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Sunday, 13 January 2019

Zeeworld: Friday January 18th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"


Purab calls his agent and asks him about the plane tickets as he urgently wants to get back to Mumbai. The agent tells Purab that all the tickets are booked. Purab tells the agent that there is an emergency in his house. Purab gets a call from Disha telling him that Pragya left the house and nobody stopped her from leaving the house. Purab asks Disha to calm down. He assures her that he will be back soon.  While walking on the road, Pragya thinks of where she will go now and whom to ask for help. Someone gives her tea. Pragya sees a girl falling on the road whiles the girls mother caresses her. Pragya gets an idea that she will call her mother for help. Meanwhile, Alia and Tannu follow Pragya.

Alia tells Tannu that if Pragya goes to her mother's house then she is Pragya but if she doesn't, then she is Munni. They follow her by walking. Purab thinks he is trapped and cannot talk to Pragya. He later tells himself that he needs to call Abhi and inform him that what he did was wrong. Abhi feels sad in his room and a sad song plays at the background. Purab calls Abhi and makes him understand that this is all Alia’s plan. Purab tells Abhi that Alia is trying to divide him and Pragya and this is what she always does. Purab claims that Pragya is not Munni and that she is the real Pragya who always sacrifices for her family.

Abhi doesn’t listen to him and cuts the phone call. Pragya thinks of what she will tell her mother in case she asks her about her visit. Just then a lady drops a utensil. Pragya turns and looks at her. Tanu tells Aaliya that Munni is going to Sarla’s house. Aaliya says that Munni might be going for some other purpose. Abhi continues to think about Pragya in his room. Abhi starts thinking about the times he shared with Pragya. Disha comes to Abhi’s room and tells him that she wants to talk to him. She tells Abhi that what he did was wrong and he should have trusted Pragya instead of not believing her.

Abhi tells her that he doesn't want to talk about Pragya’s lookalike. Disha asks him if he doesn't feel that she was Pragya, his wife? Abhi says he doesn't trust Pragya. Disha asks Abhi why will a l lookalike do whatever Pragya has done for him. Abhi tells Disha that Pragya duped them. Disha replies that Pragya didn’t show the proofs as she felt that her eyes and love for him are enough for him to believe her. Abhi sits on the bed quietly. Pragya walks to her mother's house as Aliya and Tanu follow her. She reaches the door and as she thinks of hugging her mother and crying her heart out. She suddenly turns to see a reflection in a mirror. She sees Tanu and Aliya. She guesses that they doubt her and they  are also following her around so she decides to go to Munni's house to clear their doubt. Aliya tells Tanu that they will follow her.

Mitali looks at herself in the mirror. Raj tells her that she will not get lean by keeping a fast for him. Mitali tells Raj that she is thinking if her lookalike will be intelligent like her. Raj replies that she was just created once and also says that God doesn't repeat his mistake. Mitali gets upset as she feels Raj is insulting her. Meanwhile,  Abhi is in a cafe and he meets Yogi . Yogi makes him understand the true meaning of love and how one should trust his or her life partner. Yogi also promote his upcoming movie and Abhi promises to buy a copy to watch. Abhi gets a call and leaves the cafe.

Pragya walks to Munni's house and tries to act like she is searching for the key. She gets the key suddenly from beneath the mat. She walks into the house. Aliya heaves relief and calls up Tanu. She tells Tanu that its actually Munni and not Pragya. Tanu still refuses to believe. Pragya thinks that Munni might be home by now, she sees a temple light in the room and says Munni must be coming home soon. She says that once Munni returns, she will take her with her and then Aaliya and Tanu will have to return Munni’s niece and nephew. She looks at Abhi’s pic and says that they will soon unite. She asks herself whether if Aaliya and Tanu are still outside and thinks to check from the back door. She comes out and sees Aaliya and Tanu talking.  Tanu tells Alia that if she is Munni then why will she go to Sarla’s house.

Aaliya tells Tanu that her confusion is over and tells her that Munni went to her house and that’s why she is Munni. Pragya tells herself that she came to Munni's house at the right time else they would have figured out that she is Pragya. Tanu tells Alia that she will not easily agree and will stand there till she gets proof that she is Munni and not Pragya. Aaliya tells her she can't wait any longer and she is going home. Tanu asks her to hold on and receive Mitali’s call. Mitali tells Alia aloud that Abhi met with an accident and he is in the City hospital. Pragya is shocked to hear this and thinks of rushing to the Mehra  home quickly.

Aaliya informs Tanu that Abhi met with an accident and she is going there. Abhi is taken to the OT. Pragya tells herself that if she had told Abhi earlier then this wouldn’t have happened. Aaliya blames Tanu for giving too much stress to Abhi and for causing his accident. Tanu reminds Alia that she was also at fault too as they planned everything together. Pragya reaches the hospital to see Abhi. Tannu and Alia also reach hospital. Alia asks her family about Abhi and insults them that they don’t treat her like Abhi's sister and that was why nobody informed her about Abhi's accident. Tannu also says it is all because of Munni, she adds that if she was married to Abhi then nothing will have happened to him.

Meanwhile, Pragya listens to their conversations. Dasi tries to tell Alia something but Alia interrupts her. Suddenly the doctor comes out and Aliya says she is the patients sister and Tanu says that she is his girlfriend. The family makes fun of Tanu and Aliya as they reveal that it is not Abhi but his driver who met with the accident. They also tell the doctor that Abhi had left the car for a while and the driver had turned to repair it. They further added that this happened at that time Abhi left the car to the driver. Pragya who has snuck into the hospital sees Abhi. Pragya is surprised and thinks how that is possible.

Abhi collides with Pragya but couldn’t see her. Pragya thanks God for saving Abhi. Dadi says it is all because of her prayers that Abhi is safe. Dadi and Abhi go inside to see the driver and prays for his recovery. Aliya wonders who is trying to kill Abhi. Meanwhile, Alia asks Dasi if they should not think about providing Abhi a tighter security. Pragya also prays to God to help her as she needs to be with Abhi to save him from danger till Munni returns. Alia and Tannu scolds Mitali for lying to them about Abhi. Mitali says she didn’t lie to them as she was trying to tell them the full details but Alia disconnected the line.

She tells them that even Dasi was also trying to tell them it was the driver and not Abhi but they didn't want to listen. On the other hand, while Abhi goes to pay the bills of his driver, a mysterious lady in a black rope regrets on her failure in killing Abhi. She calls the truck driver and lectures him for killing Abhi’s driver instead of Abhi. The truck driver tells the strange woman that he didn’t know that Abhi called his driver. The woman fumes in anger and swears that Abhi will not be saved again.

At the hospital, the doctor asks the nurse if she was able to find out about Munni’s relatives. The nurse says she couldn’t. Meanwhile, Pragya crosses the room in which Munni was admitted but couldn’t see her. She hopes to meet Munni soon and end Aaliya’s drama. Abhi cleans his room for Pragya because Pragya used to love cleaning the room. Purab enters Abhi’s room and tries to make him understand that Munni is Pragya. Abhi stops Purab and says that he doesn’t want to hear Munni’s name anymore and wants to complete his search for Pragya. Purab tries to tell Abhi the truth but he didn't listen to him and goes. Purab thinks that this is happening all because of Aaliya.

Purab goes to Alia’s room and shuts Alia down. Purab says he knows that she was behind all the troubles and problem Pragya is facing. He threatens her that he will expose her infront of everyone. Alia asks him if he has proof against her. Purab challenges her to wait and see what he does.

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