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Monday, 15 July 2019

Zeeworld: Latest update on mehek as Nikki caused a gas explosion in shaurya's restaurant


In the upcoming episode of Mehek, Mehek and Shaurya will be seen in a romantic place. Shaurya caresses Mehek's bare back and pulls her closer but she sees a phone call, shaurya snatches phone from her and is about to throw it away.

Mahek says at least let me see it, have you gone mad? she takes call while Shaurya continues k*ssing her neck. Mahek is on call and says what? when? she is in tears and looks at Shaurya.

Shaurya asks what happened? Kanta and Jeevan are lying on the bed. sonal comes there and says there was a blast in white chilies, she shows them news, they are shocked.

Jeevan says how this happened? Kanta asks jeevan to call Mahek. He calls her. All reporters standing outside white chilies and covering restaurant burning in flames. Shaurya and Mahek arrives there, they are shocked to see burnt restaurant. Shaurya asks where is Niki? Priya says she is in hospital.

Fireman comes there and says wiring in kitchen was not fine thats why fire broke out because of gas leak. Inspector says because of your poor wiring, there was injury too, Shaurya says I handled all wiring myself, they were good quality.

Reporter asks Shaurya what he thinks about fire? Shaurya shouts my restaurant is burnt, my friend is in hospital and you are asking me all this? Mahek asks him to calm down.

Shaurya jerks away and says dont calm me down, I am going to hospital, Mahek tries to stop him but he ignores her and leaves, Mahek sadly looks on.

Unknown to Mehek and Shaurya, Nikki caused the blast. Nikki has been working with a mysterious person to destroy Mehek and Shaurya's relationship.

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