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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Zeeworld: March 2019 Teasers on "Twist of Fate season 3"


Simonika tries to shoot Abhi and Pragya. Purab goes after her. Aliyah once again blames Pragya for Abhi’s misfortune and decides to go to London. Tanu joins Samonika in the fight against Pragya on Twist of Fate 3

Friday 1 March 2019
Episode 80
Abhi wish for little Pragya on a shooting star, sangram holds a knife to Disha’s neck
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Saturday 2 March 2019
Episode 81
Police arrest sangram after getting beaten and Samonika goes into hiding and swear not to spare Abhi and Pragya, Pragya is determined to tell Abhi she is Pragya and not Munni

Sunday 3 March 2019
Episode 82
After clearing the air Abhi and Pragya finally consumate their marriage. Abhi sees Samonika on the road and follows her.

Monday 4 March 2019
Episode 83
Abhi confronts Samonika after a man injects him with something and feels drowsy. Abhi wakes up later and tells Pragya where he is, Abhi is arrested for murder.
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Tuesday 5 March 2019
Episode 84
Pragya defends her husband telling he is innocent. Police stops Pragya from seeing the victim’s face and Abhi is taken away, Disha console Pragya while she weeps.

Wednesday 6 March 2019
Episode 85
Pragya meets Abhi in the station and Abhi laments everything is ruined. Purab meets a lawyer and Pragya plans to see the dead body and prove Samonika is still alive.

Thursday 7 March 2019
Episode 86
Pragya is shocked to see the dead body is Samonika. Aliyah asks Pragya to leave the house as she is always putting Abhi in trouble

Friday 8 March 2019
Episode 87
Pragya cries that life is meaningless without and promise to bring Abhi back. The defense lawyer applies for bail for Abhi

Saturday 9 March 2019
Episode 88
Dushyant’s mother accuses Abhi of impregnating Samonika and killing her and calls him a monster. Dadi and dasi meets Abhi in jail
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Sunday 10 March 2019
Episode 89
Pragya searches for proof against Samonika. Abhi refuse help from tanu and aliyah. Will Pragya get what she is looking for?

Monday 11 March 2019
Episode 90
Pragya is devastated and walks aimlessly on the road. She sees Samonika in changed form and calls out to her. Purab thinks Pragya is seeing things but Abhi believes her.

Tuesday 12 March 2019
Episode 91
Dadi refuses to eat until Pragya breaks to them that Samonika is alive. Pragya goes in search of Samonika alone.

Wednesday 13 March 2019
Episode 92
Pragya confronts Samonika but she claims to be someone else and threathens to call the cops on Pragya
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Thursday 14 March 2019
Episode 93
Purab is angry at himself for not believing Pragya and Samonika/avantika wants to take advantage of Pragya. Lawyer says he needs witness and proof in court and Pragya visits Abhi

Friday 15 March 2019
Episode 94
Samonika\avantika asks Pragya to transfer her house and office in her name and she will in turn prove Abhi innocent in court. She is at a crossroad. Will she transfer the house?

Saturday 16 March 2019
Episode 95
Samonika\avantika gets her finger prints tested and a prisoner holds Disha at gunpoint. Pragya asks Samonika to come to court

Sunday 17 March 2019
Episode 96
Abhi is found guilty of murder. Samonika appears in court and everyone is shocked . She favors Abhi but then everything changed when she calls her fake husband.
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Monday 18 March 2019
Episode 97
Samonika tells a sob story and acts innocent. She thanks Pragya for giving her everything and falling right into her trap, Pragya does all she can to prove that is indeed Samonika. Samonika tries to suffocate her and is arrested. Abhi is declared innocent. It is revealed Disha is pregnant

Tuesday 19 March 2019
Episode 98
Pragya does all she can to prove that is indeed Samonika. Samonika tries to suffocate her and is arrested. Abhi is declared innocent. It is revealed Disha is pregnant, Abhi and Pragya shares a cute moment. Samonika escapes while being transferred to another jail she enters the mehra house disguised as a waiter

Wednesday 20 March 2019
Episode 99
Dadi goes to Samonika’s house and tries to stop her her from escaping and Samonika shoots her. Everyone cries seeing dadi is dead. Aliyah and Abhi blames Pragya for dadi’s death and calls her bad luck. There is a 7 year leap and things have changed, Abhi and Pragya are preparing for something in their respective locations. Pragya has a daughter named kiara and Abhi and tanu are a married couple can you believe that?
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Thursday 21 March 2019
Episode 100
Abhi dances with tanu and Pragya dances with king but both can’t stop thinking of the other. They wonder why they keep thinking of each other as there is only hatred. Abhi wants to forget Pragya’s name for good,Turns out king and Pragya are in a fake relationship for show. Abhi dreams of Pragya and Pragya misses Abhi. Dasi tries to convince Abhi that he is still in love with Pragya but he doesnt want to hear her name.

Friday 22 March 2019
Episode 101
Pragya annouce to king that he has to move to india as he was selected for the international album and king convince her to go with him. Tanu is rude to everyone even aliyah and dasi prays for Pragya to come back,Aliyah informs Abhi of the international singing contract. King Pragya and kiara arrives at india. Abhi and Pragya are close but cant see each other.

Saturday 23 March 2019
Episode 102
Abhi has an encounter with kiara and kiara blackmails him into buying her balloons
Abhi feels a connection with kiara. Abhi and Pragya misses each other by an inch. Kiara tells Abhi she is his daughter

Sunday 24 March 2019
Episode 103
Abhi becomes emotional and recalls asking Pragya for a daughter like that. Abhi asks tanu to adopt a child but her career is more important to her.

Monday 25 March 2019
Episode 104
Abhi and Pragya pass each other in the rain. Kiara’s toy reminds Abhi of Pragya ,Abhi and king almost crashed and they got into an argument. Pragya tries to get kiara admitted to a school
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Tuesday 26 March 2019
Episode 105
Abhi got the admission slot with his influence and kiara is being a little devil causing problems for sunny. The principal asks for a favor in return for admitting kiara

Wednesday 27 March 2019
Episode 106
Pragya wonders who got kiara admitted if not king. King complains to Pragya about the arrogant person he met unknown to Pragya that it was Abhi. Abhi tells sunny how to prank the person who pranked him not knowing its kiara

Thursday 28 March 2019
Episode 107
Abhi and king argues about who is better than the other on stage. Abhi is humiliated due to aliyah’s cheap move. Suwarni dadi tells everyone that Pragya is coming home soon as she have seen her. Everyone except the evil duo of house is happy about this

Friday 29 March 2019
Episode 108
On suwarni’s insistence to bring Pragya back, dasi tells her the woman she saw can’t be Pragya as she is not in delhi. Abhi gets drinking thinking about Pragya. Suwarni convinces him to go see Pragya

Saturday 30 March 2019
Episode 109
Tanu picks kiara’s call and she hears Pragya’s voice in the background and she is stunned. She accidentally drops the phone in water and this is the point i wish she has a heart attack and goes into coma forever. What? It’s not as if you don’t want that too. Abhi and king crashes with their vehicles and gets into a heated argument. Both of them are taken to the station

Sunday 31 March 2019
Episode 110
Tanu purab and Pragya comes to the station. Abhi, king, purab, tanu and Pragya are in the station will they see each other this time or will their fate be twisted once again?

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