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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Zeeworld: Saturday January 12th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"


Tanu asking Aaliya where those papers are? Aaliya says Bulbul or Pragya’s ghost have taken it. She tells her that when Munni came and informed us about the raid. I asked you to go out, and then she gave file to Raj and asks him to hide it. Tanu asks where did he hide the file. Aaliya says Raj can answer this. Mitali takes her jewellery back to room and checks it. Tai ji comes and asks what is she doing? Mitali says they haven’t stolen anything, everything seems to be fine. Tai ji looks at her jewellery and says it is mine. Mitali says it is mine, it was brought with my dowry. Tai ji says it was my dowry. Mitali says I remember, you gave me as a blessing. She says you have kept my jewellery.

In Aaliya's room, Raj tells Aaliya and Tanu that the raid was fake to get the papers. Aaliya says that’s why she insisted to see the ID. She asks him to keep the papers with him as nobody suspects him. Purab Disha and Pragya decides to spy on Raj to know what he's up to? Raj goes out of the room. Pragya and others follow him. They see him going to Mitali’s room and spy on him. Raj thinks if Mitali is awake. She talks in sleeps and asks mummy ji, please return my jewellery. Raj removes the Burqa.

Purab and others are shocked to see him that he has been working with Tanu and Aaliya and they leave. Mitali wakes up and sees burqa in his hand and asks if he is having an affair with burqa clad woman and says she will leave him. Raj says he swears on kids that he don’t have an affair. He asks her to sleep. Mitali thinks Raj is cheating on her wearing burqa. Purab tells Pragya that we would have thought about this. Pragya tells that she didn’t think that he will do this again. CLICK HERE to read other Zeeworld Series.

She tells Disha that Raj has worked with Aaliya and Tanu before, Purab says I would have understood when he took the file from my hand. Pragya says we must find a way to get the file. Tanu is going out and thinks she couldn’t do make up because of Aaliya. Dasi asks are you leaving? Tanu asks what do you mean? Dasi says you said that you will not see our face. Tanu says I meant we will see who is going. Dadi laughs and says she knows that she is uninvited guest in the house and have to go one day. She asks them to be thankful to Pragya. Tanu says it will be seen by evening who will leave the house. She threatens them directly.
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Dadi and Dasi are shocked. Aaliya comes and asks why she is talking to them like this. Tanu says you didn’t know what they told me. Aaliya says it is ok and asks her to come with her, as they are getting late for registration. She apologizes to Dadi and Dasi on her behalf and tells that Tanu is going to get big work today. She asks her to control her anger and says bye to Dadi and Dasi. NEXT READ SUNDAY 13TH UPDATE ON TWIST OF FATE

  Purab, Pragya and Disha see them leaving. Aaliya, Raj and Tanu go to the registration office. Purab and others feel helpless. He says we shall tell Abhi. Disha says he shall know that his sister and brother are betraying him.
Pragya says she tried to tell him, but phone was not connecting. Purab says once we call him, he will call Aaliya and stop her. Aaliya comes to the lawyer’s office. Lawyer says I appreciate your plan seeing how you fooled and betrayed your brother. Aaliya scolds him for having samosa and asks him to see when they can meet registrar. Tanu asks her to calm down. Aaliya scolds her and asks her to keep quiet.

Purab calls Abhi to inform him about Aaliya and Tanu's evil plans, Abhi says there is no network here and he couldn't hear him clearly. Purab says Aaliya has betrayed him again and is going to register papers on her name. Abhi couldn’t hear him and says no network. Purab hopes that Abhi heard him. Abhi thinks what Purab was saying because he couldn't hear him.
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A girl ask Abhi for his autograph. Pragya tells Disha that Aaliya and Tanu will have 1 hour to get the property registered. Disha says what do we do in an hour. Pragya says we have to do something, we can’t sit idle. She prays to God and asks him to help her and show some way. Just then she collides with books shelves and some books falls down. She picks the book and finds a pic with someone in disguise. She thanks God and asks Disha and Purab to go there in disguise and fight with them to divert them so that she can get the file. Disha says she is best to change avatars and goes. NEXT READ SUNDAY 13TH UPDATE ON TWIST OF FATE

