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Monday February 12 Update On “Lies Of The Heart” Episode 359-354

At Ishaan’s residence, Samrat and Damini are talking about spoiling Ishaan and Urmi's relationship. They are both amused at Urmi’s plight and how they brilliantly spoiled their honeymoon, by the pretext of Shaurya’s ill health, pretending to be concerned and terribly distraught. Samrat and Damini are super happy with the success of their new plan. He applauds Ishaan's mother for her wonderful plan.
Damini says that it's due to Baba, that Shaurya suddenly got sick. She says that baba has said that Ishaan and Urmi will never unite, and so shall it be. They eye each other evilly. Samrat says that he is happy to have found a partner in her, and hopes that they are successful in their mission.

The next day, Samrat is all set to work in Ishaan's father's company, while at the breakfast table, Tani forcibly feeds Samrat extra, as it's his first day at office. Samrat thinks that he might be going, but wonders what's his work profile, and decides to find out. He asks Alok about it, and the cabin and the infrastructure. Anirudh asks him to know directly. Samrat says that he is sure he would get a personal cabin, but just wants to be sure. Anirudh assures him that he will, and talks about business. Samrat says that he will take Tani’s car to office, and she asks why. He says that he doesn't have one now. She says that she has to go out, and can't give it. She asks him to go with her father and Alok only. He resignedly complies. Damini plan to cut Urmi and Ishan's honeymoon short, is 100% successful as Urmi and Ishaan reach and they are all surprised to find Urmi and Ishaan coming in distraughtedly, asking how Shaurya is. Damini says that Shaurya is sleeping in the room. Urmi rushes to Shaurya room to attend him. Ishaan's father, who is surprised to find them and questions the members of his family that who was the person involved in spoiling Urmi and Ishaan's honeymoon and asks his son how he got to know. Ishaan himself tells his father that it was his mother who told Urmi. Anirudh says that he is better and everything is fine, and is upset that Damini called them. He asks her why did she call, even after he told her not to. She says that she just had a normal conversation. He begins to reprimand her, but Ishaan steps in saying it isn't a big deal. Sandhya understands that Damini was behind it. Anirudh is tensed. Samrat however is very happy.

While Shaurya is asleep, Urmi cries and says that she is right here and asks him to get well soon now, as she would be extremely tensed otherwise. Ishaan comes and attends to him too. He finds that Shaurya is better and he will be better. Urmi says that the medicine aren't working. He asks her to control herself and not be tensed. Damini and Sandhya come there, and finds them both tensed. Ishaan asks Urmi not to be tensed. Sandhya asks her if she didn't trust them with her child, as they too are mothers. Urmi vehemently gives an explanation. Ishaan asks her not to and asks his aunt Sandhya not to talk like this. He asks his mother what the doctor said. They said that his samples have been sent for tests, and the reports will be there by the evening. They are very tensed.

At Anirudh’s office, Samrat ogles at th huge office and lavish business spread and apart having evil dreams of owning it all. Anirudh discusses Samrat’s duty delegation with Alok. He shows Samrat the personal cabin, and Samrat expresses that he is thrilled. He asks what project he wants him on. Anirudh asks him to learn work first, and then they will decide what field to delegate him. Samrat gloats about himself, while Anirudh taunts him with an anecdote, saying that he will know it for himself. Samrat is angered inside, but he plays his polished self. Anirudh says that Alok handles his accounts, and remembers that he has an urgent meeting. He asks Samrat to familiarise himself with the projects in the meanwhile. They both leave for the meeting. Samrat fumes, while sitting on his chair, eyeing his office.

At Ishaan’s residence, Damini gets Samrat’s call, and she takes it casually, without letting anyone know that it's Samrat. He asks her to find out if they consummated their marriage. She is tensed. She agrees and disconnect the call. Ishaan notices that she is tensed, and asks her what the matter is. She expresses how sad she is that they couldn't enjoy their honeymoon at all, and then indirectly gets it out of them, that they didn't get any alone time in the hotel room, to be able to consummate their marriage. She is overjoyed inside, but maintains a tensed face. Ishaan gets the doctor’s call, saying that the checkup reports have come. He asks if everything is okay. He asks Ishaan to come to the hospital. He agrees. Urmi asks what the matter is. He says tells her and they both are tensed.

