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Sunday February 11 Update On “Modern Homemaker” Episode 137-140

Everyone prays at the mandir and the pundit leaves while Chitrasi takes the ladoo tray. Sona says she will serve everyone. Sona is about to give the ladoo meant for Kanhaiya to her while Chitrasi takes another ladoo on her own. Chitrasi is worried and keeps watching Sona serving everyone the ladoo and she gets scared seeing Sona giving Siddeshwar a ladoo.

Chitrashi is in tension seeing Sona giving the ladoos to Bheema, Kamal, Deva and Siddeshwar. Sona gives the ladoo to Kanhaiya and Chitrashi gets very much tensed as the same ladoo Chitrashi added poison to. Kanhaiya is about to eat it when Chitrashi thinks of stopping him and comes forwad. She pretends to faint and purposely falls on Kanhaiya’s hands letting the ladoo to fall on the ground. Everyone gets shocked and Kanhaiya asks Sona to bring water. Chitrashi looks up and Siddeshwar asks her why she fasted since she is very weak. She says she did it for only now and will take care of her meals from now onwards. At night Shakuntala gets angry at Chitrashi saying firstly, she makes plans by her own and then herself ruines it and asks why she did so? Chitrashi says she had to stop Kanhaiya from eating the ladoo since she does not want him to die and remembers the moment when Siddeshwar come to the kitchen and he told her that since Kanhaiya had returned back, he is responsible as a police officer and a son so he has decided that his Haveli, his land near the river and Chaturvedi mansion, will be given to Kanhaiya since only Kanhaiya seems eligible to handle everything.

Chitrashi further tells Shakuntala that she won’t let Kanhaiya die now. Shakuntala asks her how is it possible as Kanhaiya has clearly said that only Sona is his wife. Chitrashi remembers Siddeshwar’s words that he has asked the lawyer to make property papers and after 2 months the whole property will come in Kanhaiya’s hands. Shakuntala remind her that the time is very less and Kanhaiya is not even ready to accept her. Chitrashi asks Shakuntala why she told everyone at the village that she won’t be coming back there back and that is why people there are talking bad about her. Shakuntala gets angry and asks why Chitrashi is bringing this matter in her talks and starts talking bad. Chitrashi refer herself as a queen and from now to see how she will start making more friendship with Kanhaiya. She will play her game in these 2 months and she will use such game and break Sona and Kanhaiya apart. She adds that this misunderstanding can bring havoc between people and now she will use it between Sona and Kanhaiya and within two months she will create situation that not only a wife but Kanhaiya will treat feels happy and she will make sure this happens or her name is not Chitrasi. The next morning, Siddeshwar announces that he is making Munna the owner of Chaturvedi masion, the fields in village and his Haveli. Sona and Kanhaiya gets surprised and the brothers smiles. Kanhaiya asks why only he since the property should be divided between all 4 brothers. Siddeshwar says he is not asking Kanhaiya for his views but he has made his final decision. Kanhaiya and everyone agrees. Chitrasi thinks to herself, telling Kanhaiya not to worry as all this will become hers soon.

Kanhaiya says the property should be distributed among all brothers equally and Deva says whatever it is of them is of Kanhaiya now and they have right on it. He adds that this matter of property can’t come between the love of brothers and everyone agrees. A photographer comes there and Chitrashi says she called him for a family photograph and they should be using it in the hall. An impress Siddheshwar says Chitrashi highly thinks of the unity of the family. Kanhaiya gets happy at the idea of the Photograph and Sona adds that Chitrashi thought is very good. Sona asks everyone to change and Bhima asks why they need to change? Sona says it will be memorable picture so everyone should be dressed properly as only Kanhaiyaji will look good because only they have taken bath. Hearing this, all of them goes to get ready and Chitrashi asks the photographer to wait as she will be bringing tea, Sona asks Chitrashi to dress up too and offer that she will go. Kanhaiya says he has a solution that he will take the photographer to Manohar park for tea and till then they can dress up. Sona leaves up to her room and a villain Chitrashi says there will be a family photograph but Sona won’t be part of it. She looks everywhere and finding her alone, she takes the oil and sprays it on all stairs from top to bottom.

Kanhaiya returns with The photographer and Deva and the brothers feels happy. Siddheshwas says now they should be having the photograph. Seeing that his wife his missing, Kanhaiya asks them to wait a bit that Sona must be coming in a moment. Just then, Sona comes on the stairs and Chitrashi feels happy that Sona will have to fall but gets shocked seeing Sona successfully climbing down the stairs. Chitrashi feels her plan is ruined but on the last stair Sona slips and her foot gets injured. Sona cries and Chitrashi feels happy while others gets shocked. Kanhaiya comes running to Sona and checks her foot. Chitrashi starts acting concern and goes to bring pain reliever. Kanhaiya applies it to Sona’s foot and Chitrashi feels bad seeing this. Next, Kanhaiya takes Sona to the Sofa and the photographer says the photos should be of smiling people and Sona is hurt so they may have one after as he is getting late for his work. Deva gets angry on him and Sona says she is the family member and will have a picture after and for now they all must have a picture together. Kanhaiya says he will be with Sona and Sona asks Kanhaiya to be part of the photo session since Chitrashi has done alot for them. Kanhaiya agrees and all stand up by her when Chitrashi comes next to Kanhaiya and asks if she can stand beside him. Kanhaiya doesn’t says anything and Chitrashi smiles. Sona feels a little bad seeing Chitrashi next to Kanhaiya and yet feels happy. Chitrashi gives evil look at Sona.

