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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Zeeworld: Saturday April 14 Update on “The Promise” Episode 25–27

Jai brings back two suitcases packed for Piya from Malaysia, including gifts for Bani and Rano! But he senses something amiss from Piya’s expressions and makes up his mind to have a talk with Bani and solve her misgivings. Piya is worried all the more now of breaking her engagement to Jai as desired by Bani. Rano demands to know if Piya has told Jai of her changed decision on noticing her silence, accuses her loving the monetary gains instead of her sisters or Pushkar. Bani detaches herself from Piya’s decisions and tells her she is free to do whatever she wants.

To soothe Jigyasa’s agitation, Ranveer tells her about the CD involving Piya and Pushkar and she asks him to courier it to Jai anonymously at the earliest! Jai enters Bani’s cabin and admits he knows that neither she nor Rano is happy with his proposed marriage to their sister Piya but requests her not to punish Piya as he has fallen in love with her. But Jigyasa’s plan of embarrassing Piya at her ‘Kitty Party’ is sabotaged by Bani who sings Jigyasa’s praise in grooming her as well as her sisters who were unfamiliar in dealing with ‘High Society’ as they hailed from a small town called Mt.Abu! Piya warns Jigyasa against flaunting her wealth and mocking their poverty for that would backfire in her face. However, Bani is unable to reconcile herself with Piya’s decision to marry Jai. Ranveer predicts disaster for both Piya and Pushkar as he watches Tony take the CD marked ‘Urgent’ to Jai and celebrates their fall from grace with Jigyasa.

Tony hands over the CD to Aditya who has overheard Jigyasa and Ranveer’s conversation and is in fact, waiting for this all-important CD. He confronts Bani who pleads her helplessness as she has tried in vain to convince Piya to marry Pushkar instead of Jai. Anyway, Aditya assumes charge as he is ashamed of the extent Ranveer and Jigyasa have fallen! Aditya marches into Jigyasa’s room with Prachi, slaps Ranveer and orders him to destroy this CD or else prepare himself to face dire consequences. A furious Ranveer wants to take immediate action but Jigyasa stops him from doing anything rash and asks him to wait for the right moment.

Rano regrets all her dreams of making merry at Piya’s marriage have gone up in smoke! Frustrated, she asks Bani how different everything would have been had she married Pushkar instead and sympathizes with Sonali. Bani meets Sonali who pleads with her to attend Piya’s marriage as such occasions are rare. On the day of her marriage, Piya is haunted by her loneliness, and misses her father but is pleasantly surprised by Bani’s touching gesture of arranging her bridal necessities. When she says she was sure her sisters won’t let her down, Bani affirms that though she and Rano aren’t happy with her decision, they won’t neglect their responsibilities and perform all the rituals. Bani tells Piya that she has learnt to separate her feelings from her responsibilities and she will ensure Piya’s marriage is a grand affair.

Jai reveals he knows that Pushkar is so excited about his marriage that he can’t contain his happiness! Bani thanks God and her stars that Jai didn’t hear him express his undying love for Piya in an inebriated state. Piya is troubled by Pushkar’s words that he will either destroy himself or Piya and can’t sleep. She steals out of her room and goes to meet Pushkar who is naturally surprised to find her in his room. A hysterical Piya confesses she has made a mistake by agreeing to marry Jai for she loves him asking him to elope with her. Pushkar stops her saying that she had told him it was her decision to marry Jai and he, for one, wouldn’t allow her to play with the feelings of a man who was like a father for him and is firm about not eloping.

Rano accidentally overhears Ranveer and Jigyasa plan to wreck havoc on all marriage ceremonies and rushes dead scared to inform Bani of the impending disaster. Although Jigyasa does her best to provoke Tauji into stopping this marriage calling it a farce, Bani melts his heart with humility and sincerity thus winning him over! When Jigyasa protests, he reminds her of her own marriage and request her not to repeat her mistake with Jai. Bani, Rano and later Piya are stunned to find their room ransacked with their mother’s wedding saree being targeted as well leaving Piya wondering as to who in the Walia household, would have the audacity to do something like this.

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