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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Zeeworld: Tuesday Update on "The Promise," June 12 Episode

Bani is about to see the frame but just then Jigyasa barges in and berates her. Anu informs them that her baby is missing. Everyone gets shocked and Jigyasa blames Bani for being careless.

Bani decides to search for the baby. Meanwhile, Jai receives a call from the kidnapper who warns him not to inform the police. Bani recognizes the kidnapper and follows him. Pia tries to gain Jai's sympathy and blames Bani for her carelessness. Jia gets furious and asks Pia to get out of his room. Pia is dejected and decides to consume poison.

 Pia calls up Jai and tells him that she is committing suicide. Jai rushes to stop her. Bani follows the kidnapper and reaches an unidentified place. Bani informs Jai about the kidnapper and calls him at the spot. Jai reaches there and asks Bani to call the police.

But when the police arrive Jai is seen with a gun in his hands while the dead body of the kidnapper is lying beside. Jai safely hands the baby to Bani but he gets arrested by the police. Tarun and Aditya assure Jai that they will get him out of the jail soon.

 Jigyasa tries to create rifts between Rashi and Ranvir. Barnali's lawyer assures her that Jai will not come out clean of the murder case. Pia comes to know that Jai has been arrested and decides to go to the court.

 Bani is perturbed as the news of Jai's arrest is flashed in all the newspapers. Barnali's lawyer tries his best to frame Jia in the murder case. But Pia comes in the court along with Pushkar and defends Jai by saying that Jai was with her in a hotel room at the time of murder. Jai gets a bail but confronts Pia for speaking filth in the court.

 Jai makes clear to Pia that now he only loves Bani and not her. Bani who is unaware of the entire truth, thanks Pia as she thinks that whatever she said in the court was just to save Jai. But Jigyasa records Jai and Pia's conversation.

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