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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Zeeworld: Thursday January 10th update on "Twist of Fate season 3"


*Pragya plans to steal the signed property papers from Aaliya's room*

In the morning, Aaliya wakes up and thinks why she is having hangover. She recalls and thinks if someone came here last night or is it my illusion. She sees the book kept there and says it was kept here. She thinks I had seen her face, but who was she? She thinks if Disha came to my room and that too in the night.
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She thinks how dare she to enter my room and goes to ask her. Purab brings tea for Disha and keeps his hand on her head. Disha wakes up. Purab says good morning. Le Jaaye Jahan plays…Disha says I would have made tea. Purab says you was in deep sleep so I made tea. He asks her to enjoy good morning tea and says he will make tea. She drinks it and says it is good. Purab says I will make it daily. Disha says not daily. Purab says I was joking, if I make tea for you daily then I will not get to drink your tea. Disha feels guilty for hiding the fact from him and thinks she can’t tell him until Pragya permits her. She thinks to talk to Pragya.

Aaliya comes to Disha’s room and asks what she was doing in her room. She says you thought that I will not know. Disha says I was sleeping in my room, why will I come to your room. Aaliya says you made me unconscious with a cloth and says I saw your face. She asks her to tell why she came to her room, and says she is asking for last time. Disha says she didn’t come. Aaliya holds her neck asking her to tell. Purab comes out of washroom and shouts Aaliya. Purab asks how dare she to touch his wife? Aaliya says Disha came to her room. Purab says Disha didn’t come to your room.

Aaliya says she might have come when you were sleeping. Purab says I was awake and Disha was awake too. He says I don’t need to tell you what a husband and wife might be doing when you are awake. He gets closer to her. Aaliya cries seeing their intimacy. Purab asks Trisha to be truthful why she went to Aaliya’s room. There, in the room Aaliya accidentally cuts her wrist thinking about Purab and Trisha’s intimacy. Tanu comes to save her, though her wrist was injured. Disha finally shares with Purab that Pragya was there with her in the room. She was hidden from Aaliya. She tells Purab Pragya was looking for papers, Aaliya has planned to get the property named after herself.
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They searched for the file all around her room but couldn’t find it. Pragya is really tensed about it. In the room, Pragya is worried and wonders whom she should tell about it. She decides to tell Abhi about it before Aaliya leaves for registration. Abhi sat in a restaurant planning a date with Pragya. He gets a call from Pragya and assures he will be back from Bangkok soon. Pragya tries to speak to Abhi that she is really afraid, she was tensed. A manager comes to call Abhi right then, and he cuts the call. Purab and Disha comes to Pragya’s room then. Disha apologizes Pragya for not being able to lie to Purab.

Purab complains about not sharing her problem with him. She has always trusted him, but why she hid the matter from him now. Pragya says she didn’t know how to share the situation. Poorab says Aaliya took the signatures from her, is there something else that Pragya didn’t share. Disha takes their attention to papers. Pragya says she heard Aaliya herself that she has kept the papers, then where they went. Aaliya didn’t even go out of the house tomorrow. Aaliya was getting ready. Tanu comes to ask her about the whereabouts of the papers. Aaliya says she kept them with an old trustworthy relation to secure them.

Raj was waiting in the room. Mitali brings the file to him and asks what’s in it. Raj says it contains papers of Abhi’s property. Mitali wasn’t ready to believe. Tanu was shocked to hear Raj was on their side. Aaliya says when good people are sent to jail, they turn evil. Raj also turned their side a long time ago. They go out of the room and watches Purab and Disha with Pragya. Purab and Disha get aside from Pragya consciously, Aaliya points at Pragya to go to them. Purab discusses they have nothing in hands. Disha spots a file on the table. Pragya recognizes the file and wonders what its doing there. Purab wonders how they must steal the file. On the table, Raj thinks till the evening, he will also have a kingdom over the house.

In the morning, Aaliya comes to Mitali and wishes them all a good morning. Aaliya says that someone will get out of this house by tonight. Dadi forbids them and gets angry and tell them to eat up her brain. Pragya goes to indulge them with some talk, meanwhile Purab and Disha tries to steal the file. Tanu asks Pragya to join them for breakfast. She murmurs that it’s the last day today, she doesn’t want to see her face from tomorrow as it reminds her of deceased Pragya. Tanu telling Pragya that her face reminds her of dead Pragya. Pragya says I get reminded of the film khoon bhaari maang and says she came to take revenge and nobody comes to know. Tanu says you are saying that Pragya will have a rebirth and will come to take revenge on me. Tanu says after 20 years. Pragya says may be she is not dead. Aaliya asks Tanu to be quiet. Pragya hopes Purab gets the file.

Aaliya thinks they are having food for last time. Purab asks Disha to keep an eye on Aaliya. He takes the file. Mitali takes the file and says it is for Raj. Raj says it is his and says he will go to office. Aaliya asks Tanu to come. Tanu asks her to stop. Aaliya says now she has to run, as she is jealous to see Purab and Disha together. Aaliya says Raj is waiting for them and asks her to come. Tanu says Mitali got the file else they would have been ruined. Raj says it can’t happen. Aaliya checks the papers. Raj says he has satisfied himself with a big share of Abhi's properties, Aaliya gets happy and thinks now she will become new owner.

She thinks whatever is of Abhi, will be mine. She wishes Pragya might be alive and thinks the rain is the proof of her sadness. Pragya, Purab and Disha talk about the file. They tell that Aaliya went to the registrar office. Pragya, Purab and Disha talk about the file, They discuss that Aaliya went to the registrar office. Dadi and Dasi come there and asks what they are hiding. Purab says they are hiding something from us. Disha tries to stop him. Purab says they can’t hide infront of their face. Pragya says she was talking to them and asking them to go out and romance. She thought to plan honeymoon for them.

Dasi says she shall be successful and Purab will plan his family. Disha gets shy. Dasi asks her to tell when she is ready with planning. Once they leaves, Purab asks Pragya why did you stop me from telling them. Pragya says we can’t give them tension and take risk of their health. Disha says they will know soon. She hopes only a miracle can stop Aaliya. Raj, Aaliya and Tanu are stuck in the traffic as it is raining. Tanu asks Raj to take car out of Jammed. Raj asks her to sit quietly. Tanu asks aaliya to give papers to her and says she wants to read it. Aaliya gives her papers. Tanu thinks she will take revenge on Abhi. Disha says Aaliya shall not reach registrar office. Pragya thinks when I have not supported truth then why God will help them. Bobli comes there and says Dasi is calling you all. They go downstairs. Dasi asks them to see the news and says rain is floods the roads. They hear the news.

Mitali says I asked Raj not to go to office, but he went there. Taya ji asks her to call Raj and asks him to come home. Dadi asks Purab not to go and stay at home. Purab agrees. Disha thinks they can’t go now. Aaliya and Tanu comes home. Dasi says they came back home and taunts them. Aaliya and Tanu gets upset. Disha and Pragya smiles. Abhi is seen giving interview to media. Reporter asks him about his album and then his wife. Abhi says he has a lot to say about his wife that if he starts now morning will reach. Abhi says Pragya is wonderful, he has no life without her and says she is too good, he goes on praising her. Inna Sona plays…Pragya watches his interview on TV and she's very happy. Everyone claps for him. Abhi says I have a flight to catch, my wife is waiting and excuses himself. He takes out his phone and thinks it is not charged. He then thinks to surprise Pragya reaching Mumbai and will take her on the date.

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