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Sunday, 15 April 2018

Saturday April 14 Update On Bride With Benefits” Episode 36-38

Payal requests from Dev that their wedding be simple, but Jogeshwar has his own ideas.
Bhuvaneshwar and Indu giving the gift list to Jogeshwar. Jogeshwar/natru says there is no need for gift and biggest gift is giving the bride away. Indu insists that he should accept for society’s sake. He agrees, checks the list and gets irked seeing Goonjun and Aditya’s names and gets angry.

Bhuvaneshwar says they are his elder son and daughter-in-law, so should be called. Even though Payal's father wishes for Aditya and Goonjun to attend to the wedding Dev's father knows this cannot happen and threatened him that if he calls them, he will not attend the marriage. Aditya gives tickets to Mithilesh and asks him to give it to Goonjun. Mithilesh asks how can he and tells him the secret that he wanted Gulkan to go back to her in-laws, so he lied that he incurred loss in business and will shift to small house. Aditya realizes Mithilesh’s plan, but says he did right thing and hugs him. Natru tells Bhuvaneshwar and Indu that Goonjun is very arrogant and insults him and his family a lot. She even slapped Guddi in front of everyone. He says he is very honest and cannot tolerate Goonjun’s insults more. Guddan says even then he should call them for the auspicious moment. Natru says he will not. Bhuvaneshwar says he will do as he says and Rajath apologizes for his mistake earlier.

Mithilesh gives Mumbai ticket to Goonjun and asks her to go on a vacation. She asks why did he overspend. He says his business is working good now and even Aditya helped him monetarily. Goonjun thanks him and accepts the ticket. Aditya grins. Dev’s friend tells him that he will have to take Payal’s permission to meet him after marriage. Dev says Payal is not like that. His friend, Rajesh asks him to call Payal and ask. Payal calls him just then. Dev sends his friend from there and starts conversing with Payal. Payal thanks him for convincing his family for simple marriage. Dev says it is his duty to take care of their family problems and they both continue their conversation. Payal continues that she is lucky to have a life partner like him. He says his friend Rajesh was telling she will not let him meet as no wife would like her husband to meet anyone. Payal asks why will she stop him, she has won his life and he has his own life and after their marriage, they will have to take care of their feelings and will not hide anything from each other. She asks if he will be with her in every step of her life. He says he will. She reminds him that their marriage is very near. He says he is waiting each moment for her. She says she will call him later and cuts the call. He thinks he will have to make himself compatible with Payal.

Dev takes his friend to an office for interview and tells he is giving managerial interview, but will continue his bank exams. Rajesh says he has changed a lot. Dev’s interview turn comes and he confidently finishes his interview. The manager announces only Dev and another person are selected for the next interview. Dev calls Payal to take her best wishes. Payal picks the call and asks why best wishes. He asks her to wish him first. She wishes him and asks again why he needs best wishes. He informs her about his interview and she gets tensed.

Dev calls Payal and asks her to wish him good luck. She wishes him good luck and asks for the reason. Just then, he is called for the second round of interview and completes it successfully. The management informs him that he has cleared his managerial interview. Devs friend says Payals wishes are very lucky for him and he should inform her about his selection. Another candidate cries and tells him that his mom is ill and if he gets the job, he can get her treated. Dev asks the management to give the job to another candidate and walks out. Rajesh asks why did he do that. He says Payal would have asked to do the same seeing the helpless candidates situation, so he did the same. Payal thinks why Dev was asking her to wish him good luck and calls him to know the reason. He thinks she would feel bad if she know that he rejected the job offer, so he tells her that he was filling a form, so he needed her good luck. Payal thinks Dev must be filling his students form and asks why he needed good luck to fill the form. He says it was bank exam form and very difficult to get, he got it but gave it someone needy. She thinks he is so good.
Jogeshwar/natru writes the invitation list and tells his wife Santoshi that he will not call anyone who knows Goonjun, else they will inform Goonjun. She says he is right and asks him to invite particular relative who fought with Goonjun.

Dev comes home. Natru asks why did he go out after his haldi. Santoshi also with her usual overacting say the same. Natru says he has reduced the marriage expensed not to trouble Bhuvaneshwar and his family. Dev smiles. Natru says he has even excluded Aditya and Goonjun from the list. Dev says he did not oppose his decisions till now, but on his marriage, he wants to invite Aditya and Goonjun. He says Aditya taught him how to walk and face the world, so he will not marry without him. He gets up to go and invite them. Natru thinks of stopping him and says he will go and invite them personally. Dev happily hugs him happily. Natru winks at Santoshi, signals he is lying.

Payal gives tea to Rajath and says when he will come to her house, she will serve him tea like this. He gives her LIC papers and till now she was paying premiums and he could not do anything. Rajath says from hereon, he will fulfill his duties and apologizes to her for his misbehaviors and asks if she will love him like this even after her marriage. She asks him not to say this and says he will always be her brother. He says he is remembering their childhood days and don't know how he will live without her. She says just like she will stay and is scared of leaving this house.

He says he will always be with her and is just a call away. She says she wants to give him something and gives him his gold jewelry and says this was given to him by Alka's parents with great love and respect, she got it released from where he pawned them and now he should accept them and return her earns more money. He says he is proud of his sister. She says in childhood, they used to help each other and now she is doing the same. Natru calls his son Aditya and asks if his Mumbai plan is set. Aditya asks why did he call. Natru says Dev wanted to come personally and invited him and Goonjun but he handled the situation with great difficulty. Aditya asks him not to worry, he will leave for Mumbai with Goonjun soon. He turns back and sees Goonjun standing.

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