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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Zeeworld: Spoiler alert of Gangaa

GANGAA; Spoiler alert!!!!

Amma ji agreed to sagar and gangaa's marriage but before marriage their prabha Mami mixes something in drink and Sagar drinks it. Sagar in that drunkenstate came very close to gangaa. Next morning sagar doesn't
remember anything that happen
between him and gangaa. The marriage day came and while taking the pheras gangaa collapses and it is revealed that gangaa is pregnant sagar refuses to believe her that the child is his as he doesn't remember anything.

He questions gangaa's character and doubt's her that she was with another man. Disheartened gangaa leaves the house she meets rahat who takes care of poor homeless girls gangaa joins
her family Rahat's daughter zoya is raped and her husband is murdered by rudra (friend of sagar) sagar refuses to believe that rudra can do this. Later it is
believed Rahat and niranjan were college time lovers and zoya was niranjan's daughter.
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Ammaji hide this secret from niranjan because rahat was from different religion and she sent niranjan to London for studies. After a long court case drama zoya reveal to rudra
that she loves him and the rape charges are fake and she only murdered her husband rudra records everything but it is deleted by zoya. He somehow records the confession.
Rahat sees the confession and slaps her daughter but zoya tries to snatch camera in that fight rahat slips and she falls from terrace and she died.

Niranjan took zoya to his house which is not agreed by his wife nd sagar.
Sagar decided to leave the house with her mother and goes to london. Meanwhile, some months leap has been shown and Gangaa gives birth to a baby girl baby on the day of Krishna Janmanashtri and that's she named her Krishna. Niranjan also realises that Gangaa was telling the truth that Sagar is Krishna's father. Gangaa decides to be Krishna's both mother and father.

After 7 years
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Inspired by another show, Yeh Vaada Raha (TV series), Ganga is seen bringing up her and Sagar's daughter Krishna alone. Sagar who is unaware that Krishna is his daughter comes to Banaras on his dadi's insistence. In jungle he came across Krishna who is lost and takes care of her. Krishna is
instantly attached to him. He knows that she is Gangaa's daughter as she looks exactly like Gangaa. He drops her home without meeting Gangaa.

One day sagar nd gangaa came across
each other Krishna recognizes sagar as the man who helped her in jungle. She is pleased to see him back but gangaa takes her home. Sagar plans to leave
Banaras where as gangaa cannot answer Krishna's question about her father she herself set out to find her father. She again comes across sagar but collapses in his arms she is rushed to hospital where gangaa reveal that Krishna has hole in her heart and it is
genetic Krishna's father had the
same problem in childhood.

Sagar is shocked and he questions gangaa that who is Krishna's father but
she doesn't reply. Sagar refuses to go to London without finding answers. One day in temple Yash came and took Krishna blackmail gangaa that he will kill her daughter he reveal that his
mother mixed something in sagar's drink that's why he doesn't remember anything. Sagar and family is shocked
gangaa nd Krishna goes to their home.
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Sagar says sorry and ask for forgiveness but gangaa doesn't budge and isn't ready listen anything as sagar questioned her character but sagar tells her that he came for Krishna and ask Krishna to come with him but
gangaa stops sagar. He then sends custody of krishna later it is followed by a long court case sagar wins the case as Krishna chooses sagar as instructed by him. They somehow managed and convince gangaa to stay at house for one week and they will prove that who loves Krishna more.

This is followed by some funny nd cute challenges after one week Krishna tells sagar that she had to write about a favorite family member she wrote about sagar and speaks a beautiful speech in front of school and all family members, Gangaa is emotional and she plans to take Krishna to her village and being her home soon but sagar comes and Krishna cries as she
doesn't want to leave her father.

Gangaa comes home on the pretense that she need to take some things sagar plans to go to London for some days gangaa is shocked to hear this but she doesn't stop him and he
leaves. When niranjan came he cannot tolerate and he collapses it is revealed that he has blood cancer. As according to niranjan's wish gangaa and sagar finally marry but for his happiness only but at night of the marriage gangaa apologize to sagar for her behavior and not letting him forgive.
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But sagar says it's too late and thinks that it's is his turn to tease her. After all drama niranjan finally survives which
followed a tale of conspiracy. Everything is going fine and sagar
is successful as gangaa expresses
her love for sagar. On makar sakaranti gangaa sagar and Krishna witness a major accident in river gangaa when
gangaa lose her memory.

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