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Tuesday, 17 December 2019

How court reverses its judgment after discovering lies peddled by Obinna Uzoh

Obinna Uzoh
......risks jail term for lying on oath

As written by Amb Adichie Izuchukwu

Wonders shall never end!! Politics of Abra cadabra and “the more you look, the less you see” is back!!

Nigeria is witnessing yet another episode of jankara judgments reminiscent of the impeachment of governors by less few lawmakers in the earlier days of our democracy. Anambra South Senatorial seat is the epicenter this time.

There appears to be no slowing down in Obinna Uzor’s desperate bid to crawl into political relevance as he resorted to use jankara means to obtain a judgment from a Kubwa High Court using a claim filed by someone he shares the same address with who claims he was a member of the YPP, which he joined as a defendant.

The plans and hopes of Obinna Uzor to clandestinely take the mandate given to Senator Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah by the people of Anambra South Senatorial district has been exposed and stopped.

Mr Obinna Uzor was an aspirant for the ticket of the PDP in the primaries elections of 2018 for the 2019 Senatorial elections. He lost at the primaries and lost in his court cases against Chief Chris Uba in respect of the primary election. He was not even 2nd runner up in the primary election of the PDP.

Obinna Uzor is perhaps seeking to become popular using Senator Ifeanyi Ubah’s towering profile.

One may ask, how did it all happen. The genesis of the matter was that disgruntled Obinna Uzor filed a suit clandestinely at the FCT High Court Kubwa and sought to be declared the candidate of the PDP for the elections. The suit he filed was not served on Chris Uba and all the defendants did not appear given the jankara service of the court processes by pasting and removal. Of course Chris Uba did not appear and the court gave judgment on 25th March 2019 declaring obinna Uzor candidate of the PDP for election, which had already been held in February 2019. Yet Obinna Uzor hid the judgment and it was not sent to INEC or the PDP.

Armed with the judgment he obtained against Chris Uba using jankara process, Obinna uzor applied to join another suit he had covertly instituted through one Anani Anacletus Chuka. These characters share similar address. Mr Uzors application for joinder was heard and granted within 3 days of being filed as against 7days provided by the law in the absence of all the parties. The Court joined Obinna Uzor as a Defendant. Obinna Uzor who claims to be a good catholic faithful misled the court gravely.

What is however surprising is that the FCT High Court subsequently heard the matter filed by Anani Anacletus Chuka and misled the court to deliver judgment in their favour in April 2019 granting reliefs contained in the written address of counsel to Obinna Uzor, a defendant in the matter and without a claim or counter-claim before the court.

When the judgment was obtained in April 2019, the Election Petitions at the Tribunal in Awka was ongoing, but like a thief, he hid the judgment to himself and did not participate in the tribunals. He waited till the end of the Election Appeals at the Court of Appeal before bringing out the judgment. The Court of Appeal judgment that reaffirmed the victory of Senator Ubah was delivered in October 2019.

When Senator Ubah became aware of the judgment and the evil plans of Obinna Uzor, he briefed his lawyers who immediately set process in motion to vacate the court order on the basis that the judgment was a nullity having been made without jurisdiction.

Some of the key reasons why it is a nullity include:

1. The FCT High Court does not have Territorial jurisdiction over the matter regarding Anambra South

2. The reliefs sought by Obinna Uzor were statue barred having been filed in April 2019 after the election and being a pre-election issue.

3. The motion for joinder was filed on 28th March 2019 and heard within 3day as against 7days required by law thereby denying Senator Ubah fair hearing and robbing the court of jurisdiction.

4. The judge held that the Claim of the Claimant had been overtaken by events but granted reliefs sought by Obinna Uzor a defendant contained in the written address of his lawyers.

5. Obinna uzor did not file any claim or counter-claim and the Court held that Anani Anacletus Chuka’s claim was academic.

6. The Suit was commenced by Originating Summons and not a writ

7. The reliefs granted are in breach of the Constitution as

Information available to us indicates that after Obinna Uzor failed to keep to his side of the bargain, the Claimant Anani Anacletus Chuka later asked the court to set aside the judgment on the grounds that it was a nullity.

It is obvious that Obinna Uzor is desperate and seeking to reap where he did now sow. He wants to ride on Senator Ubah’s popularity to be popular.

The pertinent questions that need to be asked are:

Why did he not come to participate at the tribunal and Appeal Court? The judgment of the tribunal was in August and the judgment of the Court of Appeal in October. Yet Obinna Uzor hid the judgment till November 2019.

How come in the Suit Obinna Uzor filed against Chief Chris Uba and the one his crony Anani Anacletus Chuka against Sen Ubah, all the defendants did not appear? Can it be just coincidence?

How come Obinna Uzor did not disclose to the court that there were other judgments against him declaring Chris Ubah as the PDP candidate?

How come it was the same Court that handled the two matters?

How come the court granted relief to a defendant in a matter he joined in an existing suit and jettisoned the plaintiff?

Why did the plaintiff approach the court to nullify the judgement and till date, it has not been heard?

Information available to us indicates that after Obinna Uzor failed to keep to his side of the bargain, the Claimant Anani Anacletus Chuka later asked the court to set aside the judgment on the grounds that it was a nullity.

This particular attempt has ridiculed and exposed Obinna Uzor as a chameleon masquerading under the pretext of a staunch Church goer to orchestrate his evil agenda.

It is very laughable that Senator Ifeanyi Ubah was accused of forging his NECO certificate when the accusers could have simply gone to NECO office to purchase a N500 NECO scratch card to verify and authenticate his NECO Certificate.

It is also bewildering how a judge could deliver a Senatorial election judgement without any representative from YPP, INEC or Senator Ifeanyi Ubah.

Could it be that they used charms to blindfold people in the court in order to have their evil way?

The good news is that God exposed Obinna Uzor and his judgment he obtained using jankara practice has been halted. His devilish coup against the will of the people of Anambra South has collapsed as the Court, on the 4th December, 2019, has granted an order of interim injunction restraining the INEC, Obinna Uzor, the Clerk and the President of the Nigerian Senate from taking any step aimed at giving effect to the said judgment.

In his evil bid to reap where he has never sown and blinded by unbridled ambition, Obinna Uzor has fallen into the cesspit of perjury by lying on oath when in his affidavit he used a plaza as his residential address instead of his well-known address/residence situated in Asokoro. It was also discovered in the affidavit that Obinna Uzor shares the same address with the plaintiff. This has exposed him to the possibility of criminal trial and imprisonment upon a successful conviction at the appropriate time.

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