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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Zeeworld: Saturday December 1st update on Gangaa

Gangaa enters inside. Amma and Madhvi are confused to see her dirty clothes and unkempt hairs. Madhvi asks Gangaa how it happened. Maharaj, Sagar and Pulkit too come there. Gangaa replies that her classmate threw her lunch away and she asked her why she disrespected food but the girl pushed her and she pushed her back. She adds on that this is how the fight started.

Amma asks if she started fighting on the first day itself. Gangaa denies and claim that she didn't do anything but the girl started it. Amma nods and remind her that she is only a saint in the whole world and asks what if the parents of that girl come here?. Then she will stop her from going to school if she continues all this stuff and (Madhvi) better explain it to her and she hope she don’t regret her decision of going to school. Amma adds that she cannot tolerate anything and she cannot keep quiet for even a second but kids like her should be kept inside the house.

Gangaa says she is saying the truth and that girl was troubling her a lot. She adds that she spoke rubbish and is a bully as all the girls are scared of her and such people have to be taught not to trouble people or she will continue bullying everyone. Madhvi stops Gangaa from replying to Amma. Amma tells Madhvi to make Gangaa understand that they cannot fight with everyone for her sake and that her grandsons have never created such a mess till date that Gangaa has done on the first day itself. Amma adds that all this won't work here and she heads to her room.

Gangaa tries to explain it to Madhvi but she sends her upstairs to go and change her clothes. Everyone leaves. Gangaa thinks that the girl was at fault but no one is listening to her. Sagar asks Gangaa if she fought the same way she fights with him. She retorts when he pesters her again. He wants to know what else happened in the school. She tells him that she pulled at her braids and she would have continued doing so if the peon hadn’t interrupted. She  further tells him that the girl is older than her but she scares everyone. Madhvi tells Gangaa that Amma was right and she didn't do it right.

Gangaa tries to say something when Sagar asks her if she will fight with his mother too. Gangaa reasons that she never fights for a wrong reason. Madhvi tells them a story about the saint who kept trying to pull the scorpion out of water but he kept biting the saint. He didn't change his nature and neither did the scorpion. If the other person is doing wrong then they should not stop doing the right thing and that there are better ways to show her she is right and that is by win them over by showing how good she is. Madhvi tells her that she don’t have to use hands.

But she have to become a good example before them so they too aspire to become like her. Gangaa understands her point and promise that she won't reply to Bulbul from now on and she will be good to her. But no one will support her as they are scared of Bulbul. Madhvi suggests her to win them with love too and the day they will realise she is right, they will support her. At night, everyone is having dinner. Omkar finishes dinner first and leaves. Gangaa comes there too.

She tells Niranjan not to be angry and promise that she won't fight with anyone else after today. Pulkit suggests playing riddles as it’s been so many days. All the kids get excited. Gangaa remarks that she answers quickly while a lot of many people take a lot of time to answer hinting at Sagar. Pulkit says a riddle. The kids get thinking. Sagar asks for a clue. Gangaa tells him to think on his own. Pulkit still says a clue. The answer is here on their table only. Maharaj keeps more chapattis on the table.

Sagar gives the right answer which makes Amma happy and tells Gangaa not to say from now that she only know everything. She retorts that she too would have replied quickly if her studies were as good as they teach in his school. Niranjan says it is good to raise questions if she have to increase her knowledge. Gangaa gets an idea and says the teacher will have to answer if she ask her something. Niranjan nods and says asking questions will definitely yield answers. Amma is sure that the teacher will do anything to avoid Gangaa’s and number of questions.

Gangaa finds Amma doing prayer. She prays in the morning, in the evening and right before sleeping. She asks why is it so?. Amma finds her staring at her. Gangaa asks her the same question what she do pray for daily?. She prays for forgiveness for her mistakes. Amma takes her medicine but Gangaa wants to know why she eats these medicines and why don’t she eat English medicines like others?. Amma replies that it causes no side effects. She lies down to sleep but Gangaa has another question why she you put tilak on her forehead?. Amma instead tells her to sleep. Gangaa is only putting Niranjan sir’s advice to use. Amma has to finally threaten her to make her switch off the light.

