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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Zeeworld: Thursday December 6th update on Iron Lady

Jwala devi is seen asinga Indira why she's staring at her, Put your head in Beera’s shoes, and then we will go to your sasural. Rishi asks Jwala devi to let it go saying she doesn't know him. Jwala devi says, we will have to make her know. She takes Rishi’s mother’s name and says I don’t want to regret again in future. Indira takes Rishi on a side and asks, where are cameramen? I am not going to get trapped. I know very well that you’re making them do all these drama so I get scared and lose challenge. It looks like they are cheap tv actors who are doing a daily soap.

Rishi tries to shut her up, Indira asks, what sssshhh?Jwala devi is going to them, but Indu stops them and says, let them talk. Don’t you even know that you don’t disturb while 2 people are talking with each other? Jwala devi gets surprised. Rishi tells Indira, this is no shooting for any TV serial. This is my family for real. I know you’re not getting all this because you grown up in Delhi, but this is the truth.. they are my family. This is how they think. I am not acting. Indira says, so all this happen here? And you knew that from before? Rishi says, if you don’t like here, then we will just say hello hi, eat lunch and then go back. But you will have to accept that you lost this challenge. You can’t become a bahu, like other normal women. Jwala devi tells Rishi to tell Indira to keep her head on Beera’s shoes. Indira says to Rishi, I won’t give up that fast.

I won’t go back to Delhi. Rishi smiles. Indira continues, but I won’t let myself get insulted. I won’t keep his shoes on my head.. that means I won’t. Indu comes to Rishi and whispers to him, you’re stuck now. How will you solve this? Another new entry, Beera’s younger brother named Veeru, enters and saves Indira. He tells Jwala Devi it’s in our tradition that younger can take punishment for the elder, and if I can’t help my bhabhi, then what’s my use? Indira tells Rishi but why he will put Beera’s shoes on his head? Rishi tells her, when Jwala Devi doesn’t have any problem, then why are you worrying? Let him. Veeru takes off Beera’s one shoe and puts it on his head. Indu then tells something in his ear, and he takes off Beera’s second shoe as well. Beera asks for his shoes, but Veeru carries Indu and both leave with his shoes. Beera will now have to walk barefoot.

Jwala devi says, if all drama is done, then shall we leave? Rishi goes with her and there is a special car, Palanquin, for Indira. Indira doesn’t feel comfortable in it and Rishi teases her by smiling at her. To show she is not annoyed, Indira gives him a flying kiss and Jwala devi sees her. She then looks at Rishi and Rishi closes his eyes. Indira doesn’t like Rishi not talking with her like before and she gets annoyed seeing Rishi keeping his head on Jwala devi’s shoulder. Jwala devi and Rishi are talking with each other. In that Rishi says, you’re not my real mother, but you loved me more than her. You didn’t care about your tradition and sent me to America for my studies so I can live with peace, away from my parents fight. Then they talk about Indira. Jwala devi feels that she will need to control Indira. Rishi says, she is like a coconut, tough from outside, but soft from inside.

Jwala devi says, I don’t care about all that. If coconut can’t be used in pooja, then it’s a waste. She asks driver to drive faster and Indira is left behind in the palanquin. She says to herself, with this speed, I will reach their house tomorrow only. Jwala devi and Rishi reach their house, Jwala Niwas. Inside all the preparations are going on to welcome Indira. Taoji asks badi bahu if all preparations are done. She says, everything is done except flowers. She sends a lady, Sugantha, to get flowers.
Another new entry of a very elderly lady (Jamna Tai). She uses a stick and can barely walk.

Beera comes and his wife, Badi Bhabhi, asks him where are your shoes? And she laughs. Beera takes her on a side and threatens her. He asks her, which wife laughs at her husband? Don’t be too happy because your devrani is coming. You’re my shoe, so be like one. Jamna Tai in the background says, this was bound to happen. Jwala devi (everyone calls her Ammu) comes and gives responsibility of handling Indira to Jamna Tai. She says, I don’t trust anyone else beside you. Jamna Tai tells her, don’t worry.. leave everything to me. But first tell me what kind of wife did Rishi (Rishikeshwar) bring? Ammu says, she is straight like a jalebi.. and is pregnant and bringing new child to this house so be careful.

