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Tuesday March 20 Update On “Fire And Ice” Episode 68-69

It's now 8am in the morning, Twinkle wakes up and tells Kunj that she is going to eat Sargi as it must be 5am. Kunj shows her the clock that it's 8am. Twinkle asks didn't the alarm ring? Kunj says it did but she was sleeping peacefully, and he tried to wake her up but she didn't budge a little, and inform her that his mom came to give her the Sargi but he had to lie to her that she is getting ready because if his mom had come inside then she would have scolded her alot.

Twinkle says she will eat her Sargi now but Kunj stops her and says he may die if she do this sin and Sargi time is finished and her fast will not complete if she eat now and further asks where is her Tashan that she will fast for. Twinkle is tensed. Seeing how worried she is, Kunj tells her to eat the Sargi now and promise not to tell anyone that she is not fasting but a determined Twinkle says she won't eat her sargi and she will fast without it. Kunj says as she wish, he leaves. Twinkle says it's all the clock’s fault as it didn't ring loud.

The moment she comes down, Bebe calls her and ask if she is fasting today? Twinkle says yes, Bebe ask her to tell why they do the fast and what's the history behind it. Babee says she is modern and she don't even know what Karwachauth means? And that for her it must be taking her picture while fasting and putting it on facebook. Babe turns to Usha and scold her that she didnt even tell her daughter-in-law anything. Usha promise to teach her everything and if it was some other in-laws then they would have taunted her mother. Bebe calls Nikki and ask her to tell her the history about Karwachauth, Nikki too says she don't know. Bebe is furious with Usha and admit that Twinkle is new in the house and it's her first Karwachauth but it's not the first karwachauth for Nikki, and she ( Usha) didn't tell her anything.

Nikki implicate Usha the more and tells Bebe that her mother didnt bother to tell her about it and her mother-in-law never told her about Karwachatuh. Bebe reminds Usha that it's not only mother’s responsibility to daughters about Karwachauth but mother-in-law should also teach them, and that her elder daughter-in-law doesn't even know about it and asks why she blame Twinkle. Usha thinks that this Twinkle doesn't know anything and puts her in problem, she ask Twinkle and Kunj was telling her that she was going to wear Saree today, and asks why she is not wearing it? Twinkle is confused what she is saying. Kunj comes there and listens to this, he comes there and says Twinkle must be feeling shy, and both Twinkle and him tried to make her wear the saree but she couldnt and it's so difficult to tie the saree and due to time,  he asks Twinkle to wear the suit. Bebe says no problem, she ask Twinkle to get ready nicely for the evening. Kunj tells his aunt that Twinkle is so excited for the fast and she can fast for him every weekend. Bebe says she should as she got such nice husband but Nikki thinks that there is something fishy between them and she decides to find out if Twinkle is fasting or not.

Later in her room, Twinkle talks to herself that she is so hungry and she should have eaten her Sargi, she then burps. Seeing this, Kunj misunderstand her and says she was saying such big lines and asks if she ate food? He tells her that he won't tell anyone that she is not fasting. Nikki listens this while eavesdropping to their conversation and says she is sure Twinkle was not fasting, she leaves without listening to the rest. Twinkle tells Kunj that she didn't eat anything, and she is having burps due to acidity as she don't want to put her mother to shame and she want to show the world that her mother have given her good upbringing and she will follow all rituals of the house. Kunj believe her, he apologises to her and leaves while Twinkle says to herself that she miss her mother. Nikki tells her mother-in-law Usha about Twinkle not keeping fast. Usha who doesn't like Twinkle as her daughter-in-law says she knew it that she can't wake up early in the morning and can't do the fast but she is sad that Kunj lied to her for Twinkle and saved her, adding that it's true that son change after marriage.

She ask Nikki to tell this to Bebe as she is a mother-in-law and would not look good when she complain about her daugher-in-law, and again asks Nikki to go to her and tell this truth about Twinkle, and once the truth is known to Bebe then she will handle Twinkle nicely. Nikki happily tells Usha that when Bebe will know that Twinkle broke her fast and ate food then she will throw Twinkle out of the house. Usha says anything can happen and smirk thinking if she tell about Twinkle not fasting then Bebe will throw her out and it's her wish. Usha says when Bebe gets angry then she can do anything.

Nikki tells Bebee that Twinkle broke her fast but Bebe says she don't believe this. Nikki says she have patience but Twinkle is more modern than her and doesn't believe in fasting and all. Bebe ask if she has proof that Twinkle has broken her fast? Nikki says she doesn't have proof. On hearing this, Bebe clearly tells Nikki that she is not Usha that she will believe anything she say and if she get proof that Twinkle is not fasting then she will scold her and her to get lost from her sight. In order to convince Bebe that she's telling the truth, Nikki deliberately says when Twinkle is not happy with this marriage then why would she fast? Bebe is shocked and ask what she means by that?

Twinkle gets dressed in red suit and thank God so much for her will power. She happily says her mother must be proud to know that she did her fast. Nikki tells Bebe that Twinkle accused Kunj of trying to assault her at their farm house so they had to get married. Adding that it's a forced marriage and Kunj had to get married to the girl who blamed him and Twnikle did all this. Bebe leaves. Nikki is pleased and says lights camera action and then says Twinkle end will come soon.

Meanwhile, Pinni tells Leela she is really worried. Leela says its Twinkle’s first Karwa Chauth and someone has to be there with her. Pinni offers to go there. Leela tells Pinni to ask Twinkle how she is and how is everyone with her but she warns Pinni not to tell Twinkle that she asked her ask all this. Pinni tells her not to worry. Pinni comes to Kunj’s house. Usha introduces her to Bebe. Pinni request Babe to come to their house some day. Bebe suggests them to start the ritual as time is approaching to break their fast.

