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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Zeeworld: Thursday January 17th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"


Dadi asks Pragya to fight against all these lies and be strong. Dadi asks her to not give up and speak up. Aaliya smirks whiles Pragya gets tensed. Dadi tells Pragya that it seems she has accepted that she is not Pragya, but her heart says otherwise. Dasi asks Pragya to speak up for her marriage, identity and rights. Pragya is tensed. Abhi asks her to look at him and says he doesn't believe those papers, the doctor or anything. He further on says he just trusts his Pragya and asks her to look into his eyes and tell him the truth. Abhi says he is sure that Aaliya and Tanu are saying nonsense, but there is logic in their words and asks her to speak.
He asks Pragya why her head is down and says that her one truth will prove their 100’s proofs wrong. Abhi also says that he can identify his Pragya by closing his eyes among lakhs of people. He asks her to tell the truth and says until she doesn't speak how then can he protect her. Aaliya says that Pragya  wouldn't be able to say anything and adds that everyone asked her, but she has no answer. She says that the real Pragya used to fight for the truth, but she is silent as she is Pragya’s lookalike and has kept them in dark and played with their feelings. She says now it is proved that she is Munni and not Pragya.  Tanu says Munni thought they will not identify her, but today her lie came infront of them.

She says that they have done wrong with Pragya and they are still repenting for that. Disha thinks that Abhi will definitely trust Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya asks her why she came and who is in her plan. Aaliya asks who brought her there and asks if she knew the real Pragya before. Tanu asks Munni if she killed Pragya and took her place. She asks her to tell her if she killed Pragya repeatedly. Abhi asks her to shut up and says Pragya is alive. He adds that until he is alive and his love is alive, Pragya is also alive.

He asks Pragya to say something and asks why she wants to prove herself wrong and asks her to say that all the documents and the doctor drama were actually fake.  Abhi asks her to tell everyone that she is his beloved Pragya.  Pragya cries as Abhi holds her hands. Abhi tells Pragya that if she doesn't want to say anything, She can continue to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Pragya admits that now she is helpless as everyone believes the proofs against her.  Abhi tells her that if she is not Pragya then she is her lookalike, a betrayal, imposter, etc. He tells her that if she is not her Pragya then she has no right to stand with him near his house. He tells Pragya that he use to love this face before but he hates her face, He angrily asks her to get out. At the hospital, Munni's condition deteriorates in the hospital.
Pragya is shocked to hear Abhi throwing her away from his house. A sad music plays. The doctor tries to revive Munni. Pragya tells Abhi she was not her Pragya, and have no right to stay there. Disha says she has to do something. Aaliya asks Pragya to stop her emotional drama and also tells her that her chapter will end right now. Aliyah tells her that she can go to Pragya’s home and fool them as nobody will believe her in their house, Aliyah says she brought her there to make her dance to her tune, but she started messing with her head. She asks her to get out. Pragya looks at Abhi. Tanu and Aaliya smirks. Pragya goes to the room and calls Munni. She thinks that the man may have stolen the phone and once he picks the call and says where Munni is  then they can get him a new phone.

She thinks about Abhi’s words. Raj comes to Chutka and Chutki and takes them to the right place. He drives the car.  Aaliya and Tanu have champagne. Tanu says she couldn’t show her happiness when Abhi said that he hates Pragya's face. She mimicked Abhi’s dialogues. Aaliya asks her to stop it and laughs and says Tanu should be an actor. Aaliya laughs and says Tanu is too good. She also tells Tanu that she is unbelievable. Tanu tells Aliyah that she was stopping her from exposing Munni. Aaliya tells her that she made the plan, but it was imperfect without her. She adds that they would have been exposed without her idea. Dadi asks Abhi to say something and lighten his heart.
Abhi asks his grandmother as to why everyone hates him, he says that this time Pragya’s name and face betrayed him. He asks where was his Pragya and if she is fine. Dadi tells him that whatever happened is good, and says that his love for Pragya saved him from this betrayal. She asks him to have patience and assures Abhi that his Pragya will soon come. Abhi cries. Dadi and Dasi consoles him.

Disha calls Purab, and thinks why his Purab's phone is not connecting. She says only he can help Pragya. Purab phone rings. He was with a client and tells the latter that his wife called. He picks the call. Disha tells him that everything has ended  and asks him to come home soon. She tells him that Abhi threw Pragya out. Purab is shocked and asks why Abhi will do this. Disha tells him that Aaliya and Tanu said that Pragya is Munni. Purab asks her to calm down and tell him everything. Disha tells him everything and tells him that when Pragya refuse to say anything, Abhi asked her to leave. Purab tells his wife that this is Aaliya and Tanu’s trick and says Disha should have told Abhi how Pragya saved his property.

Disha tells Purab that when she asked Pragya to tell Abhi about it, she asks her to remain silent. Purab says now he is sure that Aaliya and Tanu have done something big and blackmailed Pragya and made her silent. Disha asks him to come and take a stand for Pragya.   Pragya is in the room and thinks about the two kids. She tells herself that their life is related to her truth and asks how she can risk their life for hers. She looks at fuggi and rock star's toy and says they have united them, but got separated yet again. She looks at Abhi's toy and says that  Abhi should have read her eyes and believe her. She says today she couldn’t tell Abhi anything, but when she get Munni and her kids then she will tell Abhi about everything.
Pragya decides to talk to Kulpreet and convince her that she is Pragya.  Pragya comes to Kulpreet and Kulpreet furiously asks her how dare she come to her room.  She orders her to stop. Pragya tells Kulpreet that she is not Munni, but Pragya. Kulpreet tells Pragya that she will not fall for her lies and asks her to leave. Pragya asks Kulpreet to trust her. Kulpreet tells her that she didn’t think about Abhi’s love and feelings. She also says that Abhi loves Pragya a lot. Pragya asks her to believe her and listen to her. Kulpreet refuses to listen to her and says when Abhi asked her to speak up she refuse to say anything. Kulpreet tells Pragya that she will never believe her lies and she angrily asks Pragya to leave from her sight.

