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Zeeworld: Friday Update On “Fire And Ice” Episode 46-47

Anita tells Leela she have arranged such a great party in such small time and it would have been better if it was Amritsar but what happened there to her daughter that she couldn’t get her wed there and she came here to hide her face. Leela reminds Anita that she is a guest and she must be sad to see her daughter’s wedding going on well and she want her to see how her daughter is getting married happily.

Leela further proudly says it will make her happy as she wanted to kill whatever was between them but she ( Anita) dragged their children in this and this is the biggest triumph for her. Anita praises her that she ( Leela) utter such emotional dialogues and remind her that they are both here and it's only Sangeet that happened and everything else is left but she hope Twinkle is fine and she has to see a lot more. Raman politely asks Anita to go from here and asks his sister not to worry that Anita keeps doing this. But a confused Leela who is scared with Anita's words tells her that she want to see twinkle first.

Leela and Raman rush to Twinkle’s room calling out to her and Twinkle comes out of the washroom. Leela goes to her and asks if she is okay? Twnikle asks her mom what happened? Raman says her mom was worried for her because of what Anita say. Twnikle asks her mom why is she always worried for her and assured her that she know what is right and wrong for her now and that Anita and Yuvi can’t harm her. Raman accept that she has grown up but they are here for her. Leela is impress with her daughter and says she grew up in few days and became mature and further reminds her that she will go to her in-laws. Twinkle promise to meet her daily. Leela tells her that she will be busy with Kunj and Twinkle says Kunj is not more important than her mother. Leela tells her daughter that she have to respect him as he is her husband to be.

Usha asks Kunj if he is concealing something from her? Kunj deny that he is not. Usha remind him that he is about to get married. Kunj assured his mom that there is no one more important than her to him. Usha asks why is he sacrificing his happiness for his dad. Kunj says he have promised him that he will marry Twinkle and she taught him to keep his promises and that it might turns out good for him and no one can take his mother place in his heart. Upon hearing this, Usha says in heart that she won't let her son live life of a deal. Usha makes plans behind everyones back to get Kunj married to Alisha and comes to meet Alisha and makes her wear a red Chunri ( veil).

She aaks Alisha if she marry Kunj? Alisha, who is not that surprise with her action pretend to asks what is she saying? Usha again asks her to tell her as Alisha don't have much time. Alisha point out that Kunj has to marry Twinkle in a few days and how will all this happen? Adding that Manohar uncle won't let this happen. While Kunj and Twinkle are out, she tells him to stay back as she is not disturbed. He says her whole world revolves around her and he don’t want to stay here to leave because of her. She explains to him that she get scared that is why she was asking him to stay. Kunj asks if she get scared too. She thought he is taunting him and says no one agrees when one say straight forward. He suggests her they should go to the garden and tell her a story. Twinkle says she likes hearing horror stories in dark. Hearing this, Kunj calls her a completely mad girl and that she talk so much that he is sure she even talk to herself and claiming that he look so good and further accuse him of something new. Twinkle says he is out of her comprehension. He also fire back that he think they have to spend life with confusion and he don't understand to either.

Manohar inform his wife that his Guru ji is coming, and asks his wife, Usha to prepare food for the priest and everything must be ready. Just then, Leela and Twinkle come in. But instead Usha suggests that Twinkle should cook the food for Guru ji just to bother her as she very well know that she can't cook. Leela panicking hearing this and says in her heart that Twinkle doesn’t know how to cook at all. For the first time, Manohar agree with his wife suggestions and says Twinkle is the lucky charm of the house and the Guru ji will be so happy to eat food made from her hands. Manohar further tells her that he know she can do it. A scared Twinkle says if he and aunty want, she will make it for him. Manohar leaves happily. Usha then tell Twinkle that she have to make it alone without any help. Leela is shocked and remind Twinkle that she don’t know how to cook and asks how will she do it. A determined Twinkle assured her mother that she have common sense and courage and she will do it for her in-laws. Leela is impress with her daughter words and tell her that she’ll be a good daughter-in-law.