The next morning, while Madhvi serves breakfast to Niranjan, Raghav comes there and informs them that the MLA wants to meet Niranjan to discuss the case. Raghav goes back with the file. Pulkit joins them for breakfast and so does Omkar. Just then, the landline rings. Niranjan picks it up. The man asks for Girish. Niranjan tries to ask him who he is but Omkar takes the call saying it is his friend Girish. Omkar goes aside to talk to the caller and its turns out to be the same kidnappers who had kidnapped Gangaa.

The guys need money so they can escape from the city as their work has been shut down and he ( Omkar) got their area raided and they are money less now. He threatened him to do it fast or he will tell his family members everything. Omkar agrees to avoid been exposed. Niranjan eyes him curiously when he returns because he look tense and asks if it something serious and if there is some problem?. Amma too asks him the same. Omkar denies claiming everything is alright and lie that his friend has come to Banaras from his town and he was asking him to come over. Amma suggests him to call him over to Chaturvedi's house. Omkar politely declines the invitation and says it is his wife’s house after all and he won't be comfortable. Madhvi is in thoughts.

Madhvi calls Sagar to pack his bags. Gangaa tells Madhvi that she is leaving for school because the principal is coming for inspection. Madhvi goes to bring lunch for Gangaa while Gangaa sets Sagar’s bag. Sagar asks her about the inspection and taunts her that she call herself smart but she couldn’t give answer to the riddle yester night. He asks her if she even know what happens in the inspection?. Gangaa doesn’t want his help but he indirectly points at her nails that they check nails, cleanliness, dress and everything.

Gangaa enters in her class. Bulbul sits next to Reena claiming this is her place. At the same time, Gunwanti enters and the kids greet her. She asks them all to take a seat and keep their books nicely as the head principal is coming so they should be careful. She says they will be studying maths but she will check the uniform first. As the kids make a line, Gangaa is excited that she will get to study today. The students greet the Head Principal. She makes Gunwanti check each and every kid’s uniform. Bulbul stealthily shifts to the other line. Gangaa points out at the same that her uniform hasn’t been checked yet. Gunwanti has no option but to call Bulbul before her.

She scolds Bulbul for eating chewing gum. She also has her nails painted. Gunwanti makes her stand in a corner. Bulbul looks angrily at Gangaa for exposing her and vow that she will show her what happens when she mess with Bulbul and Gangaa will regret it. The teacher asks questions on GK. Gangaa thinks of answering but Bulbul does it first. Gangaa adds that white colour means a widow and they ask about what the colours of the flag denote. The kids laugh at Gangaa and the Head Principal walks up to Gangaa asking what her name is?. Gangaa replies.

She asks her about her answer and Gangaa shares that she is a widow and Amma says widows can only wear white because God gets angry otherwise. The Head Principal denies and says these rules have been made by the society and their ancestors and that it isn’t written anywhere in the Constitution. But white colour represents peace and this is why it has been included in their national flag and that their country wants to spread this message to the entire world. The principal asks since when is she studying in the school?.

Gangaa says she came just now. The Head Principal asks her what she has learnt from the teachers. Gangaa answers honestly and exposes all the teachers not doing their correct work at the school. She says the teacher makes them peel peas. The Head Principal eyes them sternly. Gunwanti tries to decline it that she was telling the kids the benefits of the seed. Gangaa calls it a lie and says this isn’t what happened. The other teachers support Gunwanti that they do stuff through which the kids can understand it easily. Bulbul supports Gunwanti. All the kids support her. The Head Principal has anyways got many complaints about the food that’s sent for the kids that she have to take care of it too because these kids are their future and they have to give them right quality of nutritious food.

The kids get excited. The Head Principal goes to check the other classes. The teachers look pointedly at Gangaa for exposing them. Bulbul and Gangaa keep staring at each other.
Gangaa comes running inside the house. She excitedly tells them about what happened in the school and that they studied too and she don’t have to take lunch from tomorrow as everyone will get good food there. She tells Amma that she have helped her in cutting down her expenses. Amma mocks her cutely.

