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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Zeeworld: Thursday July 18th 2019 update on "Kindred Hearts"



The episode starts with Jhanvi working in kitchen, Nisha is glaring at her. Nisha brings out chemical that seems like acid, she is about to throw on her but door bell rings so she hides it. Raj goes to check on door, its inspector on door, all get tensed.

Kaka says police here? Adi says someone entered in Baba’s room last night, I tried to catch that person but that person ranaway, that person came to hurt baba. Inspector asks if he has doubt on anyone? Adi says I have but I am not sure, inspector says I am keeping two constables at your house, they will provide security.

Nisha is hiding acid bottle in her hand and its burning, she gets tensed. Adi says keep security tight, right Nisha? she nods and leaves. Kaka saus you didnt tell us about attack? Adi says I didnt want to worry you. Adi is playing with kids, Jhanvi comes there and plays with kids. Jhanvi gets call, she takes it and starts talking, she acts like she is happily talking to someone.

Adi looks at her and keep smiling, she ends call. Jhanvi’s phone riongs again, she ignores it, Adi asks all okay? she says yes. Kids leave from there.
Kids come to Baba’s room and sees him calling Jhanvi constantly, he asks if they should call her here? he says no need. Baba keeps calling Jhanvi, Adi asks who is it? she says no one, she turns away, her phone rings again, Adi tries to stealthily look at it, Jhanvi turns to take phone, she slips and falls in Adi’s arms, they share eyelock, Adi smiles at her.

Jhanvi blushes and moves away, her saree gets stuck in Adi’s shirt, he tries to remove it but its stuck, Jhanvi moves closer and pulls it away, Adi is mesmerized by her. Kids come there and takes Jhanvi away, Adi tries to look in her phone but she comes there and takes it. Jhanvi comes to Baba, Baba says Adi was worried about who is calling you? she nods, Baba says this means he cares and knows his right on you, he doesnt know that his love has right on you but he shows it indirectly, Jhanvi says but dont worry him too much now.

Jhanvi turns to leave, Adi comes there and asks if she is leaving? Baba says she is going on dinner, Adi says really? she says yes, Adi asks with whom? Jhanvi says some friends and leave. Baba says to Adi that Jhanvi is behaving weirdly, you are her friend you should know whats up, you were her only friend till now, who is this new friend? Adi thinks and says I am coming.

Adi comes to Jhanvi and says I will drop you, she says its not needed. Baba calls Jhanvi again to make Adi jealous. Adi says let me drop you, its going to rain, Jhanvi asks if he works in weather forecast organization? Adi says no I watch TV, lets go. Adi thinks that I will ask who she is going with in car, they leave. Nisha sees all this and says Jhanvi is trying to take my husband away so I will not spare her now, she got saved today but now I will not let her be saved. Nisha calls someone and gives some instructions that are muted.

Adi and Jhanvi are in car, Adi thinks how to ask who is calling her constantly, Jhanvi gets call again, Adi mutter damnit. Jhanvi takes call and says no.. no.. We will talk later, she ends call. Adi asks who was it? Jhanvi says it was Survi, Adi says it was Survi only, great. Adi asks Jhanvi where she is going for dinner? she says in Bandra, Adi says I am thinking that I should drop you there. Jhanvi says its not needed, my friends are coming, Adi nods but is not happy.

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