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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Zeeworld: Saturday May 18th 2019 update on "Mehek"


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The episode starts with Mehek leaving Shaurya’s house when police comes there, inspector says Mehek Sharma you are under arrest, KD has filed FIR on you for breaking contract, mental harassment, leaking his company’s information, Mehek is taken from there. Shaurya sees TV and see Mehek arrested. KD says t o reporter that Mehek stole my recipes and gave it to her husband, i want justice, i will send her to jail. Svetlana comes there and says to Shaurya that she has reached her right place now, her family likes jail, i remember her uncles went to jail too, Shaurya glares her. Mehek is locked in lock-up. Sharma family comes there. Kanta asks Mehek what happened? she asks inspector why you are using us in rich people fights? let her go. Jeevan calls lawyer and asks him to come. Mansi calls Mohit and asks him to take care of PD. Jeevan says to inspector that Shaurya stole her recipes and patent them, and you arrested Mehek?

Lawyer comes there and says we will get bail for Mehek but it will cost 15lacs. Kanta says to Mehek that we will give life to get you bailed. Mehek smiles and says you dont have to do anything, i know i will be bailed today and who will bail me. Shaurya is sitting in his room and recalls his wedding night, how he exchanged garlands with Mehek, how they shared food, how Mehek asked him to comeback fast, i would be waiting in mandap for you, how KD announced that he will send Mehek to jail. Shaurya calls someone.
Karona comes to police station. Reporters gather around her and asks if Shaurya and Mehek will get married or not? Karona avoids them and come in police station. Inspector greets her. Ravi asks Karona if you have come to save your son’s name again or to show fake pity to us? Kanta says you came to us asking for Mehek’s proposal and see she is behind bars because of your son now.

Karona says parents have to bear kids mistakes, what Shaurya did, after that i am questioning my upbringing, i request you people that even if you dont forgive me, but let me bail Mehek out. Jeevan says not at all, he gets up from wheelchair and says we have been to police station a lot because of your son, you shouldnt do it because your son might blame us that we stole your money and bailed Mehek, its enough, water is above head now, this is my family and this is our problem so we will handle it, he asks Kanta and Mansi to stay here, he asks Ravi to tell lawyer to file bail, we will arrange money. Kanta asks how will we get 15lacs so soon? Jeevan says i have talked to some people, we will handle it, he leaves with Ravi. Karona looks at Mehek, Mehek smiles at her and nods at her to leave, everything will be fine, Karona leaves.

Assistant comes to Shaurya and says Mehek’s family has denied money from Karona, her uncles are mortgaging their shops to bail her out. Shaurya is stunned, he hastily leaves from there. Balwant says to Ravi and Jeevan that even if mortgage both shops, we wont get that much money and we have to give fees to lawyer too and KD have filed case for 5crores defamation money, how will we arrange money to go for this case? and if we lose this case then KD will take money from us, how will we arrange it? Jeevan says we will handle everything, i have talked to someone, estate agent is giving me 20lacs for my shop and 10lacs for Ravi’s shop, we will win this case and Mehek will comeback home. Balwant says if we sell everything then how we will run house? Ravi says we will put stalls on roads but we cant leave our daughter in jail, he asks Jeevan to call estate agent.

KD is calling someone and says this girl have insulted me personally, i wont spare her, i have rivalry with Shaurya but this girl have insulted me, i will make sure she goes to jail. Shaurya comes there and takes phone from him and sees he was calling Svetlana, Shaurya smirks and takes call, he says to Svetlana that flirt and make plans with your ex-husband later, he is busy, he ends call. KD says how dare you come in my bedroom, he asks his guard to throw him out, guard doesnt move, Shaurya says he will touch me? Shaurya gives 2000/- to guard and asks him to leave, guard leaves. Kd glares Shaurya, Shaurya sits on KD’s bed with shoes on and asks KD to sit, its your own house, KD says i will call police and send you jail too alongwith your wife, Shaurya says if i slap you then you wont be able to speak for 4days, sit down now, i want to talk. KD takes chair and sits down.

Shaurya says you are cheap man that for business you can sell your own father and i like that about you, KD says you have this quality too, you can go to any extent for business, Shaurya says there is one difference between you and me, you are fox and i am a lion, i hunt my own prey, why you are doing all this? what you want? KD says i want compensation and revenge for my insult, Shaurya says you dont even respect yourself, you stole my restaurant’s idea with help of Sanjay and Svetlana, KD says i have built big restaurant, i would have earned crores from Mehek’s recipes but she cheated me by giving it to you, i wont spare you. Shaurya takes out cheque book and says i am giving you 5croroes to takedown case from Mehek Sharma, you wont earn this much money with your skills, KD says i want 7crores, Shaurya says go and fight this case, make Mehek’s family give you this much money, i am leaving, KD says okay give me 5crores.

