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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Zeeworld: Friday May 17th 2019 update on "Twist of Fate season 3"



The episode starts with Dadi is seen talking to Abhi, she asks if this is sangeet (marriage) or school function? Abhi says "I am not happy too, and why are they playing game?" Dasi approaches them and asks Abhi to dance, Dadi agrees with her. Abhi tells Purab to tell the DJ to play some good song and says Dadi and Dasi wants to dance. DJ plays the song main khawabon ki shahzadi….Dadi and Dasi dance with Purab. Abhi is worried and plans how he is going to talk wuthy Pragya. Tanu notice Abhi staring at Pragya, she is angry and thinks that she can atleast scold Pragya, but if I talk to Abhi he will scold me. Abhi plans to collide with the waiter so as to make juice fall on Pragya so that she go to the washroom to clean her dress and he will have the opportunity to discuss with Pragya. Abhi collides with the waiter and the glass falls on Pragya’s foot, Abhi asks her if she is fine? Pragya says I am fine. King asks Pragya if she needs his help to the room. Pragya says no and tells everyone to enjoy the sangeet that she will clean her dress. Abhi says sorry. Pragya says it is ok. Abhi thinks I hurt her to talk to her and I feel her pain, Abhi goes to the room and sees Pragya sitting. Pragya closes the first aid box and walks with difficulty. She is about to go, but he holds her hand. He makes her sit on the sofa.

Abhi holding Pragya's hand and asks her to sit on the sofa. Pragya asks him "what are you doing?" Abhi ignores her and keeps her foot on his leg and applies the ointment and asks her if she is feeling the burning sensation? Abhi then says that it hurts a lot when our loved ones cause us pain. Song plays in the background, le jaa mujhe saath tere…..Pragya thanks him and is about to go. Abhi then asks her if she remembers their marriage. Pragya turns to him and says what? Abhi asks do you remember our wedding day? Pragya says yes, I remember. Abhi asks do you remember the day when we took our vows and confessed our feelings to each other, the day when we promised to care for each other, and the day when he still loved her even after losing his memory. Pragya says I remember everything.

Abhi then asks "how did you forget the dream which we had seen together" Pragya looks on. Abhi asks if she was angry with him because he forgot their love because of Dadi’s death. He asks why didn’t you tell me about it for seven years? Pragya asks what? Abhi says that Kiara is my daughter. Abhi is upset and asks if she was taking revenge on him because I kicked you out of the house, and my life that's why you did this to me, Abhi says "Kiara is not only your daughter, she is mine too and why did you hide her from him" He says it was Abhigya made from both of our names, and says it was not only yours. He asks do you love me or not? Pragya nods. I always loved you a lot and says I made you as the eight rhythm of my music.

Abhi says that he accepts 7 death in her love, but not betrayal. Pragya tries to speak to him. Abhi says "you know that I hate betrayal but did you betray me, you kept me away from my daughter, I didn't know about her and Kiara was not aware of me as her father". Aaliya sees King and waves him hi. King comes to her and says I was missing you. Aaliya says excuse me. King says I thought that I didn’t meet the important member of the family. Aaliya says you would have seen your face and says I try to talk to you nicely, but you argue with me. Aaliya remembers what he said last and asks him to be down to earth. She asks didn’t you tell Pragya about her past? King says I don’t think it is needed. Aaliya holds his hand and asks him to come with her. King says I am someone’s husband and not your boyfriend. Aaliya leaves his hand and says you will cry when I tell you about her past.

Abhi asks what did you think I would have done when I got to know about kiara, Abhi says "I would have loved her like my own but you didn’t think for once to let me know, how can you hide Kiara from her real father and I got chances many times to know the truth, but if my destiny wasn't good then you would have taken her away from me" Abhi says "I am the most unlucky father in this world who couldn't regard his daughter as his own, when I saw her for the first time, it was like someone completed my dream and I used to think that I have a daughter like Kiara and used to tell the same to Purab". Abhi says I used to ask her to call me fake dad and says I thought to talk to Kiara’s mum to adopt her. Pragya is shocked. He says he was ready to beg her and asks why did you do this to me? Pragya looks shocked.

Abhi asking Pragya to answer his question as Abhishek Mehra is not asking this, but Kiara’s father. He says when I came to hospital, Nurse told me that you are Kiara’s mom, I told her that you are my Pragya and not Kiara’s mum. He says I didn’t know that I will get to hear my life’s biggest happiness from someone else’s mom. He says I heard Kiara and your conversation in the hospital and was confused thinking if he shall be happy or sad. He says Kiara is our daughter, and you have snatched 1000’s of happiness which I was waiting for…to hold her, raise her up, her first birthday, gift etc, you have snatched everything. He says you didn’t tell me before, but why didn’t you tell me when you met me. He says although he has a daughter, but he thought himself fatherless.

He says when I was telling you about Kiara, you didn’t melt and tell me about her. When Tanu wanted me to accept her baby and said that Nikhil’s baby is mine, you wanted me to accept that baby and asks why she didn’t feel any sympathy for him, and didn’t tell him about his own daughter. He says do you want me to yearn for her die. He says I will give you the same pain which you gave to me. Pragya says no. Abhi says I will take my daughter with me, and says I would have taken you with me if you had told me before, you have kept Kiara away from me for 7 years, now I will keep you away from her all life. Pragya recalls her dreams and says she is my daughter, you can’t do this. Abhi says where it is written that a father has no rights on her daughter.