As Madhvi is going to market, Gangaa too wants to go with her saying she will help Madhvi Ma or she will have to bring everything all by herself. Amma agrees and tells her to change her dress first. Gangaa rushes to change and says she will join her very soon because she know she is going in the neighbourhood only. Amma is surprised at Gangaa’s enthu. Gangaa comes to the market and is looking around for Madhvi when she notices one of the guys who had kidnapped her. She recalls how she was kidnap and talk to herself that he is the same man and decides to tell Madhvi Ma about it.

She finally finds Madhvi. She takes her to the corner to show her the man and point out that he is the one who had kidnapped her and there was another guy with him. Madhvi thinks of calling Niranjan. Pulkit tells his girlfriend that his father is meeting her father today for work and he hope they become friends. She nods and says they don’t have to worry about their future then. He understands the point but tries to ask her the reason intentionally.

Niranjan politely declines to take the case as MLA’s brother-in-law has actually done the murder. MLA reminds him that he has signed the contract and the crime hasn’t been proved yet and that he will work to prove him innocent. Niranjan says he cannot do such a thing after knowing the truth. MLA points out that he won't be able to even fight the case from the other party’s side if he declines to fight on his behalf. Niranjan is shocked as he gets threatened by the minister.

Madhvi is not able to reach Niranjan as he is busy in his meeting. She clicks his photo. The man calls Omkar to tell him that he is here only as they are supposed to meet. The man turns to go. Gangaa who spots the men that kidnapped her wants Madhvi to follow him but she tells Gangaa that police will do it because they are dangerous. Gangaa wonders what if the guy leaves this city and they must atleast find out about his whereabouts. Madhvi denies so Gangaa herself runs after the man.

Madhvi runs after Gangaa in an attempt to stop her from going after the man but she loses track of Gangaa after a while. Bulbul and her friends notice Gangaa coming there. Bulbul decides to teach Gangaa a lesson and stands in Gangaa’s way. Ganga tries to go but she doesn’t let her and remind her that insulted her before the principal and now she will see who saves her. Gangaa requests her to let her go as she have some important work and that she ( Bulbul) can fight with later later. Bulbul eyes the muddy road nearby and asks Gangaa if she got scared?. She tries to drag Gangaa there along with her friends’ help but Bulbul and her friends fall in the mud as they slip and their clothes are all dirty.

Bulbul is all the more angry with Gangaa as all the people in the market stop by and look at them. Gangaa apologize to them that she had no other option as she wasn't listening to her. Madhvi finds Gangaa and stops her that one has to use brains at times and remind her that they are very dangerous people and she ( Gangaa ) cannot get into all this. Madhavi then tells Gangaa she have the photo and the guy won't be able to go anywhere. She further tells Gangaa to come with her as she have to buy so many things and they will go to police station in the evening when Niranjan will come. Gangaa goes with her.

Mehri is irked that she has to do all the work all the time. She serves water to Sudha and Pishi Ma. Amma gives a few more instructions to Mehri and asks Sudha what’s wrong with her as she don’t come to meet her and she didn't even talk to her properly in the ashram the other day. She remind Sudha that she call her Amma but hide things from her. Pishi Ma encourages Sudha to go ahead. Suddenly, Sudha is in tears which worries Amma. Madhvi remembers to buy oil and Gangaa again notices both the goons. She points out to Madhvi that they are talking to someone. Madhvi tries to take Gangaa from there. Gangaa notices another guy who is talking to both the kidnappers. She pulls Madhvi to the corner so they can see the guy. Madhvi and Gangaa are shocked to see Omkar there.

Gangaa asks Madhvi if he knows the goons. Madhvi thinks that she had no idea he will stoop to this level. She makes a video of the trios where the goons are asking for more money from Omkar and they threaten him of going to police. Madhvi takes Gangaa with her. Sudha meanwhile tells everything to Amma. Amma is shocked to hear the truth about her son-in-law Omkar.

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