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Monday March 19 Update On “Fire And Ice” Episode 67-68

Twinkle calls her uncle Raman that her mother didn't come to meet her after she became conscious, ask her to talk to her once, Raman says she is little miffed with her but she will become fine, and asks Twinkle to take care of herself.

Later at Sarna's residence, Kunj and Twinkle are at home, Kunj brings the medicine for Twinkle and ask her to take it, she says she won't have it with the excuse that it's bitter. Kunj says only hour passed when she returned home and her stubbornness again, Twinkle says only one hour have passed and his taunts started again. Their banter continues as Kunj scared her not to take the medicine but the doctor will give her injection and he will make her funny video.

Twinkle says he won't be able to make her video as she is taking the medicine. She takes the medicine, Kunj says she didn't drink water after taking it? Twinkle says if she can bear his bitter words then she can take this medicine without water too. Kunj says she sounds mad raising his two fingers up. Twinkle sees Kunj’s hands wounded, and tells him that she got to know that he did all the rituals of Karwachauth and his hands also got injured. Adding that it was her work and he did it. Kunj asks her not to be happy that he didn't do it for her, but he did it for his mother, as she is the biggest problem of his life and asks her to tell him why did she go to Guradvarah and what did she ask for?

Twinkle says she was asking for his brain to work perfectly. Kunj asks if she think so much about him. Twinkle deny that she don't think about him and he went there to pray for her family and to bring her father-in-law out of all problems but Kunj is her probolem, and that he is confused as one moment he talk to her with so much concern and second moment he get rude with her and ask why is she so confused? Kunj spark at her that she have made his life confused, and points out that she have taken over his bed too. Twinkle also says this is her bed too. Kunj says most fighting girl has become his wife and ask her to sleep. Twinkle says he is not allowing her to sleep as he keep blabbering, both glances at each other and goes to sleep.

The next morning, the Sarna family get a very unexpected guest as this person brings tractor and cow to the Manohar’s house, everyone are shocked to see the man comes there. Usha meets this unexpected guest  and asks why didn't he tell them that he is coming, she touches his feet to take his blessings and looks at Manohar who is tensed to sees him. Manohar is about to touch his feet but the man kicks him away, and all are shocked. The man tells Manohar not to touch him and called him cheater that he is getting punished for his deeds and it's good that he have come on the streets and he is paying for his greed, adding that he deserve all this. Kunj tries to come forward but the man says that he and Manohar’s talk hasn't finished as he has taken enough support now and he should stand on his own. It becomes clear to Twinkle that these people have a hold on her father-in-law and he fears them. A confused Twinkle wonders who these guests are and what hold do they have on her father-in-law, she then ask Nikki who the man is? Nikki says he is their uncle, their father-in-law's elder brother.

The uncle tells Twinkle that he is Surjeet Sarna, Manohar’s elder brother and asks if she is Kunj’s wife? He asks her to tell him how much property Manohar took from her family? Manohar try to cover his mistake and asks what his brother is saying? A furious Surjeet slaps him hard, he says he have no value to raise his voice infront of him in his only house and announce that from today this is his house and he will throw his family out of his house. Seeing that Twinkle is looking at him, he asks to not stare at him and asks if she don't believe him? In order to make Twinkle hate her father-in-law, Surjeet then tells Twinkle that Manohar made her his daughter-in-law of the house as she belong to a rich family and that Manohar only loves her money, he is a liar and selfish person. But Twinkle feels Surjeet disrespectful his father-in-law and apologize to Surjeet that she answer him back, but she politely tells him not to say like this about her father-in-law, she made him understand that she is not insulting hom but her father-in-law is her family now and she won't be able to listen to anything against him, adding that he can't insult them as she won't bear that.

Surjeet gets furious and tells Twinkle that Manohar has no respect that he can't insult him and then decides to tells Twinkle the truth that Manohar cheated him, took all the property of their father, sent them on the streets and ranaway relocating abroad, he kept taking rounds of court to fight their father case but now Manohar fate has turned as he have won the case in court and declare that from today all this property, cars etc are his. Twinkle, Kunj and the rest of the family are shocked. Surjeet then orders his men to throw them and their things out of the house. Usha plead with not to do this that they are his family too. Surjeet point out that her husband cheated him and now he will throw his family away. Surjeet’s men starts throwing things outside the house, Twinkle  try to stop them and Surjeet's men pushes her away and just when Twinkle is about to fall down, an elderly lady holds her in time and ask if she is fine? Usha calls out to her as sister.

Bebe comes to Surjeet and slaps him, she asks him if he have gone mad and how can he do this with his family? Sujeet angrily asks what family is she talking about? He says she is their elder sister, raised them like mother, she did not married because of them and that's why they call her Bebe but Manohar didn't even think about her when he cheated them and asks his elder sister if she have forgotten all that? Bebe reply him that she have not forgotten anything, she comes to her brother Manohar and tells him that he is her favorite brother and he cheated her? She tells her younger brother Surjeet that there will be no difference between him and them if they do same thing like Manohar, then she announce that nobody will go from the house and they all will live in the like a family.

