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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Zeeworld: Monday July 8th 2019 update on "The Heir"


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The episode starts with Jagan asking Bansal whats this papers, there is no solution. Bansal asks him to show. Jagan asks him to solve it. Chandar comes. Jagan asks him to give better deal, we have to fight with Bajwas, why did you do that, there were three women at home and I could not say anything.

Mausi gets kundli and is upset. Jagan asks what happened…. She shows kundli. Jagan comes home and tells Bebe about kundli. Bebe asks what did they say. Jagan says they said they won’t do this marriage, there is big problem, marriage got cancelled, they are saying if this marriage happens, Chandar’s life has big danger. Amba hears this and gets happy. She runs to Simran and hugs her.

She says I told you, I won’t let bad happen with you, your alliance broke. Simran asks really, how did you do this. Amba says I changed your kundli, now Chandar’s kundli is not matching with yours and they refused for marriage. Simran hugs her. Amba says a mother can never let child’s life spoiled. Simran asks will everything get fine. Amba says yes.

Amba makes halwa and Gunjan comes. Amba lies to Gunjan. Gunjan asks how did you get happy with Simran’s marriage, strange. She goes. Simran asks why did you not tell Gunjan. Amba says Gunjan will say everyone, I did not tell Mannu. Bebe comes and tells Amba about the kundli dosh. Simran smiles. Bebe says their pandit has the solution for this, they are ready for marriage. Amba gets shocked and hears sound in kitchen. She rushes to Simran. Simran asks her about this marriage. Amba says nothing will happen.

Bebe asks what happened. Amba says I was teaching Simran to make badam halwa. Bebe says Chandar is coming with pandit to get solution. Jagan gets Chandar, Bansal and Mausi. Chandar says I was upset because of kundli. Mausi says Chandar did not had food since yesterday. Bebe says we are glad to get such a guy. Jagan tells Raavi about the puja. Raavi asks will marriage happen.

Jagan says yes. pandit asks them to make Simran ready, he will do marriage ritual. Bebe asks what ritual. Mausi says Simran will be married to donkey first, she will sit on donkey and taken to well, then a small puja will be done. Amba asks how can they do this. Simran cries. pandit says explain her. Jagan asks pandit for some other solution. Amba says my daughter will die like this, Bebe say something.
Mausi asks shall we sacrifice Chandar then, if you are afraid for this, then break marriage.

She tells Bebe to cancel marriage. Chandar asks Bebe to understand. Bebe asks Amba to get Simran ready. Mannu gets shocked. A donkey is brought. the kids laugh. Simran gets ready and sits to marry donkey. She cries. Sukhi asks Raavi why is this happening with Simran, I'm feeling bad. Raavi asks him to be quiet. pandit asks Simran to put garlands on donkey and do rituals, then her kundli dosh will get clear, go to the village well and we will do ritual of breaking ghatbandhan.

Mannu says this is not happening right with Simran. Simran recalls Chandar’s cheap doings. Mannu asks Simran not to do this. Simran throws the garlands and says I won’t do all this. Everyone get shocked. Simran runs to her room. She asks Amba to kill her. Mausi asks Bebe to explain Simran, its patni Dharm, if Chandar is fine, she will be happy.

Chandar says I will get her, maybe she will share her sorrow with me. He goes to Simran. Amba asks Chandar not to do this, Simran will die, stop this marriage with donkey. Chandar says I can’t help, its kundli dosh, Mausi is forcing for this. Amba says Kundli… that dosh can’t be true, that kundli is fake. Chandar smiles and says I knew it, I wanted to hear it from you, you think I m fool, when you said about kundli and it had dosh, I knew there is something wrong. She says you knew and even then…. He says that’s why I did all this, even Mausa, Mausi and pandit knows this, just your family does not know. She says I will tell everything to Bebe. He says go and tell Bebe why you changed kundli.

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