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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Zeeworld: Thursday November 8th update on Iron Lady

Everyone is worried about Indira. Rishi comes in and asks about her whereabouts. Kutumb asks Rishi about where Saheb is. Rishi counters and asks for Indira. Two men helping Munna come inside. One of them tells them that Indira is at work. Rishi asks them more about Indira. Scene shifts to the circus, where Kabir aims the shot but losses balances due to a few kids who are playing around, therefore missing the shot.

Everyone is tensed but Rishi catches the knife mid air saving Indira. He unties her to take her back. Indu spreads the rumor of a bomb to pick up on the people who were laughing at her mom. Sunaina throws water on munna and advises him to run before Rishi returns. Rishi comes with Indira and gives her water. Indira drops the glass and pushes him away. Indu treks Rishi that Indira grows uncomfortable in his presence so it's better to stay away. Rishi walks up to Munna and slaps him.

He schools him saying how can he leave his sister that way. Munna apologies and asks Rishi to beat him up for the mistake. Rishi tells him to apologies to Indira. So he does and gets slapped by her. Munna says that they got their Hitler back and gets emotional. Indira tells him not to cry. Munna thanks her for forgiving him.

He says sorry for drinking and treks her to get well soon. Rishi too says to himself that he is getting impatient about it and wants her to recover soon.During the night Kabir and Babli are roaming in a lane and Babli asks for samosa . Kabir agrees and takes his wallet out for money but drops Rishi's passport. Babli tells him that he dropped the passport.  where Ishaan is feeding Indira and Rishi is watching them.Ishaan leaves and Rishi comes near her.

She gets cautious. Rishi says that she remembers everyone and parts and laughs but when it comes to him she forgets everything. He tries to make her recall and says ishi ishi but she says Saheb instead. Rishi says that he fulfils all her wishes and approaches her. She pushes him. He asks why she doesn't let him near herself and who is saheb. She leaves. Indu comes and gets mad at Rishi and says why did he go near Indira. Kabir reaches SN entrance.

Indira lies down to sleep but suddenly gets up and says saheb. Indu tells her to take rest. Kabir knocks n and enters. Rishi comes and asks him how he is at SN. Kabir returns him his passport and asks him why he didn't go to Pakistan. Rishi thanks him for the passport and tells him that going to Pakistan is not required anymore. He asks him where they are living. Babli says that they did not get an accommodation and she is hungry.

Rishi suggests them to back at SN. Indu comes and hugs Babli and advocates the idea of them staying back. She takes them inside. Kabir looks around and says that he can feel the presence ofa dear one. Rishi says that it's because of Indian air and takes him inside. Rishi plays the host to Kabir and Babli and says that they are more than welcome to stay in the Barsaati. Comes down to the courtyard and sits beside a sleeping Indira and wishes that she gets better soon.

Kabir starts singing Husna. Rishi follows the melodious voice up to the barsaati and learns that Kabir indeed is Saheb. Rishi leaves, gets drunk, then a short monologue. In the meantime, Babli is looking atthe pics she clicked at the circus and realizes that the girl on the rotating board (i.e Indira) has something written on her hand and mentions this to Saheb who goes into flashback mode and remembers that the lady at the mental asylum had mentioned his husna also having a tattoo on her hand.

So now its confirmed in his head that the girl at the circus was his husna and he goes out to look for her. On the way, he runs into Rishi. Rishi defiantly states that he will no longer let other people walk all over him and will not be mahaan by any means Then he calls the police (played by the ever competent Vanraj). Next morning: Vanraj arrests Kabir and Babli for illegal entry into India and are taking them away. Indira who is playing outside sees Kabir's musical instrument and calls out Saheb.

Kabir sees Husna from the police van and jumps out. Then filmy style running towards each other. Then Indira collapses and is carried back to SN by Kabir. Indira finally wakes up and is cured. She remembers Kabir and Babli but has forgotten everyone else.Wow, this is a lot of work. Thanks to everyone who does this for us on a daily basis.

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