Later at the Hospital, Ishaan and Urmi meet the doctor treating Shaurya. They are both impatient and wait anxiously and nervously, waiting to know what's wrong with Shaurya, while the doctor studies the reports. The doctor says that there’s problem, and that they have a cure these days for all kinds of problems. Urmi says that Shaurya just suffered from minor fever and asks what more could it be. He asks them to be patient. Ishaan asks the doctor to tell clearly what the matter is, as they are tensed, and would like to know the truth. The doctor tells them that Shaurya is suffering from bone marrow cancer. Urmi and Ishaan are shell shocked.

The doctor puts Urmi and Ishaan to shock when he informs them that Shaurya is suffering from Bone marrow cancer. Hearing about the cancer, Urmi goes berserk and distraught as to how this can be. Urmi who is in a state of shock, loses her cool and tells the doctor to recheck the reports as it must be a misunderstanding, while Ishaan tries hard to get her to relax seeing Urmi's reaction to this news of her son. He finally hollers at her, while the doctor asks her to have patience, while she doesn't want to face this. The doctor says that this problem can creep in anytime, and there’s a problem to this type of cancer. Ishaan calmly asks what's the next step. The doctor gives him a letter asking him to give it to the oncologist, who will guide him further. They walk out in a daze, as Urmi remembers her time with Shaurya, in his childhood. Ishaan is dejected and heartbroken, but keeps calm for keeping Urmi composed. Urmi gets broken down before the public in the hospital. She is disappointed and appalled, as she doesn't realise what's happening. She remembers
the doctor’s statements and gets a panic attack yet again, praying for Shaurya to be okay. Ishaan desperately tries to calm her down, while she collapses in his arms.

At Anirudh’s office, Samrat is surfing through the office, when Anirudh comes and asks what's he doing here. Samrat says that he got bored inside, and so thought of strolling outside. Anirudh asks if he is eager to work around, and says that he has a work for him, looking at his dedication and will do work. He shows Samrat a file for an upcoming project, saying that it's now, and Samrat is super happy, not realising his hidden motive. Samrat gloats that he would make this project reach new heights. Anirudh tells him that he would have to handle the marketing and sale of this building and Samrat is shocked, to find that it's beneath him, when he gets to know that he has to convince the buyers to find it. Samrat asks what will be his cut. Anirudh says that for every sale of a flat, he would get 1%, and Samrat is shocked at the meagre amount. Anirudh says that he can easily get salaried employees to work for this, but being his son in-law, he is getting a cut. Anirudh leaves, while Samrat fumes.

At Ishaan’s residence, with Shaurya in her lap, Urmi asks Ishaan, why is Shaurya going through this, when he didn't mean harm to anyone. She berserkedly tries to speak about how small and innocent he is, and how can he have such a deadly disease, and wonders why is God testing her. Ishaan is distraught, but composes himself, and asks her not to cry, as he would take him to the oncologist today itself. Urmi assuredly asks him if Shaurya would be okay, and nothing would happen to him, and begs him to save Shaurya. Ishaan cries, but doesn't let Urmi see it, as she collapses yet again in his arms.

