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Thursday 7 February 2019

Zeeworld: Friday February 8th update on Gangaa



Amma ji scolds Maharaj ji for adding extra sugar in her milk. I cannot even find my key. He says Ganga used to look after your needs. Amma ji scolds him. Can no one else do anything? She points at the mess the house has become. Throw away the plants if you cannot handle them. we nurture them with water and fertilizer but what can we do if the plants get infected by insects. Madhvi knows that Amma ji is worried for Ganga. Amma ji refuses to even acknowledge it. I raised her and taught her to be in her limits. She always argued on everything. Big talks like Self-respect have ruined her head. I did the right thing. how will I face the society? She will understand I was right when the world will taunt her! A girl should be inside her limits and fear things. There are animals outside. She will understand the truth now. She is a widow and should live like that. She wont be able to live in the society by fighting with them. She asks Maharaj ji to give her milk with less sugar. Everyone should look for the key. Janvi wonders why everyone is still sympathetic to Ganga. What magic has she weaved on everyone?

In her room, Madhvi thinks of little Ganga. She is all emotional. She imagines Ganga. Janvi keeps her hand on her shoulder. Madhvi says Ganga. She looks around but does not see Ganga. She feels sad. Janvi says Ganga is lucky that you all love her so much. She does not care about anyone though. She did not think of uncle even once. He trusts her a lot. Madhvi is sure he will never believe this MMS. What will I say to him when he is back? He will get angry and scold me badly. Janvi reasons that he will also feel bad after knowing what she has done. Madhvi knows he will never doubt Ganga. Ganga cannot do it. Janvi angrily asks her why no one believes anything even after seeing it from their eyes. Madhvi looks pointedly at her. janvi covers up. I know you all loved her very much You also wanted Ganga to be away from Sagar.

But looks like Sagar cannot live without her. He left to look for her. He must be coming back with Ganga soon. Ganga is walking absentmindedly on the road. She collides with people. She reaches the ashram. She thinks of how she never wanted to stay here. No one will come to take me this time, neither Sagar nor Amma ji. Suman tells Mamta not to waste too much water. There is shortage of water as the pump is not working. There is only bucket water for every lady. Ganga asks her if she can also have a bucket of water. Sudha is surprised to see her there with the bag in her hand. Ganga asks her if she will let her stay here.

Sagar comes home alone. Maharaj ji asks him about Ganga. Did she refuse to come along? Everyone looks on. Sagar quietly heads to his room. Janvi is happy. Sagar thinks of Ganga’s words. He thinks of their childhood. He is restless and throws things. You lied to me! He tries to calm himself down. SUpriya comes there. She notices his condition. What’s happening to you? Why dint Ganga come with you? I thought you will make her understand as she is your childhood friend. He replies that she listens to no one. Her self-respect is of utmost importance to her. She is such a fool! She is not realising she is hurting herself by hurting others. She has a lot of ego and so do I! I cannot beg her to come back. She can go where she wants to. He walks out of the room. Janvi asks him if he met Ganga.

He replies that he did not and will not meet her again. She asks him a lot many questions but he tells her not to ask him anything. Janvi receives Yash’s call. Ganga did not come back but our work is still not done. We should meet once to finalise things. Ganga gives the key to Maharaj ji. I am not there. You only have to handle everything. She tells him what all he has to do now. She gives him specific instructions about everyone. Sudha looks on. Maharaj ji is in tears. Ganga notices it. why are you crying? I am still alive. He keeps his hand on her head. may God bless you with long life. She tells him not to worry for her. Your daughter has never given up or lost! He wipes his tears. Amma ji is right. I am very stubborn. Take care of yourself. I have a lot of work. She excuses herself. Sudha asks Maharaj ji about Ganga. With which pain has she come here this time? She did not tell me anything. I offered to call Amma ji but she stopped me. Maharaj ji shares that her own people lost their trust on her. What can be worse than this? Don’t call anyone or let anyone ask Ganga anything. Let her live in peace. He leaves. Sudha is all the more boggled now.

Yash and Janvi go somewhere on his bike. She does not like the place where he has brought her. He tells her not to worry. I thought it will be risky to meet near the house. She warns him not to be too much frank with her. What are you up to now? He says I know you want Ganga to leave the town also. Janvi nods. Sagar is angry but his heart can melt anytime. He will bring her back ultimately. Do something. He says wait and watch what I do with Ganga now. That widow ashram is Ganga’s last hope. Janvi asks him to do something to get Ganga out of there as well. I will book tickets to London. It is enough! I will take Sagar away from Ganga for forever.