Shaurya signs cheque and gives him 5crores, KD smiles and says i accept that you have deep love, Shaurya says you wont understand, you just see gain and loss with money. Mehek says I don’t want a bail. None of you would sell your shop. Shaureya comes there. Inspector says Shaureya sir? you could have called me. Shaureya says you would get a call. Shauerya says today must be hectic for you inspector? First arres then media. I just came to make sure if Mehek has been released and sent home. He gets a call. He says KD sir has withdrawn his case against Mehek. His lawyer is coming. Kanta says we don’t need your favors. she is our daughter we will take her out of this. shaureya says she sure is yours and I have no plan to make her mine. I didn’t do any favor. I am opening a restaurant after two days. I worked so hard for it. I don’t want when it opens your mahek and you send me curses. I don’t want curses in a good time. So this is not a favor.

Mehek says listen to others too sometimes. You didn’t do any favor on me. This is your guilt that brought you here and your love that forced you to be here. You can’t realize them both yet but I can see your truth on your face. Keep one thing in mind I will love you all my life. But what you have done to me I will never forgive your for that. He says I don’t care you were just a chapter thats over. I don’t love you, its just your misunderstanding. Shaurya Khanna only loves himself. He leaves.
Mehek comes home. Balwant says i don’t understand how this KT withdrew his case? I heard he is very cunning person. PD says let it be. Our daughter is home don’t be sherlock holmes. PD says are you okay Mehak? Mehak says I am fine. I have all of you. We have tolerated so much together. sister says Shaureya still has feelings for Mehek. He wouldn’t have helped her then. Balwant says she is a snake and he can harm anyone. No one will talk about him in this house anymore.

Kanta says you were not there you don’t know how he talked to Mehek. Mehek goes to her room. Kanta says we shouldn’t be talking about all this in front of Mehek. She won’t say the pain she is feeling. Balwant says he will fail and thats my curse for him. Kanta says we should get over it and leave with peace. The more we talk about him the more we will be hurt. Imagine he is dead. Vaitalana says on call you took our remaining happiness too. The man on call says if Shaureya gets to know I am with them he will kill me. Please inquire where is sanjay? Vaitalana says his off is off since 4 days. She throws her phone away. Shaurya comes in and picks the phone. She takes it. Shaurya says mami you divorced KD. Vaitalana says don’t worry for me. I will find another husband but where will you bring another sister from? Shuarya says to servant bring madam something cold, her brain has overheated.

Servant says what should I bring madam? She says shut up and get out. Mehek is in her room thinking about what Shauerya said. Kanta is cooking for Mehek. Ravi is shouting at someone. She comes out. Ravi is shouting at Sanjay. She asks Mohit to go inside. Kanta says go from here. We don’t any person from shauerya here. Sanjay says to PD dadi I am that one person in my house that gets on my shoulders every time. He is son of my sister. Shaurya did the same with Mehek what his father did with my sister. Mehek was innocent like my sister. He is clever like his dad. Hit me dadi. PD says we leave it upto God. Get out of my house. Sanjay says so you think I am a bad man? I came from jail but I stole tax, everyone does that. But I didn’t break anyone’s heart. I got so worried when he to lost so I went to pray. Then I got to know he did this. Even if you people forgive him I won’t ever forgive Shaureya because he is doing exactly what was done to my sister. If you think I am of any use do let me know. He leaves.

Nehal says Mehek has locked herself in the room. She took matchbox with her. They all run upstairs. Sanjay says I hope she gives media a statement before dying. she shouldn’t be alive. Shaurya is getting ready for a jog. He says on call, my fine dine restaurant will be talked about everywhere. I am getting a singer for Valentine’s days event. You have to pitch to investors and I will be busy for two months.
He says so everything is going as planned. He is jogging. She hears Mehek’s voice. Mehek is there. He recalls their moments together. He recalls when he proposed her. She is not there. He says this love acting is like viral fever. It takes days to get it out of system. But I don’t have time for all this. Even the whole old city is on fire. Mehek has locked herself in the room. Everyone gets scared and keep locking. They are worried.

She comes out. She is dressed as a bride. Everyone is dazed. Mehek is dressed as bride, family is shocked to see her all decked up, all are sad to see her. Kanta asks what are you doing? Mehek says i have to leave house after wedding, Jeevan says Shaurya ranaway from mandap leaving you, you didnt get married. Mehek says i know, and i will take his class, what you think that Shaurya can leave me and hurt you people and i would sit quiet? Balwant says dont take haste decisions being emotional, Shaurya have used you emotions only, Mehek says i am doing this after thinking, just by taking pheras wont get you married, when two people promise to take care of each other infont of world, then its equal to being married for me, tell if this wedding bangles, the ring Shaurya gave me and garland exchange ceremony have no values? Shaurya made promises to me to live life with me.

Ravi says it was all lie, he doesnt love you, why dont you understand, Mehek says you think like that but not me, Shaurya freed me from jail, he didnt let me stay in lock-up for even one night, if i am fulfilling promises then Shaurya is fulfilling his promises too but problem is that he doesnt want to accept it due to broken and pained relationships of childhood so he thinks he cant love anyone, he did mistake by running away but its my responsibility to rectify his mistake, if Ravi does some mistake then Mansi makes him rectify his mistakes so why Shaurya and me are different? she asks Mohit to bring her luggage, she is leaving for Shaurya’s house, family asks her to stop but she doesnt listen.

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