taya ji says Dadi. Mitali goes to bring Dadi. Tanu’s mum tells that they are doing marriage in groom’s house and says we are staying in his house. Guru ji says how marriage will happen without baraat. Aaliya argues with him. Guru ji tells that baraat is needed for a marriage and says if we don’t follow these rituals then it will leave a bad effect on their life.

Dasi, Dadi and Purab are waiting outside the room. Dadi says she will go on tetra yatra. Dasi says we will go after sending them to honeymoon. Purab is happy too. Pragya gets rady and calls Dadi. Dadi and Dasi get emotional seeing her. Dadi says she is looking like a bride. Purab says the glow on her face is different and says this time marriage is love marriage. Dasi says Purab is saying right. Dasi teases her and talks about honeymoon. Dadi covers her face. They say let’s go. Purab hears someone coming and asks Pragya to hide. Mitali comes running there. Dadi and others are tensed.

Nikhil asks Tanu if Purab gave you any gift? Tanu says he will not give me water even if I am dying. Nikhil tells her that they are planning against her. He tells that he saw Purab in Aaliya’s room and when he asked, he lied and left. Tanu says we have to make counter plan. She asks him to call his goons to stop Pragya somehow. Nikhil promises her that he will not let Pragya do anything wrong till she gets marriage. Tanu thanks him holding her hand. Nikhil says even my life is for you. He says you are looking beautiful. Tanu says she will be married now. Nikhil says I have full right on you till you gets married. He asks will you meet me. Tanu says she will meet him alone. Nikhil promises her that his life is for his jaan. Tanu smiles.

Mitali signs Dadi and tries to see bride’s face. She asks what she is doing in this room. Dasi says what do you mean. She will stay in the room till marriage. Mitali asks did you accept Tanu as your bahu. Dadi says when her grand son has accepted her then she also accepted her. Mitali says I can’t believe. Pragya thinks she is caught before reaching the mandap. Dadi telling Mitali that she has accepted Tanu as her bahu. She says you gave Pragya’s place to Tanu so soon, very fast. She tries to see her face and tells Dadi that she is happy with her decision. Dasi says I thought you are stupid, but you are clever.

She says Dadi called Tanu here to bless her. Dasi asks why did you come here? Mitali says some special pandit ji came here and wants to talk to you. Dadi tells that she will come after getting ready and asks her to go. Mitali comes back to Pragya and whispers in her ears that she did right to take Dadi’s blessing. Dasi makes her go. Purab tells that when Mitali couldn’t figure out she is Pragya then nobody will. Dadi eagerly waits for Pragyas grah pravesh. Nikhil calls his goon and asks him to come to Mehra house with other goons. Goon agrees. Nikhil thinks your baraat is coming here…Pragya, this Diwala (himself) will take her.

Abhi recalls their love confession. Mrs. Mehta tells Abhi that there is a small problem. Aaliya tells Abhi that rituals and customs are important in Indian wedding. She tells Mrs. Mehta’s Guru ji told that the marriage is incomplete if baraat don’t come. She asks him to agree and says they will arrange horse. Abhi asks them not to force him else he will rethink his decision. Mrs. Mehta gets angry. Aaliya takes her to side and asks her to keep her voice low and says you are giving him a chance to think about Pragya. She asks her to understand and says marriage is more important than rituals. She says if Abhi changes his mind then he will not agree under any circumstances. Mitali comes to Aaliya and tells that Dadi is busy blessing Tanu.

Aaliya says you are mistaken. Pragya tells that she saw Tanu in Dadi’s room and tells everything. Aaliya says you have a misunderstanding. Mitali says even blind can tell who is bride today. Aaliya doesn’t believe on her. Mitali asks her to go and check. She goes. Dadi, Dasi and Purab are ready. Pragya says lets go. Purab says if anyone gets doubtful seeing us. Dadi asks Pragya to come and says we will make her sit on the mandap. Dasi says we forgot that Tanu is also here, and says if Aaliya brought her to mandap. She says how to stop Tanu now. Dadi sits sadly. Pragya says if that Tanu is already seated in the mandap. Dadi says then we can’t stop the marriage.

Purab asks Dadi not to worry and says he will make her unconscious and lock her in room. Pragya worries about Abhi’s anger. Purab goes. Dasi asks Dadi to apply mehendi on Pragya’s hands so that nobody can doubt.
Mitali tells Raj that Mrs. Mehta was scolding her and was acting as if she is owner of the house. Raj asks her to leave it. She goes to get cold drinks for Guru ji. Aaliya asks Mrs. Mehta where is Tanu? Mrs. Mehta asks Aaliya to bring her. Aaliya says she is strange, I asked her to come within half an hour, but…she is about to go. Purab hides. Aaliya couldn’t see her. Pandit ji calls Aaliya and asks her to come. Aaliya asks Mitali to bring Tanu.

Purab comes to room and sees it locked. He thinks what to do. He knocks on the door. Tanu thinks Nikhil might have called his goons. She opens the door. Purab asks what you are doing here? Tanu says it is my room. Purab asks her to return the gift which Dadi gave her and says it is needed for pics. Tanu asks when did she give me? Purab says I will search and thinks to do work fast. Dadi and Pragya are tensed.