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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Zeeworld: Friday May 17th 2019 update on "This is Fate"



The episode starts at the party, Prithvi is seen telling Rishabh that he respects Preeta because she is about to be his wife, Karan tells Prithvi to enjoy the party and leave afterwards, someone calls Karan and Rishabh and they leave Prithvi, Prithvi is suspicious of why they are very happy and plans to eavesdrop on them to know what their plans are. Manisha comes to the party and is thinking of what she will do, because Rithwik is no were to be founds she bumps into Shrishti who asks her where she is going, she says that she wants to be friends with her, Preeta comes and ask them what the matter is, Shrishti says that she wants to be friend with Manisha but she says that she has no class to be her friend. They taunt each other and after that Manisha leaves.

Kartika come and asks Preeta the reason for not picking her calls, she looks and is amazed at see how she missed to hear the voice, Preeta notices calls from Babita the nurse, she immediately leaves and asks Shrishti to look after the party. Rishab and Karan com e to the Bar, they both are talking about how Prithvi left when they were pulling his legs, Rishab says that he doesn’t understand that what they are doing with Sherlin is right, Karan says that they are of different types and he must be able to choose, Karan talks of Manisha, Rishab notices her coming from behind and gives her a signal.
They starts to act in front of her, after a while she leaves, Karan asks what he will do if Sherlin’s reports come back positive, he says that he will get hurt because he didn’t force her, Karan leaves, Shrishti thinks that it is not fair that he has to suffer the most he is the most humble guy.

Rishab is walking, Shrishti follows and stops him, she says that they must go to the police because something was stolen from their house, he iss very surprised and decides to call the police, he asks what was stolen, she says his smile, he ends the call and they both share a happy moment, Rishab says that she us a mental case, Shrishti says that he must not feel bad for anything that happens. Sameer is walking by and is amazed to see how Shrishti is so close Rishab, he is jealous, Rakhi comes and ask why is he jealous, If he doesn’t like their friendship he starts to make up his words, she understands and ask him to go and talk with Shrishti about his closeness with Rishab and hear what she says, he thinks of what he will say to her.

Rakhi leaves him taking the Thali. Shrishti sees Sameer, she calls him but he leaves, Shrishti thinks that he left without coming to her, Rishab also leaves but She follow him and asks him why was he scared if he did not love her, he says that he was scared for his family and espically Karina because if this happens then it will hurt because she was the one who brought the proposal, he leaves, Shrishti thinks that he is a very generous man and everything that happens to him is happy. Preeta comes to the hospital and asks for Babita, the nurse says that she will call her and her patient is also shifted to another room, she goes to call the nurse herself and Preeta thinks that now she will go away from Rishab’s life and everything will be okay.

Sarla is looking for Bi jee she is not able to find her, she asks Prithvi if she has seen Bi Jee but he says that he has not seen her, she says that she will look for her, he asks for help but she denies it, he insists and she agrees saying that he can take care of Janki and she will in the meanwhile look for Bi Jee. He takes Janki away from the party, he takes her in a hallway and starts to tease her mocking her for her condition, he says that she is the luckiest women and that he knows she is silent and still he wants to help her, he says that he knows what she thinks, she wants god to take her life but it is because of her fault, if she would have remained quiet on that day then she would still have her voice, when he will throw her again, she will die of the pain, he asks if he can kill her, he thinks of pushing her with the wheelchair.

He pushes her away then catches her, he says that he is only doing this because he is morally weak at the moment and so he will reenergize after this act, she thinks that his time will come soon, the true master will take everything from him, he stats to praise himself, he says that only two people know his truth, one is her and the other is Sherlin, he says that he has really started to love Preeta, he is not for her, Manisha hears this from the back, she is left amaz3ed, he says to Janki that he will not harm Preeta because he has started to love her, Janki thinks that he is not a true person, He says that he cannot leave Sherlin because she is to become the mother of his child, he says that he wilt lake his revenge, he starts to act paranoid, she hits him, he falls away, Manisha comes and starts to scold him for being a coward, he then says wrong things to Janki again.

Manisha then stops him saying that she will hit him again if he teases her anymore. Janki thinks that Manisha is saying good things to Prithvi but is not able to understand why he is listening to her, she takes him away from Janki,
He in the other room says that why did she insult him, he asks why did she do this, she says that she did this to protect them, he says that Janki is not able o do anything and paralyzed, Manisha stops him, he says that he knows this and Janki cannot do anything. Manisha warns him that all of the Luthras are planning something against them, he says that the only one who is in trouble is Sherlin, they have to face everything by themselves, he says that he came to the party because he has to face Karan. She asks what they can do now, he says that they must keep an eye on everyone and be very careful. She conforms him that nothing will happen to her.

