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Sunday 28 October 2018

ZeeWorld: Sunday October 28th update on "Twist of fate season 2"

Abhi telling Pragya that CPR was needed to be given for her life. Pragya says I understand and says I am not upset with you. Abhi gets relieved and tells that he got happy when she gained her consciousness. Sanam Re plays…..they have an eye lock. Abhi says sorry

Pragya says I have understood and asks him not to say sorry again and again. She says if I was on your place, then would have done same thing. Abhi acts as if he is feeling short of breath. Pragya asks what happened to you. Abhi asksher to do what she said. They have an eye lock. Abhi says I was joking. Allah Wariyan plays…..Pragya thinks they are coming closer.

Beeji calls Janki. Janki serves tea and snacks and asks her not to burn her hands. Beeji says Sarla is restless about Pragya. Sarla says Pragya
didn’t come till now. Beeji says it is her house, and asks what you will do when she stay there. Sarla says she is my daughter and you can’t stop me from worrying about her. Beeji says you might think when I will die. Sarla says I was saying something else and you are saying this. Beeji laughs and hugs her. They ask her to have food.

Abhi comes to Purab and asks him to give footage to Police and get FIR written too. Purab says I went to hotel, but I will not go to Police station. Abhi says that sardaar needs to be caught now. Purab says something else is going on in my mind. Abhi says can’t you see her condition. Purab says if you really think Pragya as my girl friend, and says I have seen what you have done with her. Abhi says I had done that in medical emergency.

Purab says you are over protective about her and created this situation so that you can take advantage. He says you would have waited for me, to give my jacket to her. Abhi asks have you gone mad, if I am street person to take advantage of someone’s girlfriend. Purab says this is the problem that she is my girlfriend and not yours. He says your sight is bad on my girl friend. Abhi shouts Purab

Purab asks truth is bitter and asks him to beat him and make his mouth shut. He says I will be pained as my friend did this and was jealous as she is my girlfriend. Abhi shouts Purab. He says I don’t care about your or others’ thinking. Purab says if your to be wife, or Dadi comes to know about your feelings for Pragya then what they will think. Abhi asks what is this question?

Purab says this question is going on in your mind, and you don’t care about the world as Pragya is your world. Abhi asks what nonsense? Purab asks him to sit, close his eyes, keep hand on his heart and tell that whenever she is with him, he can’t think anything or couldn’t see anything. He says Pragya is your friend, and asks him to think. Abhi closes the eyes and recalls her. He says just questions are in my mind, but no answers.

Purab says you are not getting answers as you have not named your feelings. He says I respect your feelings and that’s why I am going to do what I should have done long back. He says I am going to break up with her. Abhi says why? Just because I have saved her and now you think that she is not suitable for you. Purab says no, and says just because you couldn’t name your relation with her, and because you are sacrificing your feelings for me. He says she is made for you and not me. Now you will confess your feelings and have relation with her. Abhi looks on.

Purab says I never had any feelings for her and we never had any relation. It was just an act to make you speak the truth. Abhi asks what happened? Purab tells him everything and says I was shocked when I saw those pics and on seeing your reaction, I realized that you are marrying a wrong girl and that’s why did this drama to make you realize your feelings for Pragya. He says I tried to make you understand.

Abhi says you doesn’t know what you are saying. Purab says your love is proved everytime. He says I can proof. He says when we went to club, I had teased a girl, and you felt bad for Pragya rather than feeling bad for me, and says you can spend all night with her so that she don’t feel bad and asks if he feels the same thing for Tanu which he feels for Pragya.

Purab reminding Abhi that when Rocky talked bad about Pragya, then he had broken his relation with Rocky. He says when I told you that I will break up with Pragya, you tried to make her modern, hot and cool as you can’t see her cry, alone. Abhi says you are confusing me. Purab says if you really feel the same thing for Tanu. He says just because you love Pragya and not Tanu. He asks him to close his eyes and go back to the moment when he saved Pragya from death.

Abhi thinks about telling Pragya that he can’t let her eyes closed and will make her dreams come true into reality. Abhi folds his hands infront of God in the inhouse temple. Purab asks him to hold on to the feelings, and says there is a difference between love and life. He says life leaves us, but love never
leave us. He asks him to aceept Pragya and beautify his life. Abhi looks on.

Pragya comes back home. Sarla asks why she is looking weak? Beeji asks her to let Pragya sit first. She says she might have slept late in night. Sarla says she is looking dull. Beeji asks her to bring juice for her. Sarla goes. Beeji asks Pragya to tell what happened in the party. Pragya says nothing, party ended and I came here. Beeji asks if they haven’t celebrated Valentine’s day. She thinks he has saved me twice on valentine’s day. Beeji asks what is your plan for Valentine day today. She says you shall not leave Abhi with Tanu, go and spend day with him. Pragya says but what about Maa. Beeji says change clothes and go. Pragya says we will have Valentine day together.

Abhi tells Purab that you told me so much, but I am confused still. He says you lied to me as you wants me to realize my feelings for her, but why did she lie to me? Purab tells that she lied as she wants to cover up her love. He says she loves you, but doesn’t want to accept like you. Abhi says if she loves me, then why she haven’t told me anything. Purab says what she would have told you when you had fixed our engagement. He asks him to clear his confusion and confess love to Pragya. He asks him to decide between real love Pragya and plastic doll Tanu….He imagines Tanu saying I love you. He says she is scary, I don’t want her. Purab says she is risky also and asks him to confess love to Pragya and get instant result.

Tanu thinks Abhi kissed Pragya, and thinks she shall land herself in trouble so that Abhi kiss her. Aaliya comes and asks her not to think and do as she says. She asks her to do something so that Abhi starts loving her and asks her to engrossed him towards her on valentine’s day. She asks her to do something extra ordinary. Tanu says she will do something so that Abhi makes her valentine for life. Abhi comes to buy gift for Pragya and buys teddy bear for her. Shop keeper asks him to take chocolates also. Abhi buys them. Shop keeper suggests him to give special gift for his love and shows magnetic ring. You says you and your special friend will wear them and will be connected. Abhi buys it too…and thanks the shop keeper with a hug. He buys flowers on the way.

Dadi and Dasi are happy and pray for Abhi and Pragya. Abhi comes to Pragya’s house and asks Beeji about her. He says he has important work with her. Beeji asks what he is hiding? Abhi says nothing. He comes to Pragya’s room and thinks to keep the gifts in different places to make the ambience romantic. Pragya comes out of washroom and sees Abhi, gets surprised. She asks him to come closer to her. Abhi thinks she has understood his feeling and smiles

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