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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Zeeworld: Thursday July 11th 2019 update on "The Heir"



Mannu says I hope there was some way to stop this marriage. Gunjan says I wish to slap Chandar. Raman comes there and talks to them. Gunjan says thief. Raman stops her from shouting. Mannu asks how did Raman come here. Raman says we will go and beat Chandar. Gunjan says yes, maybe he will feel bad and they break marriage, but Mannu who is he. Raman says friend.

Harjeet says everyone is mad and beats servant. Swaroop thinks I have to break this marriage, I can’t see Jagan happy, I have to use Harjeet’s anger for this. She goes to Harjeet and tells him about Jagan doing something against them.

She says Jagan fixed Simran’s marriage with Bansal and now the land will go to Jagan’s name, we will get surrounded by Pavaniyas, Jagan bought all diesel to run generators for his relatives, your fields will not have generators, get anger out on Jagan.

Gunjan says we will get caught if we go like this. Raman says we will go school and take Ramleela clothes, we will go in disguise and no one will know. Sukhi asks Mannu what are you doing here. Gunjan says I won’t leave him. Mannu says we will take Sukhi along, we will keep him in front, blame will go on him, even Raavi can’t say anything.

Gunjan and Mannu act sweet with Sukhi. Mannu asks him to come silently with them. They all leave. Sukhi asks why are we going from back door. Mannu says this is secret trip. Harjeet asks his men to beat Bansals, they should leave marriage. Raman, Mannu and everyone take disguise. Raman is irritated by Sukhi’s stupidity.

Raman tells his plan. Sukhi falls down. Mannu says just do what we say. They all leave. Chandar is partying. They all reach Chandar’s house and see him drinking. Mannu fools Sukhi about the rasam to beat would be brother in law, he should not see our face, we will get much nek. Sukhi agrees. Mannu says you will go first, think Bansal is Raavan. Sukhi imagines Bansal as ten head Raavan.

Raman says you are Hanuman, we are your vanar sena, you will go first. Sukhi goes to beat them. Bansal sees him in disguise and gets puzzled. Mannu thinks Bansal identified Sukhi, what will we do now. Bansal greets Sukhi as Shri Ram and folding hands. Mannu laughs. Sukhi gets puzzled. Chandar also greets.

Sukhi asks Mannu what to do. Harjeet and his men see the big generator. Harjeet asks his men to cut these wires. He sees the party going on and gets angry. Harjeet removes the power line. Mannu says great, this is great chance, lets attack. They all attack on Chandar and his friends. Gunjan thinks I will not leave this Mausi ji.

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