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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Zeeworld: Latest update on Mehek as Shaurya takes revenge on Mehek for slapping him publicly

ZEEWORLD: Shaurya wants to take revenge on Mehek for humiliating

I know most of you have been asking this question "If really Shaurya loves mehek and wents to marry her or to take revenge for the slap"..

This is just a sneak peak of what's going to happen in the upcoming episodes of your favorite series Mehek.

Shaurya had left Mehek alone in marriage mandap and had gone away leaving her, Mehek is worried for Shaurya. Shaurya turns out have betrayed Mehek, Shaurya had done everything to take revenge on Mehek and her family.

Mehek had insulted Shaurya earlier by slapping him publicly and humiliating him. Mehek and Shaurya's bitter relationship makes Mehek shattered as she really loved Shaurya and thought that it's their new beginning but it wasn't.

Shaurya also steals away Mehek's mother's unique receipes for his new restaurant thus fooling Mehek and Sharma family. Mahek is completely broken down seeing Shaurya missing from the wedding mandap.

Everyone try hard to find Shaurya but they failed to find him but Mehek believes that Shaurya will return to her. Mehek is surprised when the police accuses Sharma family’s for Shaurya’s kidnap.

There are lots of drama unfold when Shaurya returns and Mehek question him why he did not come on the wedding day she was waiting for him for so long. Mahek was happy Shaurya had come for her.

But Mahek soon gets surprised seeing Shaurya is all fine and happy but does not say anything to her. Shaurya then reveals to Mahek that he has no interest getting married with a middle class girl who has no talent but lives in her own dream world.

Shaurya taunts Mahek about how he made her fall in love with him and took revenge for that slap. Mehek is heartbroken knowing that Shaurya disappointed her because he found out about her cooking secret and now he had gotten her mother recipe diary.

Shaurya tells her that he has no need of her. Mehek vows to destroy Shaurya stealing her mother memories Mehek is completely broken down by Shaurya’s betrayal and then she decides to show Shaurya Khanna about what a middle class girl can do.

Mehek vows bring Shaurya down in his knees in front of all at any cost and give the same pain that she and her family bear. It will be interesting to watch as if Mehek becomes a strong woman taking revenge from Shaurya

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