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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Zeeworld: Monday December 10th update on "Twist of Fate season 2"

Pragya is surprised to see the photo and she remembers that her mother Sarla told her that her father is dead...Pragya has a flashback of when she was telling Sarla that she heard Maa talking about her father being alive but Sarla says that her father is dead and she wears colored dresses because Beeji made her to, Sarla also asks Pragya if she wants her to wear white like a widow is meant to, Pragya says no and promises never to ask about her father. Flashback ends. Pragya thinks that this means Maa lied to her.

She asks Raghuveer hi about the photo she saw and asks him who they are, Pragya tells him to say the truth because the girl in the picture is her and Sarla is her mum and Beeji is her Dadi, Raghuveer is shocked and says "you are my daughter" Pragya tells him that he is alive and didn't search or ask after them, she asks him who are those little girls? Raghuveer ji replies that they are your younger sisters, Pragya is surprised and asks him where has he been when they needed him, Raghuveer ji tells her that he made a big mistake, he says Sarla caught him with another woman.

Raghuveer ji tells Pragya that he apologized to Sarla but she didn't forgive him and Beeji sent him out of the house, He also tells Pragya that he took his daughters as a revenge to Sarla and when he came home to take Pragya, Bulbul was with her in Sarla's house but he fled with her other sisters, Raghuveer ji tells Pragya that Sarla tried to stop him but he moved out of the city and raised his daughters there. He apologizes to Pragya for everything, he also tells Pragya that he is looking for husbands for her younger sisters and he is scared about them.

At Sarla residence, Sarla is crying and tells Beeji that her husband would have taken her four daughters with him that she is not a good wife and mum, she couldn't protect her children. Beeji consoles her and tells her not to talk like that because she is a good mum who brought up her daughters in a good way, Beeji tells her to stop thinking about them.

At Raghuveer ji's house, Abhi asks Raghuveer what will he do now and advices him to rectify his mistakes. Raghuveer ji replies "It is too late now" Abhi insists and tries to convince him and Raghuveer ji agrees to come home with them, Abhi tells him that he will get tasty and good food. Commando sees Pragya dupatta and tells the other goons that they went in that direction, Pragya tells Abhi that today she is very happy and will be happy if she eventually dies today, Abhi tells her not to talk like that and she says she is not going to die now and she plans to live happily ever after with Abhi.

Pragya tells Abhi that they will go home as husband and wife and they will meet her other sisters, They sleep. Later in the morning, Pragya goes to meet Raghuveer ji and tells Abhi that he is not in the house, Abhi sees a letter written by Raghuveer ji, Raghuveer ji wrote that he can't face them and he is not going with them. Pragya is shocked and sad. Pragya cries and tells Abhi that Raghuveer ji is wrong and needs to apologize to Sarla and Maa would be very happy to meet Raghuveer ji and her sisters, Abhi consoles her and tells her not to cry, he will look for Raghuveer ji and unite them.

Sarla is seen crying as she imagines Pragya calling her Maa, she prays to God and ask him to make her see her children again. Meanwhile, Sarla gets a call from a PCO, Pragya tells Sarla that they are fine and Babu helped them a lot, Sarla enquires about Babu? Pragya says Bulbul and her father that she knows the secret now that her father is alive and told her everything she says she will bring home her two sisters but Papa will not come with her. Sarla is shocked and tells Beeji that Pragya met Raghuveer ji and her two daughters, she says we had buried the past but it comes back to us.

Pragya and Abhi are walking along the road and talking about Raghuveer ji, Pragya says they shall go back and get his picture. Commando and his goons comes in the Jeep and sees Pragya and Abhi. They both run in the jungle looking for safety, Commando and his goons pursued them. Pragya and Abhi continues to run, they come near a river side and can't seem to find a way out, Abhi tells Pragya that they should jump into the river but Pragya doesn't know how to swim and something might happen to them, Abhi assures Pragya that they are married twice and nothing can separate them.

Pragya tells Abhi she wants to die first and Abhi tells her that they fell in love to stay with each other not to die, they hug each other and cries...Man Phir Bhir song plays....the goons comes there. Abhi tells Pragya to jump into the river with him, Damru and other goons laughs seeing them scared and points a gun at them, Abhi persuades Pragya to jump with him and says if we stand here they will shoot us

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