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Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Zeeworld: Aditya and Jhanvi spend more time with Aditya's children in Kindred hearts


In the upcoming episodes of Kindred hearts, Jhanvi is glad when Aditya applies the bindi to her while playing with the kids. Aditya teases the kids and spend some good time with them after a long time. Jhanvi loves Aditya. Nisha gets her wedding ring.

Aditya takes the ring from her and says when this does not matter to her, what’s the meaning of wearing it. Nisha asks him to stop. Nisha gets angry and punishes a servant. She makes the servant stand as a scarecrow.

Jhanvi tries to stop Nisha. Seeing Nisha’s madness, Jhanvi gets a shock. Nisha does not listen to Jhanvi and gets stubborn. Aditya and Jhanvi in order to prove guilty, will send Nisha's voice sample to match with the recorded one that the cops had when the lady called to complain about Chandresh.

Nisha would be worried with the fear of her truth being known to everyone. In order to save herself, Nisha will hire goons to kill Jhanvi so that her voice sample doesn’t reach the cops. But Adi will find out that Janvi’s life is in danger and will rush to save her.

He will get hurt while trying to save Jhanvi and his condition would get critical. Everyone in the family would be worried about Aditya. At the same time, Jhanvi will feel sad and guilty that Aditya is in such a state while trying to save her life. Nisha too would be worried about Adi.

However, Aditya will regain his consciousness, and would expose Nisha in front of his family. Finally, Nisha’s truth will known to everyone. Nisha’s dad will also come to take revenge from Aditya. Aditya asks Nisha to stay away from him and his family. Nisha does not want to hurt Aditya, but can’t lose him.

She is much disturbed. Aditya does not get scared of Nisha's dad’ threatening words. Nisha got punished as Aditya has broken relations with her. Her dad can’t see Nisha’s sorrow. He does not feel Nisha has done wrong with Aditya.

Nisha’s dad loves her a lot and can’t see her mistakes. He gets angry and goes to stab Aditya. Nisha stops her dad and comes in front of Aditya to save him. She says she love Aditya more than her life as he is her husband, Nisha angrily asks his dad as to  how can he injure Adi.

She takes the knife from her dad’s hand. Nisha’s positivism surprises Aditya. Aditya asks Nisha not to do her drama, as he will not fall in her words now. Nisha’s dad feels Aditya is doing injustice with Nisha.

So, will Nisha be out of Aditya’s life? Will Nisha and Aditya get divorced? Or will Nisha once again manipulate the situation? We will have to wait and watch.

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