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Tuesday March 20 Update On "Lies Of The Heart" Episode 451-453

When Karan doesnt come, all get tensed. The defense lawyer says that there’s no solid evidence and its just a wastage of court’s room. Urmi vehemently says that he shall just come. The judge asks her to speak through her counsel. Mrs. Karmakar pleads for somemore time, while the defense lawyer doesn't let her plead. The defense lawyer insists that due to lack of evidence, the judge should reject the case, and aquit his clients.

Diya and Urmi watch helplessly. Diya too pleads that karan might come anytime. The defense lawywer asks how can a fiancee be late to the girl’s court hearing, and he would have been here if he had to. The judge is about to give his verdict, when Urmi asks the counsel to demand for somemore time. Ashwini then asks the court, to study the case more thoroughly, for some more time. The judge allows, overruling the defense’s objections. He then insists that due to the lack of any solid evidence, incriminating his cleints, they should be given bail.

The judge agrees, while Diya and Urmi haplessly, point out that these ghastly criminals can't be left loose, so that they can molest other innocent women. Ashwini doesnt make much of an effort. the judge gives them bail, while the reapists are amused. Diya is distraught. The judge gives the date for the second hearing and then adjourns the court. After all leave, the defense lawyer comes to Diya tauntingly, and says that they shouldn't have gotten bail, but that is how the judiciary works.

He furthermore points out the weak lawyer that she has got, who is satisfied with her government job and salary. He says that if they had worked a little, then the nations wouldn't have been in tatters. He leaves. Urmi comes and confronts the lawyer. Urmi asks the prosecutor how could she have let them get bail, and not say anything. she asks how would she have avoided. Urmi points out her incompetence, and says that she didn't make any effort, and that if this happens, they would lose the case, even before it starts. The lawyer keeps pointing that she did what she could. Anirudh says that Urmi is right, and had she not pointed out to demand for more time, they would have lost the case, on the defense lawyer’s persistence. The lawyer says thats not her problem, as her evidence didnt turn up, and they are pointing accusing fingers at her.

Urmi says that there might have been some problem, and that she should have fought for it, but she gave up comepletely. The lawyer points that they rarely have a 20% chance, as is it, to win. Diya asks if she doesnt have any conviction, then how do they put their faith in her to win. She says that she doesn't have any other option, and asks her to suck it up, or else do whatever she wants to. She callously says that she got thousands of cases given by the govt to handle and that she can't put in more effort than this. she leaves. Diya is apalled, as she wipes her tears. she comes down the wtness box, keeping a brave face, and then Urmi comes to her support. Urmi says that the condition she is in, a woman has been fighting and losing for centuries like this, but she won't let history repeat, but they would create history by winning this case, and bringing her justice, hugging her, while both are in tears. Anirudh is emotional too.

Obliviously to all this, Shaurya arrives hurriedly in his car, with karan casually and carelessly lagging behind. he nudges karan to hurry along. he is surprised to find diya, urmi and anirudh out of the courtroom. he asks what about the hearing. Urmi says that its over. Karan is amused. Urmi asks what took them so long, and tells them what happened due to their delay. Shaurya is appalled. Anirudh asks how could shaurya be so irresponsible. he is about to speak, when karan says that shaurya’s car broke down. Urmi asks why couldn't they take an auto. Shaurya stands quiet, while karan keeps giving excuses. Shaurya goes aside in anger. Karan assures diya that next time he would handle everything in court. diya stands tensed. urmi comes to shaurya and asks if he actually got late, or there’s something else. While karan tries to appease diya, at a distance, Shaurya narrates everything. urmi is disgusted, and says that she knows what to do with him. Shaurya says that to get karan to agree, he would have to comply. They are tensed.

As Shaurya walks in, Chiku comes and asks how was the first hearing. Shaurya says that it went terribly. He then asks Chiku to get one of the reporters to schedule an interview. Chiku asks who do they have to interview, and is shocked when she hears that it's Karan. Shaurya says that they have to build his image as an actor. Chiku is boggled and keeps asking questions as to why. Shaurya gets angry, while asking chiku to just get it done. Chiku is boggled and asks why should they do this for him. He clarifies that they are doing this for Diya, and then talks about the condition, that Karan shall give his witness, only if they make his image as an actor. Chiku says that this is blackmailing, but Shaurya says that they have no other option. Chiku is tensed.

