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Monday, 16 April 2018

Sunday April 15 Update On “Bride With Benefits” Episode 39-41

Goonjun asks Aditya whom he was talking to on phone. He lie that it's his friends. She takes his mobile and sees that it's Jagadev’s call and asks if his father is his friend and further asks if he is planning something again. He says there is nothing like that. She asks if he even meets his father. Aditya sees Mithilesh and his wife Choppa listening to them and starts acting.

He says he is stuck between his dad and wife, his dad called and told him that he needs some more time to sell the house and repay the dowry amount. Goonjun warns her husband that if she finds something else, she will not spare him. Once she leaves, Mithilesh apologizes to Aditya on Goonjun’s behalf. He says it is okay, that Goonjun is his wife and he has to take her along. Payal looks at her medals and picture with her dad and smiles. Alka comes and thanks her for getting back Rajath’s jewelry. Payal says she did what she felt good. She gets sad then and says she is not feeling good leaving her house and also is happy that she is getting married. Alka says it is common in all girl’s life. Payal says she is habituated to her mom’s pampering and her scoldings and don’t know how she will survive in her in-law's house without her. Indu hears that and gets emotional, she comes in and says though she has scolded her always but she loves her a lot and wants to see her happy and asks her to call her whenever she needs her.

Jagadev/Natru angrily comes home and asks Santoshi what did he tell her 2 days ago. She says he scolded her, asked to serve food, remove plate, scolded again, etc.. He asks if she remembers all this and does not remember he told her he love her. She is shy to hear this. He asks if he thanked her for giving a son like Dev. She nods yes. He says he doubts if Dev is his son as he does not have any of his qualities. She says she is mother and he must be knowing if he is the father or not. Dev asks why is he fuming. He asked him to call Goonjun and Aditya as he wants them to be present on his most important day of life but Goonjun and Aditya went out of station ignoring his invitation. On hearing that Aditya has left for Mumbai, Dev asks where have they gone. Jagadev says Mumbai.

Adiya and family are seen enjoying Mumbai vacation. Jagadev tells Santoshi and Jaiswal that he has sent Goonjun and Aditya to Mumbai and now Dev’s marriage will happen without any tension. Jaiswal says he is a genius. Dev comes with his bag, takes his father blessings and says he is going to Mumbai to call his brother and sister-in-law and will get them for his marriage for sure. Jagadev think his plan is getting ruined and shouts that after haldi, he cannot go to Mumbai. Dev insists on going there and point out that when he had gone to Ranchi, he did not object. Jagadev says he went for his would be bride’s sake, so he allowed him and now he is going for other’s sake, so he will not allow him. Dev’s friend Rajesh gets him his flight tickets. Jagadev thinks if Aditya denies coming, Dev will keep quiet, so he asks Dev to call Aditya. Dev calls Aditya up who says he does not want any problems in his marriage, so he came out of the city with Goonjun. Dev says he does not want to listen to any excuses and wants him to come here, and if he does not get the flight tickets, he will send them and even speak to Goonjun. Aditya agrees and promises to attend his wedding. Dev gets happy on hearing this.

Jogeshwar/Natru scold Santoshi that she did not handle the situation well and says he has to ask Aditya to handle the situation. Aditya who is in Mumbai thinks if he has to attend Dev’s marriage, he has to stop Goonjun in Mumbai itself and wonders how will he be able to deceive Goonjun and leave her behind. Dev calls Payal up and informs her that his elder brother and sister-in-law agreed to attend their marriage and they are coming back from Mumbai. Payal says it is good that all the differences are cleared. He says after 1 day, they will be united after their marriage and asks if she is happy. She says she is very happy and says she is in a delimma. He asks what is the issue. She says she is happy that she is marrying him and also sad that she has to leave her parent’s house. He says she will be having 2 houses after marriage and she can go anytime to her parent’s house as it is her first house. Payal says he is so good. He says he is trying to become like her and says his brother and sister-in-law have good qualities, that is adopting. Payal asks who are they. He says his brother’s name is Aditya Prasad and his sister-in-law’s name is Goonjun Prasad. Payal reminices the goon Aditya and asks what does he do. Just then, Neelu comes there and tells Payal that their father is crying.

