Monday, 12 February 2018

Drug suspect breaks crime records, refuses to use toilet for 25th day

A suspected drug courier has broken the record, having abstained from using the toilet for 25 days so far.

The Police arrested Lamarr Chambers on suspicion that he had ingested wraps of drugs, with the intent to sell them later.

It has been 25 days today since Chambers was arrested by Essex Police for being a suspected drug dealer. And during those 25 days, he has not been to the toilet once.

It is thought he allegedly concealed drugs on himself before his arrest as part of an operation targeting street crime.

Now, officers are waiting with bated breath for him to go.

Essex Police have been updating #PooWatch (as it is now known) about any sudden movements – but they have had enough.

The longest an inmate has gone without using the toilet is believed to be 23 days – so, Lamarr has now broken the British record.

Give him a medal Lol.



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