Bebe tells Surjeet that if they throw them out today then there will be no difference between them and Manohar, she reminds him that Manohar is their blood, and they should let bygones be bygones but from today no one will go from the house, everyone will live in the house like a famiy. Surjeet try to go against his elder sister but Bebe says that she have said it and it's her final decision to leave together as one family. Usha is pleased and happily touches her feet. Bebe blesses her. Kunj who is also happy to sees his father aunt comes there and takes her blessing. Bebe lovely praises him that he is still the same and good boy but he have become lean and now that she have come she will make sweet laddos for him. Kunj also tells her that he used to miss her alot. Babe explain to him that his father is responsible for this, as he broke his happy family for greed of wealth but now that she have come she will make everything fine.

Bebe meets Twinkle and ask her if she is Kunj’s wife? Twinkle nods. Babe tells Twinkle that she hope that she prove herself as good wife and daughter-in-law of the family and remind her that tomorrow is Karwachauth and she have to wake up early in the morning, have to eat Sargi then she will fast for her husband long life tomorrow. Twinkle who is happy to meet Bebe nods her head and thinks that she will have to stay hungry the whole day? Later alone in their room, Kunj tells Twinkle that he can't believe his dad did this for money and he don't know why people get blind for money that they don't even care for their relations. Twinkle says they cant change what happened in past but to see the whole family is under one roof and her heart says that they will become one happy family soon. Kunj says he is happy that his aunt has come, he have missed her alot and he will eats laddos and says it has same taste as it's so tasty. Twinkle smiles at him, Kunj ask her to eat, she says she will eat later.

Kunj insist her to eat it as tomorrow she will have to be hungry the whole day and he feel she can't do this fast as she is a foodie. Twinkle ask when did he see her eating the whole day? And if she was foodie then she would have eaten all the laddos, and she will proof to him that she will do the fast and he will see. Kunj asks why so much love for him? He asks if she will fast for him? And further tells her that she made him sentimental. Twinkle asks him not to fly in air, as she not fasting for him but for her mother as she wants her to become good daughter-in-law and when she know that she have done this fast nicely then she will be proud of her. Kunj tells her that he don't believe in fasting and all and their marriage is just a compromise and tells her to do what she like to do, he leaves. Twinkle says to herself that she will do this fast, and she will do everything which will make her mother proud.

Leela tells Raman that Twinkle married just two days earlier and she has seen so much problems, adding that it's very difficult to adjust in new family and now their relatives has come from village and they have different mentality as Twinkle is modern and they have different thinking, she don't know how she will adjust with them. Pinni says she will adjust with them but to first think about Karwachauth which is tomorrow, as they all know Twinkle can't stay hungry for long time and they should think what will happen when she will not fast. Leela prays to Lord for Twinkle. Surjeet asks Bebe why did she allow Manohar to live in the house in which Bebe reply that Manohar lost the case to them and the truth has won but if they throw them out then there is no difference between him and them, and elders should forgive their younger brothers, and now that the whole family is together, they should live like family but Surjeet is in no mood for this and says he will live with him but he won't reconcile with him and he is determined to take revenge from him. Bebe says she have always been on right side, she understands that Manohar was wrong and she chided him, adding that she took her side but if it's because of his revenge, and if any problem falls on her family then she will not tolerate that, and nothing should happen to her family.

The whole Sarna family is ready to heve dinner, Manohar comes for dinner too and just when he is about to sit on the family head chair, Surjeet comes there and pushes the chair away, Manohar is about to fall but Kunj comes there and holds him on time. Surjeet remind Manohar that the chair is for the head of the house and he is now the head so he will sit on it, Manohar moves to sit on other chair, and at the same time, Bebe comes and tell Surjeet that the chair is for the head of the house and remind him that his elder sister is still alive and asks how can he sit on it? She then tells him to move aside as she will sit on the chair. Surjeet angrily stares at Manohar and moves to another seat. Bebe sit on the head seat, she sees the food and asks what is this? She scolds them that they have become modern as the food has no oil and that's why they all have become weak and then go to gyms to remain fit, adding that the servants have made them habituated to all this, she then tells the servants that their work is done as they will not work in their house from now on.

Usha, Nikki and Twinkle are stunned, while the servants looks shocked too. Bebe tells Usha that she have two daughter-in-laws in the house and announce that they will cook desi food from tomorrow and not this and instruct Usha to make sure that the food should be desi from tomorrow like lassi, saag etc, Usha is tensed listening this while Bebe tells Twinkle to eat nicely as she will fast tomorrow, and she have to wake up at 5am for her Sargi. Twinkle agrees. With the new rules in the house, Nikki thinks what will happen to her pedicure if she waste time in cooking? Bebe adds that from now only her orders will be followed in the house.