During Karwachauth rituals, everyone does the pooja. They pass the artis. Pinni happily announce that the pooja finished so well and in some time they will start the pooja. Twinkle belches again. Nikki finally got her proof and and immediately point out that if Twinkle belched then that means she ate something and she lied to all of them. Adding that if she is so modern, then she should have told them that she can't fast. Usha also says this is because her mother ( Leela) has given her way too much lenience.

Pinni tried to tells them that it's not like that but Usha says Twinkle is part of them and they can understand how she is and know what she is. Twinkle says this is what she was worried for. Just then, Twinkle starts feeling dizzy and faints. Everyone worry for her and Pinni rush to attend to her but Nikki is not convince as she believes Twinkle is faking to be faint and tells Bebe to sees how she is pretending now. Bebe gets angry and tells Twinkle that she don't have to pretend all this and she should have told her that she didn’t want to fast, adding that her mom has made her this way as she has brought her up alone.

Twinkle feels bad and clearly tells Bebe that she can’t blame her mom like this and she know they all think that she ate something but this is just because of acidity as she is not used to staying hungry and her mom has taught her everything. She admit that she is a modern girl but it's not a sin to be and she feel equally good in desi attires. She request Bebe to trust her that she didn’t break her fast. Usha asks why should they believe her? At the same time, Kunj says because she is not lying and saying the truth and he is the witness to this. After Kunj tells them about Twinkle’s fast for him and that’s the reason she has fainted, Bebe says she couldn’t come to their wedding nor do she know what was the reason but she is so glad to see them both together this way and she hope they both stay happy together.

Raman comes to Kunj's house in order to break his wife fast and when the moon is sighted, all the women break their fasts in the present of their husbands, Kunj also makes Twinkle drink water. Later in their room, Twinkle is feeling so hungry and wonder where he is as she wish her husband to feed her first before eating the rest of the food. She recalls how her mother-in-law and Nikki blamed her. Kunj comes to the room and praise her that she have turned into a good wife and not even eating after fasts. He then asks if she have served this plate for him. He starts eating and says compliment that the food is so tasty. Seeing that he is not making any attempt to feed her, Twinkle pretend as if she is fainting and Kunj immediately feed her with his own. Twinkle winks at him and Kunj realize that she is fooling him and asks the reason for doing so. Twinkle scold him that this is what a good husband do to makes his wife eat. She takes the rest of the food and finish the whole food as if she have not eaten for days.

Kunj feels irritated and they both starts arguing and taunting each other. Meanwhile, Bebe bump on Nikki and asks where is she going. She tells her that she is going to the kitchen to takes her dinner but Bebe forbid her to eat anything as her punishment for saying things she don't know about Twinkle without proof. Pinni begs her to forgive her that it will never happen again and that she confront Twinkle as she thought Twinkle is not fasting. Bebe declined her and adds that if she still insist on this, then she might be force to change her decision and instead of one night, she will add more days to her hunger. She leaves while Pinni feel like crying for her action. Bebe comes to Twinkle and Kunj's room and overhear Twinkle talking rudely with her husband.

She scold her for the same to always respect her husband. Twinkle apologize to her and explain to her that Kunj is teasing her since they break. Bebe tells her to take her plate to the kitchen and she complies.  Bebe also notice that Kunj is making fun's of his wife and scold him too. She sit beside him and she asks if he have bought a gift for his wife since she have fast for his long life. Kunj asks if its necessary to give her something in returns. Babe insist him to buy something nice for his wife and he leaves.

Usha tells Manohar to eat something but a furious Manohar throws the food away. He tells her that she and her sister have ruined his life and that her sister has brought him on the road. Usha tells him that's not her mistake and that her sister did what she thought was right. An upset Manohar asks her to shut up and just when he is about to slap her, Twinkle holds his hand and tells her father-in-law she don't want to come in between but she can’t see him hitting her mother-in-law because this is wrong. She know that he is worried but hitting her is not the solution of the problem and it's the weak men that  hit the women and she is sure that he is not weak at all. Manohar gets more angry and asks how dare she to come between them.

He reminds her that they are her parents-in-laws and she is their daughter-in-law and asks her to to better be like that. Twinkle apologize to him but she still point out that this is not her audacity but she is like his daughter and she can stop her parents from doing this, adding that she have that right on him. Manohar who knows that she is right leaves in anger. After Monohar leaves, Usha scold Twinkle for meddle between her and her husband and asks how dare she talk to him in that manners. She warns her not to repeat such in the future and asks her to leave her room. Twinkle leaves. Bebe witness all this standing at the door and is impress with Twinkle. She comes in and tells Usha that she have been tolerating all this insult and beating for so many years without saying a world and now someone came to here who stood on her side without minding that he is her father-in-law and talk senses into his head. She reminds Usha that Twinkle is the same girl she always hate and she has such a good heart. She advice Usha to respect her as Twinkle is a very nice girl. Usha admit to Bebe but says in her heart that now even Bebe is on Twinkle’s side and decides to do something about it.

Kunj comes in with flowers and says this was the last thing as he will give her flowers. But since his aunt has asked him so he have to do this. Kunj past by his mother's room and notices that she is crying. He rush to her with the bouquet in his hand and asks his mother if there is something wrong and did his dad say something? Usha lies that Twinkle insulted his dad today in her present and his dad felt so insulted and she saw him being weak for the first time. A confused Kunj begs his mother to tell him clearly. Usha explain to him that his dad has been worried but Twinkle came and started insulting his dad that he is responsible for everything and that she has never lived a life with such less money. She remind Kunj how his dad loved and respected Twinkle but she is now insulting him and as his wife, she can’t see his dad being insulted. Kunj gets angry listening to this and angrily leaves his mother's room.



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