Downstairs, Anirudh and Alok rush in asking why were they called so urgently. Damini says that she doesn't know, but Ishaan is upstairs tensed with Urmi. Samrat asks Tani what the matter is, and she says that she is okay. They then notice, Urmi and Ishaan coming down in a distraught state. Samrat is boggled, while Anirudh is appalled. He rushes to ask Urmi and Ishaan what the matter is and why were they called urgently. Alok asks if Urmi’s health is okay. Later, Ishaan informs them in the house that Shaurya is suffering from a cancer, and all are shocked, including Samrat and Damini too. Samrat makes everyone believe that his worried about Shaurya and rushes asking if Shaurya has cancer and wonders how can this be, to his own son, and this can't be. He too gets berserk, while he tensedly asks him to control himself. Seeing Samrat's reaction as he finds that his son is suffering from cancer, Damini too comes there and asks how is this possible and asks them to elaborate. Ishaan tells about the bone marrow cancer, shocking them all. Samrat starts hollering at Urmi as if it's her fault, asking how could she let this happen to his son by giving him this deadly disease. Ishaan and Anirudh ask him to calm down and behave. Damini asks him to shut up, as Urmi is his mother after all, and she can't be mean to him. Anirudh says that they will try whatever means they can, and whatever treatments are there, to cure Shaurya. Samrat says that he doesn't trust the doctors and asks Ishaan what did the doctor say. Samrat jerks Urmi asking her how much time is left with Shaurya, in terms of months, so that he can give him all the happiness in the world, and keeps pointing out as to how long Shaurya has to live before he faces his imminent death with cancer. Finally, frustrated Urmi shoves him away with a scream, saying that she doesn't know, as she won't let anything happen to him, and all are shocked. She says that his mother is alive, and hence god can't do anything to him. All are shocked to see such ferocity, whereafter she collapses again, and Ishaan and Anirudh compose, while she rants, that Shaurya would be alright, and God cant take him away.

At the Hospital, While the doctor studies the reports, Urmi and Ishaan wait anxiously. The doctor asks them to listen patiently what he is about to say, as it's good that they caught it early, and they have time for treatment. He says that there’s just one treatment in the world for this, and that's possible in their hospital. They ask what's it. He asks them if they have another child, Shaurya’s brother or sister. They deny. The doctor advises them that the treatment for Shaurya’s bone marrow cancer, is by the bone marrow of his sibling. He asks them to plan the baby soon, as soon as possible. Ishaan asks why, and the doctor says that for bone marrow transplant, they need a sibling, and once the child is born within nine months, they can transplant the bone marrow from the umbilical cord. And if that's not a success, then they will try again after 18 months, until which time, Shaurya will be on medication. He explains the entire procedure, and emphasises that they should plan a baby as soon as possible. They are tensed. Ishaan clarifies that he isn't Shaurya’s biological father and if her and his child will have the same effect. The doctor denies and says that the mother and the father have to be the same. Urmi is shocked and distraught, while Ishaan is shell shocked. He says that other than that, there’s no cure. Urmi’s shocked, as she finds all hopes lost wondering where to go from here, and Ishaan stands dejected. Urmi’s distraught.

Still at Ishaan’s residence, Ishaan's mother is seen crying and getting tensed concerning Shaurya, for such a small child fighting with such a deadly disease, and when Sandhya finds her and thinks that she might be just acting as to why is she pretending when no one’s around, and points it to Damini, who is horrified, that Sandhya can stoop to such a level to think so. Sandhya says that she didn't mean so. But Ishaan's mother lashes at her, then tells Sandhya that she did not wish bad for Shaurya instead she wished good for her own son, asking how could she misunderstand her, as she only wanted her son’s life back and her son’s good, but not someone else son’s life or his happiness. She leaves fuming in anger, while Sandhya is irritated.

While on the other hand, a broken Ishaan and Urmi are still in the thoughts of Shaurya and the diagnosis that the doctor had advised. Both are back on their home, in the car, while both of them are distraught and appalled, both unable to control their tears, as they hold each
others’ hands to comfort each other. She turns away and breaks into uncontrollable tears.

At Ishaan’s residence, as Urmi and Ishaan’s family sit together, all are tensed that Shaurya is suffering from such a deadly disease. Samrat says that he hopes he had money, and he would have given him first class treatment. Anirudh says that he is there for that, and they will give whatever money is needed. Sandhya comes in saying that the food is laid out. Samrat instantly gets up to rush. Anirudh says that till the time Urmi and Ishaan don't come back, he won't be able to eat food or any other family member. Samrat gets frustrated but says that it's absolutely right, taking a U-turn. Just then, Urmi and Ishaan come back home, and all rush to ask what the matter is and what did the doctor say. Ishaan stands tensed as he cannot disclose this matter in the family. Anirudh asks what's the next step. Ishaan says that the doctor has prescribed some initial tests after which, they will begin with the treatment and medication, and Shaurya will be fine soon. Samrat comes and asks what the treatment is, while Ishaan says that it would be general treatment course in cancer. He asks what will it be, chemotherapy or anything else. He insists. Ishaan looks tensedly at Urmi whether to tell what the doctor said. Urmi is in despair, as they remember the doctor’s condition. Ishaan asks Urmi to go to Shaurya and she complies. Urmi breaks down in front of Gaurav, who tries hard to comfort her. All are tensed. Ishaan tells Samrat that he will tell him everything, but Samrat says that he will go tomorrow with them to the doctor to find out every detail about Shaurya and his ailment. Hearing this, Ishaan presses his shoulder and requests him, saying that he understands his pain, but asks him to believe that they are trying their best. Damini sees that for the first time, Ishaan is talking so nicely with Samrat, and maybe others don't notice it, but she does, that there’s something wrong and unusual.