Indira arrives and some ladies are taking her inside. Seems like Indira is not feeling good. She carefully walks in. They come at the door, and Indu is about to go in, but is stopped by a lady. Indu asks, why can’t I go? I will go. She tells Indira, see Indira Rishi Kumar, no one dared to stop me in Chandni Chowk, but here. Rishi notices that Indira may be ill so he goes to her and asks her if everything is fine. Badi bhabhi teases Rishi saying you didn’t have enough talk with her? Talk, but then you will have to listen to my complains as well. How can anyone leave their house like this? Rishi says, yes it took time to come back, but I didn’t forget anyone. He introduces Badi bhabhi (Nanda Bhabhi) to Indira. Nanda is then doing arti of Indira, but Jamna Tai stops her.

She says, I never seen a infertile doing arti of a pregnant woman. Indira wants to say something, but Rishi stops her. Jwala Devi aka Ammu says, Jamna is right.. and asks Nanda to back off. Jamna Tai then tells her daughter, Sugantha, to do arti. Rishi gets surprised and says, you really grew up. Sugantha says, you also grew up. Indu interrupts and says, will you do arti now? Or will wait to grow up more? Nanda and couple other laugh.Sugantha does arti and Jamna Tai says in her mind, so she is the one who took my Sugantha’s place. Because of her, my Sugantha’s dream of marrying Rishikeshwar remained a dream.

Sugantha asks Indira to come in. As soon as she enters, doors get closed and Indira finds it strange, Indira, Rishi kumar, Indu and the veiled ladies enters the house and the doors behind them is shut, this boggles her Jamna comes and ridicules Indira as she smirks, Rishi introduces Indira to Jamna Tai. He says, she is one of the oldest househelp in the house and in this house her decision is respected by all her. He asks her to touch her leg. Indira goes to touch her leg, but instead vomits on her, She was controlling till now, but couldn’t control anymore. (It Seems that Chiku hates her lol), Everyone is shocked expect Indu who laughs at her. Indira is given water, Rk helps her to drink. Jamna is disgusted and is about to scold Indira but Ammu gives Nanda Bhabhi instructions of taking Indira somewhere, Indira wants to spend sometime with Rk but he tells her he will come later. Ammu commands, Veeru to take Rk out on the wrestling zone, Veeru does so leaving Indira there hurt.

In the Living Room, Some ladies are shown dancing as Ammu is watching them, Nanda Bhabhi brings Indira there, her pallu is falling from her head now and again. Jamna notices this.
Rk wins the fight and his cousins and uncle rejoice. The women are still gifting Indira and applying Sindoor on her forehead. Indu comes and sits on her lap. She starts telling Indira about how Rk is fighting and all. Jamna starts scolding Indu for sitting on her lap while a ritual is going on. She continues scolding her, she is about to slap her but Indira holds her hand. This shocks everyone. Indira realises this and tries to reason with her but she doesn’t! She continues teasing both Indira and Indu! Indu tells her she is a maid in. this house therefore she should know where she stands. Everyone is shocked, even Indira herself, Jamna feels insulted and says she has worked here for so many years and no one has ever called her that! Ammu is angry with all this.

Indira tries to calm the situation but Jamna manages to make Ammu punish Indu for her mischievous nature. Jamna continues to add petroleum to the fire. Indira ‘s pallu keeps on falling, she is questioned on this, Nanda helps her. Ammu gets extremely mad and questions Indu character, Indira tries to cool her down but the lady doesnt listen Indira tells her she understand her laws but ….. Jamna buts in saying that no one has ever questioned Ammu. Ammu gets angry and the issue of girl child and boy child is arises, Ammu claims that she wants a baby boy so that their lineage is extended to the coming generations! Indu laughs and says that it doesn’t matter at all if its a girl or a boy. Ammu gets super angry and walks towards Indu but Indira apologizes and manages to calm her down!

She then supports Indu that there isn’t any difference between a girl and a boy child, she explains in todays world the capability of women, Indira ‘s head isn’t covered, she realizes this and covers it as Ammu looks at her, Indira tells Ammu that Indu is a child, Ammu leaves from there. Scene shifts to Indira’s room where Indu has draped a Sari as she imitates Ammu, Nanda sees her and she smiles, Indu sees her and she runs! Nanda starts crying, Indira sees her and asks her what’s wrong, she tells her she was looking at Indu she noted she missed being a mother since she can’t give birth, Indira wipes her tears and tells that her children are hers as well she smiles. Nanda introduces her to Champa who will tend to her.

Indira wants to change, Champa wants to help her but she disagrees, nanda asks her to leave, Indira takes out her salwar kameez, Nanda informs her its not allowed for her to wear that in the house! Indira tells her she isn’t comfortable in sarees and heavy jewelry, she tells her she wants to meet Rk. Nandu tells her its not allowed! Indira tells her she will see who will stop her. Jamna hears this and she smirks...

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