Kanhaiya comes to Kamal’s room and remembers that it used to be his mummy’s room and gets teary eyed remembering how he used to sleep on his mummy’s lap, how she used to ask him to give time to her. Kamal gets the family picture of Chaturvedi family members and gives it to Kanhaiya and he gets teary eyed. Kanhaiya tells Kamal that it is his family and he loves them alot. He adds that they brothers had so much between them, and his sister-in-law Neelam. He says Dimple used to make fun alot and their family was very famous in their neighbourhood. Kanhaiya feels bad and Kamal says he understands the pain he is feeling as he too is suffering from the pain that instead of calling Chitrashi her sister-in-law, he has to say the same to Sona. Kanhaiya is surprized. Next Chitrashi intensionally comes with the photo frame to Sona’s room and asks how her leg is. Sona says she is feeling better now. Chitrashi shows her the big Photo frame and Sona feels happy seeing it. Chitrashi tries taking out a plastic snake from her saree border and by the time she tells her to look how everyone is looking good, Babuji, Kamal and by then Chitrashi from up of Sona’s head throws the snake on the frame and shocked Sona cries out inturn throwing the frame on the floor. The glass breaks and the family comes there hearing her scream. Kanhaiya asks Sona what happened. Sona tells him something wrong happened wrong. Deva asks what she did to the photo. Sona explains that a snake came over the photo and that is why she is shock and it falled from her hands. Deva does not believes her and starts searching the room. But Chitrashi had already throwed the snake inside the bed by her legs and she tells Sona that she was also here but she didn’t saw any snake. Deva says Sona is lying as she did this in jeolousy as she was not part of the photograph. Kanhaiya asks him not to blame Sona. Deva says Kanhaiya will take Sona’s side afterall she is his wife but it doesn’t means that Chitrashi is lying. Sona feels bad and asks Babuji if he thinks the same. Siddheshwar asks Sona to start accepting her new family now. Sona feels bad and had tears in her eyes.

Chitrashi feels happy and starts picking up the broken glasses and Kanhaiya too joins her. Chitrashi asks Sona not to feel bad as sometimes they feel things which are not infront of them. Deva gets angry and says Sona made up a lie. Chitrashi takes Deva away and Sona asks Kanhaiya if he too thinks that she lied. Kanhaiya says if somehow the photoframe was broken by her then why did she thought to lie. Sona says she is not and there was actually a snake. Kanhaiya gets angry and asks Sona what she means to say that Chitrashi is lying. Chitrashi listens to their conversation and feels happy seeing that Kanhaiya does not believe his wife. Sona feels disheartened as no one believes her. Kanhaiya realizes he hurt Sona and comes to her asking if she is angry because of Deva's harsh words. He says even he breaks many things and made lies to hide them. He rubs his mouth on Sona's hairs and remind Sona that she has a magical stick by which she can again make others in favour of her. Sona feels happy hearing this and places his hand on her shoulders and they hug. Siddheshwar tells his family that it's Kanhaiya's mothers birthday tomorrow and they will all be leaving for village. Sona asks if she may also come with them. Siddheshwar tells Sona that she is only in the house because she is Kanhaiya's wife but is not a family member yet so she can't come. Sona feels bad but agrees. At the dining hall, Siddheshwar comes with a Saree and says Kanhaiya's mom asked him to give a saree to Kanhaiya's wife every year on her birthday. Chitrashi acts that Sona is Kanhaiya's wife and Siddheshwar says he is handing it to her. Chitrashi again acts and takes the saree and then asks that she does not want to go to Shrirampur because people there will again start saying bad about her. Siddhehwar says she will have to come and Chitrashi feels happy.

