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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Zeeworld: Tuesday June 11th 2019 update on "Kindred Hearts"


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The episode starts with Madhu showing childhood pictures to Survi, she says kids grow up so fast, you used to be scared of jokers but later you took courage and ignored them. Jhanvi comes there. Madhu tells Survi that the jokers showed her to oevercame fear, fear makes you weak, today too you have to win over your fear, if you win over it then it will never bother you. Survi says it was joker only but this is real life, people laugh and joke on me, their bullying eyes, how can i handle it? let me sleep. Jhanvi sees this and thinks that she wont let her sister and mother cry, Jhanvi says life teaches one to fight everything and she will fight for her family. Adi comes to his room and sees Nisha telling a story of righteousness related to Lord Ganesh to their daughters. Adi sees Nisha entertaining her daughters, Nisha sees him standing behind the door but acts like she didn't see him.

Nisha continues to tell the story to the kids and how moral of the story was that kids world revolves around their parents, Chinni says it means you and papa are mine and our world, Nisha says yes like uncle and aunt are our worlds. Adi thinks that Nisha is giving good advises to kids? what is she trying to do? Nisha asks the kids to go to bed, she tucks them in bed and comes to the door, she says to Adi that let them sleep, she closes behind and says i know you are a perfect father but i am their mother too and i am not as bad as you think, lets have dinner together, Adi says i am not hungry, Nisha says i understand you must have work load in the office, you should take a rest, Adi leaves, Nisha smirks and says  that Adi lets see what i will do tomorrow.

The next morning, Nisha comes to the hall of the house and looks around, she doesn't see anyone there, Nisha comes to the kitchen. Nisha cuts the electricity wire of the blender in the kitchen, she puts it in an electricity socket and leaves live wire on it, she pours water on the live wire so that the current will flow and whoever will turn the button of the socket will get current shock.  Sharda comes into the kitchen, Nisha hides behind the fridge and sees how Sharda is about to switch on the socket which is running with current, she says game is on, come on aunt, just turn it on, Nisha says Sharda will start making juice for Dharmesh now, first she will cut fruits, Sharda starts cutting fruits, Nisha says now she will put it in a blender, Sharda does it, Nisha says now she will switch socket on and current will flow through the water she is standing in. Sharda moves her hand to switch on the socket whiles Nisha looks on.

Sharda is going to switch on the blender whose wire has water on it and is naked so current is flowing through it. Nisha says aunt, just on it,  Sharda is about to touch the switch but Nisha comes there and says stop aunt, she pushes her away and puts her hand on the switch, Nisha gets current shock while Sharda screams for Adi to come.
Madhu asks Jhanvi to drop Survi to college, Jhanvi says Survi is not a kid now, she is independent, she can go herself, you have made her learn to become scared, i have life too, we cant run behind her all the time, Survi says she can manage and she don't want people to run behind her. Survi says I dont want to hassle anyone, fine i am leaving alone, she leaves.

Jhanvi sighs sadly. Dharmesh calls the doctor. Adi puts Nisha on the couch, Aunt Sharda gives her water, Sharda says Nisha saved my life, if she was not there then I wouldnt be alive right now, she did what my own kids wont do, why did you? she saved me from getting current shock but got shock herself, Nisha says i am your daughter, if anything happens to you then this family will break and i wont be able to forgive myself, Adi looks at her confused. Adi comes to the kitchen and sees water on the wire and slab, Adi says Nisha really saved aunt's life. Jhanvi comes to Survi’s college and sees Survi confidently coming there alone. Jhanvi says i am late for office, i should call sir. She calls Adi and says i will be late for office today, i am with my sister, Adi says take care of your sister, she needs you, Jhanvi asks if everything is fine in the office?

Adi says what? Jhanvi asks everything is okay? he says yes, take care of your sister, she needs you, he ends the call. Jhanvi says he has some problem but if i ask directly then he will scold me, how do I  find out his problem? Adi comes to Sameer’s office and says Nisha has changed, she acts like she cares for everyone, she saves aunt's life and got electric shock. Sameer says there might be game plan behind it, she wont get shock for someone else. Adi says i checked there, there was water on the wire for real, we have been married for 8 years, I know her, she cant hurt herself for anyone, she just care for money and power, i tried to make her understand but she never listened then how can she see change in one day? Sameer asks if he talked about the divorce to his uncle Dharmesh? Adi says i didn't get the chance.

Sameer says i think you should wait a little bit more, he gives him divorce papers and says i will see you later, he leaves. Adi looks at the divorce papers. Jhanvi comes there and says I know you are busy but i want to say something. The vacuum machine starts playing, they cant hear each other, Jhanvi loudly says thank you, Adi says welcome but Jhanvi cant hear what Adi said, he tries to enact what he want to say but Jhanvi doesn't get it and she writes note that he can notice what she wants to say, Adi writes welcome. Jhanvi writes you said something back for the first time, Adi writes that you dont have anything to say for the first time, Jhanvi thanks him and leaves.

Adi gets a call from the inspector, he says you asked for girl who helped your aunt in the police station, her name is Jhanvi Agarwal, Adi asks are you sure? Do you have any other info about her? The inspector says your aunt got ill so she couldn't file her details, Adi ends the call and thinks if she is the same Jhanvi who works in his office? He calls Jhanvi into his office. Nisha says from where is aunt bringing these poojas? she sees details of pooja on her phone and remembers it. Sharda calls her. The priest comes into the house and starts the pooja, he asks Nisha if she knows about this pooja? Nisha says you are great priest, i will tell you what aunt told me about it, she tells details about the pooja.

Sharda gets impressed hearing that she knows the whole detail about pooja. The priest says he has done poojas in many house but no one is more informative than Nisha. Sharda asks Nisha to come with her, they leave. Jhanvi comes into Adi’s office. Adi is standing by the door. Jhanvi pushes the door and Adi knocks down, Jhanvi says sorry, i knocked on door but you got knocked off way. Jhanvi says i wanted to discuss about the colors of walls, Adi thinks of how to ask her if she was in the police station, Adi says do you know about Sunday colors? Jhanvi says no, Adi says its like how we plan Sundays, how do you plan Sundays?

Jhanvi says i spend time with my family, Adi says some unexpected can happen too, Jhanvi says you tell me what kind of colors you want. Adi says make is colorful, not only office but make society colorful, like police station colors are not good, Jhanvi thinks why he is acting like PK? Jhanvi says yes railways, police stations all should be colorful, Adi says you must have gone to police station, you must have seen it, Jhanvi who else will see it other than me, Adi says when did you go there last time? Jhanvi says i went to jail last time i murdered someone, now discuss colors, Adi says you talk a lot, i am busy, now leave, Jhanvi says you were talking about irrelevant stuff, Adi says i am busy, leave, she huffs and leaves.


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