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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Zeeworld: Wednesday Update on The Promise, June 13th Episode

Walia family decides to celebrate the naming ceremony function of Anu and Rohit's baby. Bani gets shocked as she finds Jai and Jigyasa's photograph with Barnali while searching for the almanac in the storeroom.

Bani questions Jai about it but when they reach the storeroom the photograph is missing. Jigyasa tells Jai that she has hided the photo. The naming ceremony function begins and Anu and Rohit's baby is named as Nihita. Bani feels sad for Jai as he longs for a baby.

 Bani tells Pia that she knows how much Jai longs for a baby but she can't fulfill his wish. Jai tells Bani that he loves her unconditionally and does not want anything in return from her. Pia goes for a medical checkup and comes to know that she is pregnant and on the other hand doctor informs Bani that she'll be able to conceive again but there might be some complications.

 Bani comes to know about Pia's pregnancy and Pia gets shocked on seeing her at the hospital. Pushkar too gets elated on knowing this but Pia feels embarrassed. Bani informs the family members about Pia's pregnancy and plans to throw a party. Jai feels uncomfortable on knowing this.

Jigyasa taunts Bani once again but Jai consoles her. Jai gets upset as Rohit and Anu decide to go back to their house with Nihita. But Bani convinces Anu to stay back till the party. Pia is disturbed as she does not know how to tell Pushkar that he is not the father of her chilld.

 Pia thinks that her pregnancy is an indication that she and Jai are meant to be together. Jai talks about his distress regarding Bani to Aditya. Pia and Pushkar arrive at the party and everyone congratulates them. Ranvir slaps Rashi when she forces to him to come for the party. Nachiket gives a CD to Tony and asks him to play it at the party.

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