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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Zeeworld: Thursday January 10th update on Gangaa


Amma ji getting shocked seeing the puppy in her room. She calls out Niru and Maharaj ji. She shows Maharaj ji the puppy and asks him to take it out. She apologizes to Lord idol. She calls out everyone and asks what is happening, see this. They all get shocked seeing puppy. Niru comes and asks what happened. Amma ji asks him to see. Ganga and Sagar come and get tensed. Shanta says see Kanta, now do you trust me, this girl has hidden this puppy. I was not lying. Madhvi asks how did this come. Niru asks who got this. Amma ji says sorry Jiji, I did not believe you, tell me who else knew this.
Niru says I did not know anything. Madhvi says if I knew, I would have kept puppy out. Amma ji recalls Mehru telling about puppy. Amma ji says Mehru told me, what did you did this house. Amma ji asks Maharaji to take puppy out. Ganga says no and takes the puppy. She says she won’t let anything happen to Jalebi Prasad.  CLICK HERE to read other Zeeworld Series..

Shanta asks Amma ji to see who is right and who is wrong. She smiles. Amma ji scolds Ganga for bringing this puppy and making abshagun at home. I told you no animal will come inside, how did Ganga bring. Sagar says no Dadi, I permitted Ganga to bring puppy home. He asks her to scold him. Amma ji says you are saying as if you did great work, this puppy was in temple, don’t know where he did potty. Niru asks Sagar why did he do this. Madhvi asks Sagar to say. Shanta says no use to ask you, Kanta’s temple got impure now. She adds more fuel. Amma ji scolds Ganga. Niru asks Amma ji to forgive them, they are kids. Amma ji says they ruined my Dharm. Niru asks how can puppy ruin Dharm. Amma ji says puppy made my temple impure, take him out. Ganga says leave us, puppy will be hurt.

Sagar promises Dadi puppy won’t come in her room, but don’t kick him out. Ganga says he is ill, he will catch cold, what if other dogs beat him. Amma ji asks her to give puppy. Sagar asks Dadi not to do this. Niru stops Amma ji.
He says its sin to risk anyone’s life, I will drop puppy to safe place, let it be here here tonight. Madhvi asks Amma ji to listen. Amma ji says fine, do as you want, but kick me out of this house first. Ganga says don’t punish puppy, slap us as much as you want. Sagar says its big house, puppy will stay anywhere. He begs to Amma ji. Niru asks Amma ji to agree, its small puppy, he will die on road. Amma ji asks Niru to give good and bad deeds lecture to anyone else, You got this widow girl from road, I did not say anything, now this puppy from road, give my room to this puppy, make me leave this home.
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Ganga asks Maharaj not to take puppy. Amma ji goes to her room. Sagar cries and asks Niru to say something to Dadi. Ganga cries seeing the small puppy alone on the road. She recalls getting the puppy and naming him Jalebi Prasad. Maharaj ji asks Ganga to have food. She says she is not hungry. He looks at the puppy. She asks him to open door, how will puppy stay alone. He says no, I understand your and puppy’s pain, but I can’t open door without Amma ji’s permission, go and sleep. Niru tells Sagar that he can’t help him, you and Ganga cheated Amma ji, you did wrong, I did not like this, I always supported you, I annoyed Amma ji as you both were right, this time you are wrong, I will drop puppy to dog centre in morning. Sagar says get him inside for one night. Madhvi says enough Sagar, we had to hear a lot from Amma ji, go and sleep. Sagar leaves. Niru says Amma ji is good at heart. Madhvi says Amma ji dislikes me so she got angry on that puppy. She cries.

Ratan comes home and tells Prabha that she should have come to Madhvi’s house. He gives her sweets. Yash says he burnt many crackers, I forgot to say about puppy, Dadi scolded Sagar and Ganga. Prabha is silent and is worried. Shanta fills Amma ji’s ears and says there is no value for you, you are bending to your son and bahu in this age, its better to die than living such life, if my son and bahu did this, I would have kicked them out, why should I bear this, I m Suhagan, my husband is there to support you, you are a widow Kanta, I think your life will pass on as their slave, I have pity on you. Ratan asks Prabha what happened, and sees her extremely lost. He holds her hand and asks what is she hiding, she is not fighting today.

She asks will he always be hers. He asks what is she asking, he is hers. She asks him to promise, he will never leave her whatever happens. He hugs her and says promise, I will not leave you. You say this often that you will leave me, I love you. Ganga sees puppy shivering in cold and wishes she could cover him up. Sagar says we will go as we always used to go. He brings shawl for Ganga and forgets to wear sweater. He says if anyone catches me if I go to room, leave it, we will go and cover up puppy. They tie cloth to balcony and get down. Sagar feels cold and coughs. He says I m strong, come we will find puppy. They look for him everywhere.
Madhvi says she is feeling weak and will have medicines. Niru asks her to wear shawl, its very cold. She says yes, I will see children. Sagar catches cold soon. Niru smiles and says see Sagar, you don’t get peace without seeing him.

Madhvi goes to Sagar’s room and does not find him. She wakes up Pulkit and asks about Sagar. Pulkit says don’t know, maybe he is in hall with Ganga. Madhvi thinks are they standing near window till now. Amma ji asks Maharaj ji to open lock. Madhvi asks about Ganga and Sagar. Maharaj ji says don’t know. Amma ji asks where did they go. Madhvi calls out Sagar and Ganga. Amma I says they may have gone to that puppy, door is locked, did they go by balcony. Maharaj ji goes out to see. Amma ji worries. Madhvi says you should have worried for Sagar, you know about Sagar’s health, you should have kept puppy here for one night, if anything happens to my Sagar, I will not forgive you.

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