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Monday March 12 Update On My Lost Home

The woman tells Mahi to take her inside as she want to live with her. Mahi says she can't as she is not her mother and politely asks the strange woman to leave. As Mahi is going inside,  the woman is again following her. Mahi stop and again tell the woman to leave. Just then Aunt Billo is calling for Mahi while Mahi take the woman and hide her. Aunt Billo come outside and see no one. Later that day, Mahi come with the woman in a house and calmly tell the woman to stay quietly and not come outside and leave.

Soni phone ring but it's Cherry. Cherry tells Soni she have given a suit to Jeet's tailor and asks if she will bring it? Soni says the market is left behind. Cherry begs her to go and get it as she have to give it today to Jeet as a surprise. Soni agree. Cherry thanks her that she has solved a grand problem of hers. Cherry cut the phone.

Everyone are eating, Shabd's uncle ask Shabd where is he going this time? Shabd says Mauritus. Kamya is excited with this. Aunt Billo saw Mahi is not eating and tells her that she have look at the plate a lot now, she asks her to eat and further ask if she is not happy to go with Shabd at such a good place. Mahi says yes she is. His aunt asks her to show it. Kamya, both Shabd's uncle and aunt and leave. Shabd tells Mahi he have to talk something important to her and asks ask her to come to the room. Mahi tells him to goes, that she'll come. Shabd leave. Mahi put some food in a plate and leave with it.

Veer come back home and saw no one and ask Jyoti if no one is in the house, he ask where Soni is? Jyoti inform him that Soni has not come back yet. Veer look at his watch and said she should've be at home right now. Veer leave while Jyoti smile as their plan is working.

Veer come and is upset. Soni come there and ask him that he come home very soon. Veer reply that she is late as it's 8:15pm and ask her why is she late? Soni explain to him that there was some work of Cherry that's why she is late. She then tells him that she will get the food and leave. Cherry come there and pretend to bring tea for Soni but it was Veer, she ask about Soni and lie that she thought Soni come at home late, so she should be tired that's why she have bring tea for both of them. She adds that Soni is late becasue of the traffic and as she is about to leave, Veer says she had gone to finish a work of her. Cherry lie that she have not give any work to Soni of hers and leave. Veer is surprised and begin to wonder.

Mahi come there with the food, she sees that the women is not there and start searching for her, she come outside and saw that the woman is sitting down. Mahi goes and ask her what is she doing outside and asks her to come with her. The woman asks her if she remember that they used to sit in the night and tells stories. Mahi is in no mood to listen to her and insist the woman come inside and talk. She take the strange woman with her, she come inside the house and tells the woman that she warns her not to go from here and adds that the woman haven't eat anything since morning. Mahi bring the food and the woman ask her if she have eat? Mahi says yes. The woman says she is lying. On the other hand Shabd is waiting for Mahi in his room while the woman suggests that they will eat together. Mahi explain to her that its her food and she should leave as she is getting late. The woman put down the food and Mahi come back. The woman says if she don't make her eat with her hands, she won't eat. Mahi make the woman eat with her hands.

As Shabd is going to see Mahi, she come there and Shabd ask where she was? Mahi lies that she was cleaning the kitchen. Shabd says he want to keep her here like a Rani and she want to be the Naukarani. He asks her to come and sit on the bed, and they will talk about their honeymoon. He says they will do a lot of shopping and he notices that his wife is upset and ask her what happend?Mahi says nothing. Shabd remind her that she have swear on him. Mahi mention the woman and Shabd look angry hearing this as she brings up the woman topic again while he is discussing about their honeymoon to her. Mahi again tells Shabd that she was thinking if they could bring her at their house. Shabd is shocked with this. He tells Mahi that she cannot bring her to their house and also tells her that they won't talk about her ever again and leaves.

At the dinning table, Shabd's uncle sing a song for his wife Billo. Mahi is also thinking about how she will go to the outhouse now. She comes and sit with them to eat. Later, Shabd tells them he has finished eating and leaves for the office. His uncle also get up and says he will watch TV as there is a football match and India will win for sure. Kamya says no one else can win. They both leave. Mahi asked Aunt Billo whether if she won't watch the match in which she declined and tells her that they should both clean up their drawer. Mahi tells her that she has to clean up the kitchen. Aunt Billo tells her that Gauri would do it and Mahi agrees. At the outhouse, the woman is waiting for Mahi. Mahi comes to the kitchen, she took a tiffin and as she is about go and give the food to the woman, Shabd enters. She asks as to why Shabd came home very early. Shabd tells her that he had forgot his phone. He is about to go but he says that he had forget one more thing, to take a kiss from his wifey. He ask Mahi for a kiss and she shyly asks him to go. Mahi saw the woman standing at the door and looked shocked as her husband disapprove of it. The phone rings, Mahi tells Shabd to pick up the phone. Shabd picks the phone up and Mahi leaves with the woman. Shabd realize the call is for Kamya. Shabd looks for Mahi around but he realized that she wasn't there. He says that she has surely gone to clean up the bedroom. He asks Gauri to inform Kamya to pick the phone. Shabd leaves