She tries to convince Kulpreet that she is Pragya and it is Aaliya and Tanu’s trick to make her fail in Abhi’s eyes. Kulpreet asks her why she is talking now and asks her to leave. Pragya asks her to listen to her once. Kulpreet refuses to listen and throws her out of her room. She tells her that she is Pragya’s lookalike and a betrayal. Abhi thinks about his romantic moments with Pragya and later realizes that she was Munni. "Chandariya Jheere Re" plays at the background.  Abhi says how can anyone betray him like this as she has Pragya’s face and also feelings. He thinks why he saw truth in her eyes when he was saying she was not his Pragya.
Pragya says that Kulpreet will not listen to her and hopes that someone will come and stop her. She sees Abhi in the room and tells him that she will tell him everything as she needs some time. Abhi says he can do mistake once and not anymore. He asks her to talk to whoever she wants, but not to him. Abhi tells her that he has nothing to do with her, but just with his Pragya. He tells Pragya that whatever she has done, Pragya can’t do that to him, he also tells her that her face resembles with Pragya, but not her heart. Abhi tells Pragya that whenever he sees girls like Pragya, he fall more and more in love with her. He tells her that she didn’t think before staying with a stranger in his room.

He also says her face resembles his wife but her behavior is disgusting. He asks her why was she standing in front of him and asks her to just leave. "Judaai plays at the background. Aaliya and Tanu are happy and says that finally they have kicked Munni out. Tanu says that now Abhi will not see Munni ever again and her way is clear to trap Abhi. Pragya comes to them. Aaliya and Tanu teases her and asks if she is Munni or Pragya. Tanu says they have pulled the earth under her feet. She asks how dare Munni try to love Abhi and thinks of him as her husband. Tanu tells her that she will neither get her kids or Abhi. Aaliya tells Pragya that she doesn't want Abhi, but rather his money as she is a street side woman.

Alia threatens Pragya for mentioning Chutka and Chutki’s name. Pragya apologises to Alia and says that she did a mistake and asks her not to do anything to them. Tannu says that they have brought her to the house by blackmailing her and she herself started screaming at them. Tannu tells Pragya that she will punish her children and kill them. Pragya twist Tannu’s hand and threatens her to stay away from Chutka and Chutki as they are her responsibility and if she does anything to them then she (Pragya) is going to cut Tannu’s hand. Alia begs Pragya to leave Tannu's hand. Alia assures Pragya that she will not do anything to them. Pragya leaves Tannu and asks for Chtuka and Chutki.

Alia tells Pragya that first, she must assure them that their secret is safe with her then she will tell her about Chutka and Chutki . Abhi cries in his room and remembers the precious times he shared with Pragya and also remembers her lies. Abhi recalls Alia’s words that she is Munni. Abhi holds Pragya’s toy and talks to himself that why did he believe Munni and where is Pragya. Abhi apologises to Pragya for believing Munni. Dadi tells Dasi that their happiness was short lived and they both cried. Pragya takes her bag and leaves the house and thinks that once again she has to sacrifice her love.
While Alia is making her drink for their victory, Tannu tells Alia that she is doubtful about Munni as she feels that the woman they have kicked out of the Mehra mansion was Pragya. Both Tannu and Alia says that they felt the pain in Pragya’s eyes while she was leaving Abhi and also Tanu remembers that when she brought the kids from the hostel, Munni wasn't that happy to see the kids. Tannu further tells Alia that Pragya could have proved them wrong but instead she kept silent. Alia says how can this be possible as Pragya is dead and if Munni is indeed Pragya then they will have to find out about her. She asks Tannu to come along with her.

Purab calls his agent and asks him about the plane tickets as he urgently wants to get back to Mumbai. The agent tells Purab that all the tickets are booked. Purab tells the agent that there is an emergency in his house. Purab gets a call from Disha telling him that Pragya left the house and nobody stopped her from leaving the house. Purab asks Disha to calm down. He assures her that he will be back soon.  While walking on the road, Pragya thinks of where she will go now and whom to ask for help. Someone gives her tea. Pragya sees a girl falling on the road whiles the girls mother caresses her. Pragya gets an idea that she will call her mother for help.

Meanwhile, Alia and Tannu follow Pragya. Alia tells Tannu that if Pragya goes to her mother's house then she is Pragya but if she doesn't, then she is Munni. They follow her by walking. Purab thinks he is trapped and cannot talk to Pragya. He later tells himself that he needs to call Abhi and inform him that what he did was wrong. Abhi feels sad in his room and a sad song plays at the background. Purab calls Abhi and makes him understand that this is all Alia’s plan. Purab tells Abhi that Alia is trying to divide him and Pragya and this is what she always does. Purab claims that Pragya is not Munni and that she is the real Pragya who always sacrifices for her family. Abhi doesn’t listen to him and cuts the phone call.
Pragya thinks of what she will tell her mother in case she asks her about her visit. Just then a lady drops a utensil. Pragya turns and looks at her. Tanu tells Aaliya that Munni is going to Sarla’s house. Aaliya says that Munni might be going for some other purpose. Abhi continues to think about Pragya in his room.

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