  The Little girl kisses Abhi and goes. A woman collides with Abhi and he holds her. He imagines Pragya. Woman thanks him for holding her. Abhi says you reminded me of my wife and tells that she looks good in specs. Raj tells Tanu that Aaliya don’t have to spend a penny to get his property. Tanu says he will be scolded by her. Lawyer tells that their number will come early and asks them to reach registrar office in their car. Purab and Disha wait for them on road. Aaliya, Tanu and Raj are in the car. Purab in disguise of a sardaar comes infront of car, gets hit and falls down, silently puts red color on his face. Tanu says you have hit a man. Raj says he came infront of car and tells that he can’t leave the injured person on road. Aaliya says we will suffer because of their honesty. She also gets down from the car. Aaliya tells Raj that they shouldn’t have get down from the car. Disha argues with him while wearing ghunghat and fights with them. Meanwhile pragya checks in the car for the file. Disha says I need justice and asks people to call Police. Purab thinks her acting is natural. Aaliya asks why she is looking at her car. Disha says your car is big, but your heart is small. She asks them not to think of giving her money and tells that she will lie down in front of car.
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Purab thinks Disha’s acting is turning overacting. Disha says I got married a year ago and curses them. Pragya thinks Aaliya will return soon. Tanu scolds Raj for doing the accident. Aaliya asks Disha to shut up and says we are getting late as lawyer is waiting for them. Disha scolds them for not checking that her husband is alive or not. Raj is about to check him. Pragya sees suitcase in car’s decky and thinks to check the file in it.. She tries to open it and couldn’t open it. She gets Abhi’s call and switches it off. He calls her again. She picks the call and says she is busy. Abhi says you are cutting your husband’s call. He says he is calling from someone’s phone and tells that he is missing her and the flight was cancelled. He will come soon. Pragya checks for the file

Pragya tells Abhi on the phone that she will talk to him later as she is secretly looking for the file in Aaliya’s car. Abhi asks Pragya if she saw him in her dream last night. Pragya asks him when he will return. He says in the evening. She is worried and thinks that she has to find that papers and ends the call. Man asks Abhi to return his phone. Disha continues her acting by sitting on the floor to distract Tanu so that Pragya can have more time to find the papers in Aaliya's car. Tanu asks her to get up and leave with her husband. Purab prays that Police should comes there. Pragya manages to open the suitcase and checks the papers.
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Outside, Aaliya asks Raj to sort out the problem and says she needs to go. Pragya keeps the papers back in the briefcase and lie down in the decky. Aaliya is surprised to see her car door  open. At the Mehra's mansion, Dadi returns home after getting her eye operated and wearing new specs. Babli hugs her. Taya ji says she is fine and asks her to wear specs for a few days. Dasi says we shall make a her western dress so that she can look very fine. Mitali teases her. Dadi says once Abhi comes, he will tease me too. Abhi calls Dadi from a fellow passenger’s call and tells that he is coming home and will get on the flight now. Dadi says I will make your favorite food.

Abhi says we will enjoy. He asks Man to let him make a last call to his friend Purab but the Man takes the phone and goes. Dasi says where is Purab, Pragya and Disha, they didn’t come to see you. Dadi says it was small operation.
Aaliya sees her brief case open and calls Raj asking him to come. Disha comes infront of them and stop them. Raj keeps money in Disha’s hand and asks her to get her husband treated and also complete her education. Pragya is worried and thinks that the car started. Disha asks Purab to get up and tells that Pragya was locked in the car and gone with them. Purab says they shall go and sit in the car. Aaliya says much time is wasted because of the girl. She says once she gets the property, this will be shraddhanjali to dead Pragya. Raj tells Aaliya that he will not stop the car except they reach registrar office only. Pragya is trapped in Aaliya's car and prays God to show her way to get out from there. NEXT READ SUNDAY 13TH UPDATE ON TWIST OF FATE

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