Meanwhile, Urmi stands outside the room, and is appalled to see Shaurya making drawings. She composes her face, and then with a smile on her lips, she comes to him. He asks her where had she gone. She gives an excuse of some work, and then asks him to rest. He says that he is feeling better and asks why does she sound tensed. She fakes composure. He says that he feels bad that they cancelled their trip, as they shouldn't have done that. She says that it's okay as they will go some other time. He assured his mother that he will be okay soon, as he just has minor fever. Urmi looks at him terribly upset and caresses his face, saying that she is very tensed nevertheless, trying hard to control her tears. He says that all problems vanish when she is around, as she has the solution to everything, and then asks why does she sound so tensed, as no disease stands anywhere before her love for him. Urmi caresses him. He asks her to promise him, and she does so blindly. Ishaan comes just then. Shaurya makes her promise that they will go back on their trip the day he gets better. She agrees crying. Ishaan comes into lighten the mood. He asks Shaurya why is his mother crying. Shaurya asks him to explain to her, that very soon he will be fit and fine, and asks her not to cry. Ishaan too plays along, and tries to cheer them all. He says that he is very hungry, and Shaurya says that he is too, and says that he wants to eat pudding. They both order Urmi to make it, and she happily leaves.

Samrat meanwhile in the room is very tensed that he couldn't lay his hands on the food. He eyes the fruits kept on the table for Tani, and wonders whether to take one or not, but then his hunger overpowers and he takes an orange. Before he can take the first bite, he hears Tani calling him, and gets frustrated and stuffs the orange underneath the bed. Tani comes inside with a plate of food. He is happy to see the food, but pretends that he is tensed for Shaurya. She asks him to eat or his health would go bad. But he keeps saying that he is very tensed to eat. Tani eyes the peel around Samrat’s mouth and is tensed, as she asks if he ate. He asks why does she say so. Tani shows him orange peel, and asks what's it. He gets flustered and then gives an excuse that he ate an orange, as he was going unconscious. She asks him to eat too now. He pretends not to be able to swallow, out of Shaurya’s ill health. She asks if he wants to spend time with Shaurya tonight. He says that he wants to but Urmi won't allow. Tani says that she can talk to Urmi and get that to happen. He says that it would be an unnecessary bother and moreover he forgets every pain when he is with her. She starts feeding him. He thinks that he killed two birds with one stone.

Meanwhile, Urmi is distraught as she remembers the doctor’s treatment, when Ishaan comes in and is appalled to see her like this and places a reassuring shoulder on her hands to comfort her, but it just breaks her all the more. He sits beside her, and asks her to talk to him, as turning away won't help. She asks what can she say as she doesn't have the guts to do what is demanded to save her son’s life. She says that the lord gave her son a disease, from which to save him, and she would have to die. He says that she would have to face the situation. Ishaan tells her that she has to be strong, but she can't escape, as the god is testing him and her and their love. Damini comes in with milk, and overhears standing near the door, as Urmi talks about her dilemma wondering what to do, as she desperately wants to save her son’s life, as a caring mother, but she just can't do what the doctor told her to, at any cost. Ishaan stands boggled and confused, while Damini is perplexed as to what she is talking about. Urmi says that there must be some other way to save Shaurya’s life somehow, while Ishaan is distraught as he tries hard to comfort her. He says that according to the doctor there’s no other way out. Damini wonders what's causing them to be so worried, that has Urmi so hesitant, and there’s something no one knows.



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