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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Zeeworld: Latest update on Mehek as Shaurya wins the cooking contest against Mehek his wife


Your Favorite Zeeworld Series MEHEK has won audiences over with its intriguing plot and fine performances. The movie is soon going to witness a new entry with the gorgeous Jasmeet Kaur stepping in as Shaurya’s (played by Karan Vohra) ex-girlfriend.

Jasmeet plays Nitika, who has studied abroad and is a renowned chef by profession. Nikita will participate with Shaurya in the ongoing cooking contest and will give Mehek’s team a run for their money.

Shaurya's ex girlfriend entry in the show is up for some high voltage drama. In the upcoming Episode, viewers will see Shaurya gearing up for Mehek’s birthday celebrations.

While Mehek’s birthday celebrations are underway, Shaurya makes Mehek cut the cake and that is when Shaurya shocks her when he says that he has a gift for her in the form of Nikita his Chief Chef for the ongoing contest.

Shaurya dances with Nikita, which infuriates Mehek even more. On the other hand, Mehek’s food truck team loses the contest because of some logical shortcoming and Nikita is the one who outdoes Mehek as she makes a stronger team with Shaurya.

After Shaurya wins, he is asked by the judge to give the losing team a punishment. Will this move of Shaurya create a rift between him and Mehek? Only time will tell!

Stay tuned for more updates on Mehek

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