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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Thursday January 18th Update On “Lies Of The Heart” Episode 291-293

Central Jail:
Samrat comes out of central jail, having served his sentence of six years, without an ounce of change, with the same equally evil, and hideous spirit, saying that again he has returned to take away their happiness. The screen freezes on his face.

At Diwaker’s residence:
The doorbell was ringing at the wee hours of the night, alarms Kanchan. She and Diwaker wake up, while he goes to find out who’s there. Shashi and kanchan too come out, asking who’s there. Samrat knocks on the door, and finally diwaker opens up. Their stature has changed drastically, as they live a meagre life, with reasonable means. Diwaker is shocked.

Nevertheless, Samrat eyes them and tries to get in, but Diwaker stops him at the door and surprises him. Diwaker asks samrat why has he come here, as they have no place for him, in their house, and asks him to leave, as they have no relation with him. samrat is shocked.

Kanchan says to samrat that she shall lay out dinner for him, but they should stop fighting for god’s sake. Samrat says that she cant have a love hate relationship with him. He says that he still remembers what she did at the court, that she is responsible for his condition. Kanchan retorts back saying that not she, but he and his deeds led him there.

She says that he took advantage of her sister, and scarred her for life. She says that had it been in her hands, she would have seen to it, that he got a much severe punishment, as six years was too less a term. Samrat eyes him angrily.

At Ishaan’s residence:
Urmi is praised by Mr. and Mrs. Sinha, for the fantastic party arrangements. Sandhya and Alok, ishaan’s maternal uncle and aunt join too in the conversation. Sandhya taunts in the garb of praise, that Urmi did a superb job, and Alok, her husband too would have tried had he been given the chance. She is given a wonderful retort, by ishaan’s father. Alok asks sandhya to know where, when and what to speak. She however keeps fuming. Meanwhile, Ishaan sees something in his coat pocket, and excuses Urmi from the guests for a minute. He takes her aside, and shows her a Second Honeymoon package, asking for her opinion, and Urmi says that she loves it. Ishaan is happy. Damini arrives, and Ishaan hides it, citing that its a secret.

She asks whats he planning, and says that she isn't interested, and steals Urmi to make her meet someone. After they leave, ishaan eyes the pamphlet. She makes him meet, the most successful entrepreneur, as Damini tries a hook up. They formally meet. when he goes to attend a call, Damini tries to enforce him being a brilliant match for her, as a life partner, and adds that he has raised a 5 year old girl, without her mother. Urmi is surprised and tensed. She thanks her for her concern, and says that she isnt interested. Damini says that at one point, she would need life partner. Urmi says that she isn't alone, and shaurya completes her happy life.

Damini and her husband, engage in a romantic dance, as all eye lovingly. Other couples too join in, while Asha forces Gaurav to dance, much to everyone’s amusement. As all dance, Ishaan eyes Urmi, lovingly, hiding the scret love that he has for her, but has never expressed. He is asked if he would just watch or dance too. He says that he would. He finds Urmi declining, everyone’s offer, and then Shaurya extending his hand asking her for a dance, and she smilingly accepts.

Ishaan overwhelmingly eyes them both, emotions finding its way, through the tears in his eyes. Gaurav comes and teases Ishaan, for not joining the dance floor, with his mate. Asha comes into embarass Gaurav, who is amused along with ishaan. Ishan teasingly asks asha to dance with him, and she refuses. Gaurav asks why isn't he dancing. Ishaan says that he is happy here, as he loves watching Shaurya and Urmi dance. Gaurav too says that they are very happy with each other. They both eye Urmi with her son.

At Mumbai Chawl:
Samrat asks a Paanwala about the whereabouts of the residents of Rathore mansion. The Paanwala tells him that thakur’s youngest son insulted the entire family, and didn't let them live respectfully.

Samrat continues to taunt him, as his usual self, while the paanwala not knowing his identity, keeps bad mouthing Samrat. Samrat asks him to stop this senseless nonsense. His face is revealed from the blanket, and the paanwala identifies and passes snide comments at him.

Samrat asks him to keep his words to himself, and not interfere unnecessarily. He asks Samrat if it's his servant he is talking to, and that he won't answer. They all start to tease him. samrat listens silently, hearing in rage, and finally says that he hasn't run away. they start teasing him, and then warn him, to lower his eyes, and get lost. Samrat warns them, but they all write him off. He leaves hastily

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