Meanwhile, Payal’s family find it very painful to let her go. Payal goes to the hall and sees both her mom and dad hugging and crying. Payal goes and consoles them. Her dad, Balaram says he does not know how to leave without her. Payal describes emotional quotient with each family member and they all cry. Jagadev calls Aditya and asks why did he agree to attend the marriage. Aditya says Dev insisted a lot, so he had to agree. Natru/Jagadev asks him to get Mithilesh and his wife also from the city, else they will know about the marriage and inform Goonjun, and that he does not want the witch Goonjun to know at any cost. Aditya turns back and sees Goonjun standing who asks whom he was talking to. Once again, he lie that it's the contractor Gupta. She checks his phone and sees Gupta’s number on it, she goes and sleeps. Aditya thinks he did right by changing his dad’s name to Gupta else Goonjun would have created a problem.

Payal’s premarriage rituals start with payal coming with some ladies to the temple and performing pooja over the tree and land. Neelu asks if it's significance. A lady says their ancestors were farmers and they pray to the land for prosperity, etc. Santoshi and Guddi on the other side perform pooja with their relatives. Dev comes there and hugs her. She as usual starts her overacting. He says he is happy as Aditya and Goonjun are attending his marriage. Santoshi chokes up hearing this.

Aditya while walking on the road gets his father's call who asks him to do something. He sees 2 policemen walking and gets an idea. He tells his children that he will get them balloons, carries them and while walking, he purposefully clashes with the policemen and falls down. He then starts fighting with them. Goonjun comes there and slaps a civil dress constables for pushing her husband Aditya and her children. The policemen are furious that she slapped a police and they arrest her.

The constables arrest Goonjun and put her behind bars. The inspector says Goonjun cannot be released till Monday as it is Saturday today and the court is closed for bail. Aditya reminisces his father's words that he should send Mithilesh and his wife out of the city and calls him to inform them about Goonjun’s arrest. He smirks thinking now Goonjun cannot come out till Dev’s marriage is finished. Meanwhile, Dev’s premarriage rituals start with pooja's. Dev and his mom,  Santoshi sit for the pooja. On the other side, Payal’s family performs the rituals. While performing the ritual, Balaram reminisces Payal preparing mantap for her school project and gets emotinal. Payal takes Guddan and everyone’s blessings. Indu asks her husband if he remembers Payal’s school project. Payal asks what project. Balaram says she had prepared mantap for her school project. Indu says her father has prepared same mantap for her marriage today. Payal gets emotional with this.

In Dev’s house, Santoshi’s usual overacting starts. Jagadev/Natru asks her to control herself, else he will slap her. They all go for the pooja. Santoshi prays to finish the marriage peacefully. Jagadev prays to keep Goonjun away from the marriage. Before marriage rituals start, Dev prays god that Aditya and Goonjun should reach before the marriage starts. He also prays for peaceful marriage and happier days with Payal thereafter. Payal gets ready as a bride. Neelu says finally her marriage day came. Alka says she is looking beautiful. Neelu says Dev will go mad if he sees her as a bride. Balaram and Indu come in and get emotional. Balaram says Payal was walking holding his hand, now she is getting married. She used to roam from office to house and now she will go to someone else’s house. Indu says girls have to leave their parent’s house and today Payal’s farewell day came. Pagal emotionally hugs each family member with them all crying. Neelu says there is a lot of work pending and by now Dev would have left with the baarath.

The priest asks Jagadev to call Dev/groom’s sister-in-law. Meanwhile, Mithilesh requests the inspector to leave Goonjun as she slapped in mother’s love as the constables pushed her children. The constables say Aditya clashed with them instead and started alleging them. Mithilesh ask why Aditya and why did he tell them lie. Aditya start fighting with constables. The constables instead of arresting him tell them they will see how Goonjun gets bail. Mithilesh asks Aditya to leave with the children. Aditya walks out smirking thinking he wanted the same.

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