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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Zeeworld: Sunday May 19th 2019 update on "King of Hearts"



The episode starts with DD noticing Roshni sad and singing Chanda mere Chanda… song for her and dancing with her. Roshni smiles emotionally. DD gives her sticks. She accepts it and starts crying vigorously. DD wipes her tears. Roshni then realizes that it is just her imagination and thinks this imagination cannot be real at all.  DD thinks she has to get Sid’s reality in front of her and get her separated from him! Balika Vadhu’s actresses perform to the song, Aja nachle… song. Everyone claps for them. The Japanese interpretor, congratulates DD for locking the deal and tries to walk out. DD asks her to stay to watch one more performance. Sid introduces Ashi Negi and Sargun Mehta and announces their performance. Ashi performs to nimbuda nimbuda… song, while Sargun performs to Nagade dhol baaje… song… Everyone claps after their performance. They both then perform tp Dola re dola… song. Once again, all the guests clap for them.

Sid then praises DD for arranging this lavish party and prays for her prosperous business and asks the guests to continue enjoying. The Japanese people thank DD and leave. DD thinks Roshni doesn't know Sid’s betrayal as She's enjoying his company, but she is with her daughter in this tougher times! Sid in the Norning while getting ready is engrasped in thoughts. Roshni wakes him up and asks whose thoughts he is engrasped in? He starts pampering her and says he will leave for office now. Roshni says he used to be so eager to see her, but now, he can't wait to rush off. Sid says he has to go. He leaves for work. Roshni tells herself that he's behaving so strangely.
At work, Pratima is behind the counter. She admires one of the rings and Sid sees her. He approaches her and says it's a fabulous choice and it will suit her. She says she was just looking at it. He tells her to try it on.

He wants to put it on her, but she says what if someone sees them? He tells her never to suppress her wishes.  DD watches everything from her cabin. Kesar comes to give DD feedback about the factory. DD calls everyone to a meeting. She says they all worked hard, and they will get 50% discount on the pieces they have in the shop, to celebrate the diwali festival! Everyone happily claps. Sid thinks how come she changed so suddenly? Sid tells Pratima that he has to make a phone call, and he will buy the ring for her. DD asks Kesar to make a bill of what employees buy and promises him to give him his selected jewelry free if he does it! He gets outside and says he wonders why DD is doing this! He concludes that Sid is about to get into trouble again.

Sid buys the ring for Pratima and she asks if he won't buy something for Roshni? He decides to get one which is still within his budget (A Cheap Band). He picks another ring and she says she doesn't mind that type. He says she likes the other one and he will get it for her. DD is furious that Sid bought a cheap ring for his wife, and an expensive one for Pratima! She says he won't have any excuses this time, and he won't get away with it as her daughter has been married to the loser for far too long! Resham informs Naani and Roshni that DD said all workers could get something for a discount at the store! She shows them what Kesar got for her! Roshni asks if other employees also got stuff? Resham says she heard Sid got Roshni a diamond ring. Roshni is shocked! Naani tells Resham that she just ruined the surprise Sid must have been planning for Roshni. Roshni says she will pretend she doesn't know anything. Naaniprays to God to keep Roshni happy like this forever.


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