While all sit, Nupur gets a customer’s call, and then excuses herself to take calls. Once aside, she hollers why is he calling. He talks about a hefty clientele, paying her thrice the money, which would be good for her, and she has to come at eight. Nupur thinks that the money could come in handy for the next few months, and tries to find a way to sneak out for sometime in the night. The doorbell rings and Chiku comes in. He says that he got free early. Asha is happy. He says that he has got movie tickets for everyone. Nupur is busy with her phone. Gaurav is tensed why Nupur, as she is socially weird. But Chiku says that its good, since this shall be a good outing for her. Asha tells this to Nupur happily. who thinks that this shall be the perfect escape plan. Asha asks what's she thinking. Nupur starts faking a stomach ache, and asha tags along, saying that she too shall not go. Chiku says that movie tickets shall go waste, and Nupur insists that they should all go. They comply. Nupur is happy that now she can get her business done.

Shaurya asks Urmi that she has read law, and Urmi responds affirmative. he asks Urmi why doesn't she fight diya’s case. They are all surprised, while Urmi is set to thinking. She asks how can this be. he says that he has a degree too. Anirudh too vehemently likes the idea, and says that she can fight wonderfully, as she has done law, after Ishaan went, and gone through his entire library. Sandhya too supports. Urmi says that she just passed the exam, and never practised. Damini comments on the pathetic condition of Diya, that she feels sympathy, that a totally inexperienced lawyer shall fight for her justice. Anirudh asks her to stop if she can't encourage. Diya too agrees that no-one can be better than her. Urmi is hesitant, while the others have full confidence and trust in her. Anirudh asks her to have faith in herself and her efficiency. Urmi points out that the victim can't hire a lawyer by the rules. Shaurya says that there definitely must be a way out and asks her to search for it. Anirudh asks her to file an affidavit through her NGO, as trying won't hurt, and it would be good if they accept. Diya says that she too wants this, as Urmi would leave no stone unturned to get her justice. Urmi is determined, and says that if possible, she would get her justice, as she knows when she gets justice, that would embolden many other girls, to get justice. All are happy for her and Diya. Urmi is set to thinking. Damini glares tensedly. Shaurya says that they are with her, and if no-one else, she would get Diya justice.

Chiku comes from the intervals having found the movie boring, and then rings the doorbell, but Nupur doesnt open. he cancels his call, and then wonders why is no-one opening. He uses his key to get inside, and then searches around for her, but doesnt find her. He wonders where she went, as she wasn't well. The sudden car horn, alarms him, as he goes to the window, to find Nupur returning in a car with an elderly male. Chiku finds that she is taking money from the customer, who flirts out with her, demanding a kiss. She continues in her professional manner, while Chiku is disgusted wondering what's she doing, and who is she with. He wonders what's going on. As she enters dancing, she is shocked to find Chiku, and asks why is he home so early, as he was at the movies. He says that he found it boring, hence came, and then asks her where was she, as she was sick. She says that she went to the doctor, alone, and then hastily says that the condition worsened and she went out to take meds, and before he can ask anything further, she hastily retreats to her room. He wonders why is she lying, and is determined to find out.

The next morning, Asha excitedly serves everyone breakfast, while Chiku joins them still boggled and tensed of nupur’s behaviour last night, and how she lied on top of that. he indirectly tries to engage in Nupur in his conversation, asking that he must have tried Mumbai’s delicacies. Asha falls prey, and then he immediately asks when did she find out so much about Mumbai, if she is new to Mumbai. Nupur is embarassed, and wonders what to do. she makes an excuse, of coming here in childhood. Gaurav too vehemently sides with Nupur, to save face. Chiku gets angry and hastily walks off.

