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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Friday April 13 Update On “The Promise” Episode 22–24

Pushkar, contrary to Ranveer’s expectations, delivers a dignified speech praising Piya’s beauty which can make any man lose his way adding that being chosen by a worldly wise person like Jai Walia is the biggest compliment for her. In the same breath, he points out there is a lady even more beautiful than Piya and that is her elder sister Bani! If Piya’s beauty can make a man lose his way, Bani’s beauty can make any man find his way-moreover, Bani supports her man wholeheartedly.

Any person who finds favour with Jai, automatically earns respect in society and if Jai has selected Piya as his wife, he has also recognized the immense potential in Bani and appointed her as his GM. As Bani walks away wiping tears from her face, Rano follows her and asks her whether she nurses a soft corner for Pushkar. As Bani denies reflexly, Rano tells her how much she admires her ability to protect her from all setbacks.

She has rarely seen fear in Bani’s eyes except when she looks at Pushkar and that really scares her. Once the party is over, a drunk Pushkar drags Piya and slaps her viciously as he recalls how cruelly she toyed with his as well as his mother’s feelings! Bani ridicules Piya’s materialistic approach as she finds her with the gold bangles gifted by Sarla and takes them back as she wants to uphold their traditional values. Pushkar wakes up with a massive hangover decides to take the help of an underworld don to avenge Piya’s betraya, Bani goes to Pushkar’s house and apologizes on behalf of Pia and returns the bangles to Pushkar’s mother. Pia goes to a shop to select a mangalsutra (a golden chain with black beads worn by married women a symbol of marriage).

Pushkar follows her and pulls Pia in the trial room. Bani comes to the shop and is looking for Pia all over. Pushkar takes Pia to the terrace and holds her at a gunpoint. Bani reach there and try to stop Pushkar. Pushkar ensures Pia that he will not kill her but rather kill himself. Pushkar pulls the trigger however the gun is empty. Pushkar says that I wanted to see if you would stop me from dying and says he realized that Pia is selfish and didn’t even bother to stop me however Bani did made an attempt.

Saahil is relaxed before the exams as he is seated behind Rano who is a scholar. Bani and Rano are taken aback to see Piya sobbing but she soon floods Bani and Rano with gifts. She buys a chiffon dress for Rano besides a leather bag and an expensive fountain pen for Bani. As she leaves the room to bring the dresses bought for her by Dadi, Bani thinks aloud if Piya will ever understand that happiness is achieved not by things alone but by memories that no amount of money can buy. But luck deserts Rano in the exam hall where she, of all people, is caught on grounds of copying from Saahil by the invigilator though pardoned by the Principal.

Rano returns home in a furious frame of mind and pours her heart out to Bani who is confident her kid sister will stand first in the college and frauds like Saahil exposed! Side by side, Piya succeeds in stunning Jigyasa and Ranveer by asking her to sign on a cheque for Rs.20 lakhs. Ranveer throws the cheque away and comments that all three sisters aren’t worth 20 pebbles of stone when Jai enters after his week long trip to Malaysia! He is furious with Ranveer for treating his fianc like dirt and tells Jigyasa that Piya had already informed him about her plans to renovate the bungalow but Piya diplomatically handles the situation. She reminds Ranveer that from now on she will be signing his cheques and pay him back in the same manner.

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