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Friday, 18 May 2018

Why Femi Otedola should not contest for Lagos State governor

I’ve just reliably gathered that one of those few business tycoon that I have always taken seriously and had tremendous respect for, Chief. Femi Otedola of Forte Oil has just declared to contest for the office of Governor, Lagos State!

Personally, if it’s within me, I would’ve strongly advised him against that choice and move. The reasons why Chief. Otedola, “the man in white” shouldn’t contest for elective position, and even if he must, not Lagos State Government abounds.

Otedola is an accomplished business tycoon, an entrepreneur of source, a distinguished billionaire oil magnet and a philanthropist of international repute who has business interest and investments running even beyond our immediate African continent. He’s way too big to contest for merely Lagos State Government. Yes, that’s belittling for his standing and gigantism.

Yesterday, a video clip went viral, overtaking virtually every social media circle, it’s a clip in which this billionaire oil magnet entered a commercial bus, oftenly called Molue in Lagos traveling from Sango to Agege, and he entertained sharing a small part with the public in that racketeer bus. As many would think, it’s very possible that many didn’t notice that he was the one in that commercial transport, else, we all know Yoruba alaye’s and agbero’s.

Many of us were wondering why Femi Otedola chose to begin by acting out a clip of himself riding on a commercial transport. Sadly, this is the style many Nigerian politicians always prefer to tow, in a desperate bid to claim to be humble, entertaining and tolerant. Why would Otedola tow that same laughable and inglorious path?

Also, Femi Otedola or Ote$ as he often prefers to write is now on virtually every social media platform. Less than two weeks ago, his daughter, DJ Cuppy and his close friend and business associate, Aliko Dangote also welcomed him on Twitter even as he has been very active on Instagram for quite some time now.

Lagos State, no doubt has an intimidating internally generated revenue or IGR which is by a higher margin, means a lot when compared to many states of Nigeria combined. Most big establishments and businesses are domiciled in Lagos State and this boosts Lagos State economy and tax return.

For the records, Femi Otedola has the African wealthiest man, Aliko Dangote as his closest friend. He doesn’t take a second to introduce him to everyone and indeed anyone who cares to know that Dangote is his best friend and in return, Dangote also insists that Otedola is his closest friend. Their friendship has blossomed even unto the business world. Also, his daughter, DJ Cuppy is an international music star, a DJ based in the United Kingdom.

If Femi Otedola should even delve into politics, one should expect that he contests of nothing short of the Nigerian Presidency, else become a Vice President. Anything short of that, shouldn’t feature Mr. Otedola.

Otedola is an accomplished business mogul, and like Peter Obi of Anambra in politics, it may be fair to believe that Femi Otedola who has intelligently managed his chains of businesses, investment interests and people globally should be able to manage Lagos State and all his people.

May his ways be rough!

Tobenna Obiano.

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