Later in her room, Twinkle set her alarm to wake up early, she prays to Lord that she have set the alarm, and pray to please wake her up at 5am sharp else her aunt ( Bebe ) will scold her. Kunj laughs at her plight as he knows that she wake up late. She ask why is he laughing? Kunj says his wish, lioness is shivering now, and he can't wait to see what will happen to her tomorrow, infront of his aunt as she ( Twinkle) was saying big dialogues and now she is shivering. Twinkle spark at him to stop laughing else....Kunj interrupts her and ask else what? Twinkle tell him to let her think what she will do. Kunj asks her not tothink much as she don't have brain. Twinkle tells him not to talk much as she is already tensed.

Kunj ask her to go and sleep, Twinkle pulls the Pillow, with the excuse that she need extra pillow. Kunj gets angry with her and says first she took his bed, now she need his pillow. Twinkle asks why is  he thinking about his pillow? And asks what about her that she left her house, her bed, her teddy bear and he is taking advantage of all this and tells him to take his pillow that she don't need it. Kunj tells her not to blackmail him emotionally as she know he is a good person, he gives her his pillow and ask her to put on her mouth as she snores alot. Twinkle deny that she is not snoring and asks if he is mad? Kunj point out that when she start sleeping, he listen to her snores the whole night, he puts clip on her nose and says this might end her snores. Twinkle also says she don't need it, and put the clip on his nose. Kunj gets angry and both stare each other.

The next day, the alarm rings at 5am as it's Sargi time but Twinkle doesn't wake up. Kunj wakes up and tries to wake her up but she is in deep sleep. Usha knocks at their door, Kunj comes out and doesn't let her go inside as Twinkle is still sleeping. Usha says she have to give Sargi to Twinkle and she must be awake by now but Kunj says yes she is awake but his mom can't go inside. Usha ask why? Kunj says he was helping her to wear saree as she will be embarrassed to see her as she is shy and request his mom to give him the Sargi.

Usha says fine, she gives him the Sargi and she leaves, Kunj comes in and says to sleeping Twinkle that he is saving her from everything and she is sleeping peacefully. He decides that he won't wake her up now and she will remain hungry the whole day without having Sargi. It's now 8am in the morning, Twinkle wakes up and tells Kunj that she is going to eat Sargi as it must be 5am. Kunj shows her the clock that it's 8am. Twinkle asks didn't the alarm ring? Kunj says it did but she was sleeping peacefully, and he tried to wake her up but she didn't budge a little, and inform her that his mom came to give her the Sargi but he had to lie to her that she is getting ready because if his mom had come inside then she would have scolded her alot. Twinkle says she will eat her Sargi now but Kunj stops her and says he may die if she do this sin and Sargi time is finished and her fast will not complete if she eat now and further asks where is her Tashan that she will fast for. Twinkle is tensed. Seeing how worried she is, Kunj tells her to eat the Sargi now and promise not to tell anyone that she is not fasting but a determined Twinkle says she won't eat her sargi and she will fast without it. Kunj says as she wish, he leaves. Twinkle says it's all the clock’s fault as it didn't ring loud.

The moment she comes down, Bebe calls her and ask if she is fasting today? Twinkle says yes, Bebe ask her to tell why they do the fast and what's the history behind it. Babee says she is modern and she don't even know what Karwachauth means? And that for her it must be taking her picture while fasting and putting it on facebook. Babe turns to Usha and scold her that she didnt even tell her daughter-in-law anything. Usha promise to teach her everything and if it was some other in-laws then they would have taunted her mother.

Bebe calls Nikki and ask her to tell her the history about Karwachauth, Nikki too says she don't know. Bebe is furious with Usha and admit that Twinkle is new in the house and it's her first Karwachauth but it's not the first karwachauth for Nikki, and she ( Usha) didn't tell her anything. Nikki implicate Usha the more and tells Bebe that her mother didnt bother to tell her about it and her mother-in-law never told her about Karwachatuh. Bebe reminds Usha that it's not only mother’s responsibility to daughters about Karwachauth but mother-in-law should also teach them, and that her elder daughter-in-law doesn't even know about it and asks why she blame Twinkle.

Usha thinks that this Twinkle doesn't know anything and puts her in problem, she ask Twinkle and Kunj was telling her that she was going to wear Saree today, and asks why she is not wearing it? Twinkle is confused what she is saying. Kunj comes there and listens to this, he comes there and says Twinkle must be feeling shy, and both Twinkle and him tried to make her wear the saree but she couldnt and it's so difficult to tie the saree and due to time,  he asks Twinkle to wear the suit. Bebe says no problem, she ask Twinkle to get ready nicely for the evening. Kunj tells his aunt that Twinkle is so excited for the fast and she can fast for him every weekend. Bebe says she should as she got such nice husband but Nikki thinks that there is something fishy between them and she decides to find out if Twinkle is fasting or not.



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