Shaurya is tensed, while Diya wonders what shall happen today and who shall fight. he says that he doesnt know, as the court hasn't indicated, whether they approve of Urmi or not. Urmi says that it would be a big deal, if they allow her. anirudh is tensed too. Damini asks them not to be childish. Urmi is hesitant and doubtful if she shall get the permit and license to practise, as she has had no experience at all, in practising law. Damini asks if they actually think that she shall get the permit to fight diya’s case, as the govt can't change laws in a snap, nor would they give Diya a mind blowing lawyer for her case. Anirudh says that he is tensed, that they get a worse lawyer. Damini says that if so happen, then Diya and her case, both are a total gone case, as after all the trouble, even if she has to win the case, she wont. She says that after so many years, if she takes to practise, she wouldn't get the permit so easily. Shaurya says that nothing like this shall happen, and assures urmi to come along, as he is sure that she shall get the requisite affidavit approval, to fight diya’s case. Urmi is tensed. Anirudh is also hopeful. He leaves along with diya, urmi and shaurya.

The defense lawyer taunts diya for the absence of a lawyer. urmi storms in wearing the black coat, saying that she shall fight. he says that government orders shall be required for that. she shows him the requisite papers and then gives it to the steno. He taunts urmi yet again, saying that he didnt know she was capable of making such huge changes in the govt and says that he salutes women empowerment. He says that he shall enjoy. She asks him to be happy then. He continues to teases her on her naivety. She then through an anecdotic example, points out as to how overconfidence can kill a person. He smirks and they both take their seats. Karan turns around, and tell Shaurya if the media wasn't called. Shaurya tells him that in rare cases, the media doesn't come in. The judge arrives. Karan is disappointed. The steno serves him urmi’s affidavit, and then the judge asks the prosecutor to continue. Urmi thanks the judge, and then points out about the eyewitness, and the evidence that they were talking about in the previous hearing, Diya’s fiancee, who couldnt come that day due to some issues. The judge asks him to take his stand in the witness box. he complies, and swears on the Gita to speak the truth. urmi asks him if he was there with diya that night, and if he entered into a scuffle that night with them, and if he would be able to recognise the culprits. karan vehemently complies, and then says that it's these three people only. The criminals pretend to be all sweet and innocent, saying that they have never met this man ever before. Diya, Urmi and Karan point out that they are lying. Karan asks him not to pretend, as it was them only. the defense lawyer asks for permission to interrogate Karan. Urmi complies. The lawyer asks Karan that they were engaged, and asks why did they wander around in the streets that late in the night. Karan is stumped. urmi points out that this is irrelevant, as they live in a free country, where a girl can roam with a guy at any time in the night, as that doesn't give right to rapists to take advantage of the girl. The lawyer says that there’s no permit for accusing innocent people either.

The judge asks him to get to the point. He says that it was severely stormy that night, and then asks karan his age, and his proficiency of eyesight. urmi again pints out that this question is irrelevant, as it bears no connection to the case. The lawyer says that there’s a connection, as the day this incident happened, the street lights were all fused, then how did he recognise these people. Karan says that there was enough light. The defense lawyer is unconvinced. urmi says that there was good visibility, and karan and diya both remember the faces nicely. the defense lawyer says that they are just concocting a fake story to implicate their client. She says that these were the criminals. He says that this isn't possible. She asks why. The lawyer says that these accused weren't there in Mumbai on that fateful night as they had gone to Shirdi, on the third of july, and presents bus tickets to shirdi, for the second of july. urmi says that it's possible, that they went and then returned before fifth of july too. the lawyer says that he knew she would question, and hence give the lodge bills for their stay there. urmi says that such documents can be found anywhere, and didnt expect him to be this naive to present them as solid evidence in the court. He asks if this is childish, then how can it be proven that they were in mumbai on fifth of july. she says with confidence that she was waiting for this very question. he is boggled. urmi presents them the mobile phone bills’, which shows the details of the sim and its location and says that these clearly prove that they werent in Shirdi but in Mumbai, that fateful night of the fifth of july.