At the outhouse, Mahi comes with the woman and tells her not to leave the room again. The woman tells her that she was scared for her because since last night Mahi told her she would come to her but she never did and now she is scolding her. Mahi tells her that she has brought milk for her. She gives her the bottle of milk and tells her that she will come in the afternoon to give her food. Mahi leaves.

At the hall, Jyoti asked Harry what has happened. Harry tells her that Lovely was acting as that of Soni-Mahival and he was thinking whether if he could've done the acting also. Jyoti tells him every role is distributed. Cherry asked Durga if she know her friend Richa, has called and was asking about her health and she also says that she saw Soni at the Jeweler shop. Cherry inform her that she called Soni up but maybe Soni did not hear it. Soni tells them that she might have seen her elsewhere. She also tells them that she didn't go to any Jeweler shop. Durga tells her that maybe she might have forgotten. Soni swears that she did not. Cherry says maybe Richa aunty have had seen someone else and she thought that it was Soni. Veer kept on thinking as to why Soni kept on lying just because of a bracelet. Veer leaves and tells them he is going to get ready for the office.

Veer enters her room and is reading a file. Soni comes in and tells him that she has forgotten to give him something. Veer thought that she has finally remember about the bracelet and he looks happy. Soni opens the drawer and there is a box of bracelet and asks Veer whether if Mahi and Shabd have given it to him as they did not come to the birthday party. Veer tells her he will look at it later and leaves for the office.

Mahi sits on the chair and also remembering when she saw the woman claiming to be her mother at the market and also when she brought her at the outhouse, despite Shabd’s disapproval. Mahi kept on thinking who the woman really was as she can't be her mother. She said. She also says that she shouldn't have brought her to her house without seeking permission from Shabd and also hiding this from her family. She also thinks that she might be her mother.

The Khurana family is sitting in the living room when Harry comes hopping in. Jyoti tells him that Lovely will never take him in her Soni Mahiwal play but Harry tells her that he is practicing for rock and roll family. They promote the show and Durga says that if Cherry wants to she is ever ready to participate in the show as she was famous for her dancing skills.

Mahi brings clothes for the lady and she asks about Soni and how she wants to see Soni so badly. Mahi gives her the clothes and goes to sits with her. The lady takes out the dresses and mentions that she will wear blue as her father always liked the color blue on her. Just then Mahi remembers a scene where her father, Brij told her mother that he likes seeing her in a blue dress. She looks at the lady and wonders how she knew all this. Just then the lady asks who the guy she was talking to was yesterday. Mahi thought that if the woman was truly her mother, she would have remember Shabd.

Jeet is leaving for his trip and Cherry approach him.  He tells her that he is going to Amritsar and will be back tonight. He also tells her to tell the family. He leaves and Cherry decided to take advantage of the situation. While in the living room, Durga mentions that she wants to go to the Mata Rani temple as Cherry also wants to go along with her. Veer tells them to wait for Jeet to get back but Durga says that she wants to go and ask for her family's happiness. Veer tells Soni to take all of Simran's things so that they can all go together. Just then Durga tells him that they can't take Simran with them as she might fall sick due to the climb and the bad weather condition. They all decided to cancel the trip but Durga shows that she is really upset. Soni offers to stay behind with Simran and Veer also offers to stay behind with Soni but Durga insists that he goes with her as he is the main reason why she was going.

Shabd comes home and the watchman tells him to park near the outhouse as there is work going on in the garage. Shabd goes there and see's that the light are on in the outerhouse. He wonders what was going on and goes to check. Mahi sees him going towards the outhouse and runs after him. Gauri sees this. Shabd is about to enter the outhouse when Mahi stops him and tells him that she was having some old stuff moved there. Shabd offers to help but she insists that she doesn't need any help and drags him from there. When they both leave Gauri comes there and is shocked to see the lady sleeping in the outerhouse.

The Khurana's are heading towards the temple when Durga pretends to have gotten a pain in her knees. They all convince her to climb the last few steps as well.  Soni on the other hand is playing with Simran and then decides to take her to sleep upstairs. Later in the night, someone rings the bell and Soni wonders who it was. She opens the door and it's Jeet.



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