Sherlin wakes up in the hospital, she is amazed and has a headache, she remembers the accident and gets scared, the nurse comes asking if she s okay, she says that’s eh is fine and asks for the time, the nurse says that same has been in the hospital since yesterday, she thinks that she will not be able to do anything because otherwise they will fail in their plan, she tries to leave but is stopped by the nurse, she sees someone outside the door, she decides to plan and says that she only has to walk be case she is suffocating, she takes the nurses hand and walks towards the door, she is no able to find anyone, the nurse takes her back to the room. Sherlin is adamant that they both are being surrounded.
Preeta walks towards the reception and asks the nurse if she met Babita, the nurse says that Babita came but when they were not able to find her they emailed the reports to the Luthra mansion.

Preeta comes back and asks for a hard copy, she says that they will not be able to get the reports so she must give her a report from the copy, when the nurse gives her the report she remembers all the insult that her mother and she faced. Preeta has teary eyes, The nurse asks if the tears are of happiness, she says that she was very concerned for her friend and now that she has come to know if can she take a look by herself, the nurse agrees, Preeta takes a photo of the report, she thinks that now Sherlin will pay for what she has done. Prithvi thinks that the Luthras house is a jail for him, he thinks that he has a lot of stress, he wonders what he can do now, Rishab comes and asks why is he not drinking, Sarla comes and asks why they are talking, Prithvi says that he was asking him why he is not drinking, Rishab says that Prithvi was saying the truth and he said this because he wanted to know if Prithvi had some fault in him, they start to argue.

Sarla is embarrassed, she says that she would never have returned the proposal of Rishab at any cost, Prithvi starts to boast about himself. Mahesh comes and asks him to not be so overconfident about what he has because things can always be different. Shrishti brings Janki, Prithvi yells and after that leaves, Sarla also leaves, Dadi come and is about to ask Rishab a question when Karina comes and takes him away from Dadi, when they go away, she asks him to not be so friendly top Preeta and her family, she says that he must not be so close to her, he points towards Karan, they go to him and ask him to be with Manisha and try to act as if he is happy, he says that he has understood, Rakhi comes and says that the food is ready, Karina is left amazed, Rakhi says that she mean that the song is ready.
Manisha is looking or Rithwik, Karan comes and asks her for a dance she agrees. Preeta is at the hospital she wonders that now the plan that is against them will not be successful and everyone will be left speechless.

Karan dancing with Manisha on the stage, everyone is left speechless at their dance, in the middle of it Karan leaves the stage and ask Rishab to take over, he continues the dance. Sherlin escapes from the hospital room. Shrishti asks Sameer why Rishab is dancing with Manisha, they start to argue, Rakhi and Dadi start to says awful things regarding Manisha, Rakhi is not able to express her angry, Dadi is very angry at her for this and orders her not to say anything awful about her.

Karan asks Preeta if Sherlin is pregnant, he thinks that she is not by a confusion but then when she tells her that she has taken a photo of it and Sherlin is pregnant, he says that he is very happy and if they were together he would hug her, they start to argue over who would hug each other. They start to fight and she asks him to come to her and they will get the reports, she gets angry and he starts to flirt with her, she start to scold him and says that he must come hurriedly as she cannot wait, When the call ends, Karan wonders why she was showing so attitude to him, Preeta on the other hand is saying that he is a walking shop of attitude.

Sameer and Shrishti rock the stage with a mind-blowing performance on a classic song, everyone is enjoying very much, Shrishti is not able to get the steps right, she makes Sameer fall on purpose, he gets angry and leaves, she follows him and asks why is he angry, we does not tell her but leaves, she is not able to understand the reason. Karan is about to leave, Rakhi stops him, she asks why is he leaving, he say that he was leaving to get the size of the engagement ring right, he asks her to not tell anyone, she agrees and he leaves, Prithvi is thinking where Karan is going leaving the party, Prithvi wondering where Karan is going leaving the party. Karan drives out from the party. Prithvi follows him, but  Rakhi stopped him, prithvi lies that he has to talk to karan urgently, Rakhi is about to tell him but then but she stops and says Karan went outside to take a call, prithvi thinks that something is not right and decides to follow Karan. Manisha sees Prithvi and wonders what is happening and why did Prithvi leave the party. Karan is thinking that now nothing will disrupt them from exposing Sherlin, they will take the reports from the courier and everyone will be shocked, Prithvi follows him.


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