The steno gives the papers to the judge to verify. The lawyer commends her thorough work, and her brilliant lawyer skills, but for her info, he gives in another piece of info. the lawyer states that before the fifth of july, the three mobile phones were stolen. urmi is boggled, but says that this is a very weird co-incidence, that all the 3 phones were stolen. he says that their stuff was stolen, when they were boarding the bus. She casually asks the lawyer to let the accused talk. He complies. She turns to the accused, and asks about that incident, and that they must have gotten an Fir. They deny. She says that they took the lodge bills, but forget to file an FIR for the stolen stuff when it was all they had. the main culprit says that they were tired of Mumbai, and then pretends a sob story, that they tried to start afresh in Shirdi. She asks if they find this stry believable. The lawyer stands up and says that out of thousands of cases, only some of them get reported or see the court doors. He says that if they even agree that his clients were in Mumbai, how shall she prove that they entered into a scuffle with karan that night. She asks the judge for another hearing to prove that they were the rapists. the judge complies with another date, and adjourns the case. the defense lawyer is tensed. Urmi turns to Diya hopefully. Anirudh and Shaurya approve of Urmi’s brilliant lawyer skills. Urmi caresses Diya’s face.

Anirudh and others praising Urmi for putting up such a fight against the rapists’ lawyer. Urmi says she was nervous as well, but then she got Diya’s face in front of her eyes. Shaurya and Diya tell her they always had faith in her. Shaurya wonders about how those rapists got money for top lawyer’s fees and also how they were able to out on bail. Urmi says she also thought about it. Shaurya says there must be someone supporting them. Other hand, the lawyer assures someone that Urmi may have challenged him today, but in end they will win. The person gives him money and the lawyer says that will make him bring victory faster.

Urmi and Anirudh discuss about bail with an inspector. The inspector praises Urmi’s fight and promises them to give him full support and bring the rapists back in the lockup. He informs them about one of the goons’ contacts is a rich person and he might be helping them as that goon’s father helped him a lot. Urmi gets a call and goes outside. Some goons come to her and blackens her face, warning her to back out from the case. Anirudh comes to help Urmi and the goons go after him as well. Soon police come and the goons run away on their bikes. Anirudh asks Urmi if she’s alright and who were those people. Urmi says they came to threaten her, but now she will fight even harder.

Shaurya returns home from somewhere. It starts raining. He runs inside, but then stops and comes outside again and enjoys the rain. Diya comes in the balcony to get all the clothes. Shaurya asks her to join him. She says no. Shaurya reminds her how she used to enjoy rain and invite him. He invites her saying she’s missing something good, just like she used to say him. She agrees. She comes and both enjoy the rain together. Karan sees and gets jealous. Damini also sees them and gets angry. She comes outside and tells Ishaani to enjoy the rain as well like Shaurya and Diya. Ishaani says she doesn’t like rain and all that. What if she gets sick. She tells Damini not to get started now and leaves. Sandhya asks Damini why she’s always behind Diya. If she’s getting happiness, then let her. Damini says her clothes are touching to her body, she’s all wet, and is with Shaurya like that. Sandhya says Diya is a good girl, she is not understanding her correctly. Diya comes in and goes to her room. Sandhya says she got smile first time after that incident, so let it go. Damini says she won’t compromise her house’s happiness for her.

Outside, Karan taunts Shaurya and tells him to have some fun with Diya as well. He says some dirty things which angers Shaurya. Karan asks if he’s in love with her? Shaurya is all quiet. Karan warns her that she’s not worth love or marriage, so be careful. Shaurya again gets angry and says what a selfish person like him would know about love.

Diya is drying her hair. Damini comes and says it doesn’t look like she was raped. Diya is confused. Damini says the way she was enjoying outside, she would invite anyone to rape her. Diya says she is not understanding her and sneezes. Damini tells her not to get sick now, else Shaurya and Urmi will take whole house on their head, and so will Anirudh. Diya says she’s fine. Damini says thank god. If she stays fine, then all will stay fine. She leaves.

Shaurya, Diya, Urmi are in search of the clues. Urmi is lost in thoughts. Shaurya asks her if she’s alright. She says yes and asks them to look for cameras in area. Shaurya says there are no CCTV cameras. Just then they spot a private camera. Urmi says they can try at least to get the footage. They go to that house and talk to the owner.



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