Sona is cooking in kitchen when she hears Chitrashi shouting and runs to her room to see Chitrashi's torn saree in pieces and Kanhaiya holding them. Kanhaiya gets angry and leaves from the room and Deva asks why Sona did it. Chitrashi acts and says Sona can't do it and she is very much innocent. Sona cries and asks Babuji if he too feels she did it. Sona says she is trying to accept the family by every way and it does not mean she did it. Kanhaiya comes with a scissor and starts cutting a newspaper. Sona asks him what he means to say. Kanhaiya says the newspaper cut and saree cut border are the same and the scissor is of Sona. Kanhaiya blames Sona in anger and says he too felt bad that the saree was not given to her, and it does not mean that Sona should have done it in jealousy. Kanhaiya says by this act of her it's clear that Sona also breaked the photoframe. He asks how Sona can fall to such low extent in Jeolousy, and this is not the same Sona who used to care for others. Hearing this, Sona starts crying and says that if even her husband does not believe her then she will not try to prove her innocence. She says Kanhaiya's trust is most important for her and when he does not believes her then nothing can be done and a crying Sona leaves the room. Siddheshwar and the brothers too live. Chitrashi feels happy and starts picking up the torn saree and remembers how she saw the scissor in Sona's room, saw Sona busy in kitchen, took the scissor from the room, torned the saree and again placed it in her own room. Kanhaiya feels very angry at whatever happened, looks at the scissor and angrily throws it on the floor. Chitrashi feels happy. Sona badly cries in her room and Chitrashi feels happy, she comes to Sona and asks her not to cry as she knows Sona can't do it. Chitrashi says Kamal, Bheema and Deva blamed her, and that is understandable but why her own husband Kanhaiya. Sona thanks Chitrashi as only she understands her and even she should be jeolous of her but then too she feels good for her. Chitrashi advises Sona to go and meet her Daadi and she will feel good. Sona agrees and Chitrashi says to herself that it's Sona's badluck as she is so good and it's time to play new cards.

Kanhaiya in the police station is writing something and Bajrangi asks Kanhaiya where has everyone in the family left and who are these new people? He further tells Kanhaiya that the whole colony is saying that they are his real family and asks if it is true? Kanhaiya gets angry asking them to stop it and asks them to only do their duty here and then stop himself when he almost address himself as Kanhaiya Chatur..  He asks them to do their work. Kanhaiya recalls Sona’s words and is upset while a constable brings in a suspect and he says he did not do anything while the constable says that he is lying. Kanhaiya who is watching this gets angry and starts hitting the suspect asking if he is lying to a police? The other constables tries to stopped Kanhaiya as he starts hitting the guy and says in anger that he would tolerate anything but not lies. At Daadi’s house, Daadi console Sona that so many things happened and she didn’t tell her anything? Sona says everything happened so fast and she don’t know what to say and that what happened to her today as he himself suspected her and Sona cries. As Kanhaiya walks into the house, Chitrasi asks Kanhaiya to sit down to eat and she will serve him. He asks where Sona is and Chitrasi remains silent. Kanhaiya asks again and Chitrasi tells him that Sona had gone to her Daadi’s house because of what happened today. Kanhaiya says after doing everything, she went to meet her Daadi? Chitrasi holds Kanhaiya’s hands and comes closer to him saying she knows he is angry and he needs to cool down. Kanhaiya gets a phone call and walks away while Chitrasi smiles. Daadi tells Sona that she needs to go back fast and since there is a mis-understanding between her and Kanhaiya, they need to sit and discuss things and proudly says her Sona is very strong, she would not give up and she have trust in her.

Sona says he don’t wish to listen to her and Daadi says she can understand but she need to get rid of this mis-understanding else it will grow bigger. Sona starts thinking and wipes her tears. Chitasi holds a towel in her hands and enters Kanhaiya’s room, she enters the bathroom and leaves it unlock. Kanhaiya enters the room and heads to the bathroom and sees Chitrasi changing. He leaves the bathroom and Chitrasi smiles. As Kanhaiya is walking out, he sees Sona. While Sona tried to tell him to listen, she is shocked to see Chitrasi walking out of the bathroom adjusting her saree. Kanhaiya says he didn’t know and Chitrasi tells Kanhaiya that it's not his mistake but it's her mistake as she thought after he got the call, he have left. She then explain that the heater in her room was not working and that’s why she came here but she forgot to lock the door and it was her mistake. She apologize to him and Kanhaiya says since she didn’t do it on purpose then there is no need to apologize. Sona watches all this with teary eyes and Chitrasi leaves the room. Sona keeps looking at Kanhaiya and he avoids looking at Sona. Kanhaiya says he has something important at the police station and leaves while Sona is stunned. Later in the night, Chitrasi hears Kanhaiya’s motorbike sound, she peeps and sees him through the door. Chitrasi immediately goes and pulls off the power plug fius and lights a candle. She takes the pallu of her saree and sets it on fire while Kanhaiya walks inside, he sees Chitrasi’s saree on fire and runs towards her and tries putting off the fire. He somehow manages to put off the fire and Chitrasi hugs him while Sona comes downstairs and is shocked to see this. He asks Chitrasi not to be worried and consoles her. Sideshwar, Bheema, Kamal and Deva enters inside saying all the other houses has electricity and why only theirs doesn’t has? Everyone is shocked to see Kanhaiya and Chitrasi hugging and enters inside.



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