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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Zeeworld: Shaurya's mother Karona has a hidden secret about Mehek's mother and this will break Shaurya and Mehek's relationship


Your favorite Zeeworld series Mehek, has an upcoming revelation that will once again lead to Mehek and Shaurya’s break up.

The upcoming episodes will reveal to Viewers of a big secret from the past which will shatter Shaurya and Mehek’s relationship forever.

It will be seen that Shaurya paid a tribute to Mehek’s mother and unveiled her picture and Karona his will amazed seeing Mehek’s mother‘s picture.

Moreover, Shaurya and Mehek discover that Shaurya’s mother is alive but Karona kept her hidden from Shaurya for so many years.

Shaurya will doubt Karona and start digging up the past truths. Karona has a past secret which she is desperately trying to hide and she will try her best to ensure that no one knows about it.

However, Svetlana will use this opportunity to create trouble as she will inform Shaurya and Mehek about Karona being responsible for Mehek’s mother’s death.

Svetlana will tell Shaurya and Mehek that Karona had ran her car into Mehek’s parents and this led to their death.

Mehek will be shattered to know this truth and heartbroken. The past secretes will take a big toll on Shaurya and Mehek’s relationship as Mehek will refuse to keep her relationship with Shaurya.

Mehek will call off her alliance with Shaurya, Shaurya will be hearbroken when Mehek walks out of his life once again.

Anticipate, stay tuned for more updates on how the two lover will re unite once again.

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