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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Zeeworld: Tuesday July 9th 2019 update on "The Heir"


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Amba asks what do you want from my daughter. He says I will get that after marriage, I have to settle scores with you and Mannu, I got insulted yesterday, I want revenge, either Simran will get insulted in village, if you want me to stop this rasam, you have to apologize to me right now. Mannu says no, my mummy will not do this, I will apologize.

Chandar says I will peace if Mannu apologizes, he is Shah. Amba asks Chandar not to drag Mannu into this. She defends Mannu and asks Chandar will he make issue of a little boy’s words. Chandar says I will get peace, come on apologize. Mannu sits to apologize. Amba and Simran cry.

Jagan asking Amba and Mannu to come. Bebe tells Mannu to give fruit basket to Chandar.  Swaroop talks to a man and asks what, how did marriage get fixed, whats Jagan doing, they will buy all land, it means Pavaniya will surround us, stay there and tell me news of whats happening there, I will break this marriage.

She says Jagan wanted power against us, he could not become Shah and is selling niece to get power, this is big torture and I will not let you do this, your destruction will work as ointment on my wounds, I will break this marriage by any way.

Raman hears her and says it means Bua can break this marriage. He goes to Swaroop and asks will you break this marriage. She says yes, there is no way. He gets glad. She sees him happy and recalls about his GF. He asks what
happened. She slaps him and asks won’t you ask why did I slap you, I slapped you so that such mark does not get on your cheek, are you mad to love Pavaniya’s girl, remember you can’t unite with that girl, forget her.

She leaves. Raman gets shocked.
Jagan reaches the resort and Bansal welcomes him. Jagan asks Amba and Mannu to give items to Chandar, I will talk to Bansal. Amba tells Mannu that she will give items, you stay here. Bansal tells Jagan that land owner refused to sell land, it will be problem to buy land.

Jagan asks what, I'm getting this marriage done, this is not right. Bansal says I will get the land by giving more money, someone is informing Bajwas, have patience, papers will be signed after marriage, be alert, its last deal. Raman hides and signs Mannu to come. Amba meets Mausi. Mausi says Chandar melted and stopped donkey rituals, go and give him shagun, he is with his friends.

Raman says this marriage can’t happen, I will stop this marriage, will you help me. Mannu holds his hand. Chandar is with his friends and drinks wine. Amba comes there. Chandar asks Amba to come, she knows I m a big player. He says Simran got beauty from Amba and his friends laugh. Amba worriedly runs outside. She recalls Chandar’s behavior and thinks when Bebe got to know Chandar’s bad gift, she scolded Chandar, if I expose Chandar’s truth, maybe Simran will get saved.

Mannu asks Amba what happened. She says nothing, you sit. They come home. Mannu thinks he will not tell about Raman, Amba will worry and not understand Raman is helping as friend, not enemy. Simran sees her burnt book and cries. Amba and Mannu look on. Amba asks Mannu to let Simran be alone. Simran recalls Amba’s words.

Raman comes and says you don’t want to marry right. She gets shocked seeing him. Jagan is doing arrangements. Simran says I m marrying by my wish. Raman asks why are you lying. Jagan hears some sound from her room and goes to see. Simran says its my marriage tomorrow and I want everything to be fine. Jagan enters the room and does not find anyone. Simran gets tensed.

Jagan asks to whom were you talking, who was here with you. She says no one, I was talking to Lord about marriage. He says I heard someone else, tell me truth. Raman hides and looks on. Jagan looks around. She says I don’t know what you heard, many people are working today, maybe you heard that. Jagan asks her not to waste time in books and get ready. He leaves.

A man sees Raman. Raman asks what happened, go and get lights with flowers. He enters Simran’s room. She asks do you think you are hero, what do you want to prove, you are brave. Raman says no bravery, you know I did not wish to study and just came to school, but I saw you in school for the first time, I liked you, when I spoke to you, I started falling in love with you, you are really nice, maybe you don’t love me, it does not mean I stop loving you, your happiness matters to me, these report cards and books are your dream, I have seen you studying, you will marry and go with that donkey, will you meet your eyes, can you cheat yourself, just try once to go away, when you become something and return, you can take your family away from this village, I got this courage from you, you are the first girl who showed courage and attended school after 8th class, think for yourself and family, your success can’t be with this marriage, I will help you. He leaves.


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