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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Zeeworld: Introducing Ashish Kapoor as Jai who saved Mannu and Amba from the evil Jagan


Good news!! Dear Zeeworld lovers, the Handsome hunk Ashish Kapoor makes a dashing entry on Zee world series 'The Heir"

We already know Ashish is going to play a negative character in Kindred Hearts, now you all would also love his positive part in the heir.  Ashish will enter the show as Jai, who will be paired opposite Amba.

Furthermore, their love story will develop which will bring interesting twist and turns in the storyline.” After Deena's mysterious death, audience will be left  aware that Manu  has been trying to find out the real culprit behind his grandmother's death.

However, she will get trapped in Sushila’s  plan and get arrested. In the upcoming episode, Manu will be jailed, which will come as a shocker to Amba. She will be left traumatised and lose her memory. Here, Ashish’s character Jai will enter her life, adding new spice. Jai will be a colourful personality. He will be positive and live life to the fullest.

As the series moves on, Mannu will want to unite Amba and Jai to fight against Jagan. Hence, she wants them to get married. Manu will plan a meeting for Amba and Jai. She will take Amba along with her.  However, few goons will attack Manu and Amba but Jai will save them. Later, Jai will go on his knees and propose to Amba.

Unfortunately, one goon will be about to stab Manu but Jai will come in between. Manu will be saved but Jai will incur some serious injuries. Jai will be declared dead by the doctors and this will be a major high point in the drama. After this sad sequence, a leap will be introduced. The kids will be grown up and Manu’s reality of she being a girl will also get exposed.

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