Sudha calls out for Ganga. you only do the puja today. A lady (Nandini) stops Ganga from doing puja. You will not live in the ashram as well. Nandini tells everyone about the MMS. Ganga says I did not do anything. That video is a lie. They refuse to believe her. You have been thrown out of Chaturvedi House because of the same. Sudha is shocked. You insulted them. now you want to do the same to our ashram? They refuse to let her stay here. A characterless girl like you cannot stay here! I will throw you out if you don’t leave on your own. Nandini tries to take Ganga out but Sudha intervenes. You are forgetting that this ashram belongs to Ganga as much as it belongs to you. She wont go anywhere. Nandini asks her not to intervene. Ganga wont live here. I have seen that video, not you. Sudha refuses to believe anything or anyone. I wont even believe God if he comes here and tells me this. I cannot believe it ever that my Ganga has done anything wrong! Ganga is touched by her trust and words.

Sudha adds that this girl knows how to respect a woman since the age when girls play with toys. She was a little girl when she saved me from a drunken man. How can she put her respect on risk then? I don’t believe it! Nandini still says the same but Sudha shouts at her. My Ganga can never do anything wrong! Mamta seconds her. She scolds Nandini for badmouthing Ganga and sends her inside. Sudha asks Ganga to do the puja. Ganga wipes her tears. Sagar is sitting lost in his room. Janvi comes there. I know you are worried for Ganga. I too spoke badly about her and you felt bad. I am sorry. He says I don’t understand what’s happening. How did it all happen!

Ganga gives aarti to Sudha and Mamta. Mamta goes inside. Sudha stops Ganga. Tell me now. How it all happened? Who did this? Ganga herself does not know anything. Janvi advises Sagar to move on. You will have to think about your life and future. He gets up. She tells him that she has asked travel agent to book tickets for both of them. we will go to London. He asks her how can he leave now. So much has happened with Ganga. She reasons that Ganga turned her face away from him. you are still worried for her? She reminds him of his new job. He cannot understand what to think or decide as of now. She requests him to let her think on his behalf then. He nods. She says we will go back to London.

Ganga tells Sudha she will believe in herself like always. Bappa’s Ganga can never do wrong or break down. I will forget everything (meaning Sagar) and concentrate only on my studies. I will build a place for myself. I don’t care what society has to say! Janvi advises Sagar to concentrate on his career and leave everything behind. He is all quiet. She thinks to take him so far from Ganga that even her memories wont touch him again. I told you Ganga. You should save your tears for later. They will come handy tomorrow. Be ready! Next day, Ganga goes to college. Everyone stares at her and a few boys speak cheaply to her. One boy even pulls at the pallu of her saree. She covers herself with books and hairs. Everyone looks on quietly from far. Ganga pulls her saree free. The boys continue talking against her. Ganga slaps the guy.

Sagar wakes up with a start and says Ganga. Pulkit asks Sagar why he woke up with a start by saying Ganga. Sagar feels she is in some problem. Pulkit says you only did not bring her back with you! Sagar says she did not listen to me. Pulkit is sure he only made some mistake. Sagar says I did not do anything. I asked her to tell me once she did not anything. She walked away without saying anything. Pulkit says this is why she did not come with you. You both are so close since childhood yet you could not understand her. You are anyways leaving for London in a few days. Why do you care? His words ring in Sagar’s head. The guy holds Ganga’s hand. How dare you hit me? Who do you think you are? A college official asks the students what’s going on here. The guy leaves Ganga’s hand.

She walks up to the official and tells him that no one here can speak up. They have no guts. I will tell you. the students, who have come to study law here to help people get justice, are watching a girl getting insulted by people. A lawyer checks proofs and then calls anyone guilty. You all called me bad names without even finding out the truth behind the video! The one who cannot respect a woman cannot get anyone justice. Who are you to call anyone good or bad? I will not give any explanation about the video or myself. I haven’t done anything wrong. Why should I sit in my house? I am innocent and will walk with my head held high. Because of your bad thinking I will not sit at home and cry. I am feeling bad as not even a girl stepped forward to help me. She notices the photo from the video on the wall and tears it up. This is not me. This is the cheap mentality of educated people like you. No one can stop me from doing things. I will come to college daily and work hard towards a better future. You all can do anything you want. I am not scared of anyone! Everyone claps for her. Even the college official says he is proud of her. she walks ahead with her head held high.

The guy (who had been harassing her) looks away when she walks past him. Yash has seen everything from a distance. My idea flopped. She fought like usual but my next attack will set everything right. Janvi is confused to see Yash’s text. She sends a reply to him. Don’t just say. Do it. Ganga should not be saved this time.


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