Twinkle comes to the kitchen and asks Usha what to do? Usha tells her that she have just 1 hour to prepare the dish and asks her to start making it as the Guru ji must be coming any time soon. Leela comes as well to help her daughter. Usha asks her where is she going? She then convince Leela that if she go there Twinkle might get confused and Twinkle will have to do it. Leela agrees with her that she is right. Twinkle starts cooking and Leela prays for her that she hope Twinkle doesn’t make any mistake. Raman asks why is she worried? Leela tells him everything that she is really worried, and she don’t want her to be insulted. Kunj overhears all their conversation and decides to do something to help Twinkle.

Kunj come there and somehow manage to distract his mom with the excuse that his father want her to receive someone and she immediately leaves the place leaving Twinkle all alone. Leela comes there to help her mix and match the flower together but Twinkle refuses and tells her mom to trust her that she will do everything by herself. She leaves and Kunj taunt her that he try to help by excusing his mom but she turn him down. She tells him that at least she is trying to do something and asks if he can also make a coffee or tea. While Twinkle is making puries, Usha is stunned and thinks that she has made so many puries so fast, she finds Twinkle watching video on her mobile phone, and ask what is she doing?

Twinkle explain to her that she don't know how to cook food but she didn't want to hurt her or Manohar uncle, and also she wanted to serve Guruji good food so she searched the internet and found recipe of Halwa puri. Usha sees that her plan to mock Twinkle is flop and she calls Alisha up and tells her that Twinkle have made so many puries. Raman rush to his sister, Leela and tells her that Twinkle made Halwa puri. Leela asks if Twinkle did it all alone and proudly says her Twinkle is special, she does everything with honesty, she never runaway from problems, seeing her lively nature, she feel she will be a very good daughter-in-law. Siddtharth (from Jamai raja) meets Kunj and they are college mates, Siddtharth expresses how he miss him and Kunj proudly says he ( Siddtharth) is a business tycoon and she have come to invite him for his marriage. Hearing this, Siddharth happily congratulate him, he ask Siddtharth to come with his wife. Kunj further tells him about some mysterious lady but Siddharth says nothing to worry and him that the security is tight, Kunj leaves.

Usha tells Twinkle that she want to check the food, she opens bowl to find the food missing and ask where the food is? Twinkle tells her that she made it and left to get fresh but she don't know where the food went. Alisha comes there and informs them that the kids have eaten the food. Usha scolds Twinkle that the person who prepared the food had to serve the food to Guruji herself and asks what will they serve him now? She further scold her that they will be embarrassed because of her. Alisha point out that the mistake is from the kids and decides to teach them a lesson, she is about to hit them with stick but Twinkle holds her hand and takes the stick from her, she ask the kids if they all like the food? They happily say yes, she sends them out. Usha ask what will she serve Guruji now? Twinkle replied her that the kids are in form of God and if the kids are happy then God will be happy too.

Manohar comes there and asks Twinkle what have she done, he scold her that she should have not taken responsibility if she can't fulfill it, and asks how can she be so careless. Kunj comes there too and tells his dad that he don't think Twinkle have done anything wrong. Guruji comes there and also support Kunj that he is right, and that Twinkle has done right, adding that Twinkle may have changed tradition but she is right, that the kids are in form of God and they should keep them happy. He tells Manohar that she is lucky to have Twinkle as his daughter-in-law as she will unite his family and further says she will bring happiness in his family with her great thinking. Leela is extremely happy and says if everything is fine then they should continue with the preparations. Manohar thanks Twinkle for the same but feels bad as Twinkle is praise by everyone instead of scolding her.

