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Monday, 7 January 2019

Zeeworld: Tuesday January 8th update on "Twist of Fate season 3"


*Aaliya forces Pragya(Munni) to get the properties papers signed*

Tanu sees Pragya with Abhi and gets very irritated. Later she ends out venting her frustration at Mithali. Aliya interrupts and takes Tanu away. She shows Tanu the papers and they are very happy to have the house to themselves soon. Alia tells Tanu about her plan of becoming the owner of the house and that they will rule everybody like servants. Pragya wakes up happy and fine as she thinks about Abhi's massage and decides to tell him she slept peacefully. As she steps out she meets Aliya who asks her to go and get the signatures on the papers from Abhi. Pragya tries to talk to Aliya against doing it. Aliya threatens Pragya and tells her to stop acting like the real Pragya.
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She reminds her of Chutka and Chutki. Pragya asks Aliya what she should tell Abhi while taking the papers to get it signed. Aliya gives her some papers which are from Rishabh and mixes them with her own. She asks Pragya to make Abhi's favourite coffee and keep him engaged till he signs the papers. Aliya gives the news to Tanu that Pragya has gone to get the papers signed. Pragya goes to the kitchen and starts worrying about how  she will get out of the situation. She thinks about calling Munni and asking her if her nephews are alright so that she can think about a new alternative.

Pragya tries to call Munni who is desperately searching for her Chutka and Chutki. Munni is desperate and cries as Pragya asks her if she has found her children. Munni feels helpless as Pragya tells her about the fix she is in, Munni asks Pragya to give up her act and not let Abhi suffer for it. Pragya though is ready to sacrifice everything for Munni's children and her family's safety. Munni suddenly drops her phone and it breaks. Pragya tries reaching her again as she calls out Munni's name aloud.
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Mithali walks in and she is surprised to hear the name from Pragya's mouth. She asks Pragya who Munni is and Pragya panics. Pragya gets tensed and thinks of how she can fool her. Pragya tells Mitali that she is one of the kids who had taken care of her while she was away from her family and she quickly leaves the room. Mithali is not convinced and decides to follow Pragya.  Aliya meets Pragya outside and scolds her for wasting time and pushes her to Abhi. Aliya watches as Pragya very hesitantly walks to Abhi. Abhi is happy that Pragya understood that he needed coffee.

He happily has the coffee as Aliya signals Pragya to give him the file. Tanu too is a spectator as she is happy that finally their plans are working out. Mithali who is watching this sees them signalling each other and gets more and more doubtful. Pragya gives Abhi the file and says that it is from Rishabh. Abhi says Rishabh is very thorough and trustworthy. While Abhi is about to sign the papers, Pragya stops him from signing the papers and tells Abhi to check the pen before signing them. While Pragya was thinking how to stop him from signing the paper, Aaliya was dreaming about her revenge and how Abhi is becoming a fool because of his unconditional love for Pragya and how she is using it against him.
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Abhi makes Pragya sit beside her and Pragya asks him to read the papers before signing but Abhi refuses her and says that the papers were given by Rishabh and so there is no need of him looking at the papers before signing it. Pragya thinks of how she can destroy the papers before it reaches Aaliya. She then thinks of spilling coffee on the papers but suddenly Tanu stops her by holding her hand. Abhi gets furious at Tanu for holding Pragya's hand. Abhi shouts at Tanu for trying to hold Pragya's hand. He tells her to let go of her hand and Tanu explains that she was just worried Pragya might drop the coffee and ruin the papers.

Abhi tells her it is none of her business and asks her to go away. Abhi asks Pragya to take the papers to Purab's room and also to remind him to take it to the office. Pragya walks away with the papers as she is sad about how Abhi trusts her and she had just ruined everything their family had. Pragya reaches Purab's room and Tanu with Aliya lash out at her for trying to act like Pragya and trying to save Abhi when it was actually the two of them who brought her to the Mehra house.

Tanu snatches the papers and asks Aliya to throw Munni away to where they brought her from. Tanu and Aliya are very pleased to have gotten their papers and their longtime dream. They both decide to celebrate in their room and they leave Pragya all by herself. Aliya and Tanu think of ways they are going to relish torturing the entire family. Aliya says that she will not show mercy to the family members who did not care about her existence and snatched away everything from her. Alia thanks Tanu for never leaving her in her bad times and she also promises Tanu that she will never forget who was with her during her bad days.

Purab and Disha get gifts for the family and Disha asks for Pragya. Abhi says that she is in the room and Disha decides to go get her. Disha walks around and sees Aliya's room, she decides to check if Pragya is there. Tanu tells Aliya to make Abhi come to her and be with her. Tanu says she wants revenge for all the insults Abhi levied on her and will keep him as a slave and not a husband. Aliya also says she will send Dadi and Dassi to the old age home as they gave her place of that of the daughter of the family to an outsider to Disha.
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Aliya also plans to never return Munni's children to her. Disha barges inside their room and Tanu with Aliya do not let the opportunity go in vain as they both insult Disha. They warn her that probably she has very less time in the house so she should start packing. Disha is confused about what the two witches were talking about.

Tanu asks her to close the door while going. Aaliya says she is thinking to kill her. Tanu says yes, but send Abhi to me, first I will keep him on my feet as a servant and will take revenge. Aaliya says I will drop Dasi and Dadi to old age home, they will beg me not to do this with them. She says she will kick Munni out in the morning and will not tell her about chutka and chutki’s whereabouts.

Pragya talks to Abhi’s pic and thinks she lost trust which he has on her, and bent down infront of evil. Disha comes to Pragya. Pragya is crying sitting in room. Disha asks why you are sitting like this. Pragya says everything ended with my hands, I have ruined my family with my hands. Disha asks what happened? Pragya recalls giving promise to Munni and says everything is fine. Disha says I am your younger sister and will help you. Pragya says I want to tell you, but can’t tell. Disha thinks if there is something related to Aaliya. Abhi scolds Purab for making Disha shops for everyone. Purab says he thought to bring gifts and says everyone is happy. Abhi says you are romance king’s brother and says I saw something in Disha’s eyes. Purab asks what? Abhi says she wants you. Purab asks what? Abhi says husband-wife time and asks him to plan something alone. Purab smiles.

Abhi says I am guiding you on romance. Purab says I wanted to say this to you and says Pragya told me indirectly that she wants to go with you on a romantic date. He asks her to handle Pragya. Abhi asks if she said just like that or complained. Purab says it is from heart. Abhi recalls their romantic time. Boldo na zara plays…

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