Pragya says she is my daughter, I gave her birth. Abhi says she is my daughter too, I gave her blood. Pragya says I kept her in my womb for 9 months. Abhi says you have kept me away for 7 years and tells that he will take her. Pragya says she is not your daughter, but of Mr. King. Abhi is shocked and says she is my daughter, I know. Pragya says you know the truth and you are misunderstanding. Abhi says I know this is lie. Servant asks Kiara and Sunny to have milk. Kiara and Sunny ask something else. Servant says he will give what Pragya asked him. Sunny tells Kiara that he heard his parents talking about her and were telling that your real father was someone else. Kiara is shocked. Aaliya takes King to his room. King says I am married. Aaliya asks him to become serious and says I asked you to know about Pragya’s past.

King says I tease you, joke with you, but there is no way to talk about Pragya as I trust her fully. Aaliya says it is foolishness to trust someone blindly. King asks her to tell someone new and asks not to manipulate the things and don’t add any spice. Aaliya says I thought your wife told everything. King asks her to come to point. Aaliya says your wife is a cheater, and she might be in your heart, but she has someone else in her heart. King gets Kiara’s call. He says my daughter called. Aaliya says she is not your daughter and goes. He picks Kiara’s call and she says I am scared after knowing something. King asks her not to be scared with any ghost film. Kiara says she wants to know something and asks if he is her real dad. King is shocked.

Pragya tells Abhi that King was always with Kiara in her pain and happiness, and never left her. She says he is best dad for her. Abhi recalls his moments with Kiara and says you are lying. Pragya says I am saying truth. Abhi says if she is not my daughter, then why do I want to call her daughter, want to hug her, and tells that we have resemblance with each other and says when I hugged her, I thought she is my daughter. Pragya says she is Mr. Singh’s daughter. Abhi says she is my daughter and I will not believe you. Pragya says you are doing wrong. Abhi says Kiara and I will meet for forever. Pragya says I am her mum and is saying that Mr. Singh is her father. Abhi says you don’t believe your words and says my love, life and relation is with Kiara. Pragya says you can’t prove that she is your daughter. Abhi says I will prove. Pragya asks him to prove. Abhi says you have 7 days to love her, and says I will prove that she is my daughter, and says when my 7 years punishment ends, then your forever imprisonment starts. He asks her to accept the challenge.

King asks who told you that I am not your real father? Kiara says Sunny told me. King says I am your real father and asks her not to think all this and asks her to ask her heart. He says you are my princess and asks who is your father? Kiara says you. King asks who loves you the most. Kiara says you. King says even I love you the most. He says once I come home, I will tell my princess her favorite story. She asks her not to tell anything or talk anyone. King thinks Aaliya might have told someone and Sunny must have heard. He thinks to teach her a lesson so that she don’t try to ruin her name. He thinks I don’t care for himself, but cares for Pragya and Kiara. Tarun takes Neha to side. Neha says you got courageous and tells him that she has won in the thugs of war and will rule over him. They have a talk. Mitali sees them talking and asks Neha to come. Neha says sorry to Tarun.

Mitali takes Neha from there. King asks Chachi, did you see Aaliya? Chachi says no. She thinks King is asking about Aaliya rather than asking about Pragya. She thinks Abhi and Pragya meeting secretly. Pragya walks out thinking of Abhi’s words. Abhi looks at her from the other side of balcony. Song plays jab tak jahan me subah shaam hai……..They come face to face and looks at each other. Abhi asking Pragya to remember everything he said. He says you have always hurt me so much, and I was thinking why you hurts me whom I love the most. He says today I came to know that I had told you about my weakness and let you play with my heart, and gave you a chance to betray me.. he says you will get only last chance to tell the truth, and says you was lying. Pragya thinks I want to tell you, but I can’t tell. Abhi asks her not to tell and says you will be responsible for the happenings, and asks her to enjoy today and says tomorrow your challenge will start, you have to tell thousands of lies to hide one truth, it won’t be diffucult for you to say lies, but I won’t let it be easy for you.

Kiara tells Sunny that she called King and asked him, and he said
that he is my real father. Sunny says I will call Mamma and asks her by keeping phone on loudspeaker. Kiara says ok. Sunny calls her, but the number is busy. Sunny says she will call back. Kiara says she is not feeling good. Sunny says we will find your real father. Kiara says who would be my real father. Abhi comes to get a drink. King tells him that he wants to talk to her about Aaliya. Abhi says even I want to talk to you and says don’t you think that we shall know each other. He says you know about me and my family, but I don’t know anything about you and Pragya. How you met and get married. King asks do you want to know about Pragya? Abhi says I want to know about Kiara. King says you took Kiara’s name. Abhi says she is a lovely girl and I love her a lot. He says I didn’t know that Kiara is Pragya’s daughter. Abhi asks King how old is she? And asks about her date of birth. Pragya hears them talking and asks King to come, says Kiara gets upset if you drink. She takes him forcibly.

Mitali tells Tai ji that King’s guests are wearing so much gold and is just showing off. Tai ji asks her to stop it. Chachi hears her and gets angry. Mitali says this family is fukri etc. Chachi taunts her and says they have a kothi in Punjab and can buy 10 houses as this. Mitali says if you sell ten kothis, then also can’t buy this kind of house. Chachi says this is Abhi’s house and you are in his house. Mitali says you are also residing in King’s house. King and Pragya hears them. King asks Tarun to ask DJ to play nonstop music and asks Chachi what is she doing? Chachi says you didn’t hear what she told. Tanu thinks of Pragya questioning about her marriage and thinks abhi told her about our marriage truth then. She then thinks of King’s words threatening her and thinks Abhi’s love is a betrayal for me, but King’s love for Pragya is a chance for me.


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