Usha tells Kunj that what Twinkle did today, if she had done the mistake then his father would have insulted her infront of everyone and he wouldn't have forgiven her even after Guruji taking her( Usha) side but he (referring to her son Kunj ) was also supporting Twinkle and ask why? Kunj says he took her side as Twinkle was right. Usha says he and his father are singing praises of Twinkle, she have given her whole life to serve him and his father and now Twinkle will dominate her too like them and that she will rule her. Kunj assured his mom that nothing like this will happen but Usha says she is not in peace and that Kunj knows that she don't like Twinkle as her daughter-in-law, Twinkle comes there and listens to the conversation between mother and son. She is hurt with this that her would be mother-in-law doesn't like her. Twinkle is lost in thoughts. Leela comes there and ask her what happened? Twinkle asks how will she live without her mother after marriage? Leela says today the way she won the heart of everyone, the way Kunj and Manohar supported her, after that she is sure she will be respected and will be happy in her house. Twinkle tells her mother that she dont want to leave her. Seeing that she is tense, Leela make a deal with her that they will spend the whole time together till she get married, and that she will shift to her room. Twinkle agrees that it's a great idea and ask isn't there any deal by which they will remain together for life? Leela gets emotional and says maybe she will not be around her but she will be with her always morally, she leaves. Twinkle recalls Usha’s harsh words, and talk to herself that she wish she could tell her mother that how much sad she is by knowing that her mother-in-law doesn't like her at all and asks herself how will she be happy in her in-laws house when she doesn't like her, and she can't even tell her mom as she is so happy with this marriage, and there is only 3 days remaining to the marriage.

Yuvi on the other hand is angry and tells his mom Anita that whenever he try to put Twinkle in danger, Kunj comes there and saves her, and that it's like God also want them to be together. Anita asks him not to get angry, and suggests him to do something in Twinkle’s mehendi that she will come to him herself. Meanwhile, Twinkle gets video message from Yuvi, which shows Yuvi has kidnapped Chinki. Chink cries and ask Twinkle to save her. Yuvi tells Twinkle that he have kidnapped her friend, and if she want to save her then she have to come to him, adding that she can save her friend if she can. Twinkle cries and stumbles upon Usha, she apologises to her and leaves. Usha again says she is so manner less that she didn't even apologize properly.

Twinkle comes to the resort, searching for Chinki, she checks every rooms, and at same time, Yuvi messages her that she might have checked all the rooms but he is in store room with her friend. Twinkle talk to herself that she have to save Chinki as Yuvi can do anything with her in his madness. Twinkle runs out to find Chinki, she strikes with Kunj, he ask what happened to her but she doesn't answer him and leaves in haste. Kunj feels something is fishy and decide to find out. Twinkle comes to the store room, she finds Yuvi there while Chinki is tied to a chair with her mouth cover with clothes. Twinkle ask Yuvi if he is mad and asks why is he hell bent to destroy her life? Yuvi asks her to calm down and inform her that the party has just started, adding that he have many surprises for her and the first surprise is that Yuvraj he plans to marry her best friend Chinki and he will do everything with her pointing out that what Kunj did with her in their farm house, and that because of that night, everything is changed, that she is forced to marry Kunj. Yuvi further tells Twinkle that she left him and is marrying someone else, and if they can't become one then nobody has right to get her. Twinkle ask him to shut up, and warn him not to dare touch Chinki. Yuvi pushes Twinkle away and she falls on the floor, Yuvi tries to makes Chinki unconscious, and reminding Twinkle that Kunj must have done the same with her then he must have dragged her on the floor and he must have got close to her. Twinkle recalls everything that happened that night. Yuvi comes closer to Chinki, while Twinkle is hurt on her feet and ask Yuvi to stop it. Yuvi frees Chinki and says he was not going to do anything with Chinki but he just wanted to remind her about Kunj’s cheap act that night and yet she is ready to marry third class person like him because of her mother’s happiness. Just then,  Kunj comes there and sees Twinkle hurt, he gets angry on Yuvi.

Yuvi tells Twinkle that he don’t intent to do anything with Chinki, and was just reminding her about Kunj’s cheap doings. He asks her not to marry Kunj. Kunj comes there and asks him to stay away from her. Yuvi says he was just reminding her that he tried to rape her once. Kunj says he don’t want to give explanation and asks Twinkle to come. Yuvi accepts to kidnap Chinki and blackmailing Twinkle. He asks her to decide whom she wants to marry, and asks her to tell her decision to her mom. Kunj is angry, he looks at Yuvi and says he never saw a cheap man like him. Yuvi says he is like this only and asks him not to waste time. He further asks Kunj to think what will happen if Twinkle refuses to marry him. Kunj says he didn’t do anything wrong, but everyone is pointing finger on him and wonder what to do. Chinki cries. Twinkle cheers her up and says nothing has happened to her and asks her to just be strong. She asks her to go to her room. Kunj comes there,Tashan E Ishq song plays in the background. Twinkle leaves.



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