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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Zeeworld: Thursday December 13th update on "Twist of Fate season 3"


Aaliya and Tanu comes to Munni's house and they introduce themselves to Munni. Tanu shows Abhi's picture to Munni and tell her they need her to work for them. Munni accepts the alliance with Tanu and Aaliya, Tanu tells Munni that Abhi is her boyfriend, Aaliya explains to Munni that she looks like someone (Pragya) and shows a pic to her. Munni is shocked to see the picture of her and asks if it is photoshopped, she tells them to say the truth, Tanu replies that she is my Sautan and got married to Abhi. Munni says Rockstar married her, then you are her Sautan. Aaliya says enough of the talking and offers Munni money, she says it is not easy to earn money but you have to do a small work.

Munni asks what? Aaliya tells her that she wants to kick Pragya out of Abhi's life and make Abhi hate Pragya forever, Aaliya tells Munni to come to the Mehra's mansion and act as the real Pragya, Munni replies "are you drunk?" Aaliya offers her 1 lakh, Munni rejects their offer. Aaliya tells her to come to the Mehra's mansion and make Abhi hate Pragya, so that Abhi will think that Pragya is a bad woman and accept Tanu back into his life, she says you are talented and can do this very well. Munni calls them Chaalbaaz women and says your brother loves his wife, why do you want to snatch his love away from him. Munni rejects their offer and Aaliya threatens to kill her Chutka and Chutki.

Tanu also threatens Munni that they have killed Pragya and they are doing all this to get Abhi's properties, she tells her to think about the children and what she can do to them. Munni put a knife on Tanu's neck and says you come to my house to threaten me, take the money and get out of my house. Aaliya and Tanu leaves. Munni is thinking aloud that they come her to bribe her.

Abhi and Purab are in the car, Abhi is excited about singing on stage, Purab tells him that your hope will break today that Pragya is alive. Abhi says I have won the challenge that Pragya will come. Munni and Chutki comes to a tea shop and sees that 15% of Abhi's show earnings will go to the education of a little girl, Chutki tells Munni to write her name for free education. Munni says that Abhi is a good man and decides to inform him about Tanu and Aaliya's evil plans. She informs Chutki that she will attend the rockstar's show and tells her to stay with Chutka at the hospital.

Aaliya and Tanu are seen going home and Aaliya says she's still angry at Munni for rejecting them, Tanu says Munni might tell Dadi or Purab or Abhi about their plan, Aaliya says she will not do anything, she tells Tanu that they need to strategize on how to convince Munni. Abhi comes to the show with Purab, Rishabh greets them. Abhi tells him to make the donations reach the needy children, Rishabh says I will do that just trust me and says my brother is coming here to share the stage with you for some time to get brand endorsement. Purab gets angry and say why did you not inform me first , nobody will share the stage with Abhi.

Abhi tells Purab to allow him, Purab asks Rishabh who is the person. Karan comes and fan takes pictures of him. Rishabh introduces Karan to Abhi and Purab and says he played 4 matches in the last season, Abhi says you haven't had much limelight. Karan brags and says that he has seen much limelight when he played Cricket and they will have a lot of fans because of him. Abhi advices him to learn to be humble, Rishabh agrees with him and wishes Abhi all the best. Abhi and Purab leaves. Karan asks Rishabh why he stopped him from talking, Rishabh tells him that Abhi is a celebrity and he's very humble and down to earth, you have to keep your ego in check. He advices him that he's just starting, he tells him to smile and hug him.

Munni comes to the show to meet Abhi to tell him about Aaliya and Tanu's evil plans. But she's stopped at the entrance and they ask her to show them her tickets which is 5000Rupees. Munni says she doesn't have that much money. Purab comes there but couldn't see her. Abhi sings Bang Bang and dances while playing guitar. He then imagines Pragya on the stage wearing a white gown dancing with him. Mujhe Neend Aati.....Boodo Na Zaara song plays.... Everyone claps for Abhi. A minister comes there, Munni takes bouquet from driver's hand and goes inside while the security men are busy with the Minister.

Tanu and Aaliya are at home watching Television, Aaliya tells her to switch off the television and says there is nothing important to watch, Tanu tells Aaliya that she just saw Munni at the concert. Aaliya is shocked and asks how did she get there. Tanu says I told you but you called me an idiot now see what is happening, Aaliya is scared and says it will be a disaster if she tells Abhi anything and tells Tanu to get ready they are going there to stop Munni. The Host announces Abhishek Mehra and Karan Luthra should come to the stage, Munni looks for Abhi. Abhi and Karan makes a heroic entrance to the stage. Karan stumbles. Abhi holds and says you are inexperienced. Rishabh asks Karan if he's fine and commends Abhi for holding Karan's hand.

Abhi tells Purab that Rishabh is calm and humble but Karan is egoistic. Purab tells Abhi that Rishabh is like Water and Karan is fire and wonders how they work together. Abhi performs on the stage and sings Parvadigara song. Munni tries to reach the stage. Munni. shouts Abhishek and Abhi looks at her. Allay Wariyan plays...Munni tells other people to keep quiet and tells Abhi to look at her. Abhi is happy to see Munni but he doesn't know that she's not Pragya.

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