Monday, 12 February 2018

Monday February 12 Update On “Love Happens” Episode 238-240

Kaushalya tells the cop that Kanhaiya forced her to be part of his plan. Basanti loses her cool and accuses Kaushalya to be the main culprit, but Kaushalya pretends to be innocent. However, before Kaushalya can convince the cop, Daadi arrives and spills the beans.

Kanhaiya is shocked when he comes to know the truth. He apologises to his real mother Janki and Daadi, who whole heartedly forgive him. Finally, Raghu heaves a sigh of relief as the whole drama comes to an end. With Kanhaiya, Basanti and Kaushalya arrested, it’s time for Raghu to be welcomed back. Meanwhile, Bhola tells Isha that he is missing his family and desperately seeks to be re-united with his family but Isha gets in the way and prohibits him from going to the village and asserts that she is her family now. Raghu gets worried when he comes to know about Bhola's dilemma. He feels very bad for Bhola as Isha shows no respect for him. However, Raghu decides to teach Isha a lesson and bring Bhola back to his father's place.

Daadi once again apologises to Janki for hiding the truth about her other son. However, Janki assures her that she has no grudge against her. Later, Bhola meets Raghu and expresses his desire to have lunch with him. Bhola earnestly tells Raghu that he misses his family very much. He further tells Raghu that Isha has completely taken away his freedom and he is finding it hard to break free. Later, both the friends get elated when they come to know that Bhola's father is fixing Sona's alliance. Bhola curses his fate as his father does not inform him about this. On the other hand, Isha gets alarmed when she comes to know about Sona's alliance and starts thinking of a plan through which she can stop Bhola from attending his sister's marriage. Later, Raghu assures Bhola that he will talk to his father and pacify him. But Bhola gets heartbroken when his father tells the groom's father that he does not have any son.

Sona's marriage is fixed for the next day. Sona's father gets worried, but Raghu assures him that the whole village will take care of the marriage preparations. Bhola feels very depressed as his father has completely disowned him. Later, Sona meets Bhola and tells him that she won't marry if he does not attend her wedding. Meanwhile, Isha comes up with a novel idea to stop Bhola from attending Sona's marriage. She goes to Bhola's house with expensive gifts and intentionally insults Bhola's father by making him realise that he is poor. However, Bhola's father keeps his cool and does not react. Later, he gets emotional when Raghu brings Bhola along with him. Bhola expresses his sincere apologies and assures his father that he will not repeat this mistake. Isha is taken aback when Bhola refuses to go with her. On the contrary, he asks Isha to stay with him and lend a helping hand in the marriage preparations. Isha gets furious and again insults his father. This time though, Isha’s actions cause innocent Bhola to snap as he loses his cool and slaps Isha, leaving her in a state of shock. Isha walks away in a fit of rage. However, she gets happy when Pyare tells her that